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  1. The Grunwald Battle and the Teutonic Order
  2. Where would you be on a Medieval Battlefield...?
  3. Crusades: Are They Hiding Something?
  4. Asiatic Threats of the Past
  5. Feudal heraldry of Europe
  6. The First Reich
  7. Medieval European Population Estimates
  8. Jeanne d'Arc
  9. The journey of Ingvar den Vittfarne - Ingvar the Far-travelled
  10. Medieval Torture Methods
  11. Map of Europe in 1360
  12. Anglo-Saxon Monarchs of England
  13. Frederick I (Barbarossa)
  14. White Slavery in Asia and Africa
  15. Charles the Great and the Franks
  16. What Happened in Europe in the 14th and 15th Centuries
  17. The Shaping of Western Europe
  18. A Darkened Age: Warlords of Europe, to 1050
  19. The Peasants: Advances in Agricultural Technology, 800-1000
  20. Arab and Berber Settlement in Spain after 711
  21. Map of Heathen England
  22. Medieval surgeons were advanced
  23. Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World
  24. The Teutonic Order
  25. We think of Da Vinci as a bearded Druid. In reality, he was a dandy
  26. The Black Death and other Pestilencia in history
  27. Face of Famous Medieval German Pirate Reconstructed
  28. What Were the Crusades Really About?
  29. Good Quote By Genghis Khan
  30. England's Medieval Network of Bridges and Causeways (David Harrison)
  31. Favorite Medival Weapon and Unit
  32. The Black Death in England 1348-1350
  33. Edward IV and the alchemists
  34. The Medieval Child : an Unknown Phenomenon?
  35. Bayeux: Whose Tapestry Is It Anyway?
  36. Medieval Iceland and the Absence of Government
  37. How Urban was Medieval England?
  38. Charlemagne's elephant
  39. How the West saw medieval Islam
  40. Saints or Sinners? The Knights Templar in Medieval Europe
  41. The devil and the saints in the conquest of Mexico
  42. Who were the first Crusaders?
  43. Secrets of the assassins
  44. 1212 A.D.: The Children's Crusade
  45. The Sutton Hoo Ship
  46. A Medieval Trace of German Anti-Judaism
  47. The War in the Low Countries
  48. The Battle Of Worringen, 1288
  49. The Shaky Relations Between Flemish And English Folk
  50. Charlemagne and Alcuin
  51. Bruges and Florence: The Advent of the Closed City
  52. What's in a name?
  53. Beowulf and the Wills
  54. Planners dig in over homes at Edward I's eve-of-battle camp
  55. Archaeologists Start Digging for Hun Settlements in Russia
  56. Dark Age Naval Power: A Reassessment of Frankish and Anglo-Saxon Seafaring Activity
  57. Falconry: Origins & Functions in Medieval England
  58. Mediaeval Lore from Bartholomew Anglicus
  59. Early Kings of Norway
  60. The Anglo-Saxon Burhs
  61. The Laws Of The Earlier English Tribes
  62. Heimliche Gerichte
  63. Mediaeval Castles in Finland
  64. The song of lord Halewijn
  65. 1500 Years Ago: The Struggle of the Franks
  66. Map of Anglo-Saxon England
  67. The Stedinger's fight for freedom
  68. Piracy and Cornwall
  69. Anglo-Saxon tribal map
  70. The Decline of Fairs and Merchant Guilds in the Low Countries, 1250-1650
  71. Merelbeke in the Frankish Period
  72. Christian History Timeline: The Conversion of Scandinavia
  73. Nations of Europe (West Eurasia), 1328 C.E.
  74. The German Empire under Friedrich Barbarossa
  75. The medical world of medieval monks
  76. The Vehmic Court
  77. Charlemagne's Division of his Kingdoms
  78. Nordish vs Medish Crusades
  79. The Lapuri Find
  80. Was King Arthur Really King McArthur?
  81. Reasons for Æthelberht's Conversion
  82. Placename Etymology
  83. Cremation in Early Anglo-Saxon England
  84. The End of Roman Britain: Assessing the Anglo-Saxon Invasions of the 5th Century
  85. Charlemagne: Hero or Villain?
  86. Puck
  87. Catholic Church's influence on medieval science?
  88. Anglo-Saxon Military Organisation
  89. The Hanseatic League
  90. Luebeck's victory over England
  91. The Nuremberg Chronicle
  92. Tecuaque: Aztecs butchered, ate Spanish invaders
  93. Ecclesiastical Annals
  94. Psychology during the Middle Ages
  95. October 10, 732: The Franks led by Charles Martel defeat the Arabs at Tours!
  96. 13th Century Russian-German Wars in Livonia
  97. Medieval Links between Flanders and Scotland
  98. Horror Tours Begin in Turku Castle, Finland
