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  1. Question - Radio Germania
  2. German Parenting Magazine Warns That "Blond and Cheerful Families" Are Dangerous, May Be Secret Nazis
  3. Swiss to Vote on Passport Rules for 3rd Gen Foreigners
  4. German Court Sentences Facebook User to Jail for Xenophobic Comments
  5. 'Nazi Grandma' Holocaust Denier Ursula Haverbeck Sentenced to Jail
  6. ‘Blacks Are in Charge of Town’: Popular Bavarian Ski Resort Begs Authorities for Help
  7. Swiss Leftist Politician Arrested for Trafficking African Illegal Immigrants
  8. Politician: "I Accuse" Green Party of "Genocide of the German People"
  9. German Country-folk Should Be Used As Test Subjects for the "Integration Laboratory"
  10. German State Media Silent After Teenager Murdered by Immigrant
  11. Austria Court Finds Police Officer Guilty of Saying 'Heil Hitler'
  12. In Germany, a Worrisome Revival of 'Nazi Jargon'
  13. Merkel: Worried About Islamisation? Just Sing Christmas Carols
  14. Homosexuals Now Govern Luxembourg
  15. Editor of Austria's Largest Paper Charged with 'Hate Speech' Over Migrant Article
  16. Haji Clans Taking Over Bremen, Hannover, Stuttgart...
  17. Austrians Pay Invaders More Than Workers
  18. Austrians: 'Reds, It’s Your Fault'
  19. Merkel Expected to Announce Fourth-term Bid for Germany’s Chancellorship on Sunday – Media
  20. Zurich Named One of Most Inspiring Cities
  21. Ghost of Austria's 'Last Monarch' Still Looms Large
  22. Widmung
  23. A Third of Germans Report Feeling 'Like A Stranger In My Own Country'
  24. German Court Says Islamic 'Sharia Patrol' Legal
  25. Norbert Hofer: Croatia Slovenia & Austria Should Form an Alliance, and Austria Should Join Visegrad Group
  26. Hate Speech Cases Soar in Austria
  27. Austria: Luegenpresse Guidelines Revealed
  28. Austrian Freedom Party Leader May Face Hate Speech Charges
  29. Outrage As Islam Info Stall Established at German Town's Christmas Market
  30. 50 Christian Statues Defaced and Decapitated in Germany
  31. 'I Don't Feel Safe Anymore' Surge in Austrian Gun Sales Since Migrant Crisis
  32. German Outrage After Seven Young Refugees Accused of 'Setting Homeless Man on Fire' at Berlin Underground Station
  33. Germany: 1.17m "Official" Invaders
  34. What is Your Opinion About the AfD?
  35. Germany: Senior Citizen Sentenced for Distributing Anti-Migrant Leaflets
  36. German Nurse Raped by Five African Men, Lured to Park by Fake Cries for Help
  37. Exporting German Culture by "Soft Power"
  38. Dresden's anti-war sculpture denounced by protesters
  39. Die Linke: "Finally End White Dominance in Germany"
  40. ‘Adolf, Germany Needs You!’ AfD Investigates Regional Leader Over Hitler Posts on WhatsApp
  41. Austria Accused of 'Lacking Political Will' to Prosecute Holocaust Criminals
  42. Ask to the Berliners
  43. Merkel Moscow & West Have Common Interest in Fighting Terrorism
  44. Harald "Hitler" Imprisoned in Austria
  45. Man Armed with Knife Drives into People in German City Kills 1 Shot by Police
  46. Counter-protests Drown Out 'Merkel Must Go' Rally in Berlin: Antifascist Groups Had Organized Rallies Against a Far-right Protest in the German Capita
