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  1. White Woman Terminates Adoption Because She Can’t Bond With Black Child
  2. It Takes a Village to Raise a Child? Not Anymore
  3. Ideal Type of Family
  4. Out-of-Wedlock Births Show Huge East-West German Divide
  5. Scientist: "There Are Now More Mixed-Race Children Than Ever Before - and That is Something for Us All to Celebate"
  6. Europeans Too Selfish to Have Children, Says Chief Rabbi
  7. How Old Is Old Enough? A Look at When Children are Considered Adults
  8. South Koreans Try to Make Their Kids Tall - Popular Conviction That Height is Crucial to Success"
  9. Boomerangers: Young Adults Moving Back Home
  10. Why is Independence So Valued by Today's Generations?
  11. Teens Have Smallest Vocabulary Ever
  12. The ‘Reafricanization’ of the West
  13. Children's Society Finds That Family Conflict is the Biggest Source of Misery
  14. Mother 'Not Clever Enough to Raise Child'
  15. World's Second Pregnant Man Ready to Give Birth
  16. Raising a Child Bilingual?
  17. Stepfamilies
  18. How Do You Greet Your Family Members?
  19. National Socialist Toys!
  20. 'Don't Force Mothers to Stay at Home'
  21. Children's US History Textbooks Put Political Correctness Above Accuracy, Say Most Parents
  22. Want Healthy Kids? Learn How to Cook
  23. Our Childhood - Experiences Forever
  24. Why Do Finland's Schools Get the Best Results?
  25. The Dark Side of Adoptions: Why Parents and Kids Don't Bond
  26. After 18, Family Influence Still Key to One's Ethnic Identity
  27. Violent Video Game Play Makes More Aggressive, Anti-Social Youths
  28. The Women Who Will Not Have Children - Because They Are Not Eco-Friendly
  29. Must Love and Loyalty Towards Family Be Unconditional?
  30. Poll: Has the Pill Had a Negative or Positive Effect on European Culture?
  31. Supermum to 17 - and All Hers
  32. Kids and Adults View Fairness Differently
  33. Britain's Youngest Mum: Pregnant at 11 Will Fight to See Her Daughter
  34. Baby Deaths Link to Roman 'Brothel' in Buckinghamshire
  35. More American Women Not Having Children
  36. Modern Couples
  37. Motherly Love Breeds Confidence
  38. Just Call Me... Daddy. :)
  39. Poverty Explodes, Root Cause Is the Collapse of Marriage
  40. Mothers’ Intuition Trumps Feminist Ideology
  41. Children Are Learning to Use Profanity at an Earlier Age
  42. Mothers Have a Greater Say on Choosing Names for Their Newborn Babies Than Fathers
  43. Heidi Klum to Host "Reality" Kids Show
  44. Woman Who Was Declared Dead Has Six Kids With Uncle
  45. Youth Culture
  46. Children's Names
  47. The "What Do You Think Of This Name?" Thread
  48. Chinese Moms vs "Western" Moms
  49. What Happens when Mom Unplugs Teens for 6 Months (No Internet)?
  50. 99 Out of 100 Pregnant Women Tested Positive for Harmful Chemicals in Their Bodies.
  51. British Schools to Include References to Homosexuality in Core Subjects
  52. Florida Woman Shoots Her Teenage Kids....
  53. “Nobody Gets Married Any More, Mister”
