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  1. Your City/Town's Toponymy
  2. German or Dutch: Which Terminology is Correct?
  3. Is It Possible European and American Populations Belong to the Altaic Group?
  4. The Dialect of The Appalachian People
  5. Icelandic Language for Beginners - Some Lessons
  6. Languages in Prehistoric Europe North of the Alps
  7. A Question of a Translation
  8. Diachronic Speech Act Analysis: Insults from Flyting to Flaming
  9. Majority of Germans Say Their Language is 'Degenerating'
  10. Introduction to Indo-European Linguistics
  11. Meet Germany's New Letter, the Big 'ß'
  12. Old High German (Althochdeutsch)
  13. Preserving Endangered Islands of the German Language
  14. The Gaelic Language
  15. Anglo-Saxon Book Riddles [Notes and Translations by Karl Young]
  16. English - a German Dialect? - Prof. Em. Theo Vennemann, Ph.D.
  17. Can Someone Help with a Translation?
  18. The Long S
  19. English-Old Norse Dictionary
  20. Learn Germanic Language
  21. Bosworth-Toller Anglo Saxon Dictionary Online
  22. A Consideration Of Pictish Names
  23. Second Language Acquisition and Ancestry
  24. Linguistic Link Between Celts and Native Americans
  25. Americans - How Do You Pronounce Nevada?
  26. Pronunciation Poem
  27. Etymology of the Word "Ethnic"
  28. Lancashire Dialect Poem
  29. Is the English Language Not Anglo-Saxon?
  30. Examples of Old Germanic Language
  31. How Close is Swedish to Danish and Norwegian?
  32. Invisible Britons: The View from Linguistics
  33. (Germanic) Language Death
  34. The Names Raetia and Schwyz
  35. Mutual Intelligibility Between Germanic Languages
  36. "Learn Dutch" Videos
  37. 8 Racist Words You Use Every Day
  38. A Language for an Englander
  39. Something You Would Reform Or Change About Your Own Language?
  40. Question About Low German
  41. 'Oldest English Words' Identified
  42. Walloon, a Germanised Romance Language?
  43. Curious Sayings and Humorous English Expressions of the Pennsylvania Dutch
  44. German Town Name Meanings
  45. Is German 101 Different Languages?
  46. Can Anyone Translate This for Me?
  47. Constructing a New Germanic Language
  48. Bad English Speakers / Is English an Illogical and Inconsistent Language?
  49. Verner's Law
  50. Learning German
  51. Quick Help with a translation
  52. How Do You Pronounce "th" in the English Language?
  53. British English or American English?
  54. How Many Germanic Languages Can You Speak?
  55. Standard Language Versus Dialect, Which Do You Prefer?
  56. Greek To Me: Mapping Mutual Incomprehension
  57. Were English and German Once the Same Language?
  58. The Death of Language?
  59. German and French Newborns Cry Differently
  60. Pre-Proto-Germanic Substratum in Proto-Slavic
  61. Yola: an Extinct West Germanic Language Formerly Spoken in Ireland
  62. Pictish Symbols Revealed to Be a Written Language
  63. New Written Language of Ancient Scotland Discovered
  64. Swedish Female Surnames - Why the Change to the Male Form?
  65. So I Am Trying to Learn German and It's Hard =/
  66. Question on Old Norse Word Order
  67. For English Speakers, Which Accent Do You Prefer?
  68. Learning Basque
  69. Nazi Means German in Yiddish
  70. Question on Old Norse Language
  71. Are Skull and Kopf the Origin of "Skôl" and Cup
  72. Anyone Interested in the Reconstruction of the Old Norn Language of Shetland, Orkney & Caithness?
  73. Does Your Language Shape Your Thoughts?
  74. Your Favourite Germanic Language Other Than Your Own
  75. Ambiguous Words in Different Germanic Languages
  76. To Monolinguals: What Language Would You Most Like to Speak? And Why??
  77. What English Sounds Like to Non-English Speakers
  78. Every Human Language Evolved from 'single Prehistoric African Mother Tongue ?
  79. Die Großschreibung
  80. Foreign Accent Syndrome
  81. A Question About English Language in England
  82. If You Are Learning German, Post Your Questions on This Thread
