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  1. Being Fair to Crack Dealers
  2. Julius Evola on American civilization
  3. The Man Who Bombed Hiroshima
  4. As-Sabiqun
  5. Definition changing for people's privacy
  6. Homeless in America: 1 in 4 are Vets
  7. Ron Paul: My policy would benefit Israel
  8. FBI raids Liberty Dollar office-confiscates Ron Paul Dollars
  9. "I Have A Plan to Destroy America"
  10. Ron Paul Should be the Zionist Choice for US President
  11. Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise
  12. Bhutanese to be resettled in the US
  13. Parents of MySpace hoax victim seek justice
  14. Wilmington, Delaware: 'New Sweden'
  15. Campaign Reaches Out to German-Americans
  16. Student group wants more guns on campus
  17. Republicanizing the Race Card
  18. Dodd's New Book: His Father's Nuremberg Trial Memoirs
  19. The End of America? Naomi Wolf Thinks It Could Happen
  20. Was America named for England's King Henry VII?
  21. North Dakota, a pure Germanic area with a low population
  22. Regional Differences in Americans
  23. Bay State’s going slap-happy - Pols debate ban on spanking
  24. Waldseemuller map goes on display for 1st time at Library of Congress
  25. Phoenix Mayor Shifts on Officers’ Asking for Immigration Status
  26. Dutch settlements in Michigan
  27. The Sierra Club, Immigration & a "rich donor" called David Gelbaum
  28. Ideology Was Bush’s Undoing
  29. Cut Israel Off
  30. United States birth statistics for 2005
  31. Could You Pass the US Citizenship Test?
  32. NY Couple Convicted in Slavery Case
  33. Obama's church
  34. Ron Paul Receives (and Keeps) Donation From White Nationalist
  35. Do you value the U.S. Constitution?
  36. Descendants of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse break away from US
  37. Chasm widens between rich and poor in U.S.
  38. White flight out of California accelerating
  39. What American accent do you have?
  40. Dallas News Texan of the Year named: !!!
  41. Immigration of 2007
  42. Mexicans find the U.S. less alluring
  43. Native Indian "Republic of Lakotah"
  44. Ron Paul: A Parodie Goy Stooge of Elite Jewry?
  45. Who's Your Favorite And Least Favorite US President?
  46. Obama To Be America's First Black President?
  47. US government is bankrupt
  48. Americans "flock" to Obama ?
  49. Message, not gender, turns voters off Clinton
  50. Emperor Norton I
  51. Emperor Joshua A. Norton I
  52. N.J. May Become First Northern State To Apologize For Slavery
  53. The Republican Presidential Candidates Debate '08
  54. Racial Partition for Racial Preservation in the US
  55. Congress likely to OK Saudi arms deal
  56. Mexican Military Incursions into the US
  57. Ten Most Corrupt Politicians Include Clinton, Obama, Huckabee
  58. Robert E. Lee Birthday party Jan 19th West Palm Beach
  59. Republicanism or Revolution?
  60. Your Opinion on the "Founding Fathers"?
  61. Israeli Lobby or Jewish Fifth Column?
  62. Irish tricolours flying from U.S. government buildings
  63. John McCain's ties to organize crime
  64. Blacks in America
  65. It's Official: It is illegal for a White person to display a noose
  66. Illegal Aliens Leaving Okalhoma Because of New State Law
  67. The Last Eyak Dies
  68. Obama Plays His White Card !
  69. Canadian is a Racial Slur in the American South
  70. EU Parliament Members, Others, Speak in DC Feb 22-24
  71. McCAIN --- the Last White Man Standing ?
  72. American Pride
  73. Is John McCain Mentally Fit ?
  74. America SCRAMBLES! And What Now...
  75. Ron Paul Signs ‘Numbers USA’ Pledge to Oppose Amnesty and Secure America’s Borders
  76. Minneapolis Ron Paul Rally Draws Over 4,000 People
  77. Guns Give New Meaning To Protection
  78. USA: Election in a Nation Under Siege
  79. Æmeric's Worst Senario ?