  47. Erdogan Compares German Policy of Blocking Rallies of Turks to Nazis Acts
  48. Looking for Neo-Nazis? There's an App for That
  49. German Government 'Has Problem With Critically-Minded Citizens,' Says Leader of Populist AfD Party
  50. Former Austrian Thiazi Founding Member Jailed for Selling Hitler Songs Online
  51. Switzerland Lifts Ban on Gay Men Giving Blood
  52. Swiss Carnival Group Creates Burkini-themed Float in ‘Message of Hope’
  53. UN Accuses Germany of ‘Institutional Racism and Racist Stereotyping’ Against People of African Descent
  54. Austrian Doctor Under Investigation for Refusing to Treat Asylum Seekers
  55. Austrian Woman Convicted for Pro-Hitler Toilet Sign
  56. Five Germans Charged for Operating 'Neo-Nazi' Website Altermedia
  57. Afghan Refugee Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Austrian Boys
  58. Study: 58 Percent Of German Women Feel Less Safe, 44 Percent Blame Immigration
  59. German Green Party Wants Taxpayers To Fund Prostitutes For The Ill And Disabled
  60. Austria Outlaws Burqa In Public Spaces
  61. 92% Of German 'Anti-Fascist' Protesters Still Live With Their Mum
  62. Islamist Terrorist Attacks in Germany Possible Any Moment – German Intelligence Chief
  63. AfD: It's Time To Discard Germany’s Historical Guilt
  64. Germany Bans Over 30 Kurdish Symbols Incl Flag of US-backed Syrian Militia Fighting ISIS – Report
  65. Germany: AfD Calls for 'Negative Immigration' of 200,000 People
  66. Austrian Given 2 Years in Jail for Flying Nazi Kite
  67. Weltreisende Heidi Hetzer: "Aber Die Schwarzen!"
  68. Cologne Authorities Could Have Prevented New Year's Eve Sexual Assaults on Women
  69. Germans Jailed for Anti-Invasion Military Unit
  70. Austria Doubles Cash Offer for Migrants to Leave Country
  71. Turkish Foreign Minister Says Austria is 'Capital of Radical Racism'
  72. Austria Seeks to Withdraw from EU Mandatory Refugee Quota System
  73. Swiss Legislature Passes Bill To Stop Funding For Boycotts Of Israel
  74. Chancellor: 'Austria is Not a Racist Country'
  75. AfD Leader Petry Considers Walking Away from Politics
  76. Switzerland: Man Faces Court for 'Liking' Facebook Posts
  77. German Parents Go to Court After Police Seize Kids Over Homeschooling
  78. German Millennials Among Most 'Immigrant-friendly' in Europe
  79. Graz: FPÖ/ÖVP Alliance Shakes Establishment
  80. What's Your Opinion on Merkel and the Syrian Refugees?
  81. The Bundeswehr's Image Problem - is It Overrun with Right-wing Extremists?
  82. German Right-wing Identitarians 'Becoming Radicalized'
  83. Austria Pushes EU to Make It Easier to Extend Border Checks
  84. SH State Elections 2017
  85. Strom Vom Deich (Electricity from the Dyke)
  86. Germany Confiscating Homes to Use for Migrants
  87. NRW State Elections 2017
  88. Germany Must Remove Names of World War II Figures From Military Barracks, Says Defense Minister
  89. Austria: New Refugee-Invader Sex Attack Covered Up
  90. Free Speech Crackdown: German Justice Ministry Stormed
  91. Study Links Far-right Extremism and Eastern German Mentality
  92. Germany Spent 20 Billion Euros on Refugees in 2016
  93. 'Nazi Slut': German Court Rules 'Satirical' Insult of AfD Leader is Acceptable
