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  1. Did Anglo-Saxons Invent Steel?
  2. Early Slavic History
  3. Early Bulgarian History
  4. 'America Discovered!', But By Whom?
  5. A Short History of Prussia
  6. Cities and Countries From Which Jews Have Been Expelled
  7. Complete List of Genocides in History
  8. Jews and the Ongoing White Slave Trade, in Israel and Elsewhere
  9. History of Azerbaijan
  10. Great Map of Prussia
  11. Greatest Monarchs Of Europe
  12. Lots of Links
  13. Mongoloid Savagery
  14. Chronology on the History of Slavery
  15. Women as Warriors in History
  16. Alternate History Forums!
  17. Three Greatest Kings of Europe
  18. A short history of Hungary
  19. Short history of the Principate of Moldavia
  20. History of Wallachia
  21. Short history of Bukovina
  22. Which Germanic Tribe Has the Most Impressive History and Achievements?
  23. GermanCoins.com
  24. Most Memorable Battles In History
  25. French Military Victories, 0
  26. Greatest Empires
  27. On Cranial Artificial Deformation In Germanic Medieval Populations
  28. Anthropological conclusions of the study of Roman and Migration Periods...
  29. The Legend of Alaric's Treasure
  30. Spengler: Is world peace possible?
  31. The Fabian Society
  32. A brief history of hanging
  33. Who were the Huscarls?
  34. Hollandia - A Hungarian Account
  35. The Greatest Warriors in History
  36. Baltic Germans
  37. Wharram Percy
  38. Mesolithic Netherlands (a concise overview)
  39. Did the English/British Circumcise?
  40. The Legend of The Goat–Riders Criminal Gangs
  41. Islands in the Making of an Atlantic Oceania
  42. Today in Germanic History
  43. Massacres In History
  44. Full History of Brittany
  45. Satan in the North
  46. 9/11
  47. Stone Age Hand-Axes
  48. What Non-Germanic European Civilizations Do You Appreciate the Most?
  49. Europeans killed the mammoth
  50. The world at war
  51. Today a Strange Man Came to Town
  52. The Most Evil Men and Women in History?
  53. Historicism
  54. Changing The Times
  55. The 20 Most Important Tools Ever
  56. Decline and Fall of the Roman Myth
  57. History's Greatest
  58. What If...? An Alternative History of the World
  59. Tvrtko I Kotromanic, King of Bosnia
  60. What if the Confederacy Had Won?
  61. What's Your Favorite Germanic Battle Of All Time?
  62. From Ruins of Afghan Buddhas, a History Grows
  63. Looking to talk with a Germanic 'historian' on messenger
  64. Top 10 Discoveries of 2006
  65. Challenging the Myth of Primitive Harmony
  66. A Baltic Troy?
  67. Swedish-Finn History
  68. Video: The Hoax of the Serbian Deathcamps
  69. Kublai Khan's Lost Fleet
  70. Strong Women of History
  71. Poll: 'The Best Germany There Ever Was?
  72. Ordinary People in European Politics
  73. What is the greatest group of Germanic conquerors of all time?
  74. What Is the History of Sensibilities?
  75. Which Era and Land Would You Have Loved to Live in?
  76. This still bothers me deeply...
  77. Name Your Favorite European Monarch/s
  78. Should The Islamic World Apologize For Slavery?
  79. The Althingi
  80. Thought on Our Ragnarök-Like Era
  81. Best Generals in History ?
  82. All Time Speaches ( of Your Choice )
  83. Cosmographia by Sebastian Münster
  84. Race in History
  85. "Your Father Was a Monster"
  86. Terry Jones: Barbarians
  87. Historectomy
  88. "Women Turn History into a Bizarre Soap Opera"
