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  1. Investigation of Jewish Ritual Murder, by Hellmut Schramm, Ph.D. (1941)
  2. Jewish Sexual Mutilation
  3. The Concept of Race Soul
  4. The Negro: A Primate-Like Social Behavior
  5. Faustian-Magian (Spengler)/ The Russian Spirit [Jack]
  6. Spengler: On the German National Character
  7. Celtic Influences in the Czech Republic
  8. Race and Ethnos
  9. German Society: Thou shalt not say hello to strangers
  10. The Truth About the Aryan Race in Iran
  11. Race and Ethnos: Understanding the Racial Question
  12. Matriarchal Societies in Pre-Celtic Europe
  13. Japan: The multi-cultists are not amused
  14. The Impact of Christianity on Europeans [split thread]
  15. Are Croats Slavic?
  16. Explainations about Montenegrins
  17. The 'Bacha Bazi': Islamic Pedophile Tradition in Afghanistan
  18. Is China is a Civilization?
  19. The Mulatto Millennium
  20. "A Real Case Against Jews"... written by a Jew
  21. Czech Cultural Inferiority and the Forgery of the Königinhof Manuscript
  22. Differences Between Eastern and Western Armenians?
  23. Jewish Communities in Pre-War Poland: Insular Strangers
  24. Quotes about Russia
  25. Thoughts on Man and Wolf
  26. The Polish Culture From The Polish Perspective
  27. What are Croats?
  28. Charles Lindbergh: Aviation, Geography, and Race
  29. The Redlegs of Barbados
  30. Crossing Boundaries: Albania's Sworn Virgins
  31. What Started The Racial Destruction of Europe?
  32. "Wiggerism" In Northern Europe?
