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  1. American Kids Want To Be Famous On YouTube, And Kids In China Want To Go To Space: Survey
  2. Manholes In Berkeley Will Now Be Called 'Maintenance Holes'
  3. Parents Catch FBI In Plot To Force Mentally Ill Son To Be A Right Wing Terrorist
  4. Why a corner of America's Deep South is 'forever German'
  5. What, Exactly, IS The United States?
  6. Ilhan Omar Claims White Men ‘Cause Most Of The Deaths’ In America. She's Wrong.
  7. CDC Confirms US Fertility Rate Fell to ‘All-Time Low’ in 2018
  8. Obama orchestrated a massive transfer of wealth to the 1 percent
  9. Futuristic, Utopian Paradise Of Baltimore Completely Baffled By Trump's Attacks
  10. Steve O Puts A Brick Through The Overton Window
  11. Sex scandal of the ages: Wikileaks goes after Hillary Clinton
  12. California Lawmakers Pass Resolution Blaming Religious People for High Suicide Rates in the LGBT Community
  13. Dayton & El Paso Mass Shootings
  14. White Man Wrongly Branded as Killer of 7-Year-Old Jazmine Barnes by Shaun King Dead of Apparent Suicide
  15. Affluent liberals in Washington suburb resort to 'racial, economic stereotypes' to protest affordable housing proposal
  16. Rosanna Arquette: ‘I’m Sorry I Was Born White and Privileged. It Disgusts Me’
  17. State Department suspends employee with white nationalist links
  18. Good Guy With Gun Stops Potential Attack At Walmart After Man Shows Up With Rifle, Body Armor
  19. Mexico: Where More Americans Are Murdered Than In All Other Foreign Countries Combined
  20. Jeffrey Epstein Dead In Apparent Suicide
  21. Steve King: 'Would there be any population of the world left' if not for rape and incest?
  22. They Will Still Hate You Even If You Disarm
  23. Mass Shootings Aren't Becoming More Common–and Evidence Contradicts Stereotypes about the Shooters
  24. Shootings in Philadelphia
  25. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate-based scam that nearly caused me to be murdered
  26. The Left’s Message: We Will Replace You
  27. A Liberal Utopia Defined
  28. DOJ: 64 Percent of All Federal Arrests in 2018 Were Non-Citizens
  29. ‘Luxury Beliefs’ Are The Latest Status Symbol For Rich Americans
  30. China Promises To Fight Back In Escalating Trade War
  31. TV Anchor Apologizes After Comparing Black Cohost To a Gorilla
  32. Leftist Council Member Says Cleaning Feces Off Seattle Streets With a Power Washer is Racist
  33. Four month old white baby girl murdered by 19 year old black day care worker in Delaware
  34. Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House
  35. China Is Using Fentanyl as ‘Chemical Warfare,’ Experts Say