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  1. Another Police Shooting
  2. Trump Announces Ban on Transgender People in U.S. Military
  3. "Unite the Right" Organizer Jason Kessler Was Obama Supporter Involved With Occupy Movement
  4. 'Adopt a Nazi': How US Groups Are Countering Neo-Nazis
  5. 22 Million Americans Support "Neo-Nazis", New Poll Indicates
  6. Colorado Man Stabbed for Having a "Nazi" Haircut
  7. Please Sign White House Petition to Save the Civil-War Monuments, Statues, and Memorials
  8. Black "Child Care" Workers Film Themselves Abusing (White?) Autistic Child
  9. Sudanese Gunman Opens Fire on Tennesssee Church Members During Service
  10. 97 Year Old White WWII Vet Kneels in Support of NFL Players Who Refuse To Stand During National Anthem
  11. Does An American Spirit Really Exist?
  12. Now Enough White Nationalists in America to Fill Australia
  13. Negroes Are Offended, Again
  14. Boy Scouts Now Accepting Girls
  15. United Nations Urges U.S. to Abandon First Amendment to Fight Rise of ‘Racism’
  16. One in Four Troops Sees White Nationalism in the Ranks
  17. New California Law Allows Jail Time If You Use Wrong Gender Pronoun On Tranny
  18. Majority Of White Americans Say They Believe Whites Face Discrimination
  19. If American Federalism Were Like Swiss Federalism, There Would Be 1,300 States
  20. Record Number Of Americans Expected To Renounce Citizenship In 2017
  21. Group Calling National Anthem Lyrics Racist, Anti-Black
  22. North American English Dialects
  23. FBI: Anti-White Hate Crimes Are the Fastest Growing Racial Hate Crimes in America
  24. The 11 Nations Of The United States
  25. Donald Trump, 4D chess master?
  26. How Do You Report Illegal Aliens in Massachusetts?
  27. New State Laws for 2018
  28. Israel Anti-Boycott Act: AIPAC Want to Imprison Americans Who Oppose Israel
  29. "Racist Trees" to Be Cut Down in California
  30. Vermont Woman Delivering Meals to the Homeless Attacked with Machete by Black Muslim Immigrant
  31. Immigration Agents Descend on Dozens of 7-Eleven Stores
  32. Honduras Next in Line for US Decision on Protected Migrants
  33. Criminal Charges Against Street Preachers Dismissed
  34. Know-Nothings for the 21st Century
  35. What is Your American Dialect? (Quiz & Map)
  36. Course Uses "Pyramid Of White Supremacy" To Teach Diversity
  37. A 'Pro-White' Town Manager Wants Races to Separate, Rails Against Islam — And Refuses to Quit
  38. The FISA Memo
  39. Poll: Trump Job Approval Hits 46%, Only 38% Believe Russia Probe ‘Handled Fairly’
  40. Americans Turning Off Super Bowl in Droves
  41. Obama’s Artist Portrays White Girl Beheaded by Empowered Black Woman
  42. Caroline Glick: Democrats Join Farrakhan and British Labour Party in Antisemitic Sewer
  43. Donald Trump Loves Torture
  44. Does Barrack Obama Really Exist?
  45. Trump Spends $1.3 Trillion: No Wall
  46. Students Call Thomas Jefferson ‘Icon’ of White Supremacists
  47. The Christian Origins of America’s Constitutional Republic
  48. Is Trump a Total Warmonger? Will Trump Cause WW3?
  49. Chris Hedges: “U.S. Citizens Are Living In An Inverted Totalitarian Country”
  50. Americans World's Biggest TV Addicts Watching Four Hours A Day
  51. USA Soldier Just Got Authorization To Wear A Beard Because Of His Norse Pagan Faith
  52. America Will Only Remain ‘Majority White’ If Blacks Remain an Underclass
  53. Rapid change is coming to the least-diverse areas
  54. Video: Ungrateful Millennials Not Proud to be American
  55. When 43% of Americans Can’t Pay for Food and Rent, We Can Safely Say the Economic Collapse Is HERE
  56. ‘We Need to Normalize Being Child-Free’ – US Racing Driver on Population Control
  57. America's Socialist Origins
  58. ‘Reparations Happy Hour’ Invites White People to Pay for Drinks
  59. ‘I Feel Like the Minority:’ Americans Tell Washington Post They’re ‘Sick’ of Mass Immigration
  60. CNN Analyst: Trump Is “Punishment For Not Being Good Enough Citizens”
  61. Harvard Hospital Taking Down Portraits of White Men
  62. Detroit: The Death of White Civilisation
  63. San Francisco is a Sh*thole
  64. Trump Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Destroyed With Pickaxe
  65. Make America Speak English Again?
  66. A Sociologist Examines the “White Fragility” That Prevents White Americans from Confronting Racism
  67. "New Hampshire, 94 Percent White, Asks: How Do You Diversify a Whole State?"
