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  1. Challenging the Out Of Africa Theory
  2. Human origins
  3. Are Australian Aboriginals Remnants of the Neanderthal?
  4. Cro Magnon Sites over the World
  5. Homo Erectus: Extinct or still with us?
  6. Pleistocene Homo sapiens from Middle Awash, Ethiopia
  7. Reconstructing the face of the Gibraltar Neanderthal child
  8. Krapina Neanderthalers
  9. Cheddar Man
  10. Human Fossils Set European Record
  11. Out of Africa wrong? Human ancestors white?
  12. The face of our ancestral mother
  13. Neanderthal Facial Lenght
  14. Out of Africa / Multiregional synthesis - with Physical Anthropology
  15. Hohle Fels Cave: Oldest Sculptures Unearthed (with Amazing Carvings)
  16. Mastermind of Piltdown Hoax Unmasked?
  17. Ancestral Primate Discovered in China
  18. Late Neanderthals 'more like us'
  19. Study: Human DNA Neanderthal-Free
  20. Yea, Well Classify This (Ape Man)
  21. Neanderthals and Later Populations in Europe
  22. Wolpoff and Lee on the human "species" of Israel
  23. Were the Neanderthals Our Ancestors?
  24. Neanderthals: Regionalists vs. Replacementists Scientific Battle
  25. Lake Mungo has non-sapiens DNA
  26. Reconstruction of the skull of "Trijntje"
  27. Mungo Man
  28. Amud 1
  29. The Tabun Mandible
  30. Variation in Early North Americans
  31. Early man steered clear of Neanderthal romance
  32. Australopithecus To Homo
  33. Atapuerca
  34. International Forum of Palaeoanthropology
  35. Homo erectus / Javaman
  36. Origins of Moderns, from the Ten Hominid Groups (Stringer)
  37. Paleobiology of Middle Pleistocene human remains
  38. Bahinia fossil Fossil: Primitive Primate Makes The Case For Asian Anthropoid Origins
  39. Paleoanthropology of Primates
  40. Dryopithecus in Europe
  41. Australopithecus and early Homo physiques
  42. Human Evolution: Evolution and the Structure of Health and Disease
  43. Early Upper Pleistocene And African Origin For The Neanderthals
  44. Dmanisi Hominids
  45. Bigfoot Types The CryptoZoo
  46. Morphological Distance between Australopithecine, Human and Ape Skulls
  47. European Fossils Rewrite Human Evolution: European/Eurasian Origin?
  48. Arthur Keith on Human Evolution
  49. Fossil hints at primate origins (Higher Primates May Have Asian Root)
  50. Human Evolution and Morphometry
  51. Xavier Zubiri on the Origins of Man
  52. Neanderthal Origins in Europe
  53. The early UP skeleton from Abrigo do Velho- pt
  54. Neanderthals Grew Up Much Faster
  55. Neanderthals were 'adults by 15'
  56. Cro-Magnon - A Breakdown
  57. Die Evolution des Menschen(German site)
  58. Orkadian population history
  59. Evolution of of the human oral system
  60. Neanderthal Clavicle
  61. Wine and Beer in Hurrian Kurdistan coming from the Sumerians
  62. Not so fast...
  63. Music of the Ages - Neolithic Musical Instruments
  64. Neanderthal remains found in Montenegro
  65. Early Modern Human from the Pestera cu Oase, Romania
  66. Body size and Postcranial Robusticity of European UP Hominins
  67. UP / Mesolithic stature
  68. Hominid Cranium From Omo
  69. The early Upper Paleolithic human skeleton from the Abrigo do Lagar Velho (Portugal)
  70. Stable isotope evidence for increasing dietary breadth in the European mid-Upper Paleolithic
  71. Huxley on the Neanderthal Man
  72. Jawbone find shows Neanderthal 'Samaritans' helped the weak
  73. Neanderthal taxonomy reconsidered
  74. The mandibular canal of the "Old Man" of Cro-Magnon
  75. Expressions of chimps (Plates)
  76. The M/U P interface and the relationship of Neanderthals and early sapiens in Croatia
  77. Surprisingly rapid growth in Neanderthals.
  78. The hypoglossal canal and the origin of human vocal behavior
  79. Neandertal knees: power lifters in the Pleistocene?
  80. A comparative study of stereolithographically modelled skulls of Petralona and B Hill
  81. A cranium for the earliest Europeans: phylogenetic position of the hominid from Ceprano, Italy
  82. Modern human ancestry at the peripheries: a test of the replacement theory.
  83. Hominid skull fragments from Late Pleistocene layers in Leine Valley
  84. Neandertal Faces Were Not Long; Modern Human Faces Are Short
  85. Jebel Irhoud and Dar-es-Soltane
  86. The Archaic from Swanscombe (400,000 Years Ago)
  87. Skull Morphology:Mesocephalic vs. Brachycephalic