  99. The Age of Arthur
  100. Friedrich II
  101. The Holy Roman-Germanic Empire
  102. Mystery of Joan of Arc relics is solved
  103. Our Pagan Predecessors
  104. "Elite" Religion and "Folkloric" Religion
  105. Lyminge
  106. Nordic Bibliography?
  107. Gotland's Hoards
  108. Uppåkra
  109. Modern use of medieval Saharan camel routes
  110. Paper Challenges Pre-1491 Amazonian Population Theories
  111. Enlightened Medicine Found in Dark Ages
  112. Sixth Century Gaul: Its Roman and Germanic Roots
  113. Daily Germanic Living in the Early Medieval Age
  114. Evidence of 'gay civil unions' found from medieval southern Europe
  115. Apartheid in Anglo-Saxon Britain
  116. The Land of Cockaygne
  117. What if William the Conqueror died at Hastings?
  118. Germanic settlement of the British Isles 600AD - Map
  119. Medieval Scattering: the end of the Germanic Unity
  120. What if Harold Hardrada had won?
  121. The Normans
  122. The Geats (Beowulf's Clan)
  123. The Irish: Warriors of the Emerald Isle
  124. King Arthur: Fact or Fiction?
  125. Berlin is Older Than Thought
  126. The Phantom Time Theory of Heribert Illig
  127. Honor, Dueling, and Drengskapr
  128. Anglo-Saxon Social Organisation
  129. Norman Social Organisation and Feudalism
  130. Æthelred the Unready
  131. Hvitramannaland
  132. Barbarians: A Series of Documentaries
  133. Dithmarschen...
  134. Mystery of the 'Couple' Buried Arm in Arm 1,000 Years Ago: Not Husband and Wife but Saxon Warriors
  135. Anglo-Saxon Cavalry – Horseplay or Reality?
  136. Dukes of Alemannia/Swabia
  137. The Possible History Behind the Term 'Blue Blood'
  138. Where is the Best U.S. Renfair?
  139. The Swabian League
  140. Fifth Century Germanic Settlement Located in Kent
  141. Archaeologists Unearth Remnants of a Giant Medieval Watermill
  142. Norman Architectural Styhle of the 11th and 12th centuries
  143. The Normans in the Mediterranean
  144. How the Norman Invasion Changed the Course of Welsh History
  145. History of the Templars in Sweden
  146. Video: Robert Spencer "The Crusades, Fact & Truth"
  147. Study Unlocks History of the Seas
  148. Scots Fought 'in Bright Yellow War Shirts not Braveheart Kilts'
  149. Skeleton Reveals Violent Life and Death of Medieval Knight
  150. Video: 1066, The Battle For Middle Earth
  151. Hermann: Germany Recalls Myth That 'Created' the Nation
  152. Largest Anglo-Saxon Gold Hoard Discovered in Staffordshire
  153. Merovingian and Carolingian Burial Sites Discovered Near Paris
  154. Edward The Confessor
  155. Tomb of the Saxon Queen Eadgyth Discovered (Alfred's Granddaughter)
  156. Bad Nenndorf: The interrogation camp that turned German prisoners into living skeletons
  157. The Saxons Within Carolingian Christendom: Post-Conquest Identity in the Translationes of Vitus, Pusinna & Liborius
  158. An Education in the Mead-Hall: Beowulf’s Lessons for Young Warriors
  159. Astronomer Copernicus Reburied As Hero
  160. Teutonic Knights' Archeological Site Discovered in Lothringen!
  161. Was there an Anglo-Saxon Wipe Out in England?
  162. Europe’s Plagues Came From China, Study Finds
  163. Early Medieval Manuscripts Give New View of English Life Under the Normans
  164. Saxon Nobles After Charlemagne?
  165. Medieval Britons Were Richer Than Modern Poor People, Study Finds
  166. New History of the Old Stories
  167. Genghis Khan the GREEN: Invader Killed So Many People That Carbon Levels Plummeted
  168. The Hairstyle of Frankish and Norman Warriors
  169. Old Legends and Nice Tales from Your Country
  170. Battle Of Bosworth (1485)
  171. The King's Fibula of Wijnaldum - The Discovery of the Missing Link
  172. Hole in the Head: How Medieval Soldiers Survived After Battle Thanks to Early Day Brain Surgery
  173. Cryptzoology: Dinosaurs in Anglo-Saxon and Medieval England?
  174. Anglo-Saxon History Resources
  175. The Late Twelfth-Century Knightly Ethic in North-Western Europe in Life and in Literature
  176. October 14th, 1066.
  177. Battle of Agincourt - October 25th, 1415
  178. Forget Blackadder, Turnips and the Black Death: Medieval England Was Extremely Sophisticated
  179. Teutonic Knight's Gun, Analyzing the Markings
  180. Help with Translation from 18th C. German
