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  1. The Drugging of Our Kids
  2. Another Germanic Baby Is Born
  3. Teutonic, Germanic and Norse (Male & Female) Baby Names
  4. Important: Aryan Baby Drive
  5. Why we should reproduce our own kind!
  6. How Many Children Do You Have/Do You Think You Will Have?
  7. Charities for White Families
  8. How Long Should Mothers Stay At Home?
  9. Breastfeeding Has Many Benefits!
  10. Family Life during the Third Reich
  11. At What Age Should Women Start Having Children?
  12. What Are Your Thoughts on Birth Control?
  13. How Did You Grow Up?
  14. How many siblings do you have?
  15. Would You Let Your Children Read This Forum?
  16. What can be done to reduce the number of abortions?
  17. Public Schooling: Failure or Conspiracy?
  18. Naming Customs in Your Family?
  19. Nutrition, Pregnancy, and IQ
  20. Dads Deliver More Than Just DNA, Scientists Say
  21. German Motherhood Award
  22. Medieval Fantasy Coloring Book
  23. Anne14 "Congrats"
  24. Sperm/Egg Donation, Sperm Banks and DNA Breeding Programs
  25. Motherhood Tips
  26. Introducing your children
  27. Couples may get Chance to Design the 'Ideal' Baby
  28. Opinion on Children Born With Congenital Birth Defects?
  29. Human Foetuses Learn Odours from their Pregnant Mother’s Diet
  30. Would you be willing to adopt?
  31. Overweight Mothers Produce Fat Children?
  32. Couple celebrate 100th grandchild
  33. Two Bundles of Joy!!
  34. Mobile Phones: Should children have them?
  35. Treatment of the Elderly
  36. German Town Promotes Child Care, Sees a Baby Boom
  37. Metrosexuals are out; "domestic divas" are in!
  38. Coming Soon to a School Near You: "Politically Correct" Mathematics
  39. Homeschooling
  40. Sisters, Brothers...or only child?
  41. Does A School Have The Right To Keep Your Kids?
  42. Milestones
  43. Parents: Watch out for 'Constructivist Math'
  44. Men Raising Children Not Their Own / Should DNA Testing Be Mandatory For All Births?
  45. Heathen/Pagan coloring books for kids
  46. The Rise of the 'Childfree'
  47. Liberals: OK for Kindergarten to Read Gay Marriage Book
  48. Childbirth at Home as Safe as Hospital Delivery: Study
  49. Childbirth at Home as Safe as Hospital Delivery
  50. Large Families
  51. Things our mothers did to teach us about our Germanic heritage.
  52. Raising a Girl-Child
  53. Helping Germany's Neglected Children
  54. Asatru Children's ABC
  55. My Son is Born!
  56. Do you want to be present at the birth of your child? Guys only ;)
  57. 3D/4D Prenatal Sonography: See Your Baby Like Never Before
  58. How Can We Strengthen Children's Self-Esteem?
  59. The Importance of Bonding with Your Child
  60. Any other Mums here?
  61. Twins Have Lower IQs Than Singleton Relatives
  62. Life Goals after school?
  63. Western European countries all but devoid of children?
  64. Parent's Brag Thread
  65. Johanna Spyri
  66. How Would You Name Your Children?
  67. Raising Boys - understanding male behaviour/needs.
  68. What do women need to be mothers?
  69. Why Have Children?
  70. Things our mothers said.....
  71. What is Your View Regarding Abortion?
  72. Are "only children" disadvantaged?
  73. How close are you with your family?
  74. Germany's 'raven mothers': A social stigma stifles parenthood
  75. Is Your Family Racialist/Conservative? Do Your Parents Share Your Beliefs?
  76. Kids having racially diverse relationships?
  77. "We need to teach these youngsters behaviour"
  78. Your Relationship With Your Parents
  79. World Fertility Rates: Statistics
  80. Ten Tips for Raising Children of Character
  81. Schools for "parents-to-be"?
  82. The Dangerous Book For Boys
  83. Support to victims of school bullies
  84. Perform, or else
  85. Study: TV More Comforting than Mom
  86. Pregnancy is beautiful!
  87. "I've given away seven babies, but I'd like to keep the next one"