  88. An archaic from Reilingen
  89. Decrease in facial robusticity after the Upper Paleolithic
  90. A parietal from Shuidonggou
  91. Locomotion and body proportions of the Saint-Cesaire 1 Chatelperronian Neandertal.
  92. Brachial and crural indices of European late Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic humans.
  93. Body proportions in Late Pleistocene Europe and modern human origins.
  94. Early Hominin Limb Proportions
  95. Human remains from the Austrian Gravettian
  96. Behavioral inferences from the Skhul/Qafzeh early modern human hand remains.
  97. The shape of the Neandertal femur is primarily the consequence of a hyperpolar body
  98. Appendicular robusticity and the paleobiology of modern human emergence
  99. Size variation in Middle Pleistocene humans.
  100. Morphological affinities of the Sal'a 1 frontal bone.
  101. A multivariate analysis of Pleistocene hominids: testing hypothesis of Eur. origins
  102. An Australasian test of the recent African origin theory
  103. The evolution and development of cranial form in Homosapiens.
  104. Growth study of wild chimpanzees challenges assumptions about early humans
  105. Comparing Primate Genomes Offers Insight Into Human Evolution
  106. Ancient DNA Reveals Skin Color
  107. Bloody Stone Tools Tell Hominids' Tales
  108. Neanderthal and modern teeth
  109. Krapina 1 browridges
  110. Classify Skull and Reconstruction
  111. Neanderthal Noses
  112. Possible Yeti/Human Link in the Ochamchir region of Georgia
  113. Human skulls are 'oldest Americans'
  114. Yeti/Living Neanderthal? Pictures-You Decide
  115. 'Most recent common ancestor' of all living humans surprisingly recent
  116. Giant Ape May be New Species
  117. Paleoanthro · Human evolution and Palaeoanthropology
  118. Levantine Moderns and Neanderthals
  119. Basicranial influence on overall cranial shape
  120. Scientists Find Prehistoric Dwarf Skeleton
  121. Little lady of Flores forces rethink of human evolution
  122. Evidence of Human Dwarf Species Found
  123. Hominid Evolution Summary
  124. East Asian problems with "Out of Africa"
  125. Chinese Roots: Skull May Complicate Human-Origins Debate
  126. Book Review - African Exodus: The Origins of Modern Humanity
  127. 'Original' Great Ape discovered
  128. branching off from Scoob's Cromag thread
  129. Collateral relatives of American Indians among the Bronze Age populations of Siberia?
  130. Preference for right-handedness goes back to prehistoric era
  131. Temporal bone morphology, size and relationships among apes
  132. Classify skull
  133. Paleoanthropology in the 1990's
  134. Population Bottlenecks and Pleistocene Human Evolution
  135. The Southern Greek Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic Sequence at Franchthi Cave
  136. Lost apes Of the Congo (Stephan Faris)
  137. A New Species of Early Hominid from Ethiopia
  138. The mysterious end of Essex man (Robin McKie)
  139. Taste for meat made humans early weaners
  140. Singing Neanderthals? New Research on their vocal tracts
  141. Morphological Similarities Between Archaics
  142. The origin and dispersion of human parasitic diseases in the Old World
  143. Age of ancient humans reassessed
  144. A cephalometric investigation of Brazilian prehistoric man (C.B. Pereira et al)
  145. An evolutionary road less traveled
  146. Indonesian 'Hobbit' Confirmed to Be a New Species
  147. 4-Million Years Old Skeleton Unearthed
  148. Neanderthal from Shanidar Cave (75,000 Years old): Oldest Fossil Human Protein ever sequenced
  149. Neandertal Advance: First Fully Jointed Skeleton Built!
  150. Fossil find could be first bipedal human ancestor
  151. Phenetic study of the affinities of Dakanihylo
  152. Mid sagittal cranial profiles in neanderthals and moderns
  153. Trends in Midsagital Variation
  154. Fossils push human emergence back to 195,000 years ago
  155. Early Americans from Lagoa Santa
  156. Evolution comes with a twist (Megan Morris)
  157. Scientists build Neanderthal ‘Frankenstein’
  158. Secrets of the Stone Age Sea
  159. Dig Near Las Vegas Continues to Yield Fossils
  160. Modern Humans or Neandertals? New Evidence Sheds Light on Cave Fossils' Age
  161. Bones of Contention : Is a small, 18,000-year-old skeleton the older cousin of modern-day Pygmies - or a new human species?
