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  1. No Obama for Deutschland: Ethnic Minorities Still Overlooked in German Politics
  2. Germany's NPD May Get 100,000 Euros for Foundation
  3. Contest in Carinthia: Win a Camp for Asylum Seekers in Your Village!
  4. Adolf Hitler Sex Video Condemned by Aids Charities
  5. The Greens’ Omid Nouripour: ‘You Have to Fight for Democracy’
  6. Ten Police Officers Hurt As Anti-Nazi March Runs Out of Control
  7. Every Eighth German Wants the Wall Back
  8. Few of Germany's Unemployed Willing to Move for Work
  9. Hessian Border Town Changing States After 50-Year Campaign
  10. Bundeswehr Dedicates Fallen Soldiers Memorial
  11. The Neo-Nazi Who Became a Researcher: "Right-Wing Extremism 'Took Over My Life'"
  12. Austria: Majority Opposes Continued Investigation of Nazi Past
  13. 25,000 March for More Privacy from Authorities
  14. Berlin or Vienna, Which Capital Would You Prefer for a German Union?
  15. FPÖ Wants Turkey’s EU Accession Negotiations Ended
  16. Non-Traditional Names Linked to Teacher Discrimination
  17. Police Raid NPD Office for Sending Racist Hate Mail
  18. Last East German Leader Still a Convinced Socialist
  19. Half of Germans Back Compulsory Vote Amid Falling Turnout
  20. Greens Blast SPÖ Over Gender Pay Discrimination
  21. FPÖ Wants Police to Focus on Ethnicity
  22. Bundestag Election Results 2009
  23. Pirate Party Fires Broadside at German Political Establishment
  24. Failure on the Far Right: NPD's Racist Election Campaign Flops
  25. Merkel Cites Eternal Responsibility at WWII Ceremony
  26. The Pillars of Northern German Culture
  27. Ex-Finance Senator Says Berlin is Too Dumb to Become a Great City
  28. Experts Recommend ‘Turbo’ Naturalisation for Immigrants
  29. Reinfeldt Steps Up Pressure to Ensure Lisbon Treaty Adoption
  30. Police Investigate 'Turks Are Conquering Germany' Comment
  31. Austria: Mayor Doesn't Want Any Muslims
  32. Police Brutality Claims Follow Anti-Nazi Protest
  33. Saarland: 'The Greens Are About to Churn Up Germany's Party System'
  34. Activists Protest Over Migrant Laws
  35. Citizens' Movement Party Advances in Geneva
  36. After Haider, Austrian Far-Right Could Grow
  37. Guido Knopp, What is Your Opinion of Him?
  38. More Than 100 Arrests in Leipzig Neo-Nazi and Anarchist Clashes
  39. Wealthy Germans Launch Petition for Higher Taxes
  40. Number of Austrian Holocaust Deniers Hits Lowest Level
  41. Formerly 'Red' East German Farm Becomes a 'Green' Success
  42. Switzerland: Green MPS Say Immigrants a Threat to Nature
  43. Small General Stores Making Comeback in Rural Germany
  44. Eastern German Economy Grows Faster Than Expected
  45. Berlin Bans Neo-Nazi Group 'Frontbann 1924'
  46. Adolf Hitler's Family Home for Sale
  47. Ex-GDR Officials Gripe of Persecution 20 Years On
  48. Putin Feels 'Nostalgia' for East Germany
  49. Switzerland: Open Mosque Day
  50. Germany's Sovereignty Restricted by US and Allies
  51. Westerwelle Embroiled in Row Over Displaced Germans in WWII
  52. The Proposed United States of Greater Austria
  53. Switzerland: Muslims Are Welcome, if They're Integrated and Unobtrusive
  54. Germany in Biblical Prophecy
  55. SS Man Charged with 58 Murders
  56. Turks: Germany Must Do More for Integration
  57. German-Born Criminal to Be Deported to Turkey
  58. Newspapers Sentenced for 'Gay Haider' Reports
  59. Majority of Austrians Not Interested in Politics, Study Reveals
  60. Germans Feel Like Strangers in Their Own City
  61. German & Dutch/Flemish Separation
  62. How Bad is the Turkish Problem in Germany?
  63. Racialism In The DDR
  64. More Than Three Quarters Oppose Austria Leaving EU
  65. Austrian Freedom Party Wants “Democracy Test” for Immigrants
  66. Germany Still Paying Off WWI Reparations
  67. Germany: Fear of Turkish Radicalization
  68. EU Court Rules German Custody Laws Discriminate Against Fathers
  69. Berlin and Hamburg Attacks an Anarchist 'Declaration of War'
  70. Swiss Leader Calls for Jewish Cemetery Ban
  71. The Betrayal of the Tyroleans
  72. Switzerland Halves Non-EU Work Permits
  73. Lower Austrian Freedom Party Demands to Close the Border
  74. Austrians Oppose Minaret Ban
  75. Austrian Students to Hear of German Human Flesh Soup
  76. Strache Wants Debate on End of Presidency
  77. Austria: Deal with Radicals, Not Minarets, Says Jewish Community
  78. British Newspapers Misquote German Hitler Researcher
  79. "Germans Stick to the Ethnic Definition More Than Any Other European Nation"
  80. Germany Ranked World's Fourth Best Place to Live
  81. Integration Official Says 20 Percent of Public Jobs Should Go to Immigrants
  82. Heimattreue Deutsche Jugend
  83. "Why Am I Not German?"
