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  1. Commies Brag About Vandalizing Statue of Viking Explorer
  2. The Last Respectable US President?
  3. Election Results Thread: Other Offices
  4. The Obama Vent Thread
  5. The American Election System
  6. Welcome to the USSA
  7. Common Sense: The Second American Revolution
  8. The Half-Blood Prince of America
  9. Foreigners in Germany
  10. Barack Obama's Dream Victory Looked Inevitable
  11. The Coming American Administration
  12. Why America's Problem Is Cultural, Not Political
  13. 'Anti-Intellectualism in American Life': The Dumbing of America
  14. The Neocon Anti-WASP Mindset
  15. Questions from Europeans to Americans
  16. National American Indian Heritage Month
  17. Pro-Gun, Anti-Moslem Sign Upsets PC Freaks
  18. The End of "White Guilt"?
  19. Your Opinion on Pat Buchanan?
  20. Obama Political Repression Thread
  21. Dallas School System Giving Illegal Employees Fake Social Security Cards
  22. 560k Illegal Aliens Defying Deportation Orders
  23. Michelle Obama's Mother Moving into the Whitehouse
  24. Books On American History & Founding Fathers?
  25. US Loosing Its 'Clout' in an Unstable World
  26. America is a Constitutional Republic . . . NOT a Democracy
  27. Mexicans Going Back to Mexico?
  28. US Civics Quiz
  29. Americans, End Affirmative Action! Sign NPI's Petition Today
  30. Thanksgiving Traditions and Regional Differences
  31. Tim Wise: 'On White Privilege'
  32. Wal-Mart Employee Trampled to Death
  33. Big Lies That Poison Thanksgiving and Subvert Our Sense of Honor
  34. Pentagon To Deploy 20,000 Troops Inside The U.S.A.
  35. Marine Banned from Arlington Cemetary for Anti-Terrorist Bumper Sticker
  36. Change? To Washington? Ha!
  37. The Truth About 'hate Crimes' and the Racial Justice Racket
  38. Thirty-One Predictions for 2009
  39. Chinese Property Hunter To Raid U.S.
  40. Gun Rights Attacked Again
  41. Milwaukee Neighborhoods Consider Printing Their Own Money
  42. Alabama County Sets 'Barack Obama Day'
  43. Blackbeard Didn't Sink Own Ship
  44. Obama's Vacated Senate Seat Put Up for Auction-Governor Arrested
  45. Obama Guarantees U.S. Nuclear Attack on Iran if Israel Attacked
  46. Pin-Up Icon Bettie Page Dies
  47. Demographics of the United States
  48. Der Braucherei Weg
  49. Jewish Holiday Deserves Recognition
  50. How Obama Got Elected
  51. An Opportune Confinement
  52. Chinese in America
  53. How Jewish is Hollywood?
  54. Southerners Are the Missing Group in Obama's Cabinet
  55. 57 Percent of Whites Voted Against Obama
  56. Influx of Black Renters Raises Tension in Bay Area
  57. Woman Accused of Arranging Fake Marriages
  58. Hispanics Hold 52 Percent of Border Patrol Jobs
  59. Top 10 US Political Websites 2008
  60. Black Pastor Rails Against the Black Community
  61. Obama Assassination
  62. Protest - Israeli Consulate Tommorow
  63. Historical Development of Jewish Influence in the US
  64. What Fate has in Store for the US?
  65. Obama Historical Parallel
  66. Tennessee Woman Accuses Farm of Favoring Foreigners
  67. Anti-Lead Toy Law Endangers Small American Business
  68. In Praise of Italians
  69. Supreme Court Might Change Civil Rights Law
  70. Parents Lose Custody of Nazi-Named Children
  71. First BlackBird, Now....
  72. Immigrants Ravage U.S. Infrastructure
  73. America in 2043
  74. Why Obama's Election is "Racist"
  75. Presidential Regrets? They Have a Few
  76. US Military Pledge To Obama, Not Constitution
  77. In a Changing World, Portland Remains Overwhelmingly White
  78. What Are Your Opinions on Piyush Jindal?
  79. "...In America You Can Criticize God, but You Can't Criticize Israel."
