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  1. Austrian Minister Calls For Register Of Jews
  2. Migrant Sex Predator Preys on 13 Women, Says “Nobody Told Me This Is Wrong”
  3. After Germany, Now Austrian Swimming Pools Need More Security To Combat Sexual Harassments
  4. Speech By AfD's Alexander Gauland
  5. Support For Germany’s Right-Wing AfD Party Reaches New Record High
  6. Swiss Sprinter Banned from European Championships over ‘Racist’ Facebook Posts
  7. Eva Herman
  8. German Politician Tells Germans Not to Fear Becoming an Ethnic Minority: “Many Things Will Be Better”
  9. Syrian Refugee: Austrians Should Take Refugees In Their Homes And Give Them Their Money
  10. German Teen Girl Needs Surgery After Being Violently Raped By A Syrian Refugee In A Cellar
  11. Most Germans Consider Themselves 'Lefties'
  12. Austrian Students in 'Nazi' Role Play
  13. Austrian MEP: “Africans Do Not Want To Think And Work Like Europeans, But They Do Want To Live Like Europeans”
  14. Sie schützen unsere Mörder - Wutanfall von 'Bild'-Chef gegen Merkel Regime
  15. German Patriots Remember Rudolf Hess
  16. German University Study Suggests Drugging Population To Accept Migrants
  17. Muslim Migrants Found Guilty Of Raiding German Ship Now In Germany On Welfare, Can’t Be Deported
  18. The Swiss Have Liberal Gun Laws, Too
  19. German Court: Bring Back Deported Jihadist
  20. State Sponsored German News Service Refuses To Report On Doctor Murdered By Refugee
  21. German Far-Left Movement Starts Battling Open Borders As Money Spent On Migrants Should Be Spent On Poor
  22. Attacks On Police, Fire Fighters Show Increase In Germanys
  23. No Statue of Polish King in Vienna
  24. Merkel Ally Floats Mandatory Service Year For Refugee
  25. German President: There Are ’No Native Germans, We Are A Nation Of Immigrants’
  26. German Town's "Speed-Dating" For “Refugees”
  27. Anti-Migrant Protest in Chemnitz, Germany
  28. German Town Successfully Pleads For No More Refugees
  29. German Media Buries Migrant Murder Case That Made International News
  30. Who Are We? Examining the State of German Identity
  31. Berlin Wall To Be 'Rebuilt' By Art Group In German Capital
  32. No More ‘Fatherland’? Germans Debate Gender-Neutral Anthem
  33. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz Vows To Fight Anti-Semitism, Promote Israeli Security
  34. Conservatism: The New Rebellion?
  35. 'Concentrated' Camps For Refugees: Austria's Far-Right Government Faces Protests Over Its Anti-immigration Agenda
  36. Bournemouth Air Festival
  37. Migrant In Germany Accused Of 542 Crimes Can't Be Deported Because Nobody Knows Where He's From
  38. Swiss Politician Faces Expulsion For Hitler Comments
  39. Syrische "Flüchtlinge" attackieren Club in Frankfurt(Oder)
  40. ‘Diverse’: Cabinet Agrees To Third Gender On Birth Certificate
  41. Austria and Bavaria to Cooperate on Ending Mass Migration
  42. The Germans Are Sick Of Migrant Violence And They Are Right
  43. ‘I Can’t Take My Daughter or Wife Into the City Anymore Because of Harassment by Migrants’
  44. Number Of Germans Killed By Foreigners Highest In Years – Police
  45. “Migration Mother of All Problems” – German Official
  46. "Being German Is A Huge Burden"