  88. Do Men Find Pregnant Women Ugly?
  89. Boys Learn More From Men and Girls Learn More From Women
  90. Homeschool News: German home-school family flees to Austria
  91. Poll: 1. How many kids were in your family? 2. How many would you like to have yourself?
  92. Women: Children or Career?
  93. Help me name my next daughter
  94. Duped Out of Motherhood
  95. Should I let the doctor makes a circumcision to my baby boy?
  96. Decline of Mom-and-Pop Families
  97. Living Alone vs. With Family
  98. Infertility - what solution? Adoption?
  99. Good book series for children
  100. German or Swedish/English videos for childen?
  101. What do you think of my favorite children's TV shows?
  102. Most Popular Names for Newborns in the US (2005)
  103. Is anyone willing to share a good pastie recipe?
  104. Natural family under attack in society
  105. Rosemary's Baby, Gothic Pregnancy, and Fetal Subjects
  106. Fetal Rights: Enforceable in Principle
  107. Should foreign Wombs be used?
  108. Baby Factories and the Case of Marie Golby
  109. Plans to "Microchip" Newborns in U.S. and Europe?
  110. Female Teen Bullies Record Beating of 12yrs Old Girl, post on the Net
  111. Making Kids Worthless
  112. Erotic Girl Group Steals Innocence of Childhood
  113. [split] The Good and Evil of Abortion
  114. Fertility Treatment Raises Birth Defect Risk
  115. Is Britain the worst place to grow up?
  116. Why Women Have Fewer Babies
  117. The Death of Innocence: How the Crude Sexualisation of Pop Music, TV and Fashion is Destroying Childhood
  118. Genie
  119. Were You Smacked as a Child?
  120. 1 in 10 false paternity rate; A simple online test(!) to find out.
  121. Thoughts on artificial insemination
  122. Germans want EU History Lessons
  123. Pro-gay kids' books launched
  124. Would You Adopt a Baby from a 3rd World Country?
  125. Stay-at-home mother's work worth $138,095 a year
  126. Methods of Disciplining Children
  127. Kids told to write 'Allah is God'
  128. I'm disgusted
  129. Girls now entering puberty by the age of six
  130. For heathen parents
  131. "Babies are not as innocent as they pretend to be"
  132. Food culture for families
  133. Fertility rates and its affects both personal and national
  134. Adoption
  135. How Young Is Too Young for Birth Control?
  136. The Fatherless Civilization
  137. Odd and the Frost Giants - a kids book
  138. Are Two Children Enough?
  139. Curvy mothers have brainier kids
  140. Kids Cooking
  141. Lullabies of the World (You Tube videos)
  142. The Religion of Your Children
  143. Help with solstice for preschool?
  144. Most Popular Baby Names in Some Germanic Countries for 2006
  145. Do You Have Non-Germanic Or Non-White Relatives?
  146. Maternal Grandparents Are More Involved In The Lives Of Their Grandchildren
  147. Birth Rates: How to Boost Them?
  148. A Life Free of Violence is Our Right
  149. How Expensive is It to Raise Children?
  150. Parted-at-birth twins 'married'
  151. Strawberry Shortcake VS. Dora the Explorer
  152. How did your parents meet ?
  153. Couples Who Are Third or Fourth Cousins Have More Kids
  154. Immunisations
  155. Surrogate Motherhood
  156. Your Relationship with Your Grandparents ?
  157. Pregnancy: Love It or Hate It
  158. Should the Powers That Be Limit Family Size?
  159. How Should Ethnically Mixed Children (of Germanic or European Backgrounds) Be Raised?
  160. Boy or Girl
  161. The Magic Of Childhood Is Over By Age 11
  162. Uniforms in Schools: Yes or No?
  163. Kissing Cousins Produce More Kids and Grandchildren – Claims Iceland Study
  164. German Kindergarteners Answering Call of the Wild
  165. Report: Mothers in Sweden Have It Best
  166. Mom Worth Six-Figure Salary
  167. No Fathers, Please, We’re British
  168. Do Whites Need Training Before Parenting Black Children?
  169. What Do You Think About “Surrogate Mothers Bearing Babies for Gay Couples”?
  170. Children Born Out of Wedlock
  171. Unexpected Pregnancy
  172. 'I Love My Mixed Race Baby - But Why Does She Feel So Alien?'