  33. Misconceptions About the Turanians (Ural-Altaic Peoples): Indo-European Supremacist Dogmas
  34. An Ethnic Mosaic of Islam's Heartland
  35. Nordicist Thinker Lothrop Stoddard on the Great War
  36. Bronze Age Ritual Human Sacrifice was rarer than thought (Lichtenstein cave, Lower Saxony)
  37. Hair Color Stereotypes: Plain Janes and Blonde Bombshells
  38. The Bokelj People - Autochthonous Croats
  39. Interesting: Amazon Piraha Tribe
  40. Is Preserving Race Essential To Preserving Culture?
  41. On Metaethnicity
  42. What Did the National Socialists Mean by the Term "Aryan"?
  43. Who are the White Trash?
  44. Liberty and the Anglo-Saxons
  45. Minorities in Romania: Differences and typology
  46. Sexual Culture of the Post Diaspora Upper Paleolithic
  47. Mongols - the Ultimate Superiority?
  48. The Spirit of the Serb
  49. The 12 Basic Hellenic Characteristics
  50. Intellectual Links Between China and India
  51. The Secret of Japan's Strength by Albrecht Fürst von Urach
  52. Best Antisemitic Quotes by Famous Persons
  53. The European Core, the "Banana" and the Hajnal Line
  54. The Superior Culture of Europeans
  55. The Germanic Spirit and the 'Prussian Spirit'
  56. The Swedish Mentality
  57. Tayllerand on the Poles...
  58. Ethnicity and Meta-Ethnicity
  59. Are Ravers More Nordic Than Average ?
  60. Social Welfare Encoded In Nordic Genes?
  61. Scandinavian Connections with Russia
  62. Pair-Bonding: North European vs. East Mediterranean
  63. Ritual change in a Turkish Alevi village
  64. Really Bizarre Non-White Culture
  65. Bogomilism and the English
  66. Asian Treatment of Animals...
  67. Southern Slavs : A Question
  68. What Is Whiteness?
  69. The Culture of the Cro-Magnons
  70. The Mari: Europe's Last Pagan Nation Under Threat
  71. White Man, Black Soul
  72. The Track of the Jew through the Ages [Alfred Rosenberg]
  73. Trees and Humankind: Cultural and Psychological Bindings
  74. The Sami of Norway
  75. Why Is Ethnic Pride A Virtue In The East But A Sin in the West?
  76. 900 Quotes By and About Jews
  77. The Rise and Fall of Civilisations
  78. The Barbarian Status of Women (Thorstein Veblen)
  79. Systematic Discrimination Against Ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia
  80. Kevin MacDonald on Group Evolutionary Strategies
  81. Submissive Canadians? Efficient Germans? Yeah, Right
  82. "The Fall of Ancient Rome" by Roger Pearson
  83. On 'Race of the Spirit'
  84. 'The Jew as World Parasite' (1944)
  85. Asian Groups Who Are Most/Least Likely to Intermarry
  86. East Asians More Divided Amongst Themselves Than Whites Are
  87. Motherhood in the Finnish-Karelian Cultural Area
  88. Traditional Family Systems of Europe, by Area
  89. Ancient Romans Valued Whiteness
  90. Germanic Social Solidarity
  91. Cultural logic
  92. White Trash: The Construction of an American Scapegoat
  93. Sick Societies: Challenging the Myth of Primitive Harmony
  94. Lacplesis, or the the Bear Slayer (Latvia and Estonia)
  95. The Baltic Mentality: Story-telling around the Baltic Sea 1550-1800
  96. Lotus Feet - Chinese equivalent of the Corset.. Apparently
  97. Language, Location And Environment of Celtic Inscribed Stones
  98. Nordics and the Death Penalty
  99. What makes a Person?
  100. Caspar Bluntschli: Aryan Races
  101. Mysterious Hanging Coffins of the Bo (China)
  102. The Game of Nine Men's Morris
  103. Jewish Family Values
  104. North Korea's Views on Race
  105. The Uyoku: Soldiers of Japanese Sacred Values
  106. Ethnicity of Ålanders
  107. Tiny Island Was Violent Microcosm of World Strife
  108. Ethnography of the Vlachs (Romanians)
  109. The Sexual Life of the Primitive People [H. Fehlinger]
  110. The Seto [or Setu] of Setomaa
  111. Ritual Murder of Children by Jews in Russia
  112. The "Celtic" Cross in Russia
  113. East Asians tend to look at Context, while European focus on the Object
  114. Should all I.E. people be labeled Aryan?
  115. Fatal Gift: Jewish Intelligence and Western Civilization
  116. The Social Ideology of the Motorcar
  117. Is Ethnicity a Social Construct? / Ethnicity: Biological, Social or Both?
  118. Siberia: Knowledge Eroded As Endangered Languages Die
  119. China’s Changing Skin Colour: white was once coveted, now dark is sexy
  120. "Black Jesus" Cannibal Captured in Papua
  121. The Legend of the Turul Hawk and the Sacred Blood Oath
  122. Cultural and Spatial Variability of Landscape Burning by Native Peoples of Interior Alaska
  123. In Praise of Homogeneity, by Jared Taylor
  124. Inglehart-Welzel Cultural Map of the World
  125. My Report from Mexico
  126. What Are the Less Civilized Nationalities of Europe?
  127. Racism in Turkey
  128. "It's Easy for the Jews to Talk About Life"