  84. How Wars are Made: Jews in Germany
  85. Austria: Proposal for More Severe Punishment for Religious Crimes
  86. German Court Pledges 500 Million Euros for Jewish Ghetto Workers
  87. Found: The Nazi Board Game That Taught the Hitler Youth How to Defeat the Enemy
  88. Question for You Folks in Germany
  89. 'Marie' and 'Maximilian' Top Germany's 2009 Baby Name List
  90. Zündel To Be Released Soon From German Prison
  91. Traveling to Germany
  92. Austria to Contribute €6mn to Auschwitz Renovation
  93. Eberau: More Than 90 Percent Against Asylum Seekers Hostel
  94. German Woman Writes Ground-Breaking Account of WW2 Rape
  95. Germany to Promote 'Language of Ideas'
  96. BZÖ Calls for Tougher Immigration Laws
  97. Swiss Less Wary of Foreigners Than in 1990s
  98. 'Closet-Nazi' in Running for Austrian Presidency
  99. Yet More World War II Compensations: Ghetto Laborers Still Waiting for German Pensions
  100. Childfree Zone in Berlin Café Raises Eyebrows
  101. Germans Cringe at Hitler's Popularity in Pakistan - "We're Aryans Too"
  102. Southern Burgenland, Austria: Clear No to Asylum Seekers' Centre in Referendum
  103. Hitler's Gift Causes Renewed Controversy
  104. German Sentenced for Swastika Tattoo
  105. One in Four Germans Wants Microchip Under Skin: Poll
  106. Austrian Taxes and Charges Extremely High
  107. 'Spiritual Castle Home' of Infamous SS Opens to Public with £8m Exhibition
  108. Outcry As Chapel Built from Remains of Hitler's Luxury Home Becomes Nazi Shrine
  109. Sub-German Identities
  110. Strache Called a 'Nazi' in Video on SPÖ Member's Blog
  111. Fischer Under Fire Over Alleged 'Sieg Heil!' Parliament Heck
  112. Vienna: Controversy Over Plans for Flak Towers
  113. Germany Receives Highest Grade for Hunt for Former Nazis
  114. German State Appoints First Minister of Turkish Origin
  115. Germany is the Most Favourably Viewed Nation…
  116. Switzerland: Some Success for Integration Contracts
  117. Many Austrians Want Schilling Back As Euro Falters
  118. BZÖ Wants to Join Forces with LIF
  119. Immigrants "Making Germany Dumber"
  120. Young Generation of Israelis Flock 'Back' to Germany
  121. More and More Germans Become Carinthians
  122. German Conservatives Suggest Intelligence Tests for Immigrants
  123. Stop 'Thriving Holocaust Industry,' Says German Legislator
  124. German Man Facing Jail for Having Hitler Speech As His Mobile Ringtone
  125. Island of HELGOLAND, Germany
  126. Germany Threatens to Cut-Off Aid to Zimbabwe
  127. Neo-Nazi Clothing Label Case Doomed from the Start
  128. The Enemy's Vision of Deutschland
  129. Black Singer with HIV Had Unprotected Sex in Germany
  130. Questions about Moving to/Immigrating to/Living in Germany
  131. Immigration: The Invasion of Luxembourg
  132. ORF Under Fire for Screening Nazi Tank Model Ad
  133. Swiss Court Punishes Anne Frank Diary Skeptic
