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  1. The Problems facing the Aryan Race in Europe
  2. The Future Of European Nationalism
  3. Education/ Race-Based School Busing
  4. Is There Jewish Control of the Western Media?
  5. History Classes and White Nationalist Policy
  6. Thank God They're Stupid
  7. Some Strange Essays I Found Concerning Dr. Pierce
  8. To Each American a Job/ The Conservatives/ Time's Up!/ Anti-Communist
  9. How Dregs Lend Credence to our Cause
  10. The Left Flank Of The Protocols
  11. The Morality of Survival [by Michael W. Masters]
  12. What Do You Know About Freemasons?
  13. Who’s more of a threat to the West?
  14. Is Islam Our "Ally"?
  15. Wake up before it's too late!
  16. Conspiracy View of History
  17. A viewpoint for a European Nationalism/ Euro Variations
  18. A potential European power: Poland
  19. The European Union: For or Against?
  20. Zombie Nation - [Military] National Service
  21. Why I Am Not a White Nationalist
  22. The ADL Explained (Initially Formed To Advocate Murder And Rape)
  23. Should We Pray For A Disaster?
  24. Spengler on The Press
  25. Protectionism and Geopolitics - Resurrecting Christendom?
  26. The Norse Impact On Our Democracy
  27. Humanism and Anti-Germanism (by Dietrich Schuler)
  28. To the Front Fighters of the World [by Rudolf Hess]
  29. What is the New World Order?
  30. Jean-Marie Le Pen: The greatest White politician since WW II? Cast your vote
  31. "Whoever thinks much is not suitable as a party member: he soon thinks himself right through the party"
  32. What Does 'Tolerance' Mean to You?
  33. Get involved
  34. What Is the "War on Terror"?
  35. Sam Francis's Address at the 2004 AmRen Conference
  36. A Proposal: The Nordic Right of Return
  37. Do You Believe in a Europe of the Peoples?
  38. How to further Pan-European Nationalism politically?
  39. Lady Michèle Renouf: Finally, A Non-Jewish Actress Speaks Out
  40. Catalan, Basque and Galician Nationalism
  41. Your Political Choice in the 1930s?
  42. Hitler Was Wrong
  43. The Korean Friendship Association (KFA)
  44. Young People Planning for the Revolution
  45. The End of Power - w/o American Hegemony, World Would Likely Return to the Dark Ages
  46. The Use of NS Imagery by the Hells Angels and Other Non-NS Movements
  47. What we need in the West
  48. Why Are You A Racialist?
  49. Alexsander Dugin: The Eurasian Idea
  50. Declaration of the Deutsches Kolleg on the 70th Anniversary of the German Revolution
  51. Finnish Eco-Fascism
  52. International Eurasian Movement
  53. Quotes on European Resistance
  54. Do You Like Joseph Stalin?
  55. What Should Be Done With East Prussia?
  56. Do you agree with a Catalan, Basque and a Flemish state?
  57. Learning To Live With The New Russia [C Grant]
  58. The French Repression Against Catalonia
  59. "Israel's days are numbered"
