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  1. Germany Has Too Many Housewives, EU Warns
  2. 50th Amniversary of South Tyrolean Uprising Against Italian Occupiers
  3. Von Der Maas Bis an Die Memel
  4. Himmler's Daughter Gudrun Burwitz Aged 81 Keep the Nazi Flame Alive.
  5. Controversial Chapters - Can a Jointly Written History Erase Centuries of German-Polish Strife?
  6. Joseph Goebbels' Berlin Home for Sale
  7. Secret Nazi Codes Litter Germany
  8. Ethnic Chinese Fraternity Man Sparks Racial Row
  9. Austrian Right-Winger Resigns Over 'Blood and Honour' Tattoo
  10. Cath. Bishop Williamson Tried for Thoughtcrime Heresy
  11. 44 Percent of Children in Germany Under Five Are of Third World Origin
  12. Arson and Stabbings in Berlin As Extremist Groups Clash
  13. Germany Says Islamic Terrorism Still a Threat
  14. Hiding in Plain Sight: Germany's Neo-Nazis Ditch Skinhead Look
  15. German Youth Hostel Opens in Giant Former Nazi Resort
  16. A Copy of the Hallstatt Village in China!
  17. Germany Makes £88 Million Available to Libyan Rebels
  18. Children Could Be Taken into Care to Beat Brainwashing at Third Reich Summer Camps
  19. German Police Conduct Raids On People Who Oppose Immigration
  20. How Germanic is Austria?
  21. German Security Official Warns of Breivik Copycats
  22. Attitudes Toward German Citizenship Changing
  23. Asian Immigrant Tells Germany What a German is
  24. German Left Provokes Row on Berlin Wall Anniversary
  25. Germans - Are You Ashamed of the Bavarian Stereotype?
  26. NPD Under Fire for Suspected Holocaust Allusion
  27. Euro Bail-Out in Doubt As 'Hysteria' Sweeps Germany
  28. Exclusive: Finland Wants Luxembourg Agency to Hold Greek Assets
  29. Germany: "Land of Opportunities"
  30. Israeli Holocaust Survivors Sue Austria
  31. Berlin to Boycott UN Anti-racism Event
  32. Unique Roman Gladiator Ruins Unveiled in Austria
  33. If Bavaria Left Germany...
  34. Another Car Arsonist Arrested in Berlin
  35. German Police Detain 2; Search Islamic Center
  36. US Ambassador Laments ‘racist Jerks’ in Germany
  37. Israel Boycotted by Nivea ? Simon Wiesenthal Center Expresses Outrage in Letter to German Cosmetics Company
  38. Who is Your Favourite Politician in German-Speaking Europe Since World War II?
  39. Swiss Member of Parliament Has Had Enough!
  40. Why Are Israelis Moving to Germany?
  41. Merkel and Euroskeptic Allies Beaten in Berlin
  42. Moslems Want Removal of Cross From Swiss National Flag
  43. Christians Should Support the Construction of Mosques
  44. Germany Bans Its Biggest Neo-Nazi Group
  45. Swiss Right-wing Party Proposes Ban on SNB Gold Sales
  46. Pope's Final Message - Go Back to Basics
  47. Germans Reconsider Ties to Europe
  48. Kirsten Dunst Becomes German Citizen