  89. When Europeans Were Slaves: More Common Than Previously Thought
  90. Alternative Historical Library
  91. Video: Has History Been Tampered With?
  92. Prussia and the Huguenots
  93. War Crimes Against Germans (WWII)
  94. The History of the House of Rothschild
  95. Europe's Largest Rondel Enclosures Uncovered
  96. Is History a Science or Art?
  97. More Lies
  98. The History of Old Saxony - The Original Homeland of the Saxons
  99. Just How Many British People Were Captured in the Islamic Slave Trade?
  100. Your Favorite Historical Theme?
  101. Uranium Enrichment in WW2 Germany
  102. Anglo-Saxon Quotes
  103. A History of Guerilla and Clandestine Warfare
  104. When was Western Civilization's highest Point?
  105. A Book Worth Having
  106. What Happen to the German Military Name: Wehrmacht?
  107. Our Relationship with Islam: Look at History
  108. Can Anybody Give a Brief Migration History?
  109. Who is Trying to Vandalize the Cairo Museum?
  110. Notable Germanics in History
  111. World History Of Classical Music
  112. Which Historical Time Period Are You Most Interested In?
  113. If You Could Go Back in Time and Eliminate a Historical Figure, Who Would It Be?
  114. Moscow Museum Puts Lenin's Jewish Roots on Display
  115. Lenin's Jewish Roots on Display
  116. Interested and Need Help Please
  117. If You Could Change an Event in History
  118. 10 Things That They Didn't Teach You at School
  119. I Was Thinking About Something
  120. Cu Chulainn
  121. Analysis of The Two Rivers from Sarum
  122. Why Do So Many People Angrily Condemn Historical Revisionism?
  123. ‘No Gas Chambers’ Says Influential Japanese Magazine.
  124. The Neanderthals Were Mariners
  125. Galileo's Heresy Trial, Henry VIII's Divorce Plea, 'hermaphrodite' Swedish Queen Christina - Vatican Archives on Display
  126. Deep Future: What Will Our Descendants Know About Us?
  127. The Hidden History of European Slavery
  128. Lectures on History Special on CSNBC
  129. Cliodynamica (Peter Turchin's Blog)
  130. The Russian Orthodox Medievalist
  131. Adventurer Olly Hicks to Recreate Inuit Journey to Scotland
  132. 'Ultima Thule' or 'Ex Oriente Lux'?
  133. 4,300-Year-Old Woodhenge in Germany Revealed to the Public for First Time
  134. 10 Empires That Came The Closest To World Domination
  135. Important Wars - Animated by Days or Years
  136. An English Polity in N Europe?
  137. Gerhard von Scharnhorst
  138. Archaeological Fantasies and Hoaxes: Or the Nobility of Skepticism
  139. Alternate History Question: What if the Vikings Didn't Convert to Christianity?
  140. Poland
  141. David Irving – Jailed and Beaten For Telling Truth of 2nd World War
  142. The Red Baron (Manfred von Richthofen) died 100 years ago today
  143. Maximinus Thrax. First Germanic Roman Emperor
  144. The O.G. Z.O.G.
  145. Europa - The Last Battle
  146. The History and Meaning of Labor Day
  147. Viking ship found at Jellhaugen (Mound of Jell) in county of Halden kommune.
  148. Why I Dislike "Remembrance Day"
  149. Glorious Revolution of 1688, a Germanic revolution?
  150. The History Behind Saint Valentine
  151. Dresden 1945: The Devil's Tinderbox
  152. Funeral of the Red Baron - by the British!
  153. Secrets of 829-Year-Old Post-Viking-Era Shipwreck Revealed
  154. British Germanics In Roman Times
  155. How an Obscure Dutch Historian Helped Me Understand 2019
  156. White Peoples and Their Achievements Are Headed for the Trash Bin of History
  157. Morgenthau Plan, Genocide Plan of Germans and US Govt Communists
  158. Doggerland – Europe’s Lost Land
  159. June 8, 1967: USS Liberty Ship Attacked by Israel
  160. White Slaves
  161. Top 100 most successful kingdoms, empires and states at war
  162. Vatican Opens Archives Of World War II-Era Pope Pius XII
  163. What Was Your Favourite Event Throughout Germanic History?
  164. How Many People Have Ever Lived on Earth?
  165. Ragnarök/Götterdämmerung & WWI, WWII or Cold War?
  166. Austria or Prussia? 1st or 2nd Reich?
  167. Blacksmiths Credited with Supernatural Attributes
  168. How Historical Figures Would Look If They Were Alive Today
  169. National Socialist SS RuSHA Race Classification