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  1. Alt-Reich: North Korea and the Far Right
  2. "It's Not Over!" EU Chief Still Fears Eurosceptic Revolution
  3. Why White Nationalism 1.0 Failed
  4. Gen Z is the West's Last Great Hope?
  5. Against Right-Wing Sectarianism
  6. 9 Reasons Why The United States Should Ally With Iran
  7. Leftists and Media Cheer As Mega-Corporations Strip Away Free Speech Rights
  8. "Too Many Countries in the European Union Have Secessionist Problems"
  9. Germany is Replacing the European Union with the "Mitteleuropa" Project
  10. "We Could Lose Against Kim Jong-un"
  11. Britain's Online Hate Speech, a Subversion Spectacular by Foreign Powers
  12. What if the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Counted for Indigenous Europeans?
  13. Viktor Orban: "What We Did Not Tolerate from the Soviet Empire, We Will Not Tolerate from the Soros Empire, Either"
  14. So, What is (((the Enemy))) Up to Now?
  15. What Would You Call Shithole Countries?
  16. 8Chan Mega Thread - Those crazy people at 8chan make some highly entertaining posts. Post them here.
  17. Why You Should Have a “Pro-Us” Rather Than an “Anti-Them” Attitude
  18. Video: How to Understand and Counter the "Where Do You Draw the Line" Argument
  19. Video: 5 Ways So-Called Anti-Racists Contradict Themselves
  20. What if the U.S.A. left NATO?
  21. Controversy: Finnish Swede vs. Germany on Russo-Finnish relations (Thread split)
  22. How Can Identity Politics Make Its Way from the Margins to the Mainstream?
  23. How False Flag Operations Are Carried Out Today
  24. Control the Words, Control the Culture
  25. Violence in Gaza and the Second Coming
  26. Nationalist Solutions: Be the Answer Not the Sterotype
  27. How The Left Keeps Sabotaging Actual Debate By Using Three Tactics
  28. “Without A Strong EU, The Populist Will Win, And Then There Will Be War”
  29. Identitarianism as LARPing
  30. Finland Will Be Hosting the Meeting of USA and Russia... AGAIN!
  31. Should Germanic Preservationists Abandon Certain Nations?
  32. Nationalist Solutions: Be the Answer Not the Sterotype
  33. 5 Confirmed False Flag Operations and How to Spot Them in the Future
  34. 'Fortress Europe': The E.U. Is Planning a 10,000-Strong Armed Force to Protect Its Borders. Here’s What to Know
  35. Military Contractor Wants to Privatize Afghanistan War – But wants US taxpayer to pay for it
  36. Viktor Orbán: Say Goodbye to the Elite of ’68
  37. Are Young People Less Politically Engaged Than Previous Generations?
  38. Biopolitics Versus Geopolitics
  39. whitemurder.org
  40. Special Report: Has China Taken Over America?
  41. 'China Uncensored': BEST YT Channel for real news on China
  42. Radical Traditionalism – The New Western Conservatism
  43. FB, Cambridge Analytica and the creation of right wing media
  44. Trump Told Saudi King He Wouldn’t Last ‘Two Weeks’ Without US Support
  45. China Halts All Oil Imports From US
  46. Mediterranean Europe & Its People - Your Thoughts?
  47. The Curious Case of Sebastian Junger
  48. The Idea of Homonationalism
  49. Why is SVALBARD the center of the ARCTIC WAR?
  50. AfD Wins 11% of the Bayern Vote
  51. African Birthrates: Fear of a Black Continent
  52. Last words of French Minister: Our biggest fear is that Salafists win the next elections
  53. Alt-right Is Proposing An Alliance With Zionist Jews?
  54. Anarchy threatens France and within five years the situation could be irreversible – Ex-Minister
  55. Nearly Half of Afghanistan Under Terrorist Control as US Pours Billions Into Country
  56. The Israel Lobby in the U.S. - 4 part Documentary
  57. What Are Your Views on Poles & Poland?
  58. The American-European Dilemma
  59. Why is Germany So Dependent on Russian Gas?
  60. The Half-Abandoned Land of Abkhazia
  61. Trump’s embrace of Saudi Arabia causes GOP rift
  62. The Demise of the Nation State
  63. When the China Dream and the European Dream Collide
  64. Inside China's War on Islam
  65. US Latinos converting to the Moslem Subculture
  66. Political Turmoil In Venezuela
  67. How Spatial Politics Will Shape The Post-Liberal Order
  68. INF Treaty
  69. The Growing Anti-Semitism Scam
  70. America Due To Collapse?