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  1. 'We Thank You for Killing ET'
  2. Afrikaner Separatism: Location and Relocation
  3. Government to Hide Corruption
  4. Govt Spent R1.5 Billion on Luxuries
  5. Tribunal Rules in Favour of Zim Farmers
  6. Xenophobia: SA to Call in UN
  7. Nederlands En Duitse TV Kanale Op DSTV Beskikbaar
  8. Land Reform Plan To Stir Angry Debate
  9. Praag: Joodse Raad Vier Sestigste Bestaansjaar in Duitsland.
  10. Man Held 2 Days 'for Nothing'
  11. Louis Oosthuizen
  12. Teen Tells of Farm Attack
  13. "Louis, The Tractor & Farmer Floyd"
  14. EU Gives Millions for Zim
  15. Isidore W Schlesinger: from Poor Czechoslovakian Jew To the Worlds Largest Diamond Company.
  16. Fiktiewe Onderhoud Met F.W. Die Volkd Veraaier De Klerk
  17. Tourist Rapes 'Shocking'
  18. ANC Sets Sights on Newspapers
  19. Roodt Self Vír Die Semitisering Van Afrikaners
  20. White South Africans Are Under Siege - a Typical Case
  21. Black Economic Empowerment Stats 'A Complete Shocker'
  22. Boer Gejaag, Op Sy Plaas Geskiet
  23. Prison Fire Part of Hostage Situation
  24. Polisie Ry Man Van Pad Af
  25. Schaik Syndrome Spreading Fast
  26. Selebi: I've Been Expecting This
  27. Son Saves Dad with Steak Knife During Attack
  28. ANC-Jeugliga Eis Dadelik Optrede Teen Media
  29. South Africa, Russia Ink New Uranium Deal
  30. Family Attacked, Raped at Home
  31. Terre'Blanche Case Deferred
  32. Ma Voor Haar 2 Kinders Doodgeskiet
  33. Concern Over Media Freedom
  34. Malema: Media Tribunal Will Happen
  35. Malema Boosted by ANC Brass
  36. Anyone in Johannesburg?
  37. 'Thank Us for Freedom'
  38. Jack Russells Protect Battered Owner
  39. Malema 'Shows the Law is an Ass'
  40. Rape Ordeal: Mom Tells Boy to Cover His Head
  41. Hawks Seize Cops' Cars, Property
  42. 'Gay Kiss' Photo Furore
  43. ‘Boere-Viking’ is Een Van Drie Suidlanders Wat Groot Trek Pak
  44. Gran Lets Shotgun Do the Talking
  45. 'While They Strike, People Die'
  46. Edu Fund for White Girls Opened to All Races
  47. Man Killed in Heist
  48. Man Recounts How He Killed Robbers
  49. Nog 'n Boer Aangeval, Ernstig Beseer
  50. Adolf Hitler Was Dalk Joods, Wys DNS Toetse
  51. Hello
  52. Reason for Concern - De Klerk
  53. German Embassy Preparing Evacuation
  54. Die Rooi Gevaar
  55. The Curious Case of Bees Roux...
  56. Rassistiese Toelatingsvereistes
  57. Man Erg Aangerand Deur Taxi Bestuurder, Passasiers
  58. SAKP, Cosatu Bekende Word Nuwe Landbou-DG
  59. Woman Killed in Third Attack
  60. Border War / Grensoorlog
  61. Afrikaners – It is Time to Take Notice
  62. White Farmer Accuses South Africa of Genocide
  63. Malema - State Should Be Able to Take Private Land!
  64. It's Time For a Black Idol
  65. Eugene + Malema = Same Face?
  66. White Lady Raped, Murdered in Small Town
  67. Woman Shot Five Times
  68. White Professionals' Numbers Plummet
  69. Murdered Matie Tried to Stop Rape
  70. Nuwe Tuiste Vir Boere Eenheid
  71. Maatskappye Te Blank?
  72. Aap Se Kind
  73. 'Minder Dood in ABO Kampe'
