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  1. After Enoch Powell
  2. British racism laws
  3. The Angelic Angles
  4. St. George, Patron Saint of England, was black
  5. The Germanic Idea in England
  6. English Development Map, 500-900AD
  7. Who Is Your Favorite British Ethnicity?
  8. UK Whites Will Be Minority by 2100
  9. Spring-Heeled Jack
  10. The BNP's Jewish Candidate
  11. The British National Party [BNP] :Collected Articles
  12. Chavs: British White Trash at Its Best...
  13. Most White areas in England, by percentage
  14. Abra-Ham-abra
  15. Tour Through the Eastern Counties of England
  16. UK Census figures can no longer be relied on
  17. England, from Arthur to William of Normandy
  18. Why Does Daily Express Hate Germans?
  19. Saxons, Angles, and Jutes
  20. The New Conquest of Britain - By 2050, Britain will no longer be an Anglo-Saxon Country!
  21. 'The Kosher Kings', by Professor Revilo P. Oliver
  22. Did the English/British Circumcise?
  23. Friends of Thornborough
  24. History of the Norman Conquest & the Scandinavian Connection
  25. The New Class Divide in Britain
  26. British Bid to Mend War Scars
  27. The Witchcraft Act of 1604 England
  28. The Myth of the Demographic Time Bomb: Too Much Doom and Gloom About our Ageing Population
  29. Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' Speech (1968)
  30. English King, lord of Ireland descended from O' Neill
  31. The Fire Ritual of Britain (Guy Fawkes Night)
  32. The British settlers of the Bay Islands (Honduras)
  33. Thomas Carlyle, James Anthony Froude, Anglo-Saxonism, and Victorian Racialism
  34. Just How Germanic is Britain/England?
  35. c.550AD Anglo-Saxon sword (if anyone has a spare $1000 or so)
  36. The Queen's Christmas message
  37. mp3 example of spoken Anglo-Saxon
  38. Mohammed is Now the Most Popular Name for UK Boys
  39. Derelict London
  40. "Krauts": The Image of Germans in Britain Worsens
  41. Recovering the Lost Religious Place-Names of England (Gavin Smith)
  42. The Speckled People
  43. Awkward Angles (Keith Nurse)
  44. Hymn to Intellectual Beauty
  45. Germanic vs. Latinate English
  46. English Moving Away From Asian & Negroid Areas
  47. Prince Charles & Camilla
  48. Guided National Park Walks Deemed "Racist"...
  49. How British Are You ?
  50. Tudor History
  51. Ireland's Millennia
  52. (?) Re. The EU
  53. TimeWatch
  54. Ruined castle to be propped up by £75,000 project (John Williams)
  55. Medieval friary remains reburied
  56. Racist Attacks on the Rise in Rural Britain
  57. Do you think the truly racially aware are a very small minority in England?
  58. What Do You Love About the English?
  59. Griffin's protest letter to the BBC
  60. Hajis harass old English lady
  61. Coronation Street stars run gauntlet of hate
  62. Voting scandal mars UK election
  63. Immigration rise increases segregation in British cities
  64. UK: Key Facts on Immigration
  65. More PC Madness from England
  66. England: Race Riots 'Could Happen again'
  67. Ethnic crime report - England
  68. Wanted Briton to stand for election
  69. BNP TV broadcast gets the OK!
  70. Happy St. George's Day!
  71. The two faces of top Tory's migrant campaign
  72. UK 'right-winger' held in Spain
  73. Blair misled public on asylum
  74. Carving the British Men: Our British Heritage and the Sword of Islam
  75. White male recruits to the Metropolitan Police are having to wait up to 3 years
  76. William the Taciturn
  77. Ethnic minorities urged to visit "racist" countryside
  78. Sisters give birth at 12, 14, 16
  79. 'Increasing Threat' to Green Belt
  80. British youth attacked by immigrants
  81. Doctors' kitchen knives ban call
  82. Euro-ruled Britain won't need a king
  83. Calling Someone an Immigrant Can Be a Racial Slur, Court Rules
  84. England & the EU: 30 Things you may not be aware of
  85. "More about Being British" by John Tyndall
  86. Aunt tried to drown eight-year-old 'witch'
  87. Indian call staff quit over abuse on the line
  88. Black dog, big cat - or Barguest?
  89. The Caburn - hillfort or ritual enclosure?
  90. UK shelves EU treaty vote plans
  91. Britain shelves plans for vote on EU constitution
  92. The old stones of Adel Church
  93. The English Quarterstaff
  94. What's in a name?
  95. Beowulf and the Wills
  96. Eurotunnel: four months to meltdown
  97. Britons, Angles, and ethnicity
  98. Planners dig in over homes at Edward I's eve-of-battle camp
  99. African children being smuggled for human sacrifice?
  100. Was Jesus Black?
  101. "You Can't Escape Political Correctness. Even in Death"
