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  1. Jan Brewer 'confident' Supreme Court Will Uphold Immigration Law
  2. 'Let's Pray Together': The Heart-Breaking Plea by Kidnapped College Student to Her Captors - Just Minutes Before They Executed Her
  3. 'White Only' Pool Owner Tries to Defend Sign
  4. Black Sets Elderly Woman Alight in Lift
  5. The US Army Leaves Iraq
  6. Clinton Calls Obama: "The Worst President Ever." Obama To Clinton: "You're A Racist."
  7. Channon Christian's Cousin Launches Petition to STOP New Trials, Let's Help!
  8. SPLC Admits Lying About Sheriff Mack, Lawsuit Pending
  9. Obama Campaign Abandons White Working-class Voters in Favor of Minorities and the Educated.
  10. Does Barack Obama Believe He's the 4th-best Modern President?
  11. Judge Reduces Jenny Clarke Rapists Sentences
  12. Negro ''Family Friend'' Kills 21 Y/o and His 7y/o Niece
  13. 2 Black Army ''Soldiers'' Arrested for Statutory Rape of 2 White Girls
  14. Loving Freedom Enough to Defy the NDAA
  15. GOP: "Ignore Paul Win"
  16. Ron Paul Under Fire for Racist Newsletters
  17. Blacks In The U.S. Riot and Trample Others For New Jordan Shoes
  18. Democrat Corruption
  19. A Deontological Defense of the Southern Confederacy
  20. Who Are the Tennesseans?
  21. Riot at the Mall of America
  22. How Come Whites in the U.S. Are Like This?
  23. New England's American Empire
  24. Hollywood Arson Spree
  25. Andrea Mitchell: Iowa Is "Too White, Too Evangelical, Too Rural"
  26. Which Side Would You Pick?
  27. Iowa Caucus Ends in Stalemate, Romney Becomes Presumptive Challenger to Obama
  28. Obama Signs US Citizens Detention Bill
  29. Bachmann Concedes
  30. Cease the Federal Occupation of the South
  31. Famous CNN/Ron Paul 'Censorship' Video: (...) 'Interference'
  32. Blacks in New Orleans Cry Foul Over French Quarter Curfew
  33. Michelle Obama Doesn't Like the Irish
  34. Race & Voting
  35. 30 Statistics About the American Middle Class.