  134. German Hotel Owner Taken to Court for Hitler Portrait
  135. Germany Then, Germany Now?
  136. Idea: Divide Germany?
  137. Germany Central Banker Thilo Sarrazin Condemned for 'Racist' Book
  138. What Do These Words Mean?
  139. The Stuttgart Rapes
  140. German Government Decides to Extend Lifespan of Nuclear Plants
  141. Rivalry in Germany
  142. 2,000 Years of German Defiance
  143. Conscript Help
  144. German Identity, Long Dormant, Reasserts Itself
  145. FDP Backs Fast-Tracked Citizenship to Spur Integration
  146. German Speakers Marginalised in New EU Diplomatic Corps
  147. Anger Over Nazi-Named Hiking Paths in Austria
  148. Strache Associated with Advocates of a Fourth Reich
  149. Young Israelis Are Moving to Berlin in Droves
  150. Austrian Freedom Party with Anti Islam Online Game
  151. Merkel: Mosques a Feature of German Landscape, Germany Will Become Islamic State
  152. Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle Pushes Turkey's EU Bid
  153. RATM Vocalist on "Facism" in Deutschland
  154. Al Qaeda and the German Connection
  155. Heidi Klum and Germany
  156. Few Austrians See Need for More Support of Ethnic Minorities
  157. ÖVP Wants to Force Jobless into Work
  158. Austrian Freedom Party: Controversial Comics As Canvassing
  159. 'German Militants' Killed in Pakistan Drone Attack
  160. Strache is Not Allowed to Say “Red Nazis”
  161. Greater Switzerland Just Might Take Off
  162. Anybody from Dresden?
  163. Senior German Politician Calls to Stop Moslem Immigration
  164. Germanophobia & Anti-Germanism in Germany
  165. Elderly German Woman Fined for 'Holocaust Denial'
  166. In Austria, A New Prison Sentence for 'Holocaust Denier' Fröhlich
  167. Merkel Says German Multicultural Society Has Failed
  168. Speak German on School Grounds, FDP Urges
  169. Jews and Hindus Urge Merkel to Show Tolerance to Immigrants
  170. The Hitler Salute Still Not Forbidden in Switzerland?
  171. Latest on Hendrik Möbus?
  172. Study Finds Young, Devout Muslims in Germany More Prone to Violence
  173. In Memoriam Jürgen Rieger
  174. Merkel Publicly Distances Herself from Wilders
  175. A Ceremony for Jews Who Fought for Germany
  176. Is Plattdeutsch/Plattdüütsch Dying Out As a Spoken Language in Northern Germany?
  177. Germany Tightens Security After Receiving Attack Threat
  178. On Uwe Barschel’s Murder and Possible Mossad Connection
  179. Germany To Become Economic Superpower?
  180. Switzerland Debates Tough Deportation Proposal
  181. Outrage About Holocaust Joke in ORF Show
  182. Austrian Freedom Party Close to Nationalsocialism?
  183. Germany Should Act For Israel
  184. This Disgusts Me
  185. German Anger Over America's '15 Per Cent Cut of Afghan Aid'
  186. Islamic Racism Towards Germans in Germany
  187. Austrian MP Ewald Stadler Adresses Turkish Ambassador
  188. 77 Year Old German Shoots Albanian Burglar.
