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  1. European Faces Reflect Stone Age Ancestry, Study Says... (Article)
  2. Jawbone from Morocco redefines human origin
  3. Cavemen Profiles: A compendium of Hominid Branches and their Evolution
  4. How did Cro-Magnids come to Västergötland?
  5. Man's earliest direct ancestors looked more apelike than previously believed
  6. Atapuerca: Oldest Known Human Fossil Found in Europe (1.3 million years old)
  7. Amateur Finds 700,000-Year-Old Java Man in German Quarry
  8. Neanderthal Face Unveiled
  9. New Evidence Debunks 'Stupid' Neanderthal Myth
  10. Oldest Human Hair Found in Hyena Poop Fossil?
  11. Scientists Map Neanderthal Genome
  12. 'Supersize' Lions Roamed Britain
  13. Three Subgroups of Neanderthals Identified
  14. Primates Discovered in the 2000s
  15. Research Shows Neanderthals Suffered Painful, Yet Simple Childbirth
  16. Face of First European Revealed as Fragments of 35,000-Year-Old Skull Are Made Flesh
  17. Neanderthals babies didn't do the twist
  18. Humans Ate Neanderthals, Scientist Says
  19. Ancient Human Ancestor 'Ida' Discovered
  20. Scientists Piece Together Human Ancestry
  21. Were Our Earliest Hominid Ancestors European?
  22. North Sea Gives Up Neanderthal Fossil
  23. Craniometry: Middle and Later Pleistocene Hominins in Africa and Southwest Asia
  24. Human Stabbed a Neanderthal, Evidence Suggests
  25. 'Taste Test' for Neanderthal DNA
  26. Bipedal Humans Came Down From The Trees, Not Up From The Ground
  27. Study: Fire used to make tools 75,000 years ago
  28. British Caves Give Up Secrets of Britain's First Man!
  29. Out of Africa, Back to Africa, Out Again?
  30. Migrationism Strikes Back
  31. Large Brained Human Race from SA
  32. Continental Drift and Concurrent Evolution of Human Species
  33. Paleolithic Sea Levels and the Geography of Denmark and Sweden
  34. Last Neanderthals in Europe Died Out 37,000 Years Ago
  35. Replica of Big Skull from 28,000 Years Ago Suggests Human Brains Have Started to Shrink
  36. South Africa Officially Announces New Hominid Species, A. Sediba
  37. The First Americans?
  38. New Evidence Unearthed Regarding Early Humans of the British Isles
  39. Mammoth Hunters Changed Climate
  40. Stone Tools 'Change Migration Story'
  41. Oldest Modern Human Outside of Africa Found
  42. 30,000 Year Old Finger Bone Found in Siberia Comes from a Previously Unknown Human Species