  162. The icy truth behind Neanderthals
  163. Ötzi: The Curse of the Ice Man
  164. Out of Africa or Multiregionalism?
  165. Ancient woolly mammoth tusk discovered
  166. I Need Help with Hominid Reconstruction
  167. The Evolution of Hemispheric Specialization
  168. The Aquatic Ape Theory
  169. Predmost Skull
  170. Neandertal and Cro-Magnon
  171. Vellinge
  172. Neandertal, La Chapelle
  173. Oberkassel reconstruction
  174. La Ferrassie 1
  175. Example of Amud Skull
  176. Example of Shanidar Skull
  177. Pre-human skull found in Georgian republic
  178. The Creswell Crags Valley Site
  179. Homo steinheimensis
  180. Homo neanderthalensis
  181. Homo antecessor
  182. The Usual Suspects
  183. Cro-Magnons Conquered Europe, but Left Neanderthals Alone
  184. Hominid Family History: Comparative Morphology of Extinct Hominids
  185. The Alma "Wild Man": Undiscovered Hominid, or Myth?
  186. John Hawk.net: paleoanthropology, genetics & evolution
  187. Craniodental Variation in Paranthropus boisei: A Developmental and Functional Perspective
  188. Daniel E. Lieberman Publications Available as PDFs
  189. Oreopithecus was a bipedal ape after all
  190. Ancient Mexican footprints?
  191. The Tre2 ( USP6) oncogene is a hominoid-specific gene
  192. Neolithic Dwellings in Finnland: Traces of Life and Death
  193. Tools Unlock Secrets of Early Man
  194. Early Humans squatted - toe bones indicate
  195. Would the Real Neandertal Please Stand up?
  196. Hominid Brain Size: 3,500,000 Million BP to Present
  197. Neandertals Had Long Childhoods, Tooth Study Suggests
  198. Did Early Humans First Arise in Asia, Not Africa?
  199. Gerontomorphisis/Paedomorphisis and Human Evolutionary Progression
  200. Neanderthal man floated into Europe, say Spanish researchers
  201. Agriculture practiced in Upper Paleolithic (?)
  202. New Giant Hominid in Malaysia?
  203. “Backward evolution” spawns ape-like people
  204. Tools 'may be 250,000 years old'
  205. Timetable
  206. The Troglodytidae and the Hominidae in the Taxonomy and Evolution of Higher Primates
  207. Could Ethiopian Skull be Missing Link?
  208. The Myakka Skunk Ape Photographs
  209. Loren Coleman's Cryptozoological Newsblog
  210. The Great Hairy Man
  211. Neandertal and modern human lower jaw variation
  212. Pre-Columbian and Early American Legends of Bigfoot-like Beings
  213. Human ancestors and chimps may have dated
  214. Indonesian "Hobbit" Not Real, Some Researchers Say
  215. Neanderthal Contribution to European Genome is 5%
  216. Tooth Gives Up Oldest Human DNA
  217. New Glacier Theory on Stonehenge
  218. Newly Discovered Giant Stone Tools Reveal Unexpectedly Early Human Design Skills
  219. Bigfoot named as Johor Hominid
  220. Early Signs of Elephant Butchers, 400,000 Years Ago
  221. Hominid skulls compared
  222. First Americans May Have Been European
  223. Ancient Human Footprints Uncovered in Australia
  224. How modern were European Neanderthals?
  225. Iceman Oetzi Bled to Death
  226. Ethiopia: Fossil of World's oldest Child found (Australopithecus afarensis, 3.3 million years ago)
  227. 'Lucy's Baby' Found in Ethiopia
  228. Russian Professor donates Zana's son's skull sample for DNA analysis.
  229. Cave Fossils from Pestera Muierii Cave are early Europeans
  230. Fontéchevade
  231. Discovery of twins may reveal whether humans and Neanderthals interbred
  232. Dental remains from the Grotte du Renne at Arcy-sur-Cure
  233. Lessons learned from drought deaths 40,000 years ago
  234. A Varied Menu for Homo's "Cousins"
  235. British Neanderthals: Jawbone May Provide First Evidence
  236. European Neanderthals Showed Significant Physical Differences From North To South
  237. Stone Age Twins Discovered Buried Under Mammoth's Shoulder Blade
  238. Ancient 'warrior' found in permafrost
  239. Spread Of Modern Humans Occurred Later Than Thought
  240. Fossil skull, artifact, help date human migration
  241. 40,000-year-old skull shows both modern human and Neandertal traits?
  242. Neanderthal Post-Cranial Morphology
  243. European Skull's Evolving Story
  244. "Skull Is First Fossil Proof of Human Migration Theory, Study Says"
  245. Holocene Palaeoecology along the Blekinge Coast
  246. Fossils of "Most Primitive Primate" Found Near Yellowstone
  247. Two Skeletons Push Primates Closer to Dinosaur Era
  248. New evidence -- Clovis people not first to populate North America
  249. Humans, chimps split 4 million years ago: study
  250. Earliest Modern Human European Site, 45,000 years old