  49. Save the Lightbulb / Rettet Die Glühbirne
  50. Nazi Probes Reopened
  51. Young East Prussian Association
  52. Chaos Computer Club: Spy Software Scandal Focuses on Bavaria
  53. Left-Extremists Attack Railway System in Berlin
  54. Swiss Nationalist Leading in Election Race
  55. SPP Mascot Goat Kidnapped, Painted Black
  56. NS Memorabilia
  57. 1943: The Church of England Knew 6,000,000 Jews Would Be Killed
  58. Tactics to Gain Former German Territory Back
  59. Birthday of the Telephon by Phillip Reis
  60. NPD Chairman Sues Hotel for Discrimination. Hotels Can Ban Neo-Nazis.
  61. Photographs of Ordinary Germans from the Third Reich
  62. Israel: German Government Threatening to Halt Delivery of Submarine Capable of Firing Nuclear Warheads
  63. Sculpture of Ai WeiWei Corpse Spooks German Town
  64. Nearly Half of Forced Marriage Brides "German"
  65. UK Troops to Leave Germany
  66. Germany Invites Skilled Greeks to Pursue Jobs
  67. The British Germans the War Left Behind
  68. Killing Spree Uncovered in Thuringia
  69. Hidden in Plain: Sight Facts and Myths About Germany's Far-Right Extremists
  70. Germany to Set Up Neo-Nazi Registry After Ten Murders
  71. Most Beautiful City in Germany?
  72. Most Beautiful Villages of Germania?
  73. The Myth of the Fourth Reich
  74. Bavarian PM Visits Czech Memorials to Nazism
  75. 13-Pound Baby Named ‘Jihad’ Born in Germany
  76. German Stefan Ramin Eaten by Cannibal
  77. WW2 Bomb in Germany Diffused
  78. Anarchist Group Claims Letter Bomb: German Police
  79. Germany's Sorrow at British 'Isolation' in Europe
  80. 'I Was an Asshole': A Look at Neo-Nazi Germany from the Inside
  81. FPÖ Wants Luxury Tax
  82. Neo-Nazi Terror House 'Will Be Demolished'
  83. Should More Be Done to Protect German?
  84. N. Korean Leader Taught in Switzerland
  85. 'The Iranian Schindler'
  86. Any Good European/German News Websites in English?
  87. Blackface in Berlin Play Just 'Tradition'
  88. Neo-Nazi Radio Presenters Sentenced
  89. German Word of the Day (Any Day)
  90. (Germany) Unemployed Woman Told to Take Job As Prostitute
  91. Immigrants Stop 8-Year Population Decline
  92. Heidi Klum and the Singer Seal Are to File for Divorce
  93. German Report: Anti-Semitism in Germany
  94. German Intelligence Watching Far-Left Politicians
  95. German, Austrian Christian Leaders Repent for Holocaust
  96. "Far-Right" Vienna Ball Condemned
  97. Did Germany Sow the Seeds of the Eurozone Debt Crisis?
  98. Bismarck Voice Recording Released
  99. How the Swiss Opted Out of War
  100. Uproar Over Rightist Leader’s Comments About Jews
  101. Germany Intelligence Agency Criticized for Spying on Lawmakers
  102. You Can Sell Hitler Schnapps! Austrian Police Abandon Investigation into Sale of Alcohol with Hitler's Face on Bottle