  80. Obama Will Be Assassinated if He Wins, Says Nobel Winner
  81. Any German Heritage Groups in New Jersey?
  82. 2008 US Presidential Election
  83. For US Racists Only! (help Needed)
  84. The KKK Endorses Obama for President
  85. European-Americans with Amerindian Ancestry
  86. Leftists Attempt to Disrupt American Renaissance Conference 2008
  87. Record-high Ratio of Americans in Prison
  88. U.S. Involvement in Somalia
  89. Earth Liberation Front Suspected of Destroying Homes in Washington State
  90. The Germanic Origin of New England Towns [Herbert B. Adams] (1881)
  91. No Freedom of Speech Here----->
  92. Black Influence on American Folk Music
  93. Last Surviving WWI U.S. Soldier Honored at White House
  94. Man Charged in Auburn Student's Death
  95. Kentucky Lawmaker Wants to Make Anonymous Internet Posting Illegal
  96. Woman Forgotten 4 Days in Tiny Cell
  97. Blacks Riot After Govt Handouts Rationed
  98. Should Blacks Apolgize for Slavery?
  99. One for All You Americans
  100. [Video] U.S Soldiers Asked if They Would Shoot American Citizens
  101. Council of Conservative Citizens
  102. Obama: Break "Racial Stalemate"
  103. 'Speak English' Signs Allowed At Philly Shop
  104. Celebrating Germanic Heritage in the U.S.
  105. Republican vs. Democrat Party
  106. America's Future: FEMA Permanently Occupies Real Town For Advanced "Terror Training"
  107. Is George W. Bush a Dictator?
  108. Mexico Reconquers California? Absolut Drinks to That!
  109. Majority of Americans Say Nation Is Headed on Wrong Track
  110. ‘Terrorist’ Link Puts Barack Obama Under Fire
  111. Civil Injustice Strikes Ohio
  112. WWII Camp Prisoner Tells His Story
  113. Pan-Germanic America: Defining an American Pan-Germanic Identity
  114. America Doomed To Decline
  115. How The US Government Spends Your Taxes
  116. Colorado Legislative Head Pitches Fit After State Rep Calls Mexicans 'illiterate Peasants'
  117. Former Republican Official Speaks Out, Says Iraq War for Benefit of Israel
  118. USA, What is It ?
  119. Los Angeles 'is a Third World City'
  120. Obama Tars Clinton with the Bush Brush
  121. The Legend of Rip Van Winkle
  122. HP Lovecraft - The Color Out Of Space
  123. Is America Rome? - Will It Fall?
  124. Cash Incentive Programmes Boost Black Pupils
  125. Billions of Electronic-Eating 'Crazy Rasberry Ants' Invade Texas
  126. Can The U.S. Add 100 Million People In 30 Years Without Dire Consequences?
  127. Confessions of an Economic Hitman
  128. Obama's Failure to Win Blue-Collar Voters ?
  129. Gießener Auswanderungsgesellschaft (Gießen Emigration Society)
  130. Obama Clinches [the Democratic] Nomination
  131. "The Azgen" or "The Moon Eyed People"
  132. The Ruby Ridge Affair
  133. The Mortgage Crisis
  134. Michelle, the asset to Barack Obama that may become a liability
  135. Excerpts from Riesman on American Character
  136. US is the World's Top Jailer
  137. Revival of "The Political Cesspool"
  138. Answer This Question?
  139. Top Three Americans
  140. The Most Germanic Region of America?
  141. "Yes, I Am a Bad American"