  181. Violent Knights Feared Posttraumatic Stress Says Research
  182. Dr. Matt Johnson: King Alfred the Great
  183. Building a Monastery the Medieval Way
  184. The Edict of Expulsion of the Jews of 1290
  185. Archaeologists Find Beowulf`s Hall in Lejre
  186. Localizing Ashkenazic Jews to Primeval Villages in the Ancient Iranian Lands of Ashkenaz
  187. Jörg Von Ehingen (15th Century Swabian Knight)
  188. Ancient Representations of the Wildman in France
  189. Great Moravia: The Forgotten Kingdom
  190. "Plague Village" May Upend What We Know About How Black Death is Spread
  191. Disaster Recovery: New Archaeological Evidence for the Long-term Impact of the ‘calamitous’ Fourteenth Century
  192. Excavation Finds Early Shakespeare Theatre Was Rectangular
  193. The Varangians in Arabic Sources Called Al’Rus Dominated the Trade on the Russian Rivers in the 700s and 800s
  194. Evidence of Eurasian Metal Alloys on the Alaskan Coast in Prehistory
  195. Raiders from the North: Irish Enslavement During the Viking Age
  196. From Page to Print: the Transformation of the "Wild Woman" in Early Modern Northern Engravings
  197. 1,000-Year-Old Manuscript of Beowulf Digitized and Now Online
  198. ‘Ill-Liver of Her Body:’ A Legal Examination of Prostitution in Late Medieval Greater London
  199. How Late Were Pictish Symbols Employed?
  200. The End of the Ilkhanate and After: Observations on the Collapse of the Mongol World Empire
  201. Trading with Moslems and the Sámi in Medieval Norway
  202. New Evidence for the Occurrence of Eurasian Lynx in Medieval Britain
  203. Norman Surname List.
  204. Were the Normans Traitors?
  205. Behind the Saxon Shield Wall
  206. Germanic Populations and Steppe People - An Example of the Integration of Material Cultures - Diffusion of the Stirrup in the Eastern Merovingian Area
  207. The Gothic Full Plate Armour
  208. The Religious Reuse of Roman Structures in Anglo-Saxon England
  209. Bitumen from Syria found at an Anglo-Saxon Gravesite in East Anglia
  210. Coins Discovery 'will Re-write' Anglo-Saxon History
  211. Secret Knights Templar Cave Network Discovered in Shropshire, England
  212. Towns and Defence in Later Medieval Germany
  213. God, Leadership, Flemings and Archery: Contemporary Perceptions of Victory and Defeat at the Battle of Sluys, 1340
  214. Bremen Piracy and Scottish Periphery: The North Sea World in the 1440s
  215. Was Rape Common in the Middle Ages?
  216. Christopher Columbus and the Caribbean Indians
  217. Boars of battle: The wild boar in the early Middle Ages
  218. The Real History of the Anglo-Saxons That Inspired Rohan in Lord of the Rings
  219. Thousands of Medieval Trinkets Discovered Underneath Scandinavian Churches
  220. Nothing New Under the Sun: Elite-Driven Social Engineering and the Norman Conquest
  221. The Peasants’ Revolt England 1381
  222. Was Rape Common in the Middle Ages?
  223. Simon de Montfort
  224. The Battle of Patay (June, 1429)
  225. The Longbow vs. The Crossbow
  226. How Exactly Did One Become an Executioner in Medieval Times?
  227. The First Crusade
  228. Did people have bad teeth in medieval times?
  229. Battle of Hořice (27th April, 1423)
  230. England’s Answer to Tutankhamun’ Discovered: An Undisturbed Tomb of an Anglo-Saxon Prince
  231. The Smearing of Spain by Jews
  232. 10 Little-Known Facts About The Anglo-Saxons
  233. Henry VIII of England
  234. The 4-Minute Guide to Feudalism
  235. Fragment of medieval ‘vagina monologue’ found at Austrian abbey
  236. Medieval and Viking Era Artefacts Discovered in North Iceland
  237. The Franks, Charlemagne, and the Forging of Europe
  238. Were the Merovingians Descended from a Monster? Meet the Quinotaur
  239. Law and justice: Swearing an oath in the Middle Ages was powerful evidence
  240. New study suggests the original location of the Bayeux Tapestry is finally solved
  241. Ghost ship of Sutton Hoo to sail again centuries on
  242. Ban Anglo-Saxon? The Push To Remove Anglo-Saxons From Academic Discourse
  243. International Trade between Medieval England and Iceland
  244. Buckinghamshire: Elite Sixth Century Anglo-Saxon "Marlow Warlord" Grave Expands Understanding of Period
  245. Sachsen-Anhalt: Rich "Migration Age" Burial Found
  246. Cool new Viking DNA Study