  103. Urban Slang is 'More Logical' Way of Speaking
  104. Europe at Work in Germany
  105. Canada Wants Military Base in Germany
  106. How the NPD Targets the Mainstream
  107. Berlin: Antifa Thugs Confused Over Being Attacked by Immigrants - Not Nazis
  108. German Moslems 'Refuse to Integrate'
  109. Budingen/Hesse in WWII
  110. "Tyrolean Iceman" Had Brown Eyes and Hair, and Was Lactose Intolerant
  111. Germany's Disgraced President Pockets £240,000
  112. Should The Monarchy Be Reinstated?
  113. Belarusian Leader Scorns German FM for Being Gay
  114. Authorities Threaten to Deport Baby
  115. SPD Head 'Sorry for Israel Apartheid Comment'
  116. In Austria, University Wields 'Holocaust Denial’ Lawsuit To Silence Professor
  117. Turk's Message for Europe: "We Are Coming"
  118. Germany Sits on 'Terror' Data Collection Law
  119. 'Discriminatory' Food Names Should Be Banned, Says Austria
  120. Court: Skin Colour Good Reason for Cop ID Check
  121. Hitler Family Gravestone is Removed Over Fears It Had Become a Shrine for Neo-Nazis
  122. Should Germany Have a Veterans' Day?
  123. Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg
  124. Fucking's Residents to Vote on Name Change
  125. Vienna Removing Anti-Semite's Name from Avenue
  126. German Railways Sponsors Two-Year Program for Surviving Romani Victims of Nazism in the Czech Republic
  127. East Germany World's Most Godless Area
  128. Germany's Far-Right Turns to Environmentalism
  129. First Wolf Seen in Rhineland for 120 Years Shot Dead.
  130. Germany Sets Woodland Burial Trend
  131. Germany: Hostile Alien Moslems "Noticed"
  132. Party Plans Mohammed Cartoons 'Election Tactic'
  133. Let the Germans Clean Up Europe
  134. Berlin Worried About 'Muhammad Cartoon Contest'
  135. Patrick Moore Sends His Regards :-)
  136. Bonn: Clashes Between Hajis and Right-wingers
  137. Germany Tracing Its War Dead From World War II
  138. Wave of Immigrants Overwhelms German System
  139. Michele Bachmann is Now a Swiss Citizen.
  140. Angela Merkel's Party Humiliated by Shock Election Defeat
  141. Do You Support the NPD?
  142. Bosnian Couple 'Enslaved German Girl'
  143. Germany Permits Itself to Celebrate Prussian King
  144. Israel Arms German Subs with Nukes
  145. Hamburg Warzone: 700 Arrested As Leftists Clash with Neo-Nazis (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
  146. Germany's Imposed History: Conversation With Prof. Nolte
  147. Germany Elects First Ever Black Mayor
  148. Solar Power Reached 50% of Energy Needs in Germany
  149. Insight: Liechtenstein Prince Faces Vote Over Veto Power
  150. Turk Uses Wife's Head To Attack German Police
  151. German Far-Right Lawmakers Thrown Out of State Parliament
  152. German Doctors Apologize for "Holocaust Horrors"
  153. German "Antifascist" Leftists Badly Beaten Up by Salafist Moslems
  154. Holocaust Pressure on Germany Over Euro, Says Ex-Central Banker Sarrazin
  155. Switzerland Tightens Asylum Laws
  156. Book Describes Germany Without Foreigners
  157. One in Five German Teens Can't Read Well Enough
  158. Germany Rules Religious Circumcision is Bodily Harm
  159. Teenagers' Ignorance of Hitler Shocks
  160. A British Commonwealth War Crime
  161. Silver Legion of America
  162. German Gunman 'Kills Hostages in Karlsruhe Eviction'
  163. The Traitor is the Plague
  164. German TV On The Internet
  165. A Jewish State in Thüringen?
  166. Circumcision Ban is the 'Worst Attack on Jews Since Holocaust"
  167. Gun Control in Germany, 1928-1945
  168. Pro-Nazi Text Found Under Vienna Memorial
  169. Some Swiss Hospitals Follow German Circumcision Ruling
  170. Swastika Tattoo Prompts Bayreuth Star to Cancel
  171. More Germans Leave Their Estates to Israel
  172. German Rower is Sent Home from Olympics...
  173. Who Needs the Euro?
  174. Free Syrien Army Captures 5,000 StGw44s
  175. Hamburg Signs Historic Deal with Moslems
  176. Germany Seems to Have to Pay for Much More Bad Debts then Previously Thought : 1 TRILLION
  177. 'The Immortals': Neo-Nazi Flash Mobs Strike German Cities
  178. German Citizenship?
  179. Residents Dread 20th Anniversary of Racist Riot
  180. How Controlled is the Internet in Germany?
  181. Learn German Animal Names & Sounds by a Cheesy Video XD
  182. Treudeutsche Ostergruesse :)
  183. Battle Rages in Germany Over Army Deployment Against Terror
  184. Hundreds of Treason Complaints Against Merkel
  185. Merkel Bows to Turkish Pressure and Allows Prosecution of German Comedian for Insulting Erdogan
  186. German Children's Songs
  187. German Cities - Then and Now
  188. 2016 Presidential Elections: Is Hofer Going to Win in Austria?