  102. Ugandan-Born Cleric Named U.K. Archbishop
  103. The Church of England's first black Archbishop
  104. Online course in Old English
  105. Big Brother offers 'role models'
  106. Low Furness
  107. Waste Mountain 'Must Be Tackled'
  108. Turkish 'gang members' arrested
  109. My exorcisms get results, says voodoo priest of north London
  110. Anglo Saxon find 'worth £100,000'
  111. ID cards 'will not make us safer'
  112. English Women History
  113. A Survey of of English Place Names
  114. 'Anglia' Man
  115. Breaking News: Terror Attack in London
  116. The Constitutional History of England From 1760 to 1860
  117. Chief Constable of Essex targets 'thick' criminals
  118. Defender of Faiths
  119. UK: Anti-Moslem Websites Monitored
  120. I resent your success. I hate you and your kind. So I bomb you
  121. I resent your success. I hate you and your kind. So I bomb you
  122. British Jews Fear Intolerance
  123. Nerf War vs. Real War: IRA and Al-Qaeda
  124. The word "fail" should be banned from use in British classrooms
  125. This Has Made My Day
  126. Racial attacks in Leeds
  127. Far right and football gangs plot 'revenge'
  128. Anglophobia Costs Australia $millions
  129. Malawi family lose asylum battle
  130. Great News!!!
  131. Hull is a racist city
  132. A British jihadist
  133. Teenager murdered in axe attack
  134. British Opinion Surveys From an Islamist Hell
  135. Israeli security to protect London's Underground!
  136. Multi-culturalism makes our police a laughing stock
  137. Man held over student axe murder
  138. Davis questions the Govts multi-culti policies
  139. 2 Months Reprieve for White Girl!
  140. Old English Reader Available Free Online
  141. What did Nazis think of the English?
  142. Detectives hunt sex attack gang
  143. A taste of Arabia - in Wales!
  144. Victory for Arthur and Rights for Whites
  145. Moslem Gangs Target Vulnerable People
  146. Islam & Multi-Culti Attacked!
  147. Pennine Waterways
  148. Pennine Waterways
  149. Pennine Waterways
  150. Many couples unfit for pregnancy
  151. Now a Moslem Miss England...
  152. e-Book: Hakluyt's Principal Navigations
  153. Immigration Map of Britain
  154. BNP conference gets green light
  155. The true colour of racism
  156. Trafalgar Square gets a new statue: Of a naked pregnant crippled woman
  157. An interview with Troy Southgate
  158. Democracy and Industrialism
  159. Norman Language Flourishes in the Channel Islands
  160. October 14th: Harold Godwinson, King of England meets William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy
  161. Who are your English Heroes?
  162. African soccer stars on run in UK
  163. Is it coz I is White?
  164. Journalism Switching Allegiances?
  165. Flying England's flag in England is "racist"
  166. Black Victorians
  167. Who Is English, or Part English?
  168. Piglet offends Moslems
  169. Wigan's World
  170. Wigan's World
  171. Moslems win Toy Pigs Ban
  172. UK: Turkish Smuggling Ring Apprehended
  173. Right Now!
  174. Right Now!
  175. Right Now!
  176. English Social History
  177. Terrorism Laws Used to Stifle Political Speech
  178. £9.8m Taxpayer's money for Hindu school
  179. Boadica Basher? Meet Edward Evil
  180. First black archbishop receives racist hate mail
  181. London becomes BNP heartland
  182. Blacks v Asians violence in Birmingham
  183. The face of Britain's multi-culturalism
  184. Piggy Banks 'offend Moslems'
  185. British grandparent may no longer mean right to a visa
  186. Help invite, please
  187. Britons think French deserve their 'negative stereotype': poll
  188. Hwæt!
  189. Hwæt!
  190. Listen to Old English Poetry
  191. Racial Volunteer Force (RVF) Members Jailed
  192. Bruvvers sock it to the Mooslums
  193. When will the FEB be banned in England?
  194. British Towns and Villages Network
  195. Alistair
  196. Pictish Nation
  197. The English Heritage
  198. Al-Qaeda calls Queen an ‘enemy of Islam’
  199. Forced to convert to Islam
  200. Pupil 15, attacked by girl gang
  201. MPs urged to end 'first-past-the-post' election system
  202. England Arise!
  203. Albanian Muslims Classified As "White"
  204. Now 'White' means Shiptars and Moslems...
  205. How They Rebuilt Stonehenge
  206. The Sun: Black gang rapist compensated for injuries in London tube blasts
  207. Lost Dunwich
  208. Lost Dunwich
  209. Lost Dunwich
  210. Saxon slave whip is star of exhibit
  211. Moslem Sues Employer for Giving Him Reward
  212. The Guild of the Fraternity of St. George
  213. New Islamic Group Launched
  214. Giant mosque for London
  215. e-Book: English Villages (1901)
  216. English Villages
  217. A Best Wishes for a Speedy Recovery
  218. The Myth of England
  219. 'Racists winning'
  220. Asylum the truth
  221. A History of England
  222. An Englishman's home is his dungeon
  223. New Inglisch
  224. Ve haf veys of kontrolling you!
  225. Viking-blood volunteers required
  226. Give us a kiss! Druids reveal the mystery of mistletoe
  227. Association of British Counties -- Saving Our Shires
  228. Britain will be first country to monitor every car journey
  229. A sign that Anglo-Saxon England may yet survive?
  230. PC Thinking "Is Harming Society"
  231. Oh No... Chav Girls Calendar
  232. Oliver (12) named as Lib Dem's Branch President
  233. DNA of 37% of black men held by police
  234. Gay magazine in race row after calling Islam a barmy doctrine
  235. Man Arrested for Calling Horse Gay
  236. How should we English identify with our Forebears?
  237. Free Speech Trial update
  238. Shakespeare's 'Henry V'
  239. Whale Lost in Central London.
  240. British Isles Surname Profiler
  241. Surname Profiler Project
  242. British Girls Among Most Violent in World, WHO Survey Shows
  243. Thirteenth International Saga Conference, Durham
  244. Oldham councillor on Drug Charges
  245. Moslems threaten London with more bombings
  246. Maps of Britain Through the Ages
  247. Vikings in Shetland
  248. RSPCA
  249. WMD Gear Found In British Mosque
  250. Pre-1066 Royal Arms of England!