  43. A Great Year for the Northern Folkway
  44. Human Symbolic Behavior and Pressure Flaking Developed ~50000 Years Earlier Than Previously Thought
  45. Early Human Fossils Unearthed in Ukraine
  46. It Wasn't Just Neanderthals: Ancient Humans Had Sex with Other Hominids
  47. Closest Human Ancestor May Rewrite Steps in Our Evolution
  48. 7,500 Year Old Forager Reconstruction from Norway
  49. Teeth and Jaw Are from 'Earliest Europeans'
  50. Did Stone Age 'Globalisation' Kill Off The Neanderthals?
  51. Animals in Ancient Europe and North America
  52. European Neanderthals Were On the Verge of Extinction Even Before the Arrival of Modern Humans
  53. Human Origins Traced to Worm Fossil in Canada
  54. 'Red Deer Cave People' May Be New Species of Human
  55. Were Some Neandertals Brown-Eyed Girls?
  56. Neanderthal-type Species Once Roamed Africa, DNA Shows
  57. First North American Fossil Monkey and Early Miocene Tropical Biotic Interchange
  58. Phylogeny and Divergence Times of Lemurs Inferred with Recent and Ancient Fossils in the Tree
  59. Neanderthals, Trees and Dental Calculus: New Evidence from El Sidrón
  60. The Long Count
  61. Neandertal Versus Modern Human Dietary Responses to Climatic Fluctuations
  62. Developmental Evidence for Obstetric Adaptation of the Human Female Pelvis
  63. The Genetic History of Ice Age Europe
  64. East Africa and the 'Little Furry Men'
  65. Fossils Point to Asian Origin of Primates
  66. Reconstructing Holocene Vegetation on the Island of Gran Canaria Before and After Human Colonization
  67. Climate-mediated Shifts in Neandertal Subsistence Behaviors at Pech De L'Azé IV and Roc De Marsal (Dordogne Valley, France)
  68. Early Neanderthal Constructions Deep in Bruniquel Cave in Southwestern France
  69. Piltdown Man and the Dualist Contention
  70. The Genetic Cost of Neanderthal Introgression
  71. 3D Morphometric Study of the Mandibular Fossa and Its Implication for Species Recognition in Homo Erectus
  72. Why Humans Are Important to Studies of Primate Diversity
  73. New Hobbit Jaw and Relationship to Other Humans
  74. A Critical Evaluation of the Down Syndrome Diagnosis for LB1, Type Specimen of Homo Floresiensis
  75. The Nasal Complex of Neanderthals: An Entry Portal to Their Place in Human Ancestry
  76. The Evolutionary Relationships and Age of Homo Naledi: An Assessment Using Dated Bayesian Phylogenetic Methods
  77. Late Stone Age Human Remains from Ishango (Democratic Republic of Congo): New Insights on Late Pleistocene Modern Human Diversity in Africa
  78. Deep Skull from Niah Cave and the Pleistocene Peopling of Southeast Asia
  79. Pre-Columbian Monkey ToolsPre-Columbian Monkey Tools
  80. Travel Fosters Tool Use in Wild Chimpanzees
  81. Heidelbergensis: Out of China
  82. Vocal Fold Control Beyond the Species-specific Repertoire in an Orang-utan
  83. A Neanderthal Marco Polo? The prehistoric Chinese skull with intriguing signs of a European past
  84. Trabecular Architecture in the StW 352 Fossil Hominin Calcaneus
  85. A Dynamical Analysis of the Suitability of Prehistoric Spheroids from the Cave of Hearths As Thrown Projectiles
  86. New Genetic and Morphological Evidence Suggests a Single Hoaxer Created ‘Piltdown Man’
  87. 'Enigma Man' May Be New Human Species That Lived Until 11,000 Years Ago
  88. Genomic Validation of the Differential Preservation of Population History in Modern Human Cranial Anatomy
  89. The Morphology of Human Teeth from Afontova Gora II, Southern Siberia...
  90. Nonmetric Dental Trait Distribution in the Neolithic Populations of Southwestern Siberia
  91. First Virtual Endocasts of Adapiform Primates
  92. Gut Flora in Humans and Apes
  93. Zihlman S Pygmy Chimpanzee Hypothesis
  94. Reconstructions in Human History by Mapping Dental Markers in Living Eurasian Populations
  95. Primordialism and the ‘Pleistocene San’ of Southern Africa
  96. Paleo Family Planning Today?
  97. Humans Pack An Efficient Bite, But At A Cost
  98. Origins of Complex Projectile Technology
  99. Morphology and Function of Neandertal and Modern Human Ear Ossicles
  100. Human Evolution As Measured by Brain Blood Flow Rates
  101. 10 Mysterious Extinct Human Species
  102. Cave Fires and Rhino Skull Used in Neanderthal Burial Rituals
  103. Rock-Smashing Monkeys Unintentionally Make Sharp Stone Tools
  104. Late Pleistocene Archaic Human Crania from Xuchang, China
  105. Neanderthal Behaviour, Diet, and Disease Inferred from Ancient DNA in Dental Calculus
  106. Another Look at the Foramen Magnum in Bipedal Mammals
  107. The Affinities of Homo Floresiensis Based on Phylogenetic Analyses of Cranial, Dental, and Postcranial Characters
  108. A 130,000-year-old Archaeological Site in Southern California, USA
  109. Evolutionary Population History of Early Paleoamerican Cranial Morphology
  110. Bonobo Anatomy Reveals Stasis and Mosaicism in Chimpanzee Evolution
  111. A Review of Neanderthal: The Strange Saga of the Minnesota Iceman
  112. Did Monkeys Make the Pre-Clovis Pebble Tools of Northeastern Brazil?
  113. South African Cave Yields Yet More Fossils of a Newfound Relative
  114. Humans Didn't Evolve Just From African Ancestors
  115. Deep history of archaic humans in southern Siberia
  116. Tooth Study Suggests Earlier Neanderthal-Modern Human Split
  117. This is What Denisovans May Have Looked Like
  118. Denmark Scientists Reconstruct Lola from 5,700 Year Old Chewing Gum