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  1. Diversity Explosion: The cultural generation gap mapped
  2. Stone Inscription puts white Europeans in the USA at the time of Christ.
  3. North Philadelphia Shooting
  4. Jury rules against dad trying to save his 7 y.o. from gender ‘transition’
  5. What If Every U.S. State Became Independent?
  6. Wannabe States of the United States
  7. Why Conservatives Are Doomed
  8. Shooting in New Orleans
  9. Gun Sales On Black Friday Soar
  10. Iowa man erects large swastika next to confederate flags in front yard
  11. FBI Arrests 17 for Defrauding U.S. Holocaust Fund
  12. Possible 'white power' hand signs at Army-Navy game probed
  13. Trump's new executive order is making it illegal to criticize Jews on college campuses
  14. US man gets 16 years in prison for stealing, burning LGBT ‘pride’ flag
  15. US Court Sentences Israeli CEO for Scamming Americans, Media Ignore It
  16. Young Americans Are Becoming Less Comfortable With LGBTQ People, GLAAD Finds
  17. Making Colonialism Great Again
  18. Proposed Measures To Outlaw ‘Racist’ Single-Family Housing In Virginia
  19. Retirement Home Worker Claims to Have Helped Kill 11 Trump Supporters
  20. Why a Shadowy Tech Firm With Ties to Israeli Intelligence Is Running Doomsday Election Simulations
  21. Video of “Groyper” Nick Fuentes on a Date With His “Cat Boy”
  22. Boy Scout Organization is a Magnet for Tens of Thousands of Pedophiles, Lawsuit Claims
  23. University of Connecticut Student Narrowly Avoids Jail For Using the N-Word
  24. Cancel Culture Strikes Again: Banned in Maine
  25. How an Israeli Spy-Linked Tech Firm Gained Access to the US Gov’t’s Most Classified Networks
  26. Pathological Altruism in Tennessee
  27. How Did We Get Here?
  28. Yale To Eliminate Introductory Art History Class, Citing It Is Too White, Male And Straight
  29. Why Can’t We Have Nice Things?
  30. The 1619 Project Devours Its Liberal Parents
  31. 'I Need to Claim My First Victim': Alleged Neo-Nazis' Violent Plans for Virginia Rally Revealed
  32. Moral Support for Euthanasia by Race
  33. ‘Special’ LGBT-Edition Oreos Indoctrinate Kids About Trans Pronouns
  34. Prominent Psychoanalyst Teaches Whiteness is a “Malignant and Parasitic-like Condition”
  35. Harvard Professor Charles Lieber Arrested — Selling Out To Communist China
  36. Killing Free Speech in America
  37. MLK Day in Montana: The Only People Who Entered UM’s MLK Essay Content Were White—And They Won, Which Is Racist
  38. ‘Wave of Anti-Semitism’ Exaggerated
  39. The World the Civil Rights Movement Wrought: Caldwell’s The Age of Entitlement
  40. The Mysterious Michael D’Andrea: Was the C.I.A.’s Iran Mission Center Chief Shot Down?
  41. Colleges Create AI to Identify ‘Hate Speech’ – Turns Out Minorities Are the Worst Offenders
  42. "Leaked FBI Report Shows Left-Wingers Are a Bigger Threat Than White Supremacists"
  43. Some exchanges with American "conservatives"
  44. Why Liberal Anglo-American Women Pay a Lot of Money to Learn Over Dinner How They’re Racist
  45. When Doxers Become the Doxed
  46. Minnesota College Helps ‘White Students’ Deal with ‘the Nasty Little Racist Inside Them’
  47. Still Too White: Barnes & Noble Cancels ‘Race Switch’ Classic Novels
  48. ‘Trayvon Martin Would Have Been 25 Today’
  49. Paul Craig Roberts' Articles on Anti-White Propaganda
  50. Portland police continue to let antifa run rampant, refuse to help man chased by violent mob
  51. Twitter Hate: Black History Month Edition
  52. Plymouth Rock Defaced
  53. Madison Elementary School Teacher Fights for Right to use Student Girls’ Bathroom
  54. John Adams 2nd President of the United States
  55. Pro-HIV Cali senator wants to exempt LGBT pedophiles from sex registry
  56. Woman Punched Stranger at Oregon Bus Stop Because She Hates ‘White People’: Court Docs
  57. New California declares 'independence' from California in bid to become 51st state
  58. Naturalized Citizens Make Up Record One-in-Ten U.S. Eligible Voters in 2020
  59. Was Abe Lincoln Really in Favor of Deporting the Blacks?
  60. Philadelphia Police Release Images of Suspect Wanted for Spray-Painting Racial Slurs on Cecil B. Moore Mural
  61. Her Name Is Madison Harris: Teenager Murdered by Five Blacks in Biloxi, Mississippi
  62. I was Liberal Until I Lived in a Los Angeles Barrio. Now I’m a Race Realist.
  63. "I date white girls and break their hearts as revenge for slavery"
  64. Thread split: The U.S.A., American or English?
  65. Two Reasons to Despise the New York Times
  66. Pressing Priority: Real-Life “Hunters” Get Elderly German Man Deported from US Because He Was a “Nazi”
  67. A Market or a Nation?
  68. Reflecting on Anita Bryant
  69. It’s Past Time to Make Our Own Stuff and Break Away From China
  70. A&F Cuts Ties With Gay Plus-Size Model Michael McCauley Over Social Media Thought Crime
  71. 2020 POTUS Election: Trump v Biden
  72. Britney Spears Calls For Wealth Redistribution, General Strike On Instagram
  73. ‘Let White People Die’ Prof Triples Down: Whiteness Is ‘Mental And Physical Terrorism’
  74. Thomas Jefferson QUOTES:
  75. What’s Killing the Anglo Working Class?
  76. No Joking Matter: Survey Finds Six Out of Ten Students View Offensive Jokes as “Hate Speech”
  77. Flashback: Engineer Working at Bill Gates’ Seattle Home Busted With Massive Amount of Child Pornography
  78. Virginia Is Reborn As a Leftist Enclave, Following Governor's Easter Weekend Bill-Signing
  79. Governor's Photo With Drag Queens Stirs Controversy In Kentucky
  80. Convicted Of Sex Crimes As A Man, Felon No Longer Deemed Threat Because Of Gender Change
  81. Teen Killed Entire Family Because They Were Against His Black Girlfriend
  82. Benjamin Netanyahu Smuggled 800 Nuclear Triggers (Krytrons) to Israel Out of the US
  83. US Veterans won’t strike swastikas from graves of German POWs
  84. "Antifa" Magazine Shuts Down After Editor Accused of Being A Rapist
  85. Kevin MacDonald: Puritan Individualism To Anglo-Saxon Hegemony To Jewish Infiltration - 6
  86. Detroit: 20-Yr-Old Black Supremacist Films Himself Beating Up Elderly Nursing Home Patients
  87. Report: 1,797,910 Firearms Sold in April 2020, a 71.3% Increase Over April 2019
  88. Cold War 2.0: China and U.S. Tensions Rise; U.S. Revokes Open Skies Treaty With Russia
  89. California Republican Ted Howze Loses GOP Help After ‘Disturbing’ Social Media Posts
  90. Texas: Yet Another Jihad Attack at a Naval Air Station
  91. Minnesota riots 2020