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  1. English-Speaking South Africans
  2. Souties Beware, Ethnic Tests Coming Your Way
  3. [Video] Poor White South Africans Blame Reverse Discrimination
  4. He Has Four Wives and He Faced 783 Counts of Corruption: PETER HITCHENS on South Africa's Next President
  5. Sokkerwêreldbeker Kan Die Afrikaner Bevry
  6. Waarvoor Moet Ons Jammer Sê?
  7. Die Volkstaat en Nie-Afrikaner Burgerskap
  8. "We Afrikaners Are Stronger Than Ever"
  9. How Do SA Voters Perceive Zuma?
  10. Afrikaners En Nederlanders Praten Met Elkaar
  11. Why Zuma is Befriending Afrikaners
  12. Do You Believe South Africa Will Have an Afrikaner Head of State in Future?
  13. Afrikaner Kunstschilders Bestaan Zij?
  14. Mandela Smiles As Zuma Calls for His Machine Gun
  15. Negrophilic Afrikaners
  16. South Africa: Doctor Ducks Racist Wrath at Health Clinic
  17. 'We Sweep Zuma into the Sea'
  18. Onafhanklike Boeredorpies
  19. Namibia: a Taste of Old-Fashioned African Gemütlichkeit
  20. Die Argumente Vir 'n Volkstaat
  21. Uitklaring Van Die Mite Dat Alle Afrikaners Na Die Volkstaat Sal Moet Trek
  22. Police Increasingly Feral, Attacking Afrikaners
  23. Volkstaat: Aanloklik Slegs vir Werkloses?
  24. Volkskultuurdag 30 Mei 2009
  25. VVK (Volksraad Verkiesings Kommissie)
  26. Bravoland
  27. Het Van U Familielede En/of Vriende Al Emigreer?
  28. Impoverished White Afrikaners Pin Their Hopes on Jacob Zuma
  29. Ignoring the Value of Conversation
  30. Non-Afrikaner/Boer and Non-English South Africans of Germanic/European Ancestry
  31. Mulder Word Adjunkminister, Dissiplinere Stappe Teen Lede Wat Nie Saamstem Nie
  32. FF+ Youth Leader's Comments Warranted Censure
  33. Zuma an AIDS Risk - Zille
  34. Daily Life in South Africa
  35. FW De Klerk Optimistic That Zuma Will Make Right Choices
  36. Gosen: German-Identitarian Boer Republic
  37. The Black Ethnicities of South Africa
  38. Race Issue Still a Problem in South African Rugby, Insists Springboks Coach
  39. Do Boers Resent the English?
  40. Affirmative Action Racist, Says De Klerk
  41. Race Does Exist — All Round Us
  42. Preferred Form of Government & Leader
  43. Malema Threatens 'Black Flood' for Cape
  44. South African Banners
  45. Het Afrikaners ‘n Skuldlas Uit Die Verlede
  46. White Actress’s Refusal to Kiss Black Man Turns Into a Race Row in South Africa
  47. Nuwe SA Baniere
  48. Zimbabwe Plans to Replace Worthless Currency with South African Rand in Bid to Repair Shattered Economy
  49. Zuma Takes on Afrikaans
  50. The Future of South Africa's White Community
  51. Apartheid Era Pictures
  52. A White South African Testifies: There Exists in South Africa Today a Racial Hatred That I Never Experienced in My Youth
  53. "It’s Time White South Africans Accepted Defeat"
