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  1. Richard Lynn’s New Book: 'The Global Bell Curve: Race, IQ and Inequality Worldwide'
  2. Big-Brained People Are Smarter: The Relationship Between in Vivo Brain Volume and Intelligence
  3. The Scientific Evidence of Racial Differences
  4. 30 Years of Research on Race Differences in Cognitive Ability
  5. J. P. Rushton: Right About Racial Differences, Wrong About Genetic Similarity Theory?
  6. Mixed Race Children Have Almost No Chance of Finding Bone Marrow or Organ Donors
  7. "The Third Reich Was Humanity's Last Chance For A First World Future"
  8. What's the Difference Between Races, Subraces, Phenotype and Genotype?
  9. Racial/Ethnic Differences in Male Baldness Pattern
  10. Differences in IQ Among the European Races?
  11. 10 Quick Arguments for the Existence of Racial Differences in Intelligence
  12. Race Differences in Intelligence: A Global Perspective
  13. The Biology of Race and the Concept of Equality
  14. Racial Disparities In Cancer Survival
  15. Hair Color Chart
  16. Why Are Human Brains So Big?
  17. European Hair and Eye Color: A Case of Frequency-Dependent Sexual Selection?
  18. Race and Physical Activity
  19. Where Does White Skin Come From?
  20. Average Colour of Hair in Germany ?
  21. The Question of IQ Versus Race, and the Leftist' Agenda
  22. IQ Will Put You In Your Place
  23. Can Racial Differences in Circulating Testosterone Explain Racial Differences in Crime?
  24. Humans Still Evolving As Our Brains Shrink...Sickle Cell/Lactose Tolerant
  25. Attractiveness Based Partly on Skin Color
  26. Intra-European Variation in Musical Ability
  27. Racial Differences in Steroid Use
  28. British Discrimination Against Red Headed Women
  29. Francis Galton - Essays in Eugenics [.pdf]
  30. Can The Brain Survive The Body?
  31. Black-White Differences in Digit Ratio During Prenatal Development
  32. Is There Any Truth to This Video?
  33. Male Voices Reveal Person's Strength
  34. Emil Kirkegaard's HBD Blog
  35. The Proof of Genetic Evolution ?
  36. "Asians Can't Think." Asians' Creativity Deficit, Inferiority to White People in Creativity
  37. Correlations Between IQ, Skin Color, Temperature And GDP Per Capita
  38. Geneticists and the Biology of Race Crossing
  39. Why Don't Black Americans Swim?
  40. Thesis Paper on Intelligence Regarding Hair Color
  41. Why Does Completely Unpigmented Hair Appears Yellowish Sometimes?
  42. Red Hair in the British Isles
  43. Seasonal Change in Hair Color
  44. 'Closely related individuals are less likely to free ride and more likely to invest in the group as a whole'
  45. Unibrows - Indicative of Alien Blood/Ancestry?
  46. Oral/Dental Signs of Miscegenation
  47. Dr Phillipe J. Rushton's Research on Race
  48. Prof. Richard Lynn: Race Differences in Intelligence
  49. Do the Jews Have a Higher Crainial Capacity Than Germanics?
  50. Are Flat Brachycephalic Peoples Mentally Superior to the Dolichocephalic Nordic/Germanic Peoples?
  51. Beauty and Brains Do Go Together: Study Claims Good-Looking Men and Women Have Higher IQs
  52. Exercise Training Increases Size of Hippocampus and Improves Memory
  53. How Man 'Lost His Penile Spines'
  54. Humans and a 13th Rib
  55. Race Realism, Russian-Style - Review of 'Rasologia' (by Vladimir Avdeyev)
  56. Spectralisation - Ethnicity & Spectrum Disorders
  57. Finger Length Helps Predict Test Exam Results, Homosexuality, Cancer, Musical Ability and Aggressive Personality -- Study Shows
  58. Racial Engineering: How Long Would it Take to Create a New Race (or Sub-Race)?
  59. Almost Black Eastern Europeans/Gypsies?
  60. Students of Mixed-Race Background Are More Likely to Suffern from Health Problems
  61. Prof. Richard Lynn: Race and Psychopathic Personality
  62. There Are 14 Nose Types but Which One is Yours?
  63. Best Articles About Race and Intelligence?
  64. R1b1a2 Half of European Men Share King Tut's DNA
  65. "Emotive Word Race" - A Clarification
  66. Colour of Hair and Eyes in Europe Today
  67. Lactose Intolerance and Race?
  68. One Look at Bare-Knuckle Events (ie UFC)
  69. Race & IQ | Danish Television Station Shatters Taboo on Dicsussing Race and Intelligence
  70. What Type of Foot Do You Have?
  71. Information on Traits Correlated to Rh Factor
  72. Look Alikes
  73. Changing of Skin Colour
  74. Lynn and Vanhanen Defend Genetic Contribution to Group IQ Differences.
  75. The Fluidity of Race
  76. Epigenetics: A New Quasi-Religion
  77. Sexually Antagonistic Selection on Genetic Variation Underlying Both Male and Female Same-sex Sexual Behavior
  78. Women Get Sports Concussions At Higher Rates Than Men
  79. Race and Intelligence Debate: Phillipe Rushton V. Joseph Graves
  80. The 10 Fathers and 7 Mothers: The Genetic Roots of Europe
  81. Race Differences in Immune Genes
  82. Prof. Richard Lynn & S. Molyneux: Race, Genetics and Intelligence
  83. IQ and Global Inequality [Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen] (2006)
  84. Study: No Sex Difference in Intelligence?
  85. Western Europe, State Formation, and Genetic Pacification [Dr. Peter Frost]
  86. r/K Theory: What Are r and K?
  87. Afridonty: the ''Sub-Saharan African Dental Complex'' Revisited
  88. Genetic Overlap: Refuting Race Denial
  89. 'Race' by John R. Baker
  90. IQ Correlation to Skin Tone Across the World
  91. Blood Groups and Human Groups: Collecting and Calibrating Genetic Data
  92. Moslem Inbreeding: Impacts on Intelligence, Sanity, Health and Society
  93. How Inbred are Europeans?
  94. HBD Fundamentals - Top Resources
  95. Sapiens Teeth Found in Hobbit's Cave
  96. The Clannish World of Organized Crime
  97. An HBD Summary of the Foundations of Modern Civilization
  98. Do Some Human Races Have Different Internal Organs?
  99. Race, Genetics and Intelligence | Helmuth Nyborg and Stefan Molyneux
  100. Is New Guinean IQ Really 83?
  101. Why Do Women Have Breasts?
  102. Race & Language World Map
  103. Racial Realities in Europe (Lothrop Stoddard, 1924) [Full Text]
  104. The Origin of Ashkenazi Jews
  105. Southern Europeans More African Than Thought
  106. Whites are the Best in Almost All the Sports and the World's Strongest Men
  107. Arthur Jensen: A King Among Men
  108. Dysgenics: Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations [Richard Lynn]