  68. Antifa Plotting Violence at Pro-Trump Rally
  69. Moral of the Story: Don't Piss Off a Muslim. They Are in the 7th century Still.
  70. 10 Signs That America Is In Much Worse Trouble Than We All Thought…
  71. Blacks not more likely to be shot if controlling for circumstances
  72. Life Cycles of Empires
  73. Muslim Training Children for School Shootings in New Mexico
  74. Berkeley Police Criticized for Posting Identities of Antifa Protesters: ‘This Is Very Disturbing’
  75. Chicago - 74 People Shot Last Weekend!
  76. Black US Muslim Radicals had Terror Training Base in New Mexico
  77. Protesters Topple Silent Sam Confederate Statue at UNC
  78. Donald Trump's Latest Crisis
  79. White Privilege Courses Now Offered at Universities
  80. Majority Of Young Americans Live In A Household Receiving Welfare
  81. Shootings in Jacksonville, Florida
  82. Why There is No Accountability in US Foreign Policy
  83. West Valley City Is Now ‘Minority Majority,’ Where Minority Groups Outnumber the White Population
  84. U.S. Fertility Rate Drops to All Time Low, Cut in Half Since 1950s
  85. Video: Land of My Ancestors
  86. Chaos and Mayhem in Shakopee, Minnesota
  87. America is So Free the Average Family Has to Spend More on Taxes than on Food and Clothing
  88. Anti-White-Male Kavanaugh Hatefest May Close Midterm Enthusiasm Gap—and Get GOP Senators On the Trump Train!
  89. Vandals topple Philadelphia statue of Viking explorer into Schuylkill River
  90. Pro-Choice Man, Who Allegedly Kicked Pro-Life Woman, Is In More Trouble Than We Thought
  91. Paul Craig Roberts
  92. Gallup: Only 20% Have ‘Great Deal/Quite a Lot’ of Confidence in TV News; 11% in Congress
  93. Almost Half of US Births Happen Outside Marriage
  94. The Migrant Caravan Invasion
  95. Richard Spencer's Wife Divorces Him - Cites Abuse
  96. Civil War? If It Starts It Will Be Uglier Than Anyone Can Imagine
  97. Arrests Made in Mail Bombs Sent to Democrats
  98. St Matthew Shepard the Sodomite
  99. 47% of Americans ‘Feel Like a Stranger in Their Own Country,’ Cultural Alienation Survey Finds
