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  1. Islam Party In Belgium Wants To Create An Islamic State And Separate Men And Women
  2. Bye Facebook
  3. Leftist Radicals Want To Disrupt Official Dutch Remembrance Day Ceremony
  4. 89% of “Refugees” in Holland Still on Welfare Three Years Later
  5. Almost 1,400 Minor Girls Abused By Mostly Migrant Pimps In The Netherlands
  6. “There Is A Huge Silent Majority That’s Starting To Get A Voice” – Interview With Leader Of Belgian Patriotic Youth Group
  7. Facebook eist dat trailer Nederlandse film Redbad verwijderd wordt
  8. Flemish Politician: We Are Being Replaced, But We Will Resist Against The Hostile Takeover Of Islam
  9. Restoring the Kingdom of the Franks
  10. Muslims In The Netherlands Increasingly Religious And ‘More Hostile’ Against Dutch Society
  11. Belgian Mentally Handicapped Girl Raped by Illegal Migrant in Horrible Attempt to Make Her Pregnant to Obtain Papers
  12. Muslim Tells Ethnic Dutch To Leave!
  13. Peaceful Multicultural Societies Don’t Exist, Dutch FM Says
  14. Belgians Preparing Vigilante Justice Amid Migrant Crime Wave
  15. “Dirty, Stinking Belgian”: Migrant Gang Pelts Handicapped Old Lady With Stones
  16. 'Police can no longer handle the lawless jungle after dark in Amsterdam’
  17. Belgium Launching Social Media Campaign Asking Illegal Migrants Not to Come
  18. Suicide of Dutch anti-Muslim Politician
  19. ‘Stand Up and Fight – Awaken Your Nation’ – Hungary PM to Flemish Youth Patriots
  20. Why Are People From The Netherlands Called Dutch?
  21. Racism Row Over 'Dutch Only' Rental Ad
  22. Racism In The Netherlands: Talking About The Elephant In The Room
  23. Dutch TV Is Going To Start Dubbing Shows. Dutch People Are Outraged
  24. 75% Of Dutch Adults Welcome Refugees To The Netherlands
  25. Belgium’s Ex-PM Accused Of Anti-Semitism For ‘Antwerp Diamond Dealers’ Crack
  26. Quickly Growing Islamic Party Wants More Media Control In The Netherlands
  27. Belgian Political Leader Predicts European Civil War Is Near, As Governments Are Losing Control
  28. How Islamisation Has Set Amsterdam 50 Years Back In Time
  29. Belgium Announces Plans to Lock Up Migrants in Transit
  30. Dutch police arrest 7 men suspected of plotting major terror attack
  31. Dutch Gov’t Wants to Register Race, Religion on Firearm Permits
  32. pvv en uploadfilter
  33. Geert Wilders Is Right: The Netherlands Is Transforming Into A Non-Western Country, New Population Model Shows
  34. Can’t Dutch This — Why The Dutch Are So Good At English
  35. Belgium: Character and Culture
  36. Flemish Nationalism, a Rainbow Phenomenon
  37. The New Dutch Disease Is White Nationalism
  38. Gender And Right-Wing Populism In The Low Countries: Ideological Variations Across Parties And Time
  39. Dutch Christmas Character Black Pete to Shed Blackface for TV
  40. Tweede Kamer Weigert Debat Over Omstreden VN-Migratiepact
  41. Migrants Break Elderly Belgian Man’s Face In 11 Places Because They Didn’t Like His Dog
  42. Flemish Nationalists Double Their Support in Several Belgian Municipalities During Election
  43. Migrant Family That Beat Dutch Police Officer Who Was Hospitalised, Claim They Are ‘the Victims’
  44. Melk moet. Melk doet je goed.
  45. Dutch Company Gives 9 Syrian Refugees A Job: None Return After First Week
  46. The Netherlands Issues Its First Gender-Neutral Passport
  47. The Dutch Pay Billions For Migrant Welfare And Will Become A Minority In Their Own Country
  48. Belgian Catholic Church To Broadcast Islamic Call To Prayer During ‘Concert Of Peace’
  49. Marcel Sleeuwagen (SS Das Reich - 08/01/1922 † 21/07/2018)
  50. Nationalist demonstration & riot against the U.N. migration pact in Brussels
  51. King Redbad
  52. Rap video clip in which Dutch women are murdered by Africans with machine guns tops the charts in NL
  53. William of Orange - Jewish donkey and homosexual​ (an Irish perspective)
  54. UN: Belgium Must Apologize For Colonialism, Face Its Racism
  55. The Untouchables: Jewish groups demand apologies over Belgian Carnival caricatures and pranks
  56. Shooting in Utrecht
  57. Champion Belgium pigeon sold at auction for a record-breaking €1.25m
  58. Nationalist victory a punishment for "arrogance and stupidity" of NL's leaders, FVD leader says
  59. Zwarte Piet: The Face of National Resistance in The Netherlands
  60. In minder dan één jaar tijd 30 incidenten met statushouders in Amsterdam die in de buurt van studenten wonen
  61. Flemish Youth
  62. “Flemish Culture too White”
  63. Dutch Minister Resigns After Serious Migrant Crimes Hidden from Data
  64. Far-right surge in triple election shocks Belgium
  65. Muslim riot in Eindhoven
  66. Netherlands’ Crime Wave: Invaders 47 Times More Likely than Dutch to be In Jail
  67. Woman Who Invited Migrants to Camp In Her Garden Now Demands They Leave