  83. Germans and the English Language
  84. Frisian Language/s: Dialects or Separate Languages?
  85. German Language: What are 'Cases'...?
  86. Learning a Germanic Language: Tips and Hints
  87. Proto-Germanic Learning Resources?
  88. British Teen Undergoes Tongue Surgery to Speak Korean
  89. Don't Teach the 'Queen's English' to Foreign Language Students, Linguist Urges
  90. My Introduction to the Frisian (Frysk) Language!
  91. Learning Icelandic Language
  92. My Name in Proto-Norse
  93. Sources for learning Old Norse?
  94. How Old is English?
  95. English-Speakers: Do/Did They Teach German At Your School?
  96. Which Germanic Language is the Purest?
  97. Middle High German Text: Der Arme Heinrich
  98. Did Latin Merge with Celtic Languages to Form Romance Languages ?
  99. A Good Resource for Typing Characters in Other European Languages
  100. Data Fail to Support Language Origin in Africa
  101. Is English A Celtic Language?
  102. ‘Swedish is the World’s Richest Language’: Swede
  103. 'The Position of Frisian in the Germanic Language Area'
  104. Dative Case
  105. Old English to a Native Scandinavian
  106. Can Anyone Translate This Old PA German Headstone?
  107. How Intelligible is Old High German to Native Scandinavians?
  108. Against Esperanto, or Kontraŭ Esperanto
  109. Curse Words and Germanic/Romance Impact on English
  110. Invested Thousands in a German Language Course, and you're still not understood? Here's why.
  111. The English Language in 67 Accents and More
  112. The Germanic Accent Shift: Sound Changes Which Distinguish Germanic and Indo-European
  113. The World's Oldest Writing (Babylonian Cuneiform)
  114. Non-Indo-European Root Nouns in Germanic: Evidence in Spport of the Agricultural Substrate Hypothesis
  115. Oldest Contacts between Baltic and Finnish Languages
  116. DNA Sat Nav Uncovers Ancient Ashkenaz and Predicts Where Yiddish Originated
  117. Sumerian Language = Hungarian Language?
  118. The Origins of Proto-Indo-European: The Caucasian Substrate Hypothesis
  119. Rudolf Steiner on the French Language
  120. Exhaustive Classifications of Indo-European Languages (All Systems)
  121. Relationship Between the English and German Languages
  122. Indo-Germanic Culture and Sanskrit Root-Words
  123. Kurrent - 500 Years of German Handwriting
  124. Why Some People Seriously Want to Revive a 5000-year-old Language for Modern Usage
  125. How Do You Pronounce the German R Sound?
  126. Indo-European Languages and their Attestation
  127. Dictionary of Assyrian Complete After 90 Years!
  128. Lexical Distance Among the Languages of Europe
  129. To What Extent Can One Forget One's Native Language?
  130. How Sweden's Ancient Language Elfdalian is Being Saved by Minecraft
  131. Why is It Important to Learn “Dead” Languages?
  132. Influence on English on Your National Language?
  133. From Cheering to Sneezing: a Chronology of 'Gesundheit' in the US
  134. Runic As Official Script
  135. How Germans Feel About German Umlauts (ä,ö,ü)
  136. Chinese Overtakes German In UK Schools
  137. 5 Surprising Similarities Between German and English That’ll Help You Learn German Today
  138. All European and Asian Languages descend from ancient Mother Tongue spoken in Southern Europe 15,000 Years ago
  139. Is Icelandic The Oldest Language In Europe? How Old Is It?
  140. To Du Or Not To Du: How Do You Crack One Of Germany's Most Tricky Etiquette Dilemmas?
  141. How Luther Gave Germans A Language Everyone Could Use
  142. The Indo-European Languages and the Relevance of Sanskrit
  143. The Language of Old Europe - Old European (Vinca) Language and Culture
  144. Germanic words for 'he or she' & 'his or her' ?
  145. The Deseret Alphabet, a 38-Letter Writing System Developed by Mormons
  146. Proto-Indo-European Linguistics
  147. What did ancient languages, Old Norse, sound like
  148. ITS v. IT'S
  149. Which Germanic Group Speaks the Best English?