  129. Jewish Intolerance - Analysis of this Attitude
  130. Jewish Intelligence, Jewish Genes and Jewish Values
  131. Describe the Polish Character
  132. Native Americans Stereotype versus Reality
  133. The Myth of a Judeo-Christian Tradition
  134. Cultural Preservation Within La Cosa Nostra
  135. Mythology, Legend, Folklore of All Cultures [Extensive Resource]
  136. Are American/Canadian/Australian, Etc. Ethnicities?
  137. De Facto Monoculture
  138. Brazil's Last Uncontacted Indian Tribes: Chopper Catches Glimpse of Lost World
  139. Primitive People: Innocent or Savage?
  140. Modern Psychology of Anglo-Saxon Conservatism
  141. What is the Difference Between Persian and Iranian?
  142. Chilled Urine Drinking Hot in India
  143. Kevin MacDonald on the Puritans
  144. The Origins of Art, Religion and Mind
  145. Cagots: The Last Untouchable in Europe
  146. American "Whites": The Future of Ethnic Identity
  147. Significance of Ethnicity?
  148. Was the Conversion to Abrahamic Religions the Beginning of a Racial Suicide?
  149. Roman Impact on Britain and North-Western Europe
  150. Not Quite White: When Racial Ambiguity Meets Whiteness
  151. What Europeans Think of Each Other
  152. What's Up With Iranians Saying They're Persians?
  153. East Versus West: Asians and Americans Don’t Think the Same Way
  154. The Relationship Between Culture and Soil
  155. The Origins of "Racism": the Curious Beginnings of a Useless Word
  156. Americans Blame Themselves, the Dutch Blame Others
  157. Latin American "White". "White" Doesn't Have the Same Meaning in Latin America As It Does in America
  158. Whiteness in Latin America
  159. The White City
  160. The Indian Diaspora: the "New Jews"
  161. The Rise and Fall of Civilizations Explained in Terms of Their Racial Homogeneity
  162. The Negro's Place in Nature (By Richard F. Burton)
  163. Earthquakes in Chile and Haiti: A Comparison
  164. Alfred Rosenberg: Unseemly Etruscan Influences On Roman Catholicism
  165. 'Being White in Public', by Kevin MacDonald
  166. The Nordic National Character
  167. Is There a "Racial Identity Crisis" in France?
  168. Evolutionary Nature of Social Change?
  169. Which of These Groups is Most Alien to (Different From) the Germanic People?
  170. Jared Taylor: Is a Multiracial Nation Possible?
  171. The Interplay of Race and Culture
  172. Beer Lubricated the Rise of Civilization, Study Suggests
  173. Middle Finger Pointing?
  174. Are the Cossacks Part of European Culture?
  175. Western European Sleep Patterns 500-200 Years Ago
  176. Japan Obsession: The Void of Western Culture
  177. Do You Consider Some Extra-Europeans Superior to Some Europeans?
  178. National Geographic's Staunch Cultural Marxism
  179. Civilization As Agriculture Or Farming of Human Beings
  180. The Great Winners: The Extent of German Influence
  181. Indians Like a Pale Skinned Mate
  182. Tribe Meets White Man for the First Time
  183. 'Uncontacted' Tribe Found in Brazil's Amazon
  184. The Culture of Cultural Corrosion
  185. Jews and the Oriental Mentality
  186. Socialist Vikings?
  187. Tree Worship: The Oldest Sanctuaries were the Natural Woods
  188. "The long haired man is awakened out of his sleep by a strong sense of danger and gets away long before the enemy is close"
  189. Normative Whiteness
  190. Kirgizia: Kirgiz Women want their Eyes to look European
  191. Civilization Faces 'Perfect Storm' of Ecological and Social Problems, Say Scientists
  192. German Education Today (1936)
  193. Most Important Ethnic Groups in the World (by Population)
  194. Racial Discrimination in Japan
  195. Why Women Destroy Nations / Civilizations
  196. “Why the Japanese Are a Superior People" [The Advantages of Using Both Sides of Your Brain]
  197. The Blonde Yazidi Bloodline
  198. 'Implicit Whiteness': Psychology & White Ethnocentrism [Prof. Kevin MacDonald]
  199. The Evolutionary Dominance of Ethnocentric Cooperation
  200. Aside from Mormons, the Amish, some Moslem communities, and some Christian communities, are there any Patriarchies left?
  201. Wolf Rites of Winter
  202. On the Lost Wisdom of the Native American Tribes
  203. Homosexuality and Gender-Bending in the Viking Age
  204. Understanding the Clanic Structures of Dagestan
  205. The Hajnal Line and the 'Outbreeding Project'
  206. Do Races Have Different Natural Tendencies in What Social Status They Give to Women?
  207. Do Germans Stare at Strangers?
  208. Jewish Pedophilia
  209. The Social Darwinism Fraud
  210. The Reason For All-Male Armies
  211. Do You Consider the Åland Islands a Viking Area?
  212. Recursive language and modern imagination were acquired simultaneously 70,000 years ago