  54. Legal Ban of Old SA Flag? (and What Does the Old Flag Mean to You?)
  55. Why I Am Sorry About Apartheid
  56. Dirk Du Toit: Afrikaner ANC Cabinet Member
  57. South Africa World Cup 2010... and the Shooting's Already Started
  58. Voorstelrondte
  59. South African Rape Survey Shock
  60. Student 'Gestamp, Gewurg' Toe Hy Kla Oor Polisie Se Kar
  61. Oë Toe Terwyl Sy Verkrag Word
  62. Johannesburg-buurt Al Vier Dae Sonder Water – Terwyl Liters Uit Gebarste Pyp in Huise Vloei
  63. Do You Consider Yourselves "African"?
  64. Afrikaner Anthems and Songs
  65. Apartheid Myths
  66. Huguenot Ancestry in Afrikaners
  67. South African Rapist: 'Forgive Me'
  68. Will Zuma Bring Tribalism to South Africa?
  69. Nederlandse Toeris Se Liggaamsdele Vir Moetie Verkoop
  70. Video: Guardians of White Africa
  71. Can SA Combat Migration?
  72. Misdaad Deur Polisie Neem Met 72% Toe
  73. Afrikaans Board Says English Varsities Elitist
  74. Afrikaners Sal Móét Saamstaan
  75. Liedere En Gedigte Van Suidwes
  76. Afrikaner: FF+ Wants Solution On Pretoria
  77. Wolraad Woltemade, a Cape of Storms Hero
  78. Where in South Africa Are You From?
  79. Artists from South Africa
  80. English Words of Afrikaans Origin
  81. Do Whites in SA Speak or Understand Zulu?
  82. Nuwe Tuks-rektor Sit Rasseoorheersing Oor Afrikaners Voort
  83. Media, Mind-Swing and Intellectual Classes
  84. Senior Pretoria Advocate: "I Was Never a Racist"
  85. Teacher Appointed to Afrikaans School ‘Cannot Speak Language’
  86. South Africa in a New Transition Again - from 'Crony Capitalism' to African Despotism?
  87. Rats Running Wild in SA’s Major Cities
  88. Non-Racial Country? Non-Sense.
  89. Was There a Contract for Land Between the Afrikaners and Zulu's?
  90. Die DA As Anti-Afrikaner Party
  91. The Anglo-Boer War and Jewish Culpability
  92. Man Sues Over 'Dutchman' Slur
  93. Is Uhuru Realistically a Threat?
  94. Alien Nation by Steve Sailer
  95. Kennisgewing Van Volksvergadering
  96. 'Dank Blankes Af, of Ons Maak Julle Vrek!'
  97. The Story of Amy Biehl
  98. Referendum: 17 March 1992
  99. Has Someone You Have Known Been A Murder Victim?
  100. Operasie Kanada
  101. "Racial Political Dynamics Have Not Changed in Southern Africa"
  102. New Vision Adopted for Afrikaans Organisation
  103. Amusing Videoclip of British Reporter in the Lion's Den
  104. 'Kill the Boer' Slogan Outlawed
  105. The Brandon Huntley Story and the Re-Racialisation of South Africa‎
  106. Denying the White SA Genocide is Racist!
  107. How to Survive a South African House Robbery
  108. Is South-Africa in Your Opinion Where the Metal Meets the Meat So to Speak?
  109. Bird Beats Broadband! Pigeon Flies 4GBs Faster Than South African DSL
  110. DA Praat Waar VF+ Swyg (of So Lei Die Berig)
  111. South Africans Say Controversy Over Sprinter is "Racist"
  112. Afrikaners in England
  113. South Africa – A Modern Day 'Zimbardo Experiment'
  114. Desperation Stalks Zimbabwe’s White Farmers
  115. Eager Students Fall Prey to Apartheid’s Legacy
  116. Jewish Political And/Or Religious Influence in South Africa
  117. FF+ Wants Talks About Pretoria
  118. South African Cultural Leader Says Stealing From Whites Is OK
  119. Business Day’s Anti-White Hate Speech
  120. Boer Republiek Vlae
  121. National Health Insurance
  122. ANC-Minister Dreig Met 'Grondhervorming Soos in Zimbabwe'
  123. South African White Supremacist Demands Afrikaner State
  124. Anti-Afrikaner Tendense in Anglo Media
  125. "Racist YouTube Video That Shamed South Africa"
  126. Terry the Lion
  127. SADF National Service Through the Lens of One Who Was There
  128. The Systematic Terror of White People Still Living in South Africa
  129. Swart Dwaling En Wit Woede
  130. Is Jy Opgelei In Die Gebruik Van Vuurwapens?
  131. Roodt Rubriek: 'n Wêreld Sonder Grense
  132. More Brutal Attack on Rural Defenseless Whites in South Africa, by Blacks
  133. Congo To Lease White SA Farmers Land For Their Expertise
  134. A Call for White Unity in South Africa
  135. Afrikaners Not “Minorities” – Human Rights Commission
  136. Dear South Africa
  137. Die Bosoorlog - 'n Verlore Saak Liefs Vergeet?
  138. Speaker Apologises for 'Racist' Threat
  139. Author of "South Africa Sucks" Arrested
  140. The Ossewabrandwag
  141. Suid Afrikaanse Staat-opsies
  142. Zimbabwe Rules on Bennett Witness
  143. SA Police Sued for Discrimination
  144. Facts About Israel and the Old Apartheid South Africa
  145. South African Communists Make Noises Again
  146. South Africa Business Dispute Sets Off Racism Charges
  147. Video: Die Kaplyn (Bok van Blerk)
  148. Zulu Numbers in Boer Spheres
  149. "I Am So Tired of Being Sentenced to Perpetual Guilt Just Because I Am an Afrikaner"
  150. Sell-Out! by P. J. Pretorius
  151. Complaint Laid Against Terre Blanche for Racist Comment
  152. Suid-Afrikaanse Oorlewingsgroepe
  153. VS-Boer in Gyselaarsdrama
  154. Zuma Calls for Eradication of Racism, Xenophobia
  155. Holiday of White Conquest Persists in South Africa
  156. BBC Goes To South Africa To Interview Threatened Boers
  157. Namibia: A Square Peg in a Round Hole? - Evaluating the Namibian Afrikaner
  158. Henri Le Riche: Not All Afrikaners Are Racist
  159. Bekendstelling
  160. Rape - Silent War on SA Women
  161. Zimbabwe Recovery Programme Urges Compensation for White Farmers
  162. "Zuma Needs to Clamp Down Hard on AbaThembu Before Afrikaner Separatism Ignites"
  163. Leer by ‘ou Wit Skole’ – Sê Zuma
  164. Suzman in DA Nuusbrief
  165. Sou Jy Dit Oorweeg Om in 'n Volkstaat Te Bly?
  166. State of the State
  167. How White People Are Treated in Africa: “We Torched Your Farm and We’ll Come Back to Eat Your Children”
  168. Huge SA Crime Rate & Its Racial Profile
  169. German Settler Memorial
  170. Apartheid Revisionism
  171. ABSA Advertisement on Pro Isreal Website
  172. Durban Beaches: Then and Now
  173. Photo Gallery: Beautiful South Africa
  174. Name van Duitse Immigrante 1652-1806
  175. Address by the State President, Mr FW de Klerk, 2 February 1990
  176. Homeland, A Rhodesian Poem
  177. 'Witman, Jy Kan Nie 'n Kar Soos Dié Bekostig Nie!'