  36. Mitt Romney is Mexican!
  37. Judge Rejects GOP Canidates in Virginia
  38. American Surnames List
  39. USA Civil Rights & the NDAA Bill
  40. Wikipedia Black Out for English Language Users
  41. Foreign Company Buys U.S. Election Results Reporting Firm.
  42. Glenn Beck: I'd Consider Ron Paul Third Party Over Newt Gingrich
  43. Mouse In Big Mac: Rodent Gets Stuck In Bag Of McDonald's Big Mac Buns
  44. Malcolm X Day
  45. Berlin Calling: Axis Sally Broadcast to America, American Troops in Europe
  46. Gingrich's Paymaster
  47. New Poll Shows Strong Dissatisfaction with Washington Corruption
  48. Obama Exchange with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Reveals His Testy Side
  49. Harrisburg: Protest in Capitol for the Boers
  50. Climate Change Denial Sweeping Into Public Schools
  51. BP Email Hushed Up Oil Spill Rate Estimate As Gulf Rig Was Sinking
  52. Will Obama Be Re-elected?
  53. Bigoted Description of Florida Panhandle: ‘Cracker Counties’
  54. Paul: Immigration Not Solved by Barbed Wire, Guns
  55. Ethnic Makeup of North Carolina
  56. Record: 1.2 Million People Fall Out Of Labor
  57. USA - Highest Male Rape Rates In History
  58. Barack Obama: 'I Deserve a Second Term'
  59. Pres. Obama Pledges to Combat 'Holocaust Denial'
  60. FBI Warns of Threat From Anti-Government Extremists
  61. Jessica, White Revolution Florida Deputy Governor
  62. The Drum-Beat of an Unwanted War
  63. This is the Future of America
  64. LA Times: White Supremacists Dream of a Homeland in Northwest
  65. Victor Davis Hanson: Germany Has Finally Triumphed
  66. Ron Paul: Rick Santorum-A Record of Betrayal
  67. Un-Fair Campaign: Targeting Racism.
  68. Will Our Multicultural Elites Ever Become Race Realists?
  69. Can Ron Paul Be Trusted?
  70. Preschooler’s Homemade Lunch Replaced with Cafeteria Food
  71. Yahoo! Predicts Obama Victory in November
  72. US Constitution Losing Appeal Around the World
  73. Pat Buchanan Fired from MSNBC
  74. Charles Lindbergh: A Courageous American’s Prophetic Voice.
  75. Gingrich Archives Show His Public Praise, Private Criticism of Reagan
  76. Affirmative Action = Potemkin Equality
  77. From Negro Creek to Wop Draw
  78. Gym Removed from Many School to Make More Time for Academics, but Physical Activity Can Improve Thinking and Reasoning Skills in Children
  79. U.S Sheriff May Have Found Proof of Forgery in Obama's Birth Certificate.
  80. Was Breitbart Assassinated?
  81. Americans Will Need “Black Markets” To Survive
  82. "We Will Always Reject The Notion That Zionism Is Racism" Pres Obama Address To AIPAC
  83. National Alliance More Popular Than Ron Paul?
  84. Jew Adelson Set To Pump Another $10 Million Into Gingrich Campaign
  85. Single red flower left at site of Boston Massacre on 242nd anniversary
  86. As World War One centennial nears, fight erupts over memorial
  87. Obama at Racial Diversity Protest in 1991
  88. Chanting 'USA' is Racist
  89. Wouldn't It Be Nice If They Just Marched Back Home To Mexico?
  90. Americans Can Be Assassinated On U.S. Soil?
  91. James Stewart, Seller of Raw Milk, Survives in LA County Jail
  92. 80% of Minorities Ineligible to Join Military
  93. Stunning Study on Anti-White Racism in America
  94. America’s First Slave Owner Was a Black Man
  95. American Renaissance Conference March 16-18 Nashville
  96. SPLC: The 'Patriot' Movement Explodes
  97. Congressional Candidate Calls Holocaust ‘Biggest, Blackest Lie In History’
  98. Germanic Patriots Returning to the Scandinavian Womb
  99. Footage Shows Michelle Obama Occupying Harvard Office Advocating Raced-Based Hiring
  100. "Anyone Who Has Taught College Over the Last Forty Years, As I Have, Can Tell You How Much Less Students Coming Out of High School Know Every Year."