  60. Horst Mahler And His Global Conspiracy [Guenther Kogel]
  61. Ethnic Electorate: Myths & Realities
  62. Europe Needs New Heroes!
  63. Pan-Hellenism and Greeks, Albanians and Armenians
  64. Transcript: The Illuminati and the C.F.R. exposé
  65. Universal Order: An Interview with James Mason
  66. 'Eurabia' - The Nightmare Has Begun
  67. Secret EU Plan to Kill NATO
  68. Germany’s Blunder
  69. Finkelstein: The Fate of an Honest Intellectual
  70. Iran's new alliance with China could cost U.S. leverage
  71. One SS-18 "Satan" Missile = Total Destruction of ANY European Country
  72. Why Europe Chooses Extinction
  73. Why We Are Losing
  74. What is the US up to in Ukraine? [Pat Buchanan]
  75. The Humanitarian Killers in Kosovo
  76. The Cyprus Conspiracy: America, Espionage and the Turkish Invasion
  77. "Civilization" vs. "Barbarism" - An Interview with Noam Chomsky
  78. Turkey a "Successful" Modern Moslem State? Think twice
  79. Jews or Moslems - Who Poses a Greater Threat?
  80. Is 'Americanism' a Religion?
  81. Should Ukraine join EU?
  82. Re-Envisioning Asia [Fukuyama]
  83. Interview with George Burdi
  84. What I Fight For
  85. Putin stands up to the New World Order
  86. Turkey and the E.U.
  87. EU Constitution: Sincere & Honest, or Soviet-Style?
  88. What is Your Political Orientation?
  89. Political Dialogue- A Discussion about Churchill, Bush, Iraq & more.
  90. NATO's Real Purpose: "To Keep the Germans Down"
  91. North Korea announces it has nuclear arms for self-defense
  92. Globalists Created Wahhabi Terrorism to Destroy Islam and Justify a Global State
  93. Europe's Jews Seek Solace on the Right
  94. The Right Way of White Pride
  95. If We Don't
  96. Indian "National-Socialists"
  97. The Jewish Establishment
  98. Civil war in France just a few years away?
  99. NATO's Steady Advance: A View From Russia
  100. Ever Heard of African Nationalists?
  101. Majorityrights.com
  102. Sociopathy in the Extremist Core of the Green Movement
  103. "Why White Nationalism is a Loser" by Robert Lindstrom
  104. Pentagon Analyst Arrested as Spy for Israel
  105. Varg Vikernes: The Problem with Whites [On Slavs and Nazism]
  106. Ernst Zündel Vision for the Future
  107. Karl Haushofer (ᛉ1869 – ᛣ1946): The Father of Geopolitics
  108. The Future of the European Union
  109. How I See Life. And Why I Am Not A Mere Preservationist
  110. EU Givers and Takers
  111. Suicidal Tendencies in the West - Tolerance Unreciprocated Leaves West Vulnerable
  112. Guide to American Politics
  113. What Solution to the Earth's Growing Racial problem?
  114. From Sacred Geography to Geopolitics [Alexsander Dugin]
  115. The Negro's Excuse: Why we is po'
  116. Are we Overeducated? by John Ray
  117. Decentralized Oppressor [Prozak]
  118. UK Defends Turkish EU Entry
  119. Which are the Richest and Poorest States in Western Europe?
  120. What will happen to Europe if Turkey is admitted into the European Union!!!
  121. Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' Speech (1968)