  178. Rhodesian Cavalry
  179. White Students Face Trial for South Africa Race Video
  180. Afrikaners Behoort Nederlandse Sokkerspan Te Ondersteun
  181. Apartheid Era Notes and Coinage
  182. A Stony Reminder of How Churchill Betrayed Black Africa
  183. Boerejeug Verenigings Raad (BJVR)
  184. Last White Man (Zimbabwe)
  185. Stuur Eens Een Paar Bericthen
  186. Democratic Alliance on Malema Hate Speech
  187. Orania in Europa
  188. Union Jack ‘Weier’ Om Bo Bfn Te Wapper
  189. Rektor Vra Vrae Oor Pres. Steyn Se UV-beeld
  190. Girl’s Hands Stolen by Her Bantu Murderers
  191. Farmer (23) Arrested for Disarming a Farm Attacker...
  192. The Government Provides More Than $2 Million a Year for “spousal” Support for President Zuma and His Three Wives and 20 Children.
  193. Malema ‘Fan’ Counts Dead ‘Boere’
  194. ANC is Going to Take the Farms and Implement Communism in South Africa
  195. SA Musician Steve Hofmeyr Rips Into Julius Malema
  196. Afrikaners/Boers (a Short History of South Africa)
  197. Eugene Terre'blanche Murdered
  198. Now I'm GATVOL(Fed Up)!!!
  199. South Africa: The White Refugees No One Wants
  200. Eugene Terre'Blanche En Die Simboliek Van Oorlog
  201. Eugene Terre’Blanche: Nazi Loser
  202. Do You Believe the Murder of Eugene Terre'blanche Was Politicaly Motivated?
  203. Malema Outburst Toward a British Journalist
  204. UK Paper:A Separate Homeland for Afrikaners?
  205. 'Sterf, Wit Skuim!' Skree Plaasaanvaller
  206. An Interview With A Representative of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement
  207. Piet Dlamini
  208. Hitler Learns That the AWB Have Called Off Their Machete Race War
  209. Swedish Resistance Movement Will Protest Against the Genocide in South Africa
  210. Boere Moet Ontslae Raak Van Swart Plaasarbeiders
  211. Ons Bolsjewistiese Media
  212. This Week's Atrocities in South Africa
  213. Africom - Mist...
  214. Zimbabwe Soek `n Laksman
  215. Afrikaanse Organisasies Staan Saam Oor Veiligheid
  216. Race War Coming
  217. Baby Battered in Robbery
  218. Pikstele Versprei Pamflette
  219. Naspers, Ons IG Farben? Deur Dan Roodt
  220. Kroeginval Te Ellisras
  221. Black Racists Vow to “Rape and Kill” White World Cup Fans
  222. Police - Our Enemy
  223. Close Afrikaans Schools
  224. Search Widens After Huge Explosives Discovery
  225. Have You Ever Thought What You Will Do if the Blacks Attack?
  226. 'Blanke Bomplanters Gevang'
  227. Brits to March for White SA!
  228. Now Namibia Joins Zimbabwe
  229. Finansiële Krisis Deel 2
  230. 16 Years and They Still Don't Realise That the White Man is the Only One for the Job!
  231. The Trojan Horse Massacre
  232. South Africa: “I Hate Whites” Screams Black Female Army General
  233. Who Watches R3NDI3R?
  234. HNP Vryheidsmanifes
  235. Post World Cup Xenophobic Attacks and Farm Invasions: South Africa on the Brink
  236. Wêreldbeker Maak SA Bankrot Soos Griekeland
  237. Accord On Afrikaner Self-Determination
  238. Twelve SA Leaders Charged at ICC, The Hague
  239. Volksraadverkiesingkommissie
  240. What Place for English-Speaking Whites in Afrikaners’ Self-Determination?
  241. My Dear Black Brothers Never Stop Surprising Me
  242. 'Jammer Dat Ons Leef'
  243. SA Mousetrap Aaeeh Rapetrap Aeeeh.....
  244. Hier Kom 'n Ding!
  245. Twelve Prominent Jewish Anti-Apartheid Activists
  246. Voortrekkers Se Kinder-Slawehandel!
  247. And Whilst the Whole World is Looking at King Football...
  248. Arrested for Erecting Welcoming Board
  249. Replacement for “Apartheid Education” Scrapped As a Failure
  250. S.A. Forum Experiencing Drought?!