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  1. Who is Your Favourite Politician and Why?
  2. An Attack on Iran's Nuclear Plant?
  3. Is Free Speech Essential to Germanic Preservation?
  4. Apologizing Over Historical Events
  5. Are Germanic Countries Slowly Becoming Non-European Colonies?
  6. Russia Back to Normal
  7. 43 Nations Creating "Mediterranean Union"
  8. Why Do People Prefer to Be Governed by "Their Own" People?
  9. EU Should Become Union of European Regions, Expert Says
  10. Wealthy Nations Are A Non-Renewable Resource
  11. Your Views on Neutrality?
  12. A Return to 1815 is the Way Forward for Europe
  13. Europe of the Future: Germany Shrinks, France Grows, but UK Population Booms
  14. Patrick Buchanan Quacks Like a Nazi Sympathizer
  15. Germany's Position in Russia vs NATO
  16. Grim Reality of Why the West's White Race is Now a Dying Breed
  17. Islam's War Against The West (by Howard Bloom)
  18. Comeback for Putin?
  19. What Are Your Views On Prussia?
  20. What Do You Think of the UN, EU & NATO?
  21. Arithmetic, Population & Energy
  22. Sark: the Latest Victim of Democracy
  23. Jewish Involvement in the Downfall of Europe
  24. Simon Mol - The Antifascist of the Year
  25. Should Germany Become a Superpower? (Again)
  26. "Please Invade Our Country"
  27. Russia Cuts Austria Gas Supply by 90%
  28. Russia Accused of Playing 'Trick' As Gas Turned Off Again
  29. Do Your Generalise when It Comes to Your Enemies?
  30. The Case for a Conspiracy Against Europe
  31. The Right Not to Be Offended?
  32. 'The Holocaust': The New Founding Myth of American Society
  33. Progress or Kali Yuga? [William Stoddart]
  34. The Socialist Delusion
  35. Why the West is Supreme
  36. A True Transatlantic Conservative Alliance?
  37. Hating Whites
  38. Report: Education Gap Threatens Democracy
  39. Why Shouldn’t Brussels Be the EU Capital?
  40. Why Does the "Movement" Marginalize National Socialists?
  41. Is the White Birth Rate Too Low to Sustain Our Civilisation?
  42. How Tolerant Are You of Differing Political Ideologies?
  43. Swedish Neo-Nazi Makes Berlin New Base
  44. Anti-Racist Agendas Being Pushed Against White Nations
  45. Lebensraum: Expansive Races, Recessive Genes
  46. EU Election - Will You Vote?
  47. EU Voting System Could Axe Political Parties
  48. David Icke: Let's Listen to a Madman...
  49. 5 Myths the Left Has Created About Itself
  50. Admiration for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?
  51. Is the Nationalist Scene Becoming Philosemitic?
  52. Not Europe, But Bureaucratic Centralism Was Rejected
  53. EU President: After Lisbon Treaty “Nearly 100%” of European Laws Will Be Made in Brussels
  54. If You Could Charge Your Politicians with a Crime, Which Would It Be?
  55. In a Conflict Between Jews and Negros, Which Side Would You Be On?
  56. White Identity in Postmodernity
  57. 10 Lessons on Empire by Steven M. Walt
  58. The European Elections and Euro-Nationalism
  59. Your View on Multiethnic States
  60. Europe's Far-Right Youth: '10 Years Ago We Were 'Nazi Losers'. Now It’s Ok to Be a Nazi'
  61. Reactionary or Progressive?
  62. Europeans As Victims of Colonialism
  63. Visions of Europe in 2030: A Postmodern Middle Ages
  64. Angry White Men by Patrick J. Buchanan
  65. From Titans To Lemmings: The Suicide Of The White Race
  66. Is Revival Possible?
  67. Letter of Termination to the White Race
  68. Russia is the Future of Europe!
  69. Turkey May Not Want to Be EU Member
  70. Is the West Dead?
  71. The Basque Separatist Movement: An Ongoing Conflict
  72. Your Ideal World: What's the End Game?
  73. EU President Herman Van Rompuy (Unelected by the People): Favorable for Turkey Joining the EU, the New World Order and Raising Taxes
  74. Global Warfare: U.S. Military Operations in All Major Regions of the World
  75. EU Abolishes Entry Visas for Three Balkan Countries
  76. Honest and Clean Politics?
  77. Jewish Origin of "Political Correctness"
  78. Our New State Is Undemocratic. Is It Also Illegitimate?
  79. What Do We Fear Most?
  80. American Military Buildup
  81. "Honorary Whites" Status?
  82. ‘One Day, on the Model of the United States of America, a United States of Europe Will Come into Being.’
