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  1. Racial Composition of Finland
  2. The "Ladogan" Myth
  3. Are these "Ladogans" acceptable?
  4. Baltics: Pure Europid vs. Slightly Mongoloid
  5. Richard McCulloch on Ladogans
  6. Red-haired Finns near the Urals
  7. Frequency of Epicanthus among the Baltic Finns
  8. Anthropology of the Baltic Finns
  9. Pigmentation of Baltic Finns
  10. Baltids in Sweden
  11. Turkicised Eastbaltic Azeri
  12. Very Turanid Ukrainian
  13. Russian Girls
  14. East Baltic vs. Regular Baltic
  15. Ladogan beauties
  16. What is the East Baltic Race?
  17. What noses the East Baltids have?
  18. One way to tell if someone is mixed with Mongoloid
  19. Nice Baltid type from Russia
  20. Origins of the West Baltid race?
  21. Good Examples of Baltids / West-Baltids
  22. Racial Images of Finns and Saami
  23. Classify 'Semitic-looking' Slavs
  24. Pictures of Kazan Tartars and Tajiks
  25. Östbaltiska rasen (East-Baltic race, also known as the Finnish race)
  26. Tavastid Baltic Race = Borreby ???
  27. Four Examples of West-Baltids
  28. Anthropological Complexes of European Russia, Baltic States, Belarus and Ukraine
  29. Are East Baltids Caucasoid?
  30. Belorussian Racial Types
  31. How to Differentiate East- and West-Baltids?
  32. The West-Baltid Race
  33. Difference between Baltid/East Baltid/West Baltid?
  34. Racial Types of Finno-Ugrians, Baltisation and Eastbaltids
  35. Emma Laine: Great Example of Pure East-Baltid
  36. What are Baltids?
  37. Craneological Substratum of the Balts In Prussia And Lithuania.
  38. Average faces of Baltid samples
  39. Giovanni Ribisi: A Good Baltid example?
  40. "The Racial Composition of the Finnish Nation", by Prof. Kaarlo Hildén
  41. Which East-Baltid could fit into China...?
  42. Baltids=Cromagnids?
  43. Why Are a Lot of Baltic Blondes More Blond than Skandonordics, the Platinum Type?
  44. Maps of Cephalic Indexes in Finland (Men & Women)
  45. Biometrical Studies on the Anthropology of Russia
  46. Average Morphological Facial Index - Finland - Men
  47. Average Morphological Facial Index - Finland - Women
  48. The Sami of Finnish Lapland (extracts)
  49. Anthropological and Genetics Characterization of the Estonians
  50. Photos of Baltids
  51. East Baltics: A Composite Racial Type
  52. Differences Between Baltid & Borreby Types?
  53. Are East Baltids Fully White?
  54. Info About Baltoid
  55. The Difference Between Slavs and Baltids?
  56. Are All East Baltids Mixed with Lapps?