  189. Police Raid Apartments Over ‘Right-Wing’ Social Media Posts
  190. The Last Generation of Germans / Nationalmasochismus
  191. Germany's AfD Adopts Anti-Islam Stance at Party Conference
  192. 'Traitor' – Germans Chase Justice Minister Who Flees in His Armored Car
  193. The Herero Uprising (1904)
  194. Germany Looks To Prosecute Cologne New Year’s Attacks Whistleblowers
  195. Islamist Knife Attack Kills One, Injures 3 in Bavaria
  196. Deutsche Nachrichten / German Newslinks
  197. 2/3rds Say Islam Doesn't Belong to Germany
  198. German Government Plans to Spend 93.6 Billion Euros on "Refugees" by End 2020
  199. 'No More Blue Eyes & Blonde Hair!' Islam Scholar Tells Germans 'Being German' Means 'Wearing a Hijab'
  200. CH: 'Asylum Law Revision Heads in Wrong Direction'
  201. Austria Police: Dye Blonde Hair Dark
  202. Bavaria Tries to Coax Migrants into Police Force
  203. Germany Vs Ungarn
  204. Germany: Woman Who Wore "University of Auschwitz" T-Shirt Faces 5 Years in Prison
  205. 2016 German Teens Just Want to Be Mainstream
  206. "You're A German, You're Nothing!" Migrant Filmed Assaulting & Bullying German Teen
  207. Are We Ever Going to Hit Them Back?
  208. Swiss to Join the EU – NOT!
  209. Kultur Und Religion Der Germanen
  210. Kim Jong-un`s Swiss Childhood Home Identified
  211. Die "politisch Korrekten" Und Ihre Schildbürgerstreiche
  212. Should Silesia Get Independence from Poland to Form a New German State?
  213. New Record: Over 2 Million Migrated to Germany in 2015
  214. German Police Raid Purveyors of Anti-Semitic Hate Postings
  215. Woman Who Wore "University of Auschwitz" T-Shirt Faces 5 Years in Prison
  216. Map of All Invader Centers in the Federal Republic
  217. There Has Never Been Sexual Touching on This Scale
  218. German Govn't Teaching Migrants How to Pick Up European Women
  219. Austria Jails Man Who Posted Photo of Nazi-Salute Cat
  220. Berlin is the "New Jerusalem": More and More Israeli Jews Moving to Germany
  221. Germany to Tell People to Stockpile Food and Water
  222. 'There's Not Much That's German Here Anymore'
  223. Migrants Should Be Rounded Up and Thrown Out by the ARMY, Says Top German Politicia
  224. How Germany's National Anthem Withstood 175 Years of Political Change
  225. Assassination Attempt Feared on Merkel in Prague
  226. The New Swiss Wrestling King 2016 is Here!
  227. Migrant Rapists "grin and Act Like Pop Stars"
  228. AfD Set to Win Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State Elections
  229. Better Regional Segmentation of German States
  230. Identitäre Bewegung Deutschland & Bayern
  231. Austro-Bavarian and Prussian Regional Divergences
  232. Top German Companies Say Refugees Not Ready for Job Market
  233. Germans, Refugees Clash in Bautzen
  234. Algerian 'Asylum Seeker': "I Came to F**k the Women"
  235. Deutsche Bank Shares Plummet to Record Low As Merkel Rules Out Bailout
  236. ‘She Declared War on Own People’: Merkel Vows to Stick to Open Door Policy, Faces Online Uproar
  237. The Hitler We Loved and Why
  238. "Warum Ich Kein Linker Mehr Bin"
  239. Merkel's Reunification PR Stunt Shows Great Divide
  240. The Myth of German Villainy
  241. That GERMAN Girl - Right-wing AfD Party Leader Frauke Petry Compares Migrants to Compost
  242. Question - Radio Germania
  243. German Parenting Magazine Warns That "Blond and Cheerful Families" Are Dangerous, May Be Secret Nazis
  244. Swiss to Vote on Passport Rules for 3rd Gen Foreigners
  245. German Court Sentences Facebook User to Jail for Xenophobic Comments
  246. 'Nazi Grandma' Holocaust Denier Ursula Haverbeck Sentenced to Jail
  247. ‘Blacks Are in Charge of Town’: Popular Bavarian Ski Resort Begs Authorities for Help
  248. Swiss Leftist Politician Arrested for Trafficking African Illegal Immigrants
  249. Politician: "I Accuse" Green Party of "Genocide of the German People"
  250. German Country-folk Should Be Used As Test Subjects for the "Integration Laboratory"