  74. One Post, Four Stories On White Struggle
  75. Boer Lady Shoots Attacker
  76. 10yr Old Girl Watches Over Murdered Dad's Body
  77. Genoeg is Nou Genoeg. Dit Nou Klaar.
  78. Willem Ratte Weer Gearresteer
  79. We Won't Rent to Blacks - Landlady
  80. Israeli Activist Supports Afrikaner Struggle
  81. Former All Blacks Coach Stabbed in SA
  82. Guard Hunts Down Women
  83. 'Bfn Museums Moet Transformeer'
  84. Rasse Storm Broei In Skool
  85. Customs Official Hits Woman In Face
  86. Afrikaans Place Names Lose Out
  87. South African Land Grabs Made Official in Green Paper
  88. Diskriminasie Teen Blanke Plakkers in Krugersdorp
  89. Colonial German Church Celebrates 100 Years in Namibia
  90. White South Africans Use Facebook in Campaign to Return to Holland
  91. 'Wind of Change'
  92. Grandfather Killed for Nothing
  93. Hero Cop Shot 5 Times
  94. The Richest Afrikaner Family...
  95. ANC Appeals 'Shoot the Boer' Ban
  96. Willem Ratte
  97. Dog Guards Murdered Man's Body
  98. Thousands of Afrikaner Farmers Are Considering Resettlement to Georgia
  99. Jail Rapes Of White Men (Not for Sensitive Readers)
  100. Hoërskool Parys In Rasse-Oorlog
  101. Apartheid South Africa: Relations With Other Countries
  102. Nagmerrie in Bloemfontein Strate
  103. One Day In The South African Media
  104. Shock, Anger At Doctor's Rape
  105. Hitler Was Links! En Ander Gedagtes Uit Nederland
  106. Campers Attacked
  107. Couple Held Hostage
  108. Teen Dies Trying to Protect Schoolboy
  109. Playwright Athol Fugard Issued Stark Warning About the Direction His Country is Going
  110. 'n Paar Gedagtes Oor Angola
  111. Apartheid Blamed For Violence
  112. Criminal Justice System 'Racist'
  113. 'n Nostalgiese Terugblik Aan My Jeugdae in Suid Afrika
  114. The Strijdom Square Massacre - Wit Wolf
  115. Robbed Tourists Eager To Leave SA
  116. Nationalization Study Gets Underway
  117. “When Something Is Black, People Criticize It.”
  118. Police to Cough Up for Boer Torture.
  119. South Africa Possibilities
  120. Old Lady Murdered In Old Age Home
  121. How Many of You Read CENSORBUGS?
  122. Robbers: Pray, It Won't Help
  123. "I Don't Like Black People"
  124. Afrikaner Protesters Tear Up SA Constitution, Vilify International Rulers
  125. Boere Family Murdered
  126. 3-Year Old Girl Executed
  127. African Hit Baby, Mother With Vehicle
  128. British Man Killed Swedish Wife
  129. Girl (4) Witness Mother's Rape
  130. 10/10? I'm Outraged!!
  131. Old Afrikaans Camp/Folk Songs
  132. SA Boere Na Mosambiek
  133. Boer En Vrou Verkool
  134. Jopie Fourie – Toonbeeld Van Trou
  135. Grappe...
  136. Twee Vasgetrek Ná Gespog in Sjebien Oor Plaasmoord
  137. Volkgenote in Diaspora
  138. Two Killed After Assaulting Granny During Farm Attack
  139. White Farmers Return to Zimbabwe Land
  140. Suid Afrika
  141. Man Clubbed To Death With Rocks
  142. Should I Feel Offended?
  143. Poultry Makers 'Racist'
  144. Does Microsoft Undermine Afrikaner Genocide Awareness?
  145. Who Controls the South African Press?
  146. Adapt and Die - South Africa's New Motto
  147. Minister Calls For Lightning Probe
  148. Register Antique Guns, or Else…
  149. White Males Can't Run Economy - Malema
  150. Rocket Launchers, AK47's Found In Large Arms Cache
  151. Cops Abused For Pulling Over Politician
  152. British Tourist Raped In Bloemfontein
  153. South African Police In The Good Old Days
  154. Deaths in Police Detention…then and Now
  155. Woman's Hammer Murder Captured On CCTV
  156. Bejaarde Waarsku Ná Mesaanval Deur ‘Skoolkind’
  157. ANC Violence in South Africa - Adult Content! Not for Sensitive Viewers!
  158. Dave Protter - Fox Street Siege - Israeli Embassy
  159. Rhodesia the Truth, Glory and Honor
  160. Revolution & Betrayal in South Africa
  161. Petition to Prosecute Malema
  162. Nelson Mandela in Hospital
  163. Let's Go On Safari
  164. Facebook in Die Jaar 1838
  165. A Record of Anti-Germanic Violence in Southern Africa
  166. Elandsbaai Kroegmuur
  167. Skerp Taal
  168. Hell If You Do Not Vote ANC
  169. "SA Sucks" Website Banned from Wordpress!
