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  1. 'Policy and Race' (1925) by Dr. Uros Krulj?
  2. How did Homozygous Recessive Genes replace the Homozygous Dominant Genes?
  3. Meat Eaters Looking more Fierced and Brutal?
  4. 'White' Children Born of Non-White Parents
  5. What Criteria Justify Racial Superiority?
  6. American Ethnicities
  7. Southern Europe: Ross' Contradiction
  8. "Sexual selection has been the main agent in forming the races of man" (Darwin)
  9. Blood Type Distribution
  10. The Yellow Question
  11. Genetics, Ethnicity vs Sociological or Biological Races
  12. The last blond will be born in 2202
  13. The Smart Fraction Theory of IQ and the Wealth of Nations
  14. Define the Racial "In" Group
  15. Prof. Richard Lynn: World's IQ Averages by Country
  16. Skin Color Originates in the Brain
  17. Eye Color and Psychomotor Performance
  18. How Did Recessive Genes (Light Skin & Eyes, Blonde Hair, etc) Replace Dominant Genes?
  19. Leukoderma
  20. Male facial attractiveness
  21. Are Whites cleverer than Blacks?
  22. What Skin Type Are You?
  23. The BlackThreat in the Brown Reich (Interview with Eugen Fischer)
  24. Population Variation: The Genetic Recipe for a Race of Supermodels
  25. The Intelligence of American Jews: Average IQ 107.5
  26. Jewish Babies More Fearful of Strangers
  27. How are your Racial Instincts?
  28. Survey: How tall are you and what is the width and height of your skull?
  29. The Mental Characteristics of Europid Subraces
  30. Gender Differences in Race Attractiveness
  31. Big heads really are smarter
  32. Comparative IQ and Brain Size Data
  33. Pedomorphy: Clues to Human Ancestors?
  34. Mixed Races and Health Problems
  35. The Concept of Heredity in Western thought
  36. Different Diet for Different Subracial Types?
  37. Does puberty cause hair to darken?
  38. Your Earlobes
  39. Quotes from Margaret Sanger: American Racialist and Eugenicist
  40. Rushton on the Reproductive Strategies of Whites and Asians
  41. Rushton: Race as a Biological Concept
  42. About Blood Types
  43. The Root of All Violent Strife in the World Today Is Racism Based on Skin Coloration
  44. Rufosity (Orange-Red Hair) ?
  45. Pre-Marital Sex and Intelligence
  46. Of the Degeneration of Humans – Hidden Truths of Race-Crossing
  47. The Elephant Man
  48. Up from the Ape - Ears [by E. A. Hooton]
  49. Nicole's Hair Secrets
  50. Have you ever noticed...
  51. Prof. Richard Lynn's Book "Dysgenics - Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations"
  52. "Race: The Power of an Illusion"
  53. Aryan-Polynesian Theories and the Central Lineage Concept
  54. Arthur R. Jensen on IQ: The Limited Plasticity of Human Intelligence
  55. On Psychology and Behavior of Negroes (split from: 'South German vs. Norwegian Nordids')
  56. Most attractive in looks
  57. Racial Differences in Leptin Levels in Obese Women
  58. Long Bones Growth Variation
  59. The Unequal Burden of Pain: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Pain
  60. The Scent of a Man: Women Use Odor to Determine Genetic Compatibility
  61. Race, Evolution and Behavior, by J. P. Rushton
  62. Height in Correlation With Subrace and Build
  63. Skin Whitening for Africans
  64. "Black Man Created All Other Races"
  65. Differences in Reproductive Endocrinology between Asian men and Caucasian
  66. Does Blood Type AB Prove Non-White Admixture?
  67. Differences in Tone of Voice between the Races
  68. International Mathematical Olympiad and Racial IQ
  69. Shaun's Bloodtype Poll
  70. World Distribution of Blood Types by Groups of People
  71. Genetic Anthropology Software
  72. Oblique Eyes in some Europeans
  73. Norðid Folks, Milk, & Dairy Products
  74. Gentlemen prefer Blondes, Women go for Black Hair
  75. Alcohol Habits influenced by Eye Color
  76. Check your Ring Finger for Testosterone Levels
  77. Mystery of Moving Eyes in Painting and Photographs Solved
  78. The Greatest Race in the World!
  79. Arab's are not negro mixes
  80. Prof. Richard Lynn: Race and Psychopathic Personality
  81. 'The Bell Curve' After 10 Years: “You Have To Tell The Truth”