  142. English Historian David Irving Tours US: TX, Plains States, Chicago
  143. Tourist's Bloody NY Ordeal
  144. 2008 Electoral Map
  145. Supreme Court Upholds Right to Personal Gun Ownership
  146. Celebrating July 4th
  147. What Happens if Obama Wins ??
  148. America's Best Places to Raise a Family
  149. War With Iran: An Oncoming Catastrophe?
  150. Obama in Germany--No Speech at the Wall
  151. David Irving Tours East Coast (July) and South (August) Also Denver&Chicago
  152. Will the US Collapse?
  153. The Morality and Practicality of the Deportation of US Citizens
  154. Black Community Denied Water for Decades
  155. The American Sub-Forum
  156. Obama Slams New Yorker Portrayal
  157. Want Government Help for Your Small Business?...
  158. How Corporate Elitism And Greed Are Destroying Democracy
  159. An American Pastime
  160. Hurray for the USA!
  161. Hard road to Texas
  162. Texas decleration of independence
  163. The End of White Flight?
  164. Fort Collins, Colorado Stammtisch
  165. CNN Explores Diversity in ‘Black in America’
  166. The FBI's Plan to profile Moslems
  167. NYC Liberal Gets Mugged, Learns a Lesson (Sort Of)
  168. US States Names
  169. Police Pull Over, Search Couple for Ron Paul Bumper Sticker
  170. TN Locale Replaces Labor Day with Moslem Holiday
  171. The Architects of "Obamania": Behind the Scenes
  172. Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick
  173. U.S. Census Figures Show Decline In White Population
  174. America Suffers More Embarrassment At The Hands of Democracy
  175. Construction Begins on San Diego Border Fence
  176. American Woman Seeks Danish Sperm
  177. The Hidden Nation of the Jews
  178. Urban Farming Takes Root in Detroit
  179. There Are Still Confederate Widows
  180. Russians Invading America.....??
  181. Original Germanic Settlement Patterns Continue to Effect Modern Politics
  182. Why Did We Make Them Citizens and Give Them Voting Rights?
  183. U.S. Worries Russia Returning to Its Past
  184. The Destiny of America
  185. Wake Up America- Capitalist Or Communist?
  186. FEMA Rap for Kids, No Joke
  187. Barack Obama's 'Lost' Brother Found in Kenya
  188. New Republicans: "McCain's Adopted Daughter from Bangladesh Introduced"
  189. Palin Meets with AIPAC Leaders
  190. In a More Diverse America, A Mostly White Convention
  191. With Pot and Porn Outstripping Corn, America's Black Economy is Flying High
  192. A British View of America Now
  193. Fannie & Freddie Nationalized ! (?)
  194. Barack Hussein Obama is a Moslem
  195. Multiracial Patients Have Tough Battle to Find Marrow Matches
  196. China Marches Past USA to Stake a Claim to Iraq's Oil
  197. The Wars in Iraq/Afghanistan, Your Opinion?
  198. How Many Americans?
  199. On Gordon Brown's Praise of Barack Obama !!
  200. Cambridge Study on Personality Variance by Region
  201. America's New War Front into Pakistan?
  202. Personality Variation by Region (USA)
  203. Wall Street in Meltdown
  204. Clinton-ites Still Reluctant ....?
  205. AIG Bailout
  206. Rural States Lead in Crimes
  207. America's new SinkBank / $700B Bailout
  208. 'Tent Cities' of Homeless on the Rise Across the US
  209. Sea Smurf is a Nazi
  210. Conspiracy Rumor Coming True
  211. Threat to the Dollar from Latest Measures
  212. FBI Subprime Investigation Targets Lehman, AIG, Fannie and Freddie !!
  213. Drive By Southern Style
  214. Jews Offered Cash Incentive to Move to Alabama
  215. Banking Bailout Gets Backing from Congress
  216. Debate Highlights Mississippi's Racial Evolution
  217. Hegemony Everywhere but at Home
  218. Ron Paul Responds to Banking Crisis
  219. Bank of England Offers £43bn to Beleaguered Banks After U.S. Stalemate Rocks the Markets
  220. Army Brigade Assigned to 'Homeland' Tour?
  221. House Rejects $700B Bailout in Stunning Defeat
  222. A Rose by Any Other Name...
  223. Cutting the Root...
  224. Obama’s ACORN
  225. New Surveillance Program Will Turn Military Satellites on US
  226. Is the US at Risk Economically from the Decreasing White European Population?
  227. Fanny and Freddy Invest in Lawmakers
  228. Sat Oct 11 Philadelphia: Leif Ericson Memorial Ceremony
  229. Mexican Marijuana Cartels Sully US Forests, Parks
  230. State Travel Map
  231. 'The United States Has Essentially a One-Party System'
  232. Gallup: Americans’ Satisfaction Rate Drops to All-time Low of 9 Per Cent
  233. John Adams: "Thomas Jefferson Survives"
  234. Negrophilia Afflicts U.S.
  235. Biden: "Gird Your Loins"
  236. Wurstfest
  237. Middle-Age Suicide Rate Rising
  238. A Man's Few Words...
  239. America's Dark Future?
  240. German-American Culture beyond Language?
  241. Police Prepare for Unrest on Election Day
  242. Official Journalist Guidelines: Be Sympathetic to Islam, Push Multiculturalism
  243. October 24, 1929: Start of Wall Street Crash!
  244. Vinland: Identifying With Out Country And Culture
  245. Two Nazi Skinheads plotted to assassinate Obama
  246. The New Jerusalem?
  247. Top German Officials Intervene to Defeat Traditional Marriage in California
  248. Why White Supremacists Support Barack Obama
  249. Commies Brag About Vandalizing Statue of Viking Explorer
  250. The Last Respectable US President?