  101. The Trayvon Martin Case
  102. Texas to recognize Tejano history with Capitol monument
  103. Media Is Too Busy In Florida Trying To Make A Hispanic Man White To Cover This
  104. George Lincoln Rockwell
  105. Ron Paul- Stop the Feds Covert Bailout of Europe
  106. 30,000 Drones Over America
  107. America’s Most Corrupt States
  108. Hutaree Conspiracy Case Dismissed
  109. The Real Problem With Blacks And Police
  110. ‘Russia is Public Enemy No. 1’ – Mitt Romney
  111. Mother of 6 Arrested for Texting While Driving..
  112. Decision Time: Evacuate the USA or Bunker Down?
  113. Tulsa Shootings
  114. Caught On Video: Crowd Laughs As European Tourist Beaten, Stripped And Robbed
  115. Panetta Suggests US Is Under International Control
  116. The Genocide That Gets Applause From The Media
  117. Glenn Beck? What`s Your Opinion?
  118. Nazi Party Registers Washington Lobbyist
  119. Media Censored Seven Hate Crime Mob Attacks in Grand Rapids
  120. Spend or Salvage?
  121. Alabama Man Beaten Allegedly in the Name of Trayvon Martin
  122. Scarlett Johansson Has New Thor's Hammer Tattoo
  123. A Little Family History
  124. Barry Used to be into White Women
  125. 5 Dead After Shooting at Arizona Home
  126. US Political Concentration Camps Confirmed
  127. Banning Same-Sex Marriage Protects The White Race
  128. Ron Paul Vs Mitt Romney 2012
  129. NYTimes Realizes That The FBI Keeps Celebrating Breaking Up Its Own Terrorist Plots
  130. Has Ron Paul Sold Out To The Israeli Lobby?
  131. Army Manual for Re-education Camps Applies to US Citizens
  132. 'Dragged From Her Bike, Raped, Strangled to Death With Her Own Bra'