  47. German State To Investigate Far-right AfD For 'Unconstitutional Goals'
  48. Austrian Leading Politician: “Adapt or Go Home!”
  49. Germany: Two Hundred Churches Damaged And Christian Symbols Destroyed In Just One Region
  50. Der Links-Staat - Wie der Linksextremismus vom Staat systematisch gefördert wird
  51. German Father Called ‘Nazi’ By Leftists For Telling Audience That A Migrant Killed His Son
  52. Swiss "Socialist Paradise" Approves 'Universal Basic Income' Of $2,750 A Month
  53. Six Fun Facts About Switzerland’s (Usually) Square Flag
  54. Switzerland Is the Best Country in the World, Says 2018 Best Countries Report
  55. Eisernes Kreuz / Iron Cross
  56. Swabians - 'the Scots of Germany'
  57. Greatest Swiss Contribution(s) to the World?
  58. Doc Claims Southern Germans Smarter Than Northerners
  59. AfD: Hate Speech Laws Should Encompass Hate Speech Against Germans
  60. Cheer up, Deutschland - The Biggest Risk to Germany Is Excessive Pessimism
  61. Austrian Woman Stripped of License Plate over “Neo-Nazi Code” Fears
  62. Germany’s Foreign Minister Says Germans Too Lazy to Fight “Racism”
  63. Germany: More Dangerous than Mongolia, but not as Bad as Gambia
  64. Austrian Chancellor: “Station EU Troops in Africa” to Halt Invasion
  65. Integration Failure: Report Finds 51% Vienna Pupils Don’t Speak German At Home
  66. Die Machtergreifung Angela Merkels: 04. Nov 2011
  67. Bundestag President Tells Germans to Forget About “Refugees” Returning Home
  68. How the Alternative for Germany Has Transformed the Country
  69. Welches sind die wichtigsten Bücher?
  70. Was ist aus dem Forum geworden?
  71. Swiss Parliament Accepts Plan to Strip Asylum Rights from Those Travelling Home
  72. “Dangerous Migrants” Up 400 Percent – German Intelligence
  73. Far-Right Surge in Bavaria Vote Could Reshape Germany’s National Politics
  74. UN-Migrationspakt: Bedingungslose Kapitulation
  75. Students In Germany Are Now Called ‘Nazis’ For Criticising Migration
  76. German Historians Accuse Right-Wing Leader of “Echoing Hitler”
  77. Asylum Seeker Brutally Rapes Child Who Was Teaching Him German
  78. ‘Soon There Will Be No More Luxembourg’
  79. German Father Charged For Protecting His Daughter Against Sexual Assault By Migrant
  80. Austrians Stabbed In The Back By Aliens
  81. Austria Tiring Of Being 'Ashtray Of Europe'
  82. German Teenage Girl Called ‘Nazi’ For Reading Poem About Migrant Violence – Her House Vandalised As Well
  83. Deutschsprachige Sektion für das Skadi
  84. Germany Will Become African And Islamic If Mass Migration Isn’t Stopped – Former General
  85. Outrage In Germany Over Low Sentence For Migrants Who Gang Raped 13-Year-Old Girl
  86. Outcry in Germany Over Homage to Rommel
  87. AfD Politician May Have to Leave Party Due to Hitler Wine Picture
  88. Leftist German Politician Says ‘Old White Men’ Threaten The Future And Could Destroy Europe
  89. Youtube Now Warns That The German National Anthem Is Offensive ‘for Some Groups’
  90. Germany: Antifa Shows Support For ‘Cultural Enrichment’ Where Migrant Tried To Blow Up Macdonalds
  91. Youth Activists Homes Raided By German Police After Writing Down The Names Of Migrant Crime Victims
  92. Ein ernüchternder Blick auf Deutschland
  93. Germany's Reichsbürger movement doubles in 2 years
  94. Angela Merkel = Second Jewish Ruler of Germany and First Communist Ruler
  95. Germany’s Rich Put Their Children In Special ‘Migrant Free’ Day Care Centre
  96. Refugee Columnist Of Huffington Post Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 6 Women In Germany
  97. The Safety Of Austrian Citizens Comes First – Vice-Chancellor On Withdrawing From UN Migration Pact
  98. Alles beginnt mit Herkunft – weshalb Ostdeutschland sich zur Provokation entwickelt
  99. Majority Of Germans Feel Strangers In Their Own Country Since The Influx Of Muslim Migrants – Study
  100. German Police Chief Warns Women “Not to Drink Alcohol” After Migrant Gang Rape
  101. Berlin Police Rap Against “Hate”: “I Work For The Police But I Can Also Be Your Homie!”
  102. Thoughts on the EU Army Pursued by Merkel and Macron
  103. Virtigo Politix: Herbert von Karajan
  104. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is the new head of Angela Merkel's CDU Party
  105. Kids from ‘right-wing’ families must be re-educated: German govt.-backed brochure
  106. Protestantism in Germany
  107. Is this true or fake?
  108. Germany Legalizes Child Marriages Performed Under Sharia Law
  109. Dexit
  110. Shots Fired in Cologne, Germany
  111. German Far-Right MP Brutally Beaten in 'Politically Motivated' Assault in Bremen
  112. Migrant Crime in Germany
  113. Everybody's Welcome! (Except Germans)
  114. “We re-educate or people would overthrow the government”
  115. Migrants Run Amok In Gelsenkirchen
  116. Girls in Vienna Are Wearing Headscarves to Avoid Assaults by Muslim Migrants
  117. Migrants Pushed Three 16-Year-Old Germans In Front Of Train – Mainstream Media Covers Up Murders
  118. What's up Germany?
  119. Eleven arrests during anti-terror raid