  122. Your Opinion on Nazi Paraphenalia?
  123. Homosexuality is Racism and White Supremacy
  124. Against Multiculturalism: A Historical Background
  125. Breaking the Silence: Bilderberg Exposed
  126. Pentagon Revises Nuclear Strike Plan: Preemptive Use Against Banned Weapons
  127. Singapore, and the Man who Transformed the Nation
  128. Are You More Nationalist or Pan-European?
  129. Visions of the Future?
  130. CAFTA threatens American sovreignty by D.A. Hanks
  131. Which European Country Will Be The First To Kick Out All Non-Whites?
  132. Taylor vs. Sailer — Survival v. “Citizenism”
  133. Map of the Planned Reichskommissariat Ukraine
  134. Eco-Warriors: Understanding the Radical Environmental Movement
  135. The Discerning Racist
  136. Slow, Sure Demise vs. Rapid Revolution?
  137. Masonry: The Struggle for the Soul of Europe
  138. The Death of the West
  139. Paris Burning: How Empires End [Pat Buchanan]
  140. Weak Europeans are the Core Problem
  141. A New Future Prussia?
  142. Truth About Race: Worse than the Riots Themselves?
  143. Putin vs. the Neo-Comintern
  144. National Suicide: Jean Raspail Foretold the Breakdown Three Decades Ago
  145. Multiculturalism and its Discontents: Was Enoch Powell right ?
  146. Realistic Future for Germanics/When Are We Past the Point of No Return?
  147. India tilts to the West as the world's new poles emerge
  148. Why the US is planning war with Iran
  149. Tolerating Intolerance: How Political Correctness Protects Islam
  150. We Avow Ourselves to the Divine Racism of the Germanic Peoples
  151. Do you believe in a Global Jewish/Zionist Conspiracy?
  152. The Hidden Army of Radical Islam in Bosnia
  153. Temple of Understanding: The New Cult in Washington
  154. The Racial Ideology of Empire
  155. Pentagon 'Hedge' Strategy Targets China
  156. Should Iran Be Allowed to Develop the Bomb?
  157. The UN Has Developed Into A Giant Parasitic Bureaucracy
  158. Ideal Racial Politics to Improve Germanic Ethnographic Development?
  159. Is Anglo-Saxon World Hegemony Coming to an End?
  160. von Kreitor and the Geopolitics of Pax Eurasiatica
  161. The Jews' Declining Population - Contrary to the Zionist Dream
  162. At What Age Did You Become Race Conscious?
  163. The SCO: China, Russia... and Iran
  164. The "Jewish" Conspiracy is British Imperialism
  165. Would The World Be A Better Place If All Countries Were Homogeneous?
  166. The 200 Years War: The Tragedy of Iran
  167. "The Revolution will not be televised" - Chavez
  168. Racial Awakenings in Europe
  169. The German Großraum
  170. If You Had Only One Nation Other Than Your Own, That You Could Save...
  171. What European Countries..
  172. Europe: Apocalyptic Vision of the New Barbarian Invasions
  173. Your Year Zero: Where does your Tradition begins?
  174. United European Army Marching with U.S.!
  175. Your Political Evolution
  176. China Rises While "West" and "East" Are Killed-off
  177. Which Country Is the Biggest Threat to Peace?
  178. Geopolitics of Islam
  179. Jihad or Jewry: Forced Choice Poll
  180. How long will Whites tolerate traitors who seek their destruction?
  181. Freedom or Safety, What Would You Choose?
  182. What is 'Europe' to you?
  183. Opinions Please: Modern Nationalism
  184. Chinese Want Lebensraum, Claim Racial Superiority
  185. 60 years since Purimfest Nurnberg 1946 - every true NS heart screams: REVENGE!!!
  186. Adolf Hitler Was a Bad White Person
  187. Are You a Europidist?
  188. Teach Me, Please: Why Does the West Self-Destruct?
  189. The Most Spectacular Population Growth in Human History
  190. Post-Socialist Russia "Missing" 9.6 Million Men in "Demographic Collapse"
  191. The Rape of Europe: Europe Turning Moslem
  192. Russia Sends Tor-M1 Missiles to Iran
  193. "White Revolution is the Only Solution!"
  194. Should we invest in non-White countries?
  195. The life and death of White Man: In Memoriam Augusto Pinochet Ugarte (1915-2006)
  196. EU Gains Members
  197. Israel to Join NATO ???
  198. How the West Could Lose
  199. Europe - Russian Energy Problems?
  200. Today's Neo-Nazis Have No Respect For Tradition [The Onion]
  201. Will US invade Persia in 2007?
  202. "Our demise proves our race is inferior"
  203. 737 U.S. Military Bases = Global Empire
  204. An Interview With Jean Raspail - Synopsis of The Camp of the Saints
  205. China's military spending and the Asian arms race
  206. Islamosocialism: The European left makes common cause with the Moslem right
  207. Persian Renaissance: The Two Iran
  208. Is Russia Europe's Natural Ally?
  209. Russia unveils the 'father of all bombs'
  210. Strategic Maneuvering: US, Russia, Iran, and Iraq
  211. Our Society is Crumbling. What can be done?
  212. The Biggest Threat to the West Lies Within Itself, Not With Islam
  213. The Elders of Zion and the Masters of Discourse
  214. A Russian Looks at the Coming Collapse of the U.S. Empire
  215. Will Germany Re-Unite Europe?
  216. Racism Against Germanics/Anti-Germanicism Compilation
  217. Israel seeks to toughen up Germany....
  218. EU 'should expand beyond Europe'
  219. Do You Stand By Your Beliefs?
  220. Fragmented Future - Multiculturalism doesn’t make vibrant communities but defensive ones
  221. What Do You Think of Ann Coulter?
  222. Anti-Germania Personified
  223. Germany Seeks to Enshrine EU Flag
  224. The Modern Crusader
  225. An Emerging Anglosphere
  226. Why the “Anglosphere” Is No Alternative for the EU
  227. UN transformation proposed to create 'new world order'
  228. Russia rattles its depleted sabre in the Atlantic
  229. Cowards Leading the Cowards
  230. Graphic Illustration of World's Geopolitical Struggle
  231. Australia Pulls Out of US Lead Asia-Pacific Alliance That Excludes China
  232. 'World's 10 Worst Dictators' List Announced
  233. Congo Wants to Return to Being a Belgian Colony
  234. European Leaders Agree to Create Eurabia
  235. The Scourge of Globalization
  236. Is Western Civilisation Failing?
  237. Ideology or Folk: Who Do You Feel More Akin To?
  238. Do You Trust Your Politicians?
  239. Spy Photos Reveal 'secret Launch Site' for Iran's Long-range Missiles
  240. What I Believe: Washington As Dangerous As Brussels
  241. Multiculturalism vs. Political Correctness
  242. Do You Think That the West is Under Attack?
  243. How The Media Confuses Our Lives
  244. 50 Reasons to Love the European Union
  245. Which Form of Government Were You Born Under?
  246. Do Nationalists/Preservationists Etc. Really Stand a Chance?
  247. Politics Doesn't Work, Leadership Does
  248. The March Toward a Common European Army !
  249. *Irish Referendum Could Scupper EU Treaty*
  250. Third World Nations: Can Germanics Learn Something from Them?