  80. Siege and Battle of the Alamo
  81. New Round of Confederate Disputes Hits US States
  82. Illegal Immigrants Attempt To Sue Arizona Rancher For $32-million Dollars
  83. Diversity Pledge
  84. Hate Crimes Wake Charles's Sleeping Giant
  85. Abraham Lincoln and the Issue of Race
  86. America’s Egalitarian Temptation — Stalinism’s Unquiet Ghost
  87. Thomas Jefferson's Place in History
  88. Lifestyles: Native and Imposed - 'The Blame of Those Ye Better'
  89. Looking for Lincoln?
  90. A 'fraud' bigger than Madoff: Senior US soldiers investigated over missing Iraq reconstruction billions
  91. Manners and Etiquette in the Antebellum South
  92. Women's Role in Antebellum America
  93. Appalachia: Preface for a Dying Culture
  94. State House Committee Considers Bill Outlawing Hiring of Unauthorized Aliens
  95. New Hampshire Fires First Shot Of Civil War
  96. Boulder Students Back Off Barack Obama High
  97. Iowa Trooper Suspended for Obama E-Mail
  98. DuBois: Without Blacks, “America As We Know It, Would Have Been Impossible.”
  99. Nobody Can Sell Any Ammunition After June 30, 2009
  100. Holder: US is Nation of Cowards on Racial Matters
  101. Top 10 American Places You Want to See
  102. Illegal Immigrants Will Be Included in the Census Count
  103. Black and White
  104. "Don’t Disregard White History"
  105. "No Conspiracy Theories Needed: Abortion Foes Cry Racism"
  106. Obama Accidentally Reads Instructions from Oligarchs in Speech
  107. Who Can Become an American?
  108. Immigration From NW Europe and How It Affects America
  109. Barack Obama Nominated for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize?
  110. An American Indian View of Immigration
  111. RIP Paul Harvey
  112. Gov. Pat Quinn Says Comments Could Create Racial Divide
  113. American National Party
  114. Patriot Militia In The US?
  115. Too Many Overseas Bases
  116. Bernie Madof'f Blows Up ZOG Conspiracy Theory
  117. LA Considers Name Change for Negrohead Mountain
  118. Declaration of Southern Cultural Indepedence
  119. Impregnating US With Incompatible, Dangerous Cultures
  120. Court Needs Ebonics Translator
  121. 15 Percent of Americans Have No Religion
  122. Why Isn't German A More Dominant Language In The U.S.?
  123. Race Becomes More Central to TV Advertising
  124. "Forbiden Love": Mixed-Race Couples in Early America
  125. Interesting Germanic Folk Art
  126. The Neocons Strike Back
  127. You’re Confederate … But Don’t Know It?
  128. Does ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) Exist?
  129. Racism Continues to Grow in America
  130. Death Penalty Applied Unevenly
  131. Nebraska Students Asked to Stand During “Black National Anthem”
  132. American Folk Music: Bluegrass
  133. U.S. Military Will Offer Path to Citizenship
  134. "Thank God America Isn't Like Europe - Yet"
  135. A New Belfour Declaration
  136. The Paleo-Conservative Fraud
  137. Filipino Teachers in LA Get Cultural Shock when They Encounter the Real America
  138. Moslem-Only Town in NY Founded by Alleged Terrorist
  139. How American Are You?
  140. Jimmy Carter's Crazy Slavery Theory: He Thinks the Civil War Was Un-Christian
  141. The American Youth
  142. A Question for Europeans
  143. "'Post-racial' America Isn't Here Yet"
  144. Imagine an Occupied America
  145. Pat Buchanan: Will the Nation Will Survive Having 135 Million Hispanics
  146. Tennessee Bill Would Apologize for Slavery
  147. Connecticut School Bans Physical Contact
  148. Decay of Everything
  149. Why the End of America is Closer Than You Think
  150. Do Americans Have An Identity Crisis When It Comes To Race And Ethnicity?
  151. Man Attacked by 5 Gangsters And Fights Back To Protect Customers and Himself
  152. Guns, Gold, Secession
  153. Racial Split Threatens State Democrats
  154. "12 to 13 Killed at Immigration Center"
  155. Census: Blacks Are Moving to the South
  156. Pittsburgh Man Kills 3 Cops, "I Will Die Before They Take My Guns"
  157. Henrik Holappa Arrested!
  158. "No You Didn't" Black Talk Being Used by American Whites
  159. Gertrud Scholtz-Klink
  160. Firefighters' Civil Rights Case Could Reshape Hiring Policies
  161. U.S. Drones: Killing Pakistan Extremists or Recruiting Them?
  162. Black Pride? Then Why All the Blonde Wigs
  163. Almost 1 of 2 New Americans in 2008 Was Latino
  164. ‘Wonder Woman’ Lynda Carter Says ‘Right Wing’ Is ‘Spreading Hate’
