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  1. History of Arab, Turkish and Islamic presence in Hungary
  2. Columbus Used A Scandinavian Map
  3. Barbary Pirate Slave Raids on Europe
  4. Count Joseph Cornelius O’Rourke in Russia
  5. The Wild Geese
  6. New book reopens old arguments about slave raids on Europe
  7. Program of the Pan-German League: 1890-1898
  8. How modern life emerged from eighteenth-century Edinburgh
  9. The Polish king who saved Vienna from the Ottoman Turks
  10. Dracula, Myth and Reality
  11. Witch Craze: Terror and Fantasy in Baroque Germany
  12. Ethnic Composition of Napoleon's "Grande Armée"?
  13. German Peasant War 1524-1525
  14. Thomas Müntzer, "Sermon to the Princes" (1524)
  15. An Act for Repairing of Dover Harbour; 1662
  16. American Penny from 1792
  17. William the Silent
  18. The Revolt of the Spanish Netherlands
  19. Clue to earliest American may lie in Suffolk grave
  20. Seventeenth-century Islamic brassmakers were far ahead of European peers, engineers s
  21. Art and diplomacy in Ottoman Constantinople
  22. Beyond the industrial revolution
  23. Lessons in liberty: The Dutch Republic 1579-1750
  24. Buccaneers: Bad Guys or Bad Rap?
  25. The Aurochs: Last seen in in Poland (Bos taurus primigenius)
  26. What Was the Beast of Gévaudan?
  27. Rasputin - A Man of Mystery
  28. The Witches of Pendle: Victims of the Prince of Peace
  29. Martyrs for the Netherlands
  30. Giordano Bruno: The Forgotten Philosopher
  31. The Low Countries 1656-1648
  32. Impact of The Little Ice Age in Europe
  33. Witch Trials In The North
  34. The Netherlands in the 16th-17th Century
  35. Janos Hunyadi: The Hungarian Saviour of Belgrade!
  36. The Salacious Historian's Lair
  37. Map of Limburg and Baden-Württemberg, 1789
  38. Sweden's 17th Century Might!
  39. Carved stone still mystifies scholars
  40. August 1, 1664: Austrians crush the Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Saint Gottard!
  41. Gout forced Charles V abdication, study finds
  42. Unpublished Papers Reveal Lesser-known, but Significant Research of Sir Isaac Newton
  43. The 'Pale of Settlement': Jewish Designated Areas in Russia
  44. Skull Reveals North America's Earliest Autopsy
  45. From ‘‘Landsknecht’’ to ‘‘Soldier’’
  46. Northern Wars 1648-1730
  47. Columbus's Failing Mining Colony on Hispaniola Pilfered Its Supplies, Study Says
  48. Spain, Britain to dive for treasure on 1694 wreck
  49. The Darien Expedition
  50. Latitude, Slaves and the Bible
  51. The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade
  52. The Jews and the Medici
  53. Moslem Slave Trade in the Mediterranean
  54. Was Nathan Bedford Forrest the Best Confederate Cavalry Leader in the West?
  55. Gerhard von Scharnhorst
  56. Thomas Müntzer, A Reformation-Era Anabaptist
  57. Willem De Zwijger
  58. Michiel Adriaenszoon De Ruyter
  59. Heinrich von Gagern
  60. Johannes Honter
  61. European Slaves in Moslem Lands
  62. The Slaves That Time Forgot
  63. Sweden's German Possessions
  64. 'Exciting Discovery' Reveals Henry VIII as Firm Believer in Catholicism
  65. 16th Century Views of German Cities
  66. Thomas Jefferson Did Not Father Sally Hemings's Children, Author Claims in New Book
  67. For Many Britons Who Emigrated, the `American Dream’ Ended Early
  68. Thomas Paine, Father of the American Revolution
  69. The Real Slave Traders
  70. Untold Truths About the American Revolution
  71. Density of Population in the The New World 1492
  72. Islamic Slave Raids into Northern Europe
  73. Books on Early Colonialism
  74. National Origins of America's Founders
  75. Myths of the American Revolution
  76. Was America Born in a Revolution or a War for Independence?
  77. Jews Financed Cromwell to Overthrow Monarchy
  78. Prussian History
  79. The Creation of Zion (1799)
  80. Dr. Matt Johnson: The Fall of Poland in the 18th Century
  81. Blackbeard Pirate Relics, Gold Found
  82. Angles
  83. Age of Enlightenment, Freemasonry and the Jewish Connection
  84. England & The 22nd Of August
  85. The Overmountain Men
  86. Germanic Weapons
  87. Secret Renaissance Letter Reveals Plan to Save England
  88. The "White" Slave Children of New Orleans
  89. Summer a Dangerous Time for the Tudors
  90. Rare Copy of Waldseemueller's Early America Map Found in Germany
  91. Why Did Europe Conquer the World?
  92. Kayakers Near Scotland's Northern Shores at the Turn of the 17th–18th Centuries: Main Theories of Origin
  93. The Irish Slave Trade: Never Remembered, Never Compensated!
  94. Piracy on the Caribbean Sea
  95. The Battle of Vienna: Europe’s Fight Against the Invaders
  96. Untold Tales: Pirates of the Caribbean – Who Were They?
  97. The Life & Times of Jan van Leiden
  98. A 500-Year-Old Shipwreck Has Turned Up Perfectly Intact on Bottom of The Baltic Sea
  99. Catherine the Great EMPRESS OF RUSSIA
  100. The Enlightenment
  101. Map of London from 1572 discovered – and the roads are the same
  102. Earliest Colonial Fort Site in Maryland Discovered
  103. Seven Years' War (Result, Territorial changes) alt history speculation
  104. Church and State circa 1688