  82. Origin of Red Hair in the Scottish Highlands
  83. Are You RH-Negative or RH-Positive?
  84. What Is Your Body Type?
  85. -----( blood type B )-------
  86. Afrobrazilianists: Such Arrogance!
  87. Psychopathology and Dark Haired, Light Eyed Females
  88. White women with Ten Joined Ribs
  89. Prof. Richard Lynn: Intelligence and the Wealth and Poverty of Nations
  90. Which of the Following Should Have A Higher Priority in a Eugenics Program?
  91. When Rushton Falls Apart
  92. What Happened to the Nordic Population of Ancient Iran?
  93. Eugenics in Ancient Greece
  94. Is Argentina really 97% white? The CIA factbook says it is.
  95. What Are Grey Eyes
  96. Africans - The Founding Members of Chinese Civilization?
  97. Do certain subraces age faster than others?
  98. "The Inequality of Human Races", by Joseph Arthur Comte de Gobineau
  99. The Concept of Human Races: Uses and Problems
  100. Geographical Centrality as an Explanation for Racial Differences in Intelligence
  101. Classical Roman Writers on Race Mixing in Rome
  102. Adult Physical Fitness May be Affected by Race
  103. Famous Historians on the Racial Change leading to the Fall of the Classical Roman Civilization
  104. There is no point in talking about the "White race" when Nordics and Alpines belong to different species
  105. Advantage to red hair ?
  106. Why are the Dutchmen the tallest in Europe?
  107. Racial Differences in Eye Damage
  108. Influence of Race on Intelligence and Personality?
  109. Post WWII Political Correctness Hinders The Study of Biological Anthropology
  110. Charles Murray (Author of 'The Bell Curve') On TV
  111. Study Reveals New Difference Between Sexes
  112. How horrors of the plague made Europe safer from AIDS scourge
  113. Rushton and the New Enemies of Evolutionary Science
  114. Opinions on Eye Color and Personality
  115. Opinions Wanted On This Genetic Eye Color Theory
  116. Newly Discovered Genetic Code Enables Directed Evolution Of Nervous Systems
  117. Cranial Capacity and IQ
  118. Whites May Be Inferior to Other Races in Several Critical Skills
  119. Is It Common in Nordish People To See Blue Veins?
  120. Eugenics: Economics for the Long Run
  121. Free Ebook: 'Shattering the Myth of Racism'
  122. The Race FAQ
  123. Racial Pre-dispositions to Music Sounds and Instruments
  124. Beautifulpeople.net: Dating Eugenics?
  125. Caucasoids in India - Question of the AIT
  126. Rhesus Negative Blood Among Europeans
  127. Germanic vs. Romance vs. Slavic IQ
  128. Depigmentation Supports Femininity
  129. Is Skin Complexion Subrace-Related?
  130. Blue Eyes Versus Other
  131. New book: "Rasologiya" [Raciology] (2006), by Vladimir Avdeyev
  132. Pravda: "Every fourth Russian is Immune to AIDS"
  133. Blood Groups and the History of Peoples
  134. Did Discrimination Enhance Intelligence of Jews?
  135. Eye Color Pigmentation Map of the United States
  136. Redheaded women can stand higher pain levels claims study
  137. Professor Huxley on Political Ethnology
  138. Are Blacks really superior in basketball ?
  139. Question to Skadi members - different kinds of light eyes
  140. Body Height and Subjectivity
  141. Differences In Muscle Tone/Muscle Mass/Bone Density Between Races
  142. The Definitive Word on Intelligence
  143. What Factors That Influence Facial Fat and Skin thickness
  144. Miscegenation As Phylogenetic Regression...
  145. Inequalities in Rates of Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia Between Black Ethnic Groups
  146. Your Offspring's Eye Colour
  147. Physical Attractiveness and Health in Western Societies
  148. The Top 15 Tallest Nations
  149. Nordic genes for would-be moms: The Vikings are invading Seattle
  150. Acromegaly: A Hormonal Condition
  151. The Limited Plasticity of Human Intelligence - Arthur Jensen
  152. Overall tooth size across different human populations, both present and ancestral
  153. Racial Differences in Medical Treatment [Matt Nuenke]
  154. The Inequality Taboo (by Charles Murray)
  155. Mutants: On Genetic Variety and the Human Body
  156. Good Modern Anthropological/Genetic works
  157. Why Women Feel More Pain
  158. How Small Genetic Differences Create Racial Diversity
  159. A Theory behind Nasal Prominency
  160. What makes the wierder eye colors, is it just recessive genes?
  161. Temperature, skin color, per capita income, and IQ: An international perspective
  162. European/Indian Genetic Drift in the Americas
  163. Ethnic Differences: Variation in Human Testis Size