  100. One in Three College Students Believe Physical Violence Is Justified to Prevent ‘Hate Speech’: Survey
  101. Idaho school investigating after teachers wore border wall costumes for Halloween
  102. Nov. 6 Elections in US
  103. The Nixon-Bush Connection To The Kennedy Assassination
  104. Study: Diversity-Preaching Media Far Whiter, More Male Than US Workforce
  105. China Infiltrates American Campuses
  106. White Flight
  107. Baraboo Prom Picture
  108. U.S. Military Might "Struggle To Win, Or Perhaps Lose" War With China Or Russia, Report Says
  109. US House Reverses 181-Year-Old-Rule To Appease Newly Elected Moslem
  110. Guam: Why America's Most Isolated Territory Exists
  111. America's Regional Cultures
  112. Daycare worker admits killing eight-month-old girl by suffocating her with a blanket
  113. George H. W. Bush
  114. Trump, the Nuclear Posture Review and the INF Treaty
  115. "Racist" Christmas Tree
  116. Craig Cobb Want to Name a Church after Donald Trump!
  117. The Ballad of the Green Berets - Steve Hofmeyr
  118. The Truth and Origins behind the " American Melting Pot "
  119. President Trump
  120. Ann Coulter: Jews ‘Hate White Men’ Like Rest Of Democratic Base.
  121. Why Is Community Dead: In Which I Blame Colleges.
  122. Satan Gets His Own Statue in Illinois
  123. A Texas Elementary School Speech Pathologist Refused to Sign a Pro-Israel Oath, Now Mandatory in Many States — So She Lost Her Job
  124. Trump Foundation to shut down after lawsuit exposes ‘pattern of illegality’
  125. How the Democrats plan to use Congress to get hold of Trump’s tax returns
  126. Justice Ginsburg Undergoes Cancer Surgery
  127. White liberals dumb themselves down when they speak to black people, a new study contends
  128. America the Great
  129. The Fall of Sears
  130. California organizers cancel Women's March due to 'overwhelmingly white' participants
  131. Pentagon: 71% of Americans Are too Dumb, Fat, or Criminal for Military Service
  132. Tucker: Leaders Show No Obligation To Voters
  133. Guam
  134. E Michael Jones on Jewish Influence from Calvary To Trump
  135. Boston Mayor’s Office to Force Doctors to Identify and Document Patients Who Own Guns
  136. Negress Loses Her Baby
  137. Real Reason Behind Government Shutdown
  138. Another Wave of Prospective Welfare Recipients
  139. Suppressing the Truth
  140. The Covington Catholic High Incident
  141. How Jewish is America?
  142. Shooter Kills Five In Florida
  143. America the land of welfare abuse!
  144. Daniel Boone - True Pioneer
  145. Antifa Member Killed After Pulling Gun on Cops at School
  146. Virginia Governor in Racist Scandal
  147. Separate State For U.S. Blacks?
  148. President Trump
  149. Candace Owens: "Hitler Just Wanted to Make Germany Great"
  150. Obesity Has Become a National Security Issue
  151. Taxpayers lash out at Trump for Tax Cuts and Job Act 'scam' as IRS data shows refunds are smaller than last year
  152. Paedophilia and Satanism
  153. Truck Plows Into Crowd
  154. How Americans Use 'Anglo' vs How Others Use 'Anglo'
  155. Australian Online ISIS Jihadist Turns Out to Be Florida Jew
  156. Yale News Collumist Calls for Stasi Practices
  157. Bill Clinton’s Faith Healer Arrested for Running Biggest Ever Child Sex Ring
  158. "Trump has wrecked our sex lives", says lolcow
  159. Fed gov uses Agenda 21 to impose 3rd World mass invasion of USA
  160. Bolchevism on the rise in America.
  161. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  162. The Moynihan Report