  170. Van My Werke
  171. 'Racism' In South Africa
  172. Looking for a Picture of a Baby-killing Kaffir
  173. Heimweë Liedere
  174. 'Boer'-Ekstremiste Ontwrig VVK-Vergadering
  175. The Afrikaner Should Find His Own Nkandla
  176. Bono Honouring Zuma
  177. "1 Farm Attack A Day Since Zuma's Speach"
  178. Nog ’n VS-Plaasmoord Skok
  179. ANC 'Owns Shoot The Boer'
  180. Cops Let Dog Suffer
  181. The Afrikaner As Villain
  182. Racist Rapes in South Africa
  183. Afrikaanse Rekenaarterme
  184. Toscafund Predicts Implosion of SA Economy - Russia and Australia to Benefit
  185. Mandela & Ghaddafi
  186. Mandela and Tutu History to Be Digitised
  187. Voormalige US Studenteleier Oor Afrikaans, Politiek Op Stellenbosch
  188. Students Urged To Hit Teachers
  189. Julias Kan Sorg Vir Naspers Se Marthinus-oomblik
  190. South Africa Police Chief: ANC Will Rule Until Jesus Comes
  191. Israel Supported Apartheid (New Evidence)
  192. Probe ANC for Genocide: The Hague Petition
  193. Afrikaner Survivial Under Black Rule
  194. "Boere Is Bad"
  195. Nederlandse Koerant Publiseer Afrikanerdebat
  196. South Africa's White Farmers Are Moving Further North
  197. DA Removes Verwoerd Statue: FF Plus
  198. Book on Boer War Camps
  199. An Appeal to Our American and Other Friends
  200. Tokoloshe Steals Dockets: Court Evidence
  201. Kill the Boer is HATE SPEECH
  202. Unexplained Civil War Declared
  203. Die Lancaster House Bedeling :- 'n Bedrogspul ?
  204. An Afrikaner Fights Back!
  205. Cecelia Steynberg, 51, Shoots Armed Attacker
  206. White Land WILL Be Grabbed
  207. Dutch Tourist’s Body Parts Kept For 3 Years
  208. Bow To The Queen...
  209. Mandela's Wisdom - in His Own Words
  210. Konkel Mynbase Vir Anargie in SA?
  211. Die Oplossing: Afrikanerkantons Onder Die Nederlandse Koningshuis?
  212. Major Oil Find Off Namibian Coast
  213. Soek Meer Inligting Van Die Els Familie
  214. Limitation of White Ownership: The Beginning of the End
  215. "White Man, You Are on Your Own"
  216. White Settlers Never Stole Any Land from Africans
  217. White South Africans Start Military Defense Groups
  218. Civil Unrest is Coming, How to Prepare?
  219. Wetstoepassing Word Instrument Vir Politieke Onderdrukking Teen Afrikaners
  220. A Bit Of South African Humour
  221. Expropriation Of White Land
  222. Nuwe Volkstaat So Groot Soos Oostenryk
  223. Boer vs. Afrikaner Polemiek
  224. Afrikaners Will Perish Without Legal Autonomy
  225. Diskoers Oor Die Groeiende Mode Van En Steun Vir Afrikaneronafhanklikheid
  226. Intellektuele Kapitaal in die Afrikaner-Regs
  227. Dispersion of Germanic-Majority Areas in SA
  228. Military Training For Black Youth On How To Grab Land
  229. Boer Stoned To Death In Shallow Grave
  230. Elderly Lady Killed With Pruning Scissors
  231. Where Can I Get Large Quantities of Afrikaans Media?
  232. Uitnodiging Na Bekendmaking Van OASE Se Navorsingsresultate En Doelwitte: 2 September 2011
  233. Genocide Watch: South Africa and Zimbabwe Have Been Moved to Stage 6 on the Countries at Risk Chart
  234. Hello Almal!
  235. Do-Gooders Outraged About Staged "Racist" Foto
  236. IRA Aided Anti-Apartheid Bombing
  237. Race Debate Raised Over Tutu's Call for White S.African Tax
  238. Skilled Boers Denied Work: Starve in SA Streets
  239. Afrikaner Woman Had to Pose Naked for Cops
  240. Black Farmers Selling Land Back to Whites
  241. Holocaust Museum in Cape Town Slams Afrikaners
  242. Darren Scott Quits As Rugby Cup, Radio Host Amid Racial Row
  243. Is South Africa Aiding Gadaffi?
  244. Young Africans Rebelling Against White and Older
  245. [Split] Black genocide on Germanic farmers
  246. Dark Storm Clouds to Form Over the "rainbow Nation".
  247. UN Chief Praises ANC
  248. Blacks Should Compensate Whites for Giving Them South Africa
  249. Wapens: ‘Enige Objek’ Taboe
  250. Oase