  83. What the U.S. Elite Really Thinks About Israel
  84. Should Germanics Reach Out to Other Races That Are Persecuted by Jews?
  85. Israel to Join the EU?
  86. Europe's Five "Undeclared Nuclear Weapons States"
  87. Top Russian General Claims United States Plans to Attack Iran
  88. Intellectuals, Populists, and the Trap of Objectivity
  89. Why Do People Vote Against Their Own Interests?
  90. Even Jehovahs Witnesses Lie About Holohoax!
  91. Europe Battles Declining Influence
  92. The Wars of Tribe & Faith (Pat Buchanan)
  93. Euro-Nationalist Vs. Ultra-Conservative
  94. The Finite Limit of Liberal Politics
  95. Finance is Responsible for This Savage New Era. But It's Off the Electoral Agenda
  96. The Theme That's Everything About the Misleading Development
  97. Jews Operating in the West
  98. The National Socialist Way of Life [Dr. Walther Gross]
  99. The Dark Winter...
  100. Hitler vs the Capitalists, Was He Right?
  101. And They Say We Are Racist
  102. Global White Population to Plummet: Time for a White Policy
  103. Religious Extremists Will Inherit the Earth
  104. The Truth on Jews
  105. The Mythological Good Jew
  106. The White Man’s Disease
  107. Are You 'Far Right'?
  108. Left-Wing Politics. Eventually You Run Out of People to Exploit…
  109. Reestablishment of Prussia
  110. Radical Anti-Racist Groups and Their Own Racial Composition
  111. Europe: The Rise of the Extreme Right
  112. Who Do You Trust?
  113. Removing the Nazi Thorn in the Germanic People's Side
  114. Is a Federal Nordic State on the Cards?
  115. A Expiriment: Anti Racists And Multiculturalists
  116. Are Nazis On The Rise?
  117. Why Our Leaders Do Not Represent Us
  118. Korea Crisis I: Where Is Kim Jong Il?
  119. Your Thoughts On Feudalism?
  120. Nation Minority Status
  121. African Integration: Final Step in the EU’s Plan for the Destruction of Europe Revealed
  122. Support for Israel's Settlements From Europe's Right
  123. EU Identity Cards?
  124. Conspiracy Theory Correlation Poll
  125. This is National-Socialism
  126. Germany, the Re-Engineered Ally
  127. Russia Threatens NATO With Nukes
  128. What Would Multiculturalism in China Look Like?
  129. Louis Theroux: "My Time Among the 'Ultra-Zionists'
  130. According to MARO Strategy, Should Gaddafi Be Struck ?
  131. I Attended “Witnessing Stories of Holocaust Survivors” Formal Dinner
  132. If You Were to Become Dictator of Your Country, What Measures Would You Take to Save It ?
  133. Jewish Dissidents Target Putin
  134. The Corrupt Multicultural Left Is Totally In Charge of the University
  135. The Only Freedom We Have in the West is the Freedom to Go Shopping: Dr. Fredrick Toben
  136. Behind the 2011 Orgy of Destabilisations
  137. Rise of the (Far) Right and Nationalism in the US & Europe?
  138. Another Obama War
  139. The Influence of the Mass Medias on Decline of Society and Media Manipulation
  140. The Impracticality of One-World Government and the Failure of Western-Style Democracy
  141. Lukashenko: Globalists are preparing to strangle Belarus
  142. EU Gains Special Rights in the UN
  143. An Africa Without European Colonialism
  144. Russia Risks War with NATO Over Arctic Oil and Gas
  145. 21st-Century Food Wars: The New Geopolitics of Food
  146. US Global Interventions and Fabricated Uprisings
  147. Loyalist or Nationalist?
  148. This is Europe's Future!
  149. Solzhenitsyn’s “The 1920s.” Chapter 18 of '200 Years Together' (by Kevin MacDonald)
  150. Defense Secretary Robert Gates Rebukes European Allies in Farewell Speech
  151. "Humanitarian" Intervention in Libya
  152. Kissinger: China Poses 'Big Challenge' for U.S.
  153. "You're with Israel or You're with the Terrorists!"