  163. 'Half Hanged Mary' - A Famous Puritan Witch Case before Salem
  164. Armed Citizens Are Successful 94% Of The Time At Active Shooter Events [FBI]
  165. Transgender troops tell Congress transitioning made them stronger
  166. Blacks randomly attack whites on Chicago's public transit
  167. Yang Gang 2020
  168. Muslim Student Sets Fire To Christian School To ‘Protest’ U.S. Military
  169. Paul Joseph Watson is leaving InfoWars!
  170. Where Are the English-Americans?
  171. Southern Poverty Law Center crisis deepens as president announces resignation
  172. Looking to the Future, Public Sees an America in Decline on Many Fronts
  173. Cook County Clerk's Office Stunned as Smollett Case File Vanishes From Records System
  174. A professor's call to shut down our nation's universities
  175. Americans Aren’t Buying, Warehouses Surge With Product
  176. Gender Studies Professor Says ‘White People Own Time’: ‘If Time Had a Race, It Would Be White’
  177. Anyone else not care about US Politics ?
  178. Thousands of Bees Attack Mosque
  179. Illinois Gun Owners to Legislators
  180. Fewer Americans want to serve in the military
  181. Texas principal removed after allegations of anti-immigrant bias
  182. Study Shows a Third of Americans Think Holocaust Murders Exaggerated
  183. Kate Smith’s ‘God Bless America’ out at Yankee Stadium over "racist" songs
  184. Trump’s Betrayal of White America
  185. CA: Car Driven Into Pedestrians (Terrorism?)
  186. Understanding the Poway Synagogue Shooting
  187. FBI Investigating Antifa For Plotting To Buy Guns From Cartel For ‘Armed Rebellion’
  188. Shocking video of children in Philadelphia Muslim Society: 'We will chop off their heads' for Allah
  189. NY Times Reporter Calls for Censorship of Creepy Videos of Joe Biden Inappropriately Touching Kids
  190. Plot Twist: Colorado Shooting Suspects Are Gender-Confused girl and boy who hated Christians, Trump
  191. Boohoohoo: "White people’s diets are killing the environment: study"
  192. Apocalypto Now: Abortion and Human Sacrifice in the Americas by E. Michael Jones
  193. YouTube’s Newest Far-Right Red-Pilling Star Is A 14-Year-Old Girl
  194. Elderly Man Dies After Being Shoved Off A Bus By Woman, 25, After He Asked Her To Be Nicer To Other Passengers
  195. Long Island University To Ditch ‘Blackbirds’ Nickname: It’s ‘Offensive’ And ‘Racist’
  196. Healthcare Worker Suspected Of Being Involved In A Thousand Deaths Is Charged With 12 Murders
  197. Isaac Kappy Names Hollywood Pedophile Rapists
  198. The U.S. Is the Unhappiest It’s Ever Been
  199. Chicago high school spends $53,000 to reprint yearbooks after staff discovered photos of students making white nationalist hand gestures
  200. Open Letter to Gavin Newsom: "Your Policies Are Tearing My Family Apart"
  201. Parents Sue After Second Grade Teacher Tries To Convince 8-Year-Old Boy He Was A Girl
  202. The MLK tapes: Secret FBI recordings accuse Martin Luther King Jr of watching and laughing as a pastor raped a woman
  203. Clown world: Hillary Clinton to give keynote speech at cybersecurity summit (yes, really)
  204. Leftist Professor Who Nailed Last 9 Elections Says Trump Wins 2020 Unless Democrats Impeach
  205. The 11 Emerging Mega-Regions Of The United States
  206. FBI discovers homegrown jihadi training camp in Alabama, similar to one in New Mexico
  207. Bubonic plague (aka The Black Death) probably already here, in Los Angeles, says Dr. Drew
  208. Automation could kill 73 million U.S. jobs by 2030
  209. The Essence of Evil: Sex with Children Has Become Big Business in America
  210. Trump supporter pops massive balloon depicting POTUS as baby at UK protests
  211. SICK. Nearly 50K People ‘Like’ Tweet About Running Over Seven-Year-Old Pro-Trump Child
  212. ‘White Rights’ Get Radio Host Fired
  213. Angry Antifa Accidentally Attacks One of Their Own
  214. Clown world: "Straight Black Men Are the White People of Black People"
  215. Black feminists call out Dictionary.com's 'offensive' definition of 'black': 'This needs to change'
  216. Clown world: ‘Undoing Whiteness’ yoga class aims to dismantle white supremacy
  217. Gallup: 81% Don’t Think Americans Have Good Moral Values
  218. Hormuz Crisis: Tanker Owner Disputes US Narrative, Says Crew Saw "Flying Objects" Before Attack
  219. Vermont to Allow Taxpayer-Funded Transgender Sex Reassignment Surgeries for Children
  220. Lesbian Couple Puts Restaurant on Blast after Staff Refused to Host Their Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
  221. Democrats have Found the Perfect Losing Issue
  222. Oregon Senate Passes Bill to Allow Blacks to Sue White People for Calling Cops on Them
  223. Black Parolee Who Raped White Woman Said She “Deserved” it Because of “Slavery”
  224. Oregon Republican Senator Threatens State Troopers, Warns Them to ‘Come Heavily Armed’
  225. Claiming Racism, Illinois Democrat Cancels Local Civil War Re-Enactment
  226. Elizabeth Warren Comes Out For 'Gay Reparations'
  227. Philly’s first out trans police officer buried as a man
  228. New Study Shows Decline in LGBTQ Acceptance Among Young Americans
  229. Hate Crime Hoaxes Are More Common Than You Think
  230. South Dakota’s Efforts to Protect Speech on Campus Could Be a Model for the Nation
  231. Why Doesn't the US Just Use the Metric System?
  232. 2020 Democratic Party Presidential Primaries
  233. Judge says MLGW must pay fired worker who protested statue removal
  234. Kansas man who robbed bank to escape wife gets home-confinement sentence
  235. New Threat: Antifa Plans Acid Attack On D.C. Free Speech Rally, Promises To Blind Attendees
  236. Americans Have Almost Entirely Forgotten Their History
  237. "They’re Fed Up With America’s Racism. So They’re Moving to Africa."
  238. Why Are Americans So Obsessed With Scandinavian Culture?
  239. New Video Shows Portland Antifa Crowbar Attack, Macing of Elderly Man
  240. "Seeing Poor White People Makes Me Happy"
  241. Rep. Frederica Wilson demands prosecution for those who mock Congress online
  242. A Teachable Moment
  243. Trump rape accuser now wants to send all men to 'retraining' camps after believing 'we should just get rid of men'
  244. Leftists Claim “Great Replacement” Is A “Conspiracy Theory”…Unless They’re Bragging About It
  245. San Francisco to paint over historic George Washington mural
  246. Trump & The Uniparty
  247. Based Marine Veteran Barrels Into Left Wing Activists To Save Burning American Flag
  248. Defense Department Computer Network Among Top Sharers of Child Pornography
  249. NYC hate crime probe underway after latest Pride flag burning at gay bar
  250. Rapper Tiny Jag pulls out of Detroit music fest after learning white people pay a higher ticket price