  165. How Tyranny Came to America
  166. The Death of American Leadership
  167. Socialism Becoming Popular Among Americans
  168. 'White Trash' Remark Goes Unpunished
  169. Children of Illegals Skyrockets 50% in United States
  170. The Myth of 90 Percent: Only a Small Fraction of Guns in Mexico Come From U.S.
  171. Europeans: What if America Falls Apart?
  172. Do You Believe More Black/Colored Presidents Will Follow?
  173. Indiana Senate Passes SR42 Claiming Sovereignty Under the 10th Amendment
  174. Why a Party for European-Americans?
  175. Texas Governor Stands by Secession Comments
  176. Liberal Actress Says Tea Parties Were Racist
  177. Mexicans Total 32% of Immigrants
  178. Is Secession ‘Anti-American’?
  179. Anti-Semitic Graffiti Found on Norfolk Synagogues
  180. Secession?
  181. Video: Congressman Ron Paul on Secession
  182. Most Diverse Cabinet in History Still Incomplete
  183. Which American State is Above 80% White?
  184. FBI Spied On Tea Party Protesters Nationwide
  185. The Decline of the WASP: Anglo-Protestant Ethnicity and the American Nation-State
  186. VDAWDI Vindicated—Immigration Hitting American Workers Hard
  187. 11 sites make new list of 'endangered historic places'
  188. Sojourner Truth gets a spot in the Capitol
  189. A Sad Day For Me
  190. Hate Crimes Prevention Act Sets Foundation To Destroy Free Speech In The U.S.
  191. So You Thought The Mob Was Run By Italians ?
  192. Video: Pro-Illegal Alien March in Tucson
  193. Obama 'a Marlboro Man for the Noughties – and Little Else'
  194. Pat Buchanan: ‘What is happening to white men is exactly what was done to black folks…”
  195. King of the Hate Business (Morris Dees) by Alexander Cockburn
  196. Jews to Blame for US Recession: Poll
  197. Over 500 Tea Parties Already Planned for July 4
  198. More U.S. Counties Gain Non-White Majorities
  199. Millennial Generation Will End Culture Wars, Researchers Say
  200. USDA Admits National Animal Identification System (NAIS) Will Put Small Farmers Out of Business
  201. U.S. Dept. of Justice Interracial Rape Statistics, 1996-2006
  202. On the Visual Displacement of the White Race by Edmund Connelly
  203. Six Blacks Jump a White
  204. Small Towns, Football and Close-Knit Whites: Monolith of Evil to the New York Times
  205. 84% Say English Should Be America’s Official Language
  206. How Disease-carrying Foreigners Endanger U.S.
  207. ‘Old South’ Frat Targeted Over Confederate Event
  208. Race and the South, Part I: The Real Case against Slavery
  209. The Concept of American Traditional Dress or National Costume
  210. Whites Become Minority in Kansas County
  211. Georgia Lawmaker Wants to End ‘Birthright Citizenship’
  212. Multiracial Americans have become the fastest growing demographic group
  213. Sonia Sotomayor - Your Opinions
  214. Oklahoma Lawmakers Vote to Deport Illegal Aliens from State Prisons
  215. An Holistic Approach to USA Immigration
  216. Obama's Speech In Cairo: "Islam is Part of America"
  217. Mexico’s Take Over Of California: Complete By 2014?
  218. White Supremacist Opens Fire at Holocaust Museum
  219. Democrats Ignore Minority Corruption In Congress
  220. Chicago
  221. Bill Clinton: U.S. No Longer Dominated by Christians and Jews
  222. Perceptions of the USA, Its Present and Future Status in the Germanic World
  223. California Considers Releasing Immigrant Inmates to Cut Costs
  224. Your Governor
  225. Retailers Abandoning The Negro Hell Of Detroit
  226. Sotomayor : I Am "A Product Of Affirmative Action"
  227. Russian Says America Is Going Communist
  228. How Far We Have Fallen
  229. 25 Percent of Obama’s Top Officials Are Non-White
  230. America Plagued by Racially Motivated Violence Against Whites
  231. Democrats Hold the Most Animosity Towards Jews
  232. How Freedom Was Lost
  233. Senior Citizen Population on Brink of Explosion in World and in United States: Census Bureau
  234. American Patriots Routinely Referred To As 'Terrorists' By Political Police
  235. Race Critics: Capitol Hill Is Too White
  236. Don't Clearcut Oregon's Forests - Sign Petition!
  237. More Americans See Democratic Party as “Too Liberal”
  238. David Irving Touring Chicago, Western States This Summer
  239. Duke University Pedophile Will Benefit From Hate Bill
  240. Anti-White Discrimination: America’s Ongoing Trend Tears Apart the Very Fabric of Society
  241. Private Club Removes Negroes, Comes Under Fire
  242. What Race Introduced Pizza To America?
  243. Congress Asked to Investigate Racial Extremism in Military After 'White Only' Web Site Found
  244. Blacks Still No Smarter
  245. The New Nordic Heritage Museum
  246. Jews Control U.S. Senate, Said Senator Fulbright in 1967
  247. What We Call Ourselves
  248. Minority Women with Degree Outearn White Women
  249. Minneapolis: Rising Somalian Gangs
  250. Pat Buchanan Scored for Claiming White People Built This Country