  154. No to the E.U.?
  155. You Know This is Pointless
  156. A Plan of Action: What Would You Do to Rectify, Correct, Remedy, or Resolve the Present Situation of Your Country?
  157. Poisonous Liberal Thinking
  158. Anders Behring Breivik Was Rejected by the Right
  159. Belarus Under Siege
  160. Special Report: The Secret Plan to Take Tripoli
  161. My Take on Leftism...
  162. U.S. War with China “Inevitable,”
  163. Global White Population to Plummet to Single Digit—Black Population to Double
  164. The Iranian Atomic Bomb...
  165. Russian Nationalism May Be Biggest Threat to Putin's Power
  166. The New Face of Digital Populism - Demos Think-Tank
  167. Changing the Minds of the Multiculturalists
  168. Information About Chotkowo Ethnic Cleansing?
  169. Imagine if China Invaded the US
  170. 'Dear Leader' Kim Jong-Il Dead
  171. How Imperial Domination Works, For Dummies
  172. China Warns US on Asia Military Strategy
  173. Career Vs. Cause
  174. Any Former Anti-Racist Activists Here? If So, What Made You Change Your Mind?
  175. The Third Jihad: Radical Islam's Vision for America
  176. Are You Ready to Face the Facts About Israel?
  177. The End of the World As We Know It
  178. The Samson Option: Israel's Missiles on on European Cities
  179. Putin’s “Top Priority” is to Build Eurasian Union
  180. First Ever 120-Member European Jewish Parliament Inaugurated in Brussels, Event Hailed As 'Great Day for Jews in Europe'
  181. How to Destroy Nations with Love and Tolerance
  182. "Hollande's Win 'A Turning Point...'"
  183. The 'Atlantropa' of Herman Sörgel
  184. The Oldman Says
  185. The Curse of the "Net Nazi"
  186. White Nationalism, the White Identity and its Validity in Europe
  187. The Destruction of Western Civilisation (And What Can You Do to Help Speed Up the Process?)
  188. Across Europe, Quality of Life is Dropping
  189. The West's Darkest Hour
  190. Who Runs the Madhouse?
  191. Multiculturalism Destroys Trust, Economic Well-being, Happiness and Social Cohesion
  192. Who is More Phobic About Science - Conservatives or Liberals?
  193. Are You a Counter-Revolutionary?
  194. The Death of France... and the Rise of the Provinces
  195. The Changing Face of Democracy ...and the Rise of the Ethnocrat
  196. The Case of Anti-White Academic Matthew Goodwin
  197. Far Right rising in spite of its inability to provide a coherent economic message
  198. US Election 2016 General Thread
  199. Should the Indigenous Peoples of Europe Get Reservations?
  200. The Reasons Why People Hate Cultural Marxists
  201. When SJW's Are Attacked By Their Pets
  202. An Establishment Conservative’s Guide To The Alt-Right
  203. NATO Obsolete, Says Trump
  204. The Turning Tide
  205. The Reason White Men Are Blamed for Everything
  206. EU Army: German & Dutch Army Merger
  207. The Smug Style in American Liberalism
  208. Political Images/Cartoons
  209. The Decline of Social Democrats in Europe
  210. The 'Nazi Europe' Conspiracy
  211. Far-Right Agenda Gains Ground in Middle Class
  212. "Fire and Axe": Islam Ain’t the Problem…
  213. 'The Great Debate': Vladimir Putin Creates a New Praetorian Guard
  214. Beyond Geopolitics: South Korea’s Eurasia Initiative As a New Nordpolitik
  215. The Real Existential Threats of 2016
  216. Don't Blame the Masses
  217. National Minority ‘Regions’ in the Enlarged European Union
  218. Regional Separatism is Positive if Cleverly Managed at Eurozone Level
  219. Hillary Clinton Received Debate Questions in Advance?
  220. The Alt Right and Eurasianism
  221. The Dispossession of Europeans and Pathological Altruism [Prof. Kevin B. MacDonald]
  222. The Power of the Left: Where Does It Come From?
  223. Globalism is About to End, Just Like Before WW1 Say Economists
  224. Progressives Find "White Trash" More Threatening Than Nuclear War - Paul Craig Roberts
  225. The Anti-Trump Protesters Are Tools of the Oligarchy
  226. Are You Suffering from Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD)?
  227. These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO
  228. Chaos Magick and the Discordian Origins of the Alt Right
  229. Syria War: Real-Time Map!
  230. Steve Bannon Interviews Trump
  231. White House Attacks Trump Over Connections to Russia and RT
  232. Will Closer US-Russian Ties Alienate China?
  233. How to Argue for White Identity Against Those Who Attempt to Deconstruct Race to Avoid the Argument.
  234. Does the Flag Have to Go Forward Gradually?
  235. Anti-Soros movements start to spring up
  236. Your Opinion of Milo Yiannopoulos
  237. German Panzergrenadier Battalion Entering Lithuania
  238. The Myth Of The Right Wing Extremist
  239. Iranian Renaissance's Jason Reza Jorjani Interview
  240. Amnesty International: 'Populism Is A Danger To The World'
  241. What Europe Would Look Like If...
  242. What Subjects Are You NOT Allowed to Discuss in Your Country?
  243. Suggestions to Thwart Shilling Accounts?
  244. "Valley Rebels" - Euros Housing Refugees
  245. Ex-Banker Claims He Was Invited to Take Part in Child Sacrifice Rituals
  246. Borders of Europe: The Problem of the Discontinuous Mind
  247. From Jewish Fear and Loathing to Acceptance and Influence in the Trump Administration
  248. So Many Things Wrong!
  249. Civil War in Sweden
  250. Germany's Communist Government Moves to Silence All Opposition.