  54. For the Love of God, Stop Having Babies, Says U.N.
  55. How Can We Protect Our Children?
  56. Honor for the Housewife?
  57. Fairy Tales ARE Better for Children Than Modern Books, Expert Claims
  58. The Funny and Beautiful Things That Children Say
  59. The Crazy Stories and Events of Our Lives
  60. Your Favorite Aspect of Each Season
  61. The Toughest Moment in Your Life
  62. Being Exposed to Other Races from an Early Age, and its Effects on Mating Preferences Later in Life
  63. Are Whites the Only People Who Adopt Other-Race Children?
  64. Violent and Sexual Pupils Allowed Back into the Classroom
  65. That Which Bears No Ripe Fruit
  66. State of the World’s Mothers Report 2010: Norway Tops the List, Afghanistan Ranks Last
  67. Mother's Vs. Step-Mothers
  68. Big Brother Takes Break from World Conquest to Spy on School Kids Lunches
  69. Mark Zuckerberg: 'Let Children Under 13 Use My Website'
  70. Is There a Correlation Between Family/broken Parental Relations and Race Mixing?
  71. Walton Sextuplets 27 Years on
  72. Child Protection Campaigners' Verdict on Pole Dancing Lessons for Three-year-olds
  73. If Boss Doesn't Have a Picture of Wife in Office but Does of His Kids, What Does That Mean?
  74. Almost Half Not Providing a Good Enough Education'
  75. Seeking Advice
  76. Women Believe 29 is the Ideal Age to Have a Baby
  77. Breastfeeding Boom: Middle Class Mothers Lead the Charge with 90% Rejecting Formula Milk
  78. Would You Allow Your Children to Date a Non Germanic?
  79. Children's Cartoon My Little Pony is "Racist," "Sexist" and "Homophobic"
  80. Zero-Tolerance Maddness in Schools
  81. No Gender in Pre School
  82. Famous Family Trees
  83. Pushy Pageant Mom is Filmed Bleaching Her Children's Teeth
  84. One in Three Children Has Never Climbed a Tree
  85. Harper Seven Beckham
  86. Children with Downs Syndrome Are Being Aborted - May Disappear
  87. From Which of These Groups Would You Accept Family Members?
  88. ''Still Not Enough Children for the Future'' (Demograhpic Development)
  89. Punk Rock Kids Clothes
  90. 44 Percent of Moms Would Rather Be 15 Pounds Thinner Than Add 15 Points to Their Child’s IQ
  91. Eight Out of Ten Parents Give Their Children Junk Food for 'an Easier Life'
  92. Our Children Used As Commodities
  93. Pageant Mother Gives Botox to 8-Year-Old
  94. Proof American Children Are Being Brainwashed Aldous Huxley Style!
  95. Are Ethnic Mixed Children Physically Stronger?
  96. Nobody Wants Ginger Children
  97. We Are the Last Three German Children at Our School
  98. Baby Names
  99. Pregnant and Working
  100. Babies 'Should Share Mother's Bed Until Age Three' Because It's Good for Their Hearts
  101. UK, Norway Professors: British and Norwegians Should Not Have More Than 2 Children to Counter Earth Overpopulation
  102. Tintin Banned from Children's Shelves Over 'Racism' Fears‎
  103. Fifth of Trainee Teachers Cannot Do Sums or Spell
  104. Los Angeles Elementary School Under Fire for Inviting Porn Star Sasha Grey to Read to Children
  105. Increasing Numbers of Single Women Who Have Not Found a Partner but Want to Have Children Are Looking to IVF to Conceive
  106. Stay at Home Moms VS Working Moms
  107. Emotionally Abusive Parents
  108. Guess What Your Eight-Year-Old is Learning at School These Days
  109. Kids German Helmets
  110. Can Motherhood Be Criminalized?
  111. Is Miscegenation Fair to the Children?
  112. Norway Takes Away Indian Children
  113. Grandparents Give Humans Evolutionary Edge
  114. Auschwitz Lego Game
  115. Feeling Anxiety Over Having Children!
  116. Young People Block Mum and Dad on Facebook
  117. Why are Kids Getting Pink Slime for Lunches?
  118. "Want to Be a Parent? You Should Adopt! "