  173. Do You Think Adopting from Russia is a Good Idea for an Ethnically Conscious Germanic?
  174. Mother Loses Kids After Sending Daughter to School With Swastika Drawn on Arm
  175. Men's Fertility Decreases After 35
  176. Girls Age Three Hitting Puberty
  177. Baby Bonuses or Flexible Labor Markets?
  178. Germanic Role Models
  179. Women Continuing Her Pregnancy?
  180. Girls Have You Changed Your Opinon on Children?
  181. Natural or Epidural Childbirth?
  182. Babies Sleeping with Parents
  183. Meet the World's Worst Mothers
  184. Which Countries "Tax" Sex the Most?
  185. Penalized for Rearing Children
  186. Norway: More Dads Stay Home with Small Babies
  187. Norway: "Artificial Insemination Should Lose Subsidy"
  188. 1/4 American Women Childless, but Still Higher Birthrate Than Europe
  189. The Big Debate: Teen Pregnancy -- Who's to Blame?
  190. Men Want Women to Be More Traditional - and Women 'Are HAPPY to Be the Housewife'
  191. Hypersexualized Youth
  192. Doctors: No Hamsters or Exotic Pets for Young Kids
  193. Are You a Tokophobic?
  194. Disowning/Renouncing Children
  195. Family Jobs?
  196. Where Did Childhood Go Wrong?
  197. Berlin Mother Gives Birth to Sextuplets
  198. The Multigenerational Family :D
  199. An American Mom in Norway
  200. One-Third of German Kids Not Read to at Home
  201. Why Johnny Can't Read: Schools Favor Girls
  202. Number of Kids in Your Family Including Yourself or How Many You Have Had
  203. Half of New Mothers Suffer Post-Natal Depression Because of a Lack of Families
  204. What Would You Do If Your Son Or Daughter Turned Out To Be Gay?
  205. Two Children Should Be Limit, Says Green Guru
  206. Motherhood...A Valid Profession
  207. The War on Fathers
  208. Stop Overindulging Your Children
  209. Dutch Stay Healthy Longer
  210. Baby-faced Boy Alfie Patten is Father at 13
  211. Your Children and Music
  212. What's Eating Our Kids? Fears About 'Bad' Foods
  213. Ban Barbie Dolls?
  214. My Baby Won't Let Me Sleep
  215. The Body After Birth
  216. Deciding Over Abortion
  217. Being a Young Mother...
  218. Destroying Our Youth Through Popular Culture
  219. Who Will Raise Kids: Mom, Dad or State?
  220. Is Having Children Everyone's Duty?
  221. Sisters Spread Happiness, Brothers Breed Distress
  222. Single Parenthood
  223. Miscarriage
  224. Natural Leaders Bear More Children
  225. Being an Only Child
  226. UK: Selfish To Have More Than Two Children?
  227. Death of the Traditional Family
  228. Indoctrinating the Children with Multiracial Propaganda
  229. Is Modern Society Ruining Childhood?
  230. Baxter To Develop Swine Flu Vaccine Despite Bird Flu Scandal
  231. Mental Health Problems More Common In Kids Who Feel Racial Discrimination
  232. 5 Scientific Reasons Mom Deserves Mother's Day
  233. Modern Children Live in Technological 'Prisons'
  234. Test Tube Babies On the Rise Worldwide
  235. Which Reproductive Methods Should Be Allowed?
  236. Why Am I Dark, Daddy? The White Couple Who Had Mixed Race Children After IVF Blunder
  237. Should Couples Be Able to Pick Babies By Gender?
  238. European Ministers Told to Encourage Baby Boom
  239. Could You Love Another Person's Child? / Would You Date Someone Who Has Children?
  240. Ceaserian Delivery Stress Linked to DNA Changes
  241. Celebrity Child-Pets
  242. Why Don't You Want/Have Children?
  243. Are the Infertile Unworthy to the Preservationist Cause?
  244. Fertility Rates Climb Back Up in the Most Developed Countries
  245. Negro Fathers 21 Children by 11 Different Women... and He's Only 29
  246. Is Having More Than 2 Children an Unspoken Taboo?
  247. Gender and Second Pregnancies
  248. New Study Shows Homeschoolers Excel Academically
  249. Have You Ever Been Ostracized by a Family Member for ‘Thought Crimes’?
  250. Popular Kids Become Healthier Adults: Study