  133. Obama Officials Drafted Memo to Blame Military If OBL Mission Failed
  134. FBI Raids “Domestic Terrorist” Camp in Florida
  135. Obama Backs Same-Sex Marriage
  136. Has Alex Jones Lost The Plot?
  137. Colin Powell: U.S. Was Set for War with Iraq Before His U.N. Speech
  138. Department Of Agriculture Opposes Immigration Law Enforcement
  139. Paul Kersey’s Escape from Detroit
  140. We Are Not Conservatives by Alex Stark
  141. America's Rank Hypocrisy: Why Is It Only an "Atrocity" When Other Countries Do It?
  142. Demand Your Independence Now and Be Proud
  143. Untrimmed for Service? NYPD Boots Hasidic Jew for Beard
  144. Head of Anti-Assimilation Group Appeals to Zuckerberg
  145. White High Schooler Returns Scholarship Intended for Black Students
  146. New York's Jewish Population Growing Again After Decline
  147. Indiana Law Lets Citizens Shoot at Police
  148. Should We Allow Guilt-Free Mortgage Defaults?
  149. Record-High 40 Percent Of Americans Identify As Independents
  150. George Kennan and the Twisted Course of US Foreign Policy
  151. Time Magazine Admitted Way Back in 1958 That Reporting of Negro Crime Was Being Suppressed
  152. The Insects Are Watching: The Future of Government Surveillance Technology
  153. ‘White Nationalism’ Group Registers to Lobby in Washington
  154. NBC: 35 Hurt, 7 Killed in Chicago Shootings
  155. Romney Admits He is in Favor of Amnesty
  156. San Francisco To Get Pre-Crime Surveillance Cameras
  157. Texas Father Won't Face Charges for Beating to Death 47 Year Old Mexican Who Was Raping His 5 Year Old Daughter
  158. Fast and Furious Events
  159. Former Congressman Tancredo to Address White Supremacists
  160. Obama Has No Law License???
  161. U of M - Duluth Campaigns on White Privileges
  162. Plane Tows Swastika Banner, Startles New Jersey Beachgoers
  163. Phoenix Boy, 14, Shoots Armed Intruder While Watching Three Younger Siblings
  164. David Duke Endorsed Candidates Fall Short in New York Congressional Races
  165. Joining the US Navy, Yay or Nay?
  166. America Today If The South Won..
  167. When Americans Understood the Declaration of Independence
  168. Challenge Authority and You Will Eventually Win
  169. Interesting Animation
  170. Is Southern Agrarianism America’s Final Hope?
  171. Forty Years After Watergate, Our Fight Against the Corrupting Influence of Money on Politics Has Failed.
  172. Jewish Circumcision is Tied to Infant Herpes and Death
  173. States Face Uphill Climb on Immigration Enforcement After Court Ruling
  174. Batman Movie Shooting
  175. First Military Base Same-Sex Wedding Held
  176. US Army Stockpiling Riot Gear
  177. Department of Justice Suggests Criticism of Islam Could Be Criminalized
  178. Sikh Temple Shooting
  179. Winchester, Connecticut Sued For Racism
  180. When They Come For Your Guns ...
  181. What Was Obama Doing During the Olympic Opening Ceremonies?
  182. 43% of US Immigrants on Welfare After 20 Years
  183. The Dispossessed Majority
  184. In 1996, a Jewish Astrophysicist Made the Argument to Divide USA into Three Nations to Prevent Racial Conflict.
  185. Census Seeks Changes in How It Measures Race
  186. POTUS Election 2012
  187. The Religious Origins of Manifest Destiny.
  188. Multiple Casualties in Shooting Outside Texas A&M University
  189. 4-star Negro Us-general is a Criminal
  190. The Growing Gang Problem
  191. Nazi Extremists Infiltrate US Military
  192. How Whites Took Over America
  193. American Holocaust, 100,000,000 Dead, and the Truth of Native Americans Before the Genocide
  194. The 10 Worst Race Riots in American History
  195. Justice Sotomayor on Diversity & SCOTUS
  196. Aborting the Working Class
  197. Statistics Show Rising White Rural Mortality Rate
  198. The Chalkening
  199. Andrew Jackson to Be Removed From $20 Bill?
  200. Alabama Chief Justice Suspended Over Same Sex Marriage
  201. A Confession of Liberal Intolerance
  202. A 51st State?
  203. U.S. Directs Public Schools to Allow Transgender Access to Restrooms
  204. Homicide Rates Jump in Many Major U.S. Cities, New Data Shows
  205. How Advertising Shows The Decline Of American Culture
  206. Poll: American Indians Not Offended by Redskins Name
  207. Detroit Continues to Decline
  208. State Encyclopedia
  209. Oregon Was Founded As a Racist Utopia
  210. +38k Jobs in May, Worst Jobs Report for 5 Years
  211. A Weekend in Chicago: Where Gunfire Is a Terrifying Norm
  212. Identity Europa
  213. 20 People Shot Dead in Orlando in Terrorist Attack
  214. Why There Has Been No Presidents from Wisconsin
  215. White Americans Have Remained "Shockingly European" Despite Decades of Race Mixing Propaganda
  216. Alabama County Refuses to Lower Flag to Honor Orlando Shooting Victims
  217. The Decaying Corpse Called America
  218. Eleven Year Old Girl Raped by Moslems
  219. CLINTON CASH - Watch and Share
  220. Americans Reveal How Life in Britain is Different
  221. When the Suspect Is an Armed Black Man -- and the Cop Is Black
  222. What the Founders *Really* Thought About Race
  223. Brzezinski Gives Up on Empire
  224. New Analysis Shows Eastern US Can Handle 30 Percent Renewable Electricity
  225. Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Says Bloodshed May Be Needed to Protect Conservatism
  226. The Curse Of Kaepernick: Football Ratings Are DOWN!
  227. Saudis Hire Lobbyists Amid 9/11 Fight
  228. Americans Are You Mad Enough Yet?
  229. Democrats Caught Stuffing Ballot Box
  230. Hillary Re: Assange, Can't We Drone This Guy?
  231. Feds Admit to Photographing License Plates at Gun Show
  232. How Imminent is Civil War in America?
  233. Julian Assange's Internet Link Has Been Intentionally Severed by a State Party - WikiLeaks
  234. Take Down 'Racist' Theodore Roosevelt Statue, Activists Tell New York Museum
  235. If You Fit Into Either of These Two Groups, It Is Time to Leave America
  236. Jews, Muslims Form Alliance Against Trump
  237. USGS Announces Largest Oil And Gas Deposit Ever Assessed In U.S.
  238. Donation Drive for Appalachian Forest Fire Victims
  239. Jon Stewart Quotes on the Election
  240. Goodbye Reddit, Voat, Wordpress, Wikileaks, 4Chan and All You Heroic Whistle Blowers and Leakers. Senate to approve the U.S. Censorship Act!
  241. Huge Blizzard in Midwest
  242. 'Deportation and Colonization of the Negroes As a Solution of the Race Problem of the United States'
  243. Will the Democrats Ever Nominate Another White Candidate for President?
  244. Inauguration Day 2017
  245. Wave Of State Department Personnel Resign, Are Fired As Tillerson Takes Control
  246. What Do You Suppose the Trump Wall Will Look Like?
  247. The Condition of America 2017
  248. Green Card and Visa Holders Were Being Blocked from Boarding US-bound Flights
  249. Genome Study of America
  250. Dear White People