  119. Jewish Crook 'Fathered 600 Children' at Own Fertility Clinic.
  120. Amish Farm Kids Remarkably Immune to Allergies: Study
  121. Why Our Children Need To Get Outside And Engage With Nature
  122. Where to Find Quality European Toys?
  123. A Century of Fatherhood
  124. My Niece Top of Her Class!
  125. Homosexual Literature for Children
  126. Let’s Draft Our Kids
  127. Faces of German Children: "Unsere deutschen Kinder" (1932)
  128. Sex Education for 5 Yr Olds Pushing Racemixing
  129. They Took Our Four Children, then the Baby
  130. Why European Women Are Saying No to Having (More) Babies
  131. How Fathers Boost Toddlers' Language Development
  132. Have Children? Here`s How Kids Ruin Your Romantic Relationship
  133. Did Divorced Women Create A Generation Of Abused Children?
  134. 10 Top Reasons You Should Have Kids Before 30
  135. 9 Things Researchers Learned from a Study of Babies Born in 1946
  136. Paying Women NOT to Have Abortions
  137. No Tradeoff Between Quantity, Quality of Children
  138. Fake Babies: The Women Devoting Themselves to Eerily Lifelike Dolls
  139. The Futility of Gender-Neutral Parenting
  140. Having Children Increases Longevity for Parents
  141. The Case Against Male Circumcision and Child Mutilation.
  142. "Barbie Hijabs" Designed by US Moms to Promote Inclusive Generation of Kids
  143. The Issue of Immigration: How I Helped My Relatives See the Bigger Picture
  144. The Pro-Life Temptation
  145. Raising Children to Love and Appreciate Their Ancestral Culture and Ethnicity
  146. Will Raising a Traditional Family Soon Become Illegal?
  147. The Boomer Generation is a Generation of Complete Failure
  148. 'The White-Nuclear Family Is One Of The Most Powerful Forces Supporting White Supremacy'
  149. White Christian Couple Adopts Eight African Children At One Time
  150. Heavily Disabled Icelandic Woman Wants to Be Foster Parent
  151. "Expert" Claims Transgender Males Will Soon Be Able to Have Babies
  152. UK Government Opposes 'Pregnant Women' in UN Treaty, Says It Excludes Transgender People
  153. Love & care VS neglect & abuse effects on brain's development
  154. Traditional Depictions of Mothers to Be Banned in Adverts Amid Ongoing War on ‘Gender Stereotypes’
  155. Let the Boys Fight
  156. New Male Birth Control Pill “Essentially Chemical Castration”
  157. American Women Are Having Fewer Children Than They’d Like
  158. Planned Parenthood: We Need Disney Princess Who’s Had Abortion
  159. Outrageous: Drag Perversion Pushed to Children
  160. Make Having Children Socially Desirable Again
  161. 1 In 4 Millennials Rely On Their Parents To Pay Some Bills – Even While Working Full Time
  162. Women Who Refuse to Have Babies — To Save the Planet
  163. American Greetings Pulls Controversial ‘Baby Daddy’ Father’s Day Card
  164. Helicopter Parenting Hurts Kid’s Emotional Well-Being, Behavior – Study
  165. Planned Parenthood’s New Campaign: “Protect Our Freedom to F—”
  166. Don’t Say Pregnant Women - Say Pregnant People! Fears Over Transgender Upset
  167. How to Get Kids to Listen
  168. What Twins Can Teach Us About Nature vs. Nurture
  169. Breastfeeding Mothers Less Likely to Suffer Strokes – Study
  170. Toddlers Care What Others Think
  171. School Now Offers ‘Feminist Parenting Group’ – They Have Special Plans For YOUR Grandkids
  172. What Do You Consider Family?
  173. “Early Education” and the Separation of Mother and Child
  174. The 7 Worst Things Fathers Do
  175. Why We Should Support Traditional Marriage
  176. 'Anti-Natal' Society Tells Parents Not To Have Big Families
  177. Why Kids From Big Families Have An Advantage In Life
  178. What Destroyed the Extended Family?
  179. Most Millennials Are Having Children Out of Wedlock
  180. Number of Parents Using Social Media While Driving Kids “Frightening”
  181. Do Millennials Have it Worse Off in Terms of Family Building?
  182. Theybies? Hospital Won’t Tag Newborns by Sex
  183. Mormon Mom-of-Six Causes Outrage By Urging Her Thousands Of Followers To Back Her 'White Baby Challenge'
  184. An Ode to Fatherhood
  185. Abortionist: “I’m Proud” I Kill Babies in Abortions Because I’m “Helping People”
  186. White Progressive Parents and the Conundrum of Privilege
  187. Daily Coffee Makes Men Twice as Likely to Get Their Partners Pregnant – Study
  188. Liberals 'Drag' Kids Into Early Sexualization
  189. Blaming Your Parents
  190. The Dangers of Distracted Parenting
  191. New Trend of Child 'Leashes'
  192. Stay at Home Dads/House Husbands
  193. Race and the Fertility Paradox
  194. Abortion Time People Knew What Happens And It Really Is
  195. Feminism: A Jewish War On Women
  196. Spoiled Rich Kids, Rich Kids of Instagram
  197. Cryptic Pregnancy
  198. "I Want Kids But My Husband Is Twice My Age"
  199. "Transgender Women 'Should Be Entitled to Womb Transplants' so They Can Have a Baby"
  200. Free-Range Parenting
  201. "1 in 5 Men Aren't The Father"
  202. Mothers in Shock as Daughters Come Home from College with Mustaches, Breasts Removed
  203. The mothers know
  204. The Generation Of Kids Born In The Late '70s and Early '80s Finally Have A Name
  205. The Impact Boarding School Has On Children
  206. Birth Photos (and Videos)