  94. Germany: Father Tries to Have Own Daughter Arrested for Viewing Patriotic Websites
  95. Plauen, Germany: Woman Brutally Beaten Up for Verbally Defending Herself
  96. Cottbus, Germany: Syrian Youths Attack and Stab a Group of Germans
  97. Is Germany Part of the West?
  98. Almost 50 Per Cent of Newly-arrived Young Austrian Muslim Migrants Hold Anti-Semitic Views
  99. Most Refugees to Stay Jobless for Years – German Minister
  100. Austria Deploys Tanks at Border to Stop Illegals, Italy Calls Envoy
  101. German Girls Being Conditioned to Be Mothers with Black Baby Simulator Dolls
  102. Germany Raids Homes of 36 People Accused of Hateful Postings Over Social Media
  103. Austria: Muslim Migrant Murders Elderly Couple To Make An Example Of Supporters Of Anti-Migration Party
  104. Austria Was Justified in Taking Hitler's Birth House from Its Former Owner: Court
  105. Germany: Chechen Sharia Police Terrorizes Berlin
  106. Unesco Puts Vienna's Historic Centre on 'in Danger' List
  107. German Report Reveals Public Health Consequences of Migrant Influx
  108. German State Media's 'Aryan Reservation' Dehumanizes Germans and Mocks White Genocide
  109. Austrian Swimming Pool Puts Up Signs to Stop Migrant Assaults
  110. Austria: Growing Trend Of Older Women Becoming 'Sugar Mamas' For Young Migrants
  111. German Police 'Ready to Spy on WhatsApp Messages'
  112. Merkel Getting Booed at Political Rally
  113. Germans Being Drugged to Accept Their Replacement
  114. German Parenting Magazine Warns That "Blond and Cheerful Families" Are Dangerous
  115. Male Civilians Have to Step in to Protect Austrian Female Cops from Asylum Gropers
  116. Austrian Legislative Election, 2017
  117. Germany, in a First, Shuts Down Left-Wing Extremist Website
  118. Re-evaluating East German Socialism: A Force for Good?
  119. The Swiss Reprieved
  120. Berlin Police Investigate Themselves for Racism and Islamophobia
  121. Germany to Spend Hundreds of Millions on Hotels for Migrants, 10,000 Germans Remain Homeless in Berlin
  122. German Federal Election, 2017
  123. Muslims Worried As Austria's Party Leaders Put Spotlight on Islam
  124. Austria Investigates Wilders for Hate Speech
  125. "I Made A German Man Cry Because I Criticized Globalism And Muslim Refugees"
  126. Germany Celebrates First Gay Marriages
  127. Austrian Freedom Party Expels Local Official Over Nazi Memorabilia
  128. Austrian Woman is Found Guilty of 'Engaging in Nazi Activity' After Sharing a Picture of a Swastika Marzipan Cake on Social Media
  129. Germany Aims to Ban Ascendant Far-right From Giving Nazi-like Speeches, but Law Isn't on Their Side
  130. The German Parliament 'Sit Next to the Nazi' Fight
  131. 2 Million Immigrants on Long-term Welfare Benefits in Germany
  132. After AfD Success, German Establishment Incites Hatred Against East Germans
  133. I Am Not German
  134. German Man Fired for Reading Mein Kampf
  135. Switzerland: Africans Kill Elderly White Man then Start Screaming About Racism
  136. AfD Co-Chair Petry Wants to Rehabilitate Controversial Term "Völkisch"
  137. Austria Spends As Much on “Asylum Seekers” As the Military
  138. Interior Minister Upsets Colleagues by Suggesting Germany Could Celebrate Muslim Holidays
  139. Religious Freedom for Muslims: the AfD Have Picked Their First Fight in the Bundestag
  140. German Court Cancels Rental Contract Because Tenant Didn’t Tell Landlady He Was an AfD Member
  141. "These Aren't Colleagues, This is the Enemy in Our Own Ranks": Muslim Police Trainees in Berlin Feel "Hatred for Germans"