  189. Germany to Pay Over £50 Million to Preserve Auschwitz
  190. Austria Not Among Global Top 10 Regarding Democracy
  191. Merkel Urges Germans: Stand Up for Christian Values
  192. NPD Has Taken Over the Town of Jamel
  193. German Environmental Satelite is Really a Spy Satelite
  194. Video | Austrian MP Excoriates the Tolerance Romantics
  195. Thilo Sarrazin: How Much Support for Him & His Views in Germany?
  196. Germany Knew Eichmann's Hiding Place Years Before His Capture
  197. Support the NPD in Their Future Election by Joining Their Facebook Page
  198. Poland: WWII Nazi Soldier Bones Desecrated?
  199. The German Commando In The South African War of 1899-1902
  200. Nearly 90% of Germans Do Not Believe Official 9/11 Fairy Tale
  201. WWI U-boat Found Off the Coast of Cork
  202. Hitler's Last Bodyguard Gives Up on Fan Mail
  203. The Tasks of the BDM ---by Dr. Jutta Rüdiger
  204. Which Areas of Germany Have the Most Authentic Culture?
  205. Apple Red-Faced After Nazi Faux Pas
  206. German Parliament Votes to End Afghan Combat Mission by 2014
  207. German State Risks "Moslem Anger" After Becoming First in the Country to Ban the Burka
  208. Airports Demand Racial Profiling to Fight Terror
  209. Switzerland Rejects Tighter Gun Controls
  210. Most Ethnic Germans in Germany Liberals?
  211. Street Chidren in Berlin: A Disgrace!
  212. Arms Training Is God's Will - Cleric
  213. Jewish Leaders Slam Memorial Day for Expelled Germans
  214. Two American Airmen Killed at Frankfurt Airport
  215. Minister Insists Islam 'Does Not Belong in Germany'
  216. Germans Flock to See East German Secret Police Files
  217. Rockefeller on Murder Charge?
  218. Anti-German Hatred
  219. Germany Has Made a Slight Demographic Recovery Since Last Year's News
  220. Germany to Contribute 22 Billion Euros to New Fund
  221. Nazi Family History Lessons
  222. One-quarter of Berliners Have Foreign Roots
  223. How Adolf Eichmann's Trial Unified Israel
  224. The German Spirit Needs to Arise Again
  225. 'Nazi' Pie Maker Gets Death Threats
  226. Germany Threatens to Reintroduce Border Checks in Row Over Tunisian Refugees
  227. Swiss Launch New Search for Twins Missing Since January
  228. "Kolberg" (The Film, 1945)
  229. German Music
  230. Hollywood Siren Marlene Dietrich's Plot to Assassinate Hitler Revealed
  231. German ‘Insult’ To Great Escape Heroes
  232. The Proposed V-2 Rocket Theme Park
  233. Secret Transcripts Reveal the Inner Workings of Soldiers' Minds
  234. Vienna to Honour Austria's Wehrmacht Deserters
  235. German Woman Speaks Out Against Moslems
  236. "Polish Migration Expert" Says "Germany Needs Immigrants"
  237. German Sentenced for a Plan to Repatriate Foreigners
  238. German Police Forces Actively Recruit Officers from the Country's Immigrant Communities.
  239. Germany Tries to Allay Labour Influx Fear
  240. SS Soldier Leaves Life Savings to British Village Where He Was Kept Prisoner
  241. The Demise of Rural Germany
  242. VIDEO: Great Anti-EU Speech - "Why We Should Welcome German Patriotism"
  243. Coptic Bishop Warns Native Germans About Islam: “You´re Up Next!”
  244. African Negro Demands That German Law Be Changed to Prosecute Sarrazin
  245. Austrian Towns Move to Revoke Hitler's Honorary Citizenship
  246. Germany Pledges to Shut Down All Its Nuclear Plants by 2022 Following Fukushima Disaster
  247. German E. Coli Outbreak Leads to Drug Trial
  248. German Police Train Vulture 'Detectives' to Find Bodies
  249. The German Example
  250. Women Give Neo-Nazi Scene a Face-Lift