  164. Thin skin and dark patches
  165. Question for Theudanaz....
  166. Are half-casts more beautiful or more ugly?
  167. Eugenics in Russia
  168. Human Races: George Combe's "System of Phrenology"
  169. 'Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence': Replaying the Game of Race Science
  170. Race matters to 3-month-olds, study finds
  171. Black & White Twins
  172. What Your Eyes Can Tell About You
  173. J. P. Rushton: Ethnic Nationalism, Evolutionary Psychology and Genetic Similarity Theory
  174. Cultural Differences: A DNA Link?
  175. Redheads face extinction because of minority population growth
  176. What do you believe in?
  177. What is your haircolour?
  178. Curly hair in Europe
  179. European IQ: Germans the Smartest People
  180. The Color of Fingerprints
  181. Racial feature similarity in eye of beholder
  182. On Morning Sickness and the Neolithic Revolution
  183. When did "ethnicity" replace race?
  184. Big brains and novel environments
  185. Behaviour/Cognition and the Sub-Races?
  186. Origins of Red Hair?
  187. Physical Attraction: Evolutionary or Arbitrary?
  188. Racial Difference Between Voices of Europids, Negrids and Mongoloids?
  189. Why men are more aggressive
  190. Estrogen plays different role during stress in Black and White teens
  191. Racial Specialisations and Climatic Zones
  192. Body Height in History
  193. The Biological Reality of Race [Glayde Whitney]
  194. Why are thin males/females most popular?
  195. Explanation for Sparce Beard, Scant Body Hair?
  196. Cervical cancer virus risk may depend on race
  197. [split] Is There Proof that Race and Mental Faculties Are Related?
  198. Sweets, Sugar and Bone Growth ?
  199. Russian Alcoholism and the "Mongoloid Gene"
  200. Ethnic Groups in the Caucasus (Kavkaz)
  201. Why Are We Diverse?
  202. What Is More Important to You - Progressiveness or Attractiveness?
  203. Chemical cues from fathers may be delaying the onset of sexual maturity in daughters
  204. On Feet
  205. Short, Small Europeans
  206. Down Syndrome Repartition By Race?
  207. Does the Red-haired Gene Come from Inbreeding?
  208. "Smart Fractions": Why Europeans Outperform East Asians
  209. Visual cortex of Australian Aboriginals is 25% larger than a European's
  210. What is More Important: Racial Progressiveness or Racial Preservation?
  211. USA: IQ Averages by State (McDaniel, 2006)
  212. Nations and Average IQ
  213. Correlation Between Attractiveness and Intelligence
  214. Could our big brains come from Neanderthals?
  215. Black-white differences unchanged over 100 years, according to four major IQ tests
  216. Feminization vs. Masculinization
  217. Epigenetics: Ghost In Your Genes
  218. Testosterone, Race & (Sexual) Violence
  219. 'The Mismeasure of Man' - The Officials' Anti-HBD Bible
  220. Eyes Going Lighter With Age?
  221. Heredity and Heritability
  222. Genetics of eye colour unlocked
  223. Are Aethiopids inferior to pure Congoids in terms of IQ?
  224. Do mulattoes have distinct features?
  225. Sunlight, eye color, and it's effect on you
  226. The Scientific Basis for Race (Metric on the Space of Genomes)
  227. Black Kids Prefer White Dolls!
  228. Reversed Eugenics: The Deliberate Crippling of Children
  229. Wikipedia on Race and IQ
  230. The Embryo Factory: the Commercialization of Eugenics
  231. Black and Asian women have shorter pregnancies than Whites
  232. SPLC Smears Richard Lynn and other Race-Realist Academics
  233. Nerves Might Run on Sound, Not Electricity
  234. About Voice in Relation to Genetics
  235. Dr. James Watson: Africans less intelligent than Germanics?
  236. Why the human race is growing apart
  237. If Beauty Is Advantageous Why Isn't It More Prolific?
  238. Finger Length determined by Testosterone Exposure In Utero
  239. Race, Culture and Genes, from Lee Kuan Yew
  240. The Evolution of Racial Differences in Intelligence
  241. Racially Incorrect Couples
  242. How Important is the Role of Intelligence in the Rise of Civilization?
  243. Epigenetics: “Genes might not be so selfish after all”
  244. The Reality of Race and 10 Fallacies of Race Denial
  245. Race and Intelligence: The Evidence
  246. Chris Langan: World's Smartest Man Espouses Virtues of Eugenics
  247. The Health Consequences of Race Mixing
  248. Why Does War Breed More Boys?
  249. Do You Feel There's a Correlation Between Physical Looks and Intelligence?
  250. Dr Josef Mengele Created "Twins Town" in Brazil'