  142. Zurich Police Will No Longer Automatically Name Nationality of Crime Suspects
  143. Austrian Far Right Ditches 'Nazi' Flower for Edelweiss
  144. Austria: Jew Set Up Fake Racist and Antisemitic Websites to Discredit Right-wing Candidate
  145. Germany: High School Girl Reports Classmates to Police for "Anti-Semitism", Given Award for "Bravery"
  146. Liechtenstein GDP Larger Than 14 African States Combined
  147. It's okay to be German (it really is)
  148. Sharia Police in Austria: Muslims Threaten to Rape a Woman Bathing Topless Unless She Covers Up
  149. Cologne to Distribute ‘Tolerance’ Wristbands to Combat New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks
  150. This Week's Multicultural Trauma & Death Toll
  151. Jews Push for Diplomatic Boycott of Austria
  152. German Political Leader Under Police Investigation Over Tweets About Muslim Rape Gangs
  153. Google Has Scrubbed This Story of Rapes on New Year's Eve 2016 in Cologne
  154. Germany: Two Years From Racial Tipping Point
  155. Prince: Germany Should Reinstate Monarchy
  156. Germany: Social Media About to Be Shut Down with Insane New Censorship Laws
  157. German Govt. Admits: 92% Increase in Crime Caused by “Refugees”
  158. Austria's Conservative-Nationalist Coalition to Impose 'Sanctions' on Migrants Who Refuse to Integrate
  159. Habsburg EUmpire
  160. 'Muhammed' Is Third Most Popular Baby Name in Austria in 2017
  161. Justice Minister Falls Victim to Own Social Media 'Censorship' Law
  162. Beauty of Politicians Plays an Important Role for German Voters, Study Finds
  163. Survey: Swiss Public in Favour of Burqa Ban
  164. Ex-Gruene Packt Aus: So Kassieren Die Asyl-NGOs Ab
  165. German State TV in a Nutshell
  166. Leading Member of Far-right AfD in Brandenburg Converts to Islam
  167. 'Mohammed' on Course to Be Most Popular Baby Name in Germany
  168. Switzerland Bans Welfare Recipients From Obtaining Citizenship
  169. German Designer Creates ‘Anti-Rape Pants’ After Spate of Sexual Assaults in Cologne at New Year
  170. "It's Too Late for Germany": German Feminist SJW Admits She Got It Wrong on Immigration, Plans to Emigrate to Poland
  171. Austrian Far-Right Minister Quits Over Anti-Semitic Literature at Old Fraternity
  172. Blonde German Woman Transforms Herself Into a "Negress"
  173. Germany And Youtube Try To Censor Increasing Anti-Merkel Protests In The Country
  174. Switzerland: White Genocide = OK; Showing White Genocide = Not OK
  175. German Women Launch Campaign Highlighting Horrific Violence Against Women as a Result of Mass Migration
  176. Berlin: Pre-School Children to Get Gender Diversity Brainwashing
  177. Interview With a German Journalist: “Like Many Other Women in Germany, I No Longer Feel Safe.”
  178. Austrians Could Stop Paying Taxes For Leftist Public Broadcaster ‘That Spreads Propaganda’
  179. Austrian Musician: Merkel Is A Criminal And Needs To Be Locked Up In A Psychiatric Hospital
  180. Austria Plans to Put Immigration and Borders at Heart of EU Presidency
  181. Austria: 300% Violent Crime Increase Due to Nonwhite Invasion, Police Admit
  182. Third German Teen Girl Murdered by an Afghan Migrant: She Refused to Convert to Islam
  183. German Nurses Need Self-Defence Courses Against Increasing Migrant Violence In Hospitals
  184. AfD Politician Blasts Merkel: She Has Imported Women-hating Violent Offenders And Belongs In Court
  185. A New Forum for German Nationalists
  186. Austrian Diplomat Recalled From Israel for Wearing 'Nazi' Shirt
  187. Refugee With Two Wives, 13 Children Lives on German Taxpayer’s Money
  188. "Cool Mama"
  189. Austria, Germany: Jews Keep Scheming Against Patriotic Resistance Parties
  190. Blonde Christian Girl Beaten and Abused by Muslims - Headmaster Tells Mother to Dress Daughter in Hijab
  191. How The Stasi Returned To Germany To Create The Perfect Police State
  192. German City Pays 6,800 Euros Monthly Rent For Just One Refugee Family
  193. Is Part of the German Constitution Un-changeable?
  194. The Migrant Crisis Could Cost The German Taxpayer 1,000,000,000,000 Euros
  195. Is It Possible To Start A New German Speaking Forum?
  196. Reichsbürger movement much larger than initially estimated
  197. Bavaria To Display Crosses In All Government Buildings
  198. German Is Becoming A ‘Foreign Language’ In Germany’s Prisons
  199. Germans: A Minority By 2060
  200. Austria To Seize Refugees' Mobiles And Demand Cash
  201. Migrants Making ‘Terrorist Confessions’ To Avoid Deportation From Germany
  202. Israeli Flags Hung in Major German Cities Are Taken Down and Thrown Away
  203. Germany’s Green Party: Let Illegal Migrants Who Agree to Work in Elderly Care Stay
  204. Germany’s Anti-Christian Hate Crimes Go Underreported Because Migrants Are Involved
  205. Germany: Christian Men Banned From Their Church Because Muslim Women Wanted A ‘Men-Free’ Environment During Event
  206. German Police Union Chief Proposes Taking Children Away From ‘Anti-Semitic Parents’
  207. 200 Migrants in South German Town Prevent Deportation of Man
  208. Austrian Police Have Raided Ten Homes and Offices of Identitarian Activists
  209. Is Saarland actually German?
  210. Angela Merkel Is Failing On All Fronts: The Migrant Crisis Is Disintegrating Germany From Within
  211. Austria: More And More Readers Are Turning Away From The ‘Moralising’ Mainstream Media
  212. Germany: Jewish Leftist Mockingly Celebrates The Fire-Bombing Of Dresden
  213. Germans As A People Do Not Exist, So They Cannot Be Betrayed, Says Green Party Leader
  214. AfD Sues Merkel Over Migrant Crisis: The Chancellor Can’t Act Like A Dictator
  215. Ex-Refugee Helper: They Demanded Name-Brand Goods And A House In Vienna
  216. German Official Wants To Target Outside Online Anti-Semitism
  217. Austrian President Warns Far Right Not To Slander Media
  218. Austrian Far-right Party Says Criticism Of Nazi Ties Is Partly Justified And Pledges To Clean Up Its Act
  219. Austria's Far-Right Interior Minister Provokes Outrage With Call To 'Concentrate' Migrants
  220. Volkskrankheiten / Common Diseases
  221. Antifa Threatens To Destroy Berlin “to Make It Pay For Allowing Right-Wing Protest”
  222. The Migrant Crisis Will End In Civil War, Because Demographics Are Against Us – Austrian Expert
  223. German State Wants To Use Million Dollar Private Jets To Deport Migrants
  224. 4 Ways in Which Berliners are Actually Nice
  225. West vs East German & Austrian Identities
  226. Ein Schiff wird kommen / One ship will arrive
  227. Austrian Chancellor: Every Country Has The Right To Refuse Migrants
  228. Austrian Chancellor Wants 'Axis of Willing' Against Illegal Migration
  229. Germany: Leftist Parliament Members Sabotage Minute’s Silence For Teenage Girl Murdered by Migrant
  230. 90-Year-Old German Woman Sexually Assaulted By Asylum Seeker In Her Bed
  231. The End Of Merkel?
  232. Germany: Migrant Who Murdered Teen Girl Bragged About Everything Being Free, No Need To Work
  233. Almost Half Of Germans Want Merkel To Resign, Poll Shows
  234. Migrants Attack German Ambulance Crew: Emergency Doctor Suffers Traumatic Brain Injuries
  235. Switzerland to Have Mandatory Female CEOs and Managers
  236. Germany: Migrant Decapitates Baby, Government Tries To Cover It Up
  237. More German Money for ‘Holocaust’ Survivors
  238. Huffington Post Germany Calls For The German People To Be Abolished And Germany To Be “Repeopled”
  239. After Wave Of Sex Attacks In Cemeteries, German Media Now Give Prevention Tips To Women
  240. 12 German Taxpayers Fund Cost of Just One Migrant
  241. German Publisher Blocks Book On ‘Hostile Takeover Of Islam’ Because It Could Amplify Anti-Islam Sentiments
  242. Austria’s New Right-Wing Government Has Already Deported 6,000 Migrants This Year
  243. Lübeck: Knife Attack On Bus
  244. Footballer Ozil a Victim of 'Racism & Disrespect'
  245. Refugee Problems Now Solved In Germany!
  246. ‘Integrate or Leave’ – New Immigration Guidelines For Upper Austria
  247. Austrians of Generation Identity Acquitted of Criminal Organisation
  248. German Woman Receives Large Fine For Criticising Refugees On Facebook
  249. Refugee Demands from Germans: Money, Smartphones And Leaving The Country "For The Good Of Integration"
  250. “Mass Migration Greatest Threat to Security” – Austrian Army Official