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  1. How to Depress Demographics?
  2. Britain is Still Giving Aid to Rich Brazil
  3. We Won't Eat Halal Meat, Say MPs and Peers Who Reject Demands to Serve It at Westminster
  4. Campaigning for a Sovereign Mercia in the Midlands
  5. Is an O.B.E. Still Worth Anything?
  6. Stephen Lawrence
  7. Gangs & Punishment: London Breeds Fear Culture
  8. Saxons in Germany: English?
  9. Dirty Old Indian Cop Used Police Database to Contact Vulnerable Women for Sex While on Duty
  10. It Happens to Us Too...
  11. MP Diane Abbott in Twitter Race Row (BBC News)
  12. Open Domesday
  13. Unbelievable Press Statement
  14. Plough Monday
  15. Immigation Does Keep Britons Out of Jobs, Government Committee Admits
  16. Idiot!
  17. Mother of Eleven Who Refuses to Claim Benefits
  18. Buy the Queen a Yacht!
  19. EU 'Brainwashes' UK Children
  20. Growing Use of "Sharia" by UK Moslems
  21. Raised to Be an Oddball?
  22. English National Resistance
  23. PG Wodehouse's Notorious German Radio Broadcasts Driven by Nazi Money
  24. Post the Latest Daily Mail Nazi/Holocaust Obsession Here.
  25. UK Antifa: Oppose the BNP and EDL – Liverpool Crown Court, Monday 6 February
  26. Favourite English/British Food and Drink?
  27. Climate Change Will Make UK New Holiday Destination
  28. Spanish Demand Talks On Gibraltar
  29. Britain WILL Keep Giving Millions in Aid to India Says Downing Street, Even Though the Country Has Said 'We Don’t Want It – It's Peanuts'
  30. Dr. Martens Up For Sale
  31. Ethnic English Charity
  32. Hate Crime Against White Recognized by Police
  33. Jews and the British State by Benjamin Ginsberg
  34. London's Dominance Has Been Bad for England
  35. Baroness Warsi Speaks Up for Christianity!
  36. Queen: The Church's Role Is 'Misunderstood'
  37. Post the Latest DAILY EXPRESS Nazi/Holocaust Obsession Here ...
  38. An End to Multiculturalism: New Migrants Should Show 'a Grasp of the English Language and an Understanding of British Traditions'
  39. Living in UK As a Foreigner
  40. Mass Immigration and How Labour Tried to Destroy Britishness!
  41. People Are Happier Up North, Study Finds
  42. Scandinavian Food: Why is It Becoming Popular in the UK?
  43. 'Make Bradford British' Documentary
  44. Churchill's "Desert Rats" Graves Smashed
  45. 6 Soldiers Die In Afghanistan
  46. UK Immigration Minister Claims the Country is "Addicted" to Immigrants
  47. England's Earliest Christian Burial Site Found
  48. Is This Britain's First White Honour Killing Victim?
  49. David Cameron Unveils Plan to Sell Off the Roads
  50. 75,000 Acts of ‘Heritage Crime’ in One Year
  51. Livingstone Vows to Make London a "Beacon of Islam"
  52. St Georges Day Gala?
  53. Bradford West By-Election
  54. Why Are Fantasy World Accents British?
  55. Email and Web Use 'to Be Monitored' Under New Laws
  56. Victorian Britain in Fotos (ca 1870 and 1880)
  57. Ken Livingstone, George Galloway and Britain's Drift Towards the Politics of Race
  58. Buy British- UK Specific Barcodes
  59. St George’s Flag is a Racist Symbol, Say A Quarter of the English
  60. Yes It's True Leftist Morons, Negroes In Hoodies Do Pose A Threat
  61. Nature Lover Leaves Wildlife Haven to RSPCA – Who Sell It to Be Bulldozed and Built on
  62. Cameron's Father-in-law Warns Lords Reforms Could Lead to BNP Peers
  63. BNP Left with Just Three Seats
  64. English Gene Pool
  65. The British Are Fed Up with Over-Immigration
  66. Savage Non-White Rapes Girl in Nottingham
  67. Enoch Powell Still Speaks to Us Today
  68. Sexual Exploitation Of White Girls By Non Whites Epidemic In Britain
  69. Teacher Hasnain Manji Sexually Abused Children for 22 Years
  70. The Last Tory
  71. Peasants' Revolt: The Time when Women Took Up Arms
  72. 'Gypsies Not Allowed' in UK Ikea Car Park
  73. Martin Sewell, Cambridge Don, Urged To Resign Over 'Racist And Sexist' Views
  74. The Situation on the Ground in England
  75. The British Empire
  76. The Daily Mail In The 1930's
  77. Is Lord Richard Attenborough Jewish?
  78. The British Union Of Fascists (1932 - 1940)
  79. In Praise of the English
  80. Sir David Attenborough: 'This Awful Summer? We've Only Ourselves to Blame...'
  81. UK Braces for Israeli Strike on Iran During Olympics
  82. My Local Chinese 'Takeaway' Shut By Health Inspectors!
  83. Reason for German-English Rivalry
  84. Republican Dissidents Join Forces to Form a New IRA
  85. EDL Exposed - BNP Video
  86. Philosopher Prince, The Revolutionary Anti-Modernism of Prince Charles
  87. 'Cameron Defends His £12billion Foreign Aid Bill for Parasites'
  88. UK Bank Begins Fightback on Iran Allegations
  89. Palestinian Immigrants Get a Mansion for Free
  90. Jane Champion the Ungrateful Daughter Who Sent Her Parents to Jail
  91. British vs Germanic?
  92. Mitt Romney Would Restore 'Anglo-Saxon' Relations Between Britain and America
  93. The Grave Matter of Precedence Among the Mitford Sisters
  94. Support Growing for Giant Statue of a Saxon Warrior
  95. Putting Women on the Front Line is Dangerous PC Meddling
  96. Brexit
  97. Poll: Half Of Moslems Want Homosexuality Banned
  98. 2/3rds Of British Moslems Would Not Tell Government About A Terror Plot
  99. UK Equalities Chief Who Popularised the Term ‘Islamophobia’ Admits: ‘I Thought Moslems Would Blend into Britain . . . I Should Have Known Better’
  100. UK Local and Devolved Elections - May 5th
  101. Last Whites of the East End
  102. Videos of The London Forum - Nationalist Speaking Group
  103. London Colour Archive
  104. National Action
  105. How London Has Killed Off English Dialects
  106. MP Jo Cox Dies After Shooting in Own Constituency
  107. UKIP Leadership Election
  108. Sadiq Khan: Violence Across London Was 'fuelled by Hot Weather'
  109. New Foreign Minister Boris Johnson is Pro-Israel
  110. One Dead, Five Hurt in London Attack
  111. Questions About the United Kingdom
  112. Black British Politician Fired for Building Gas Chambers to “Eradicate Kike Vermin”
  113. No UK Plans for Military Force in Syria – PM May Contradicts Johnson
  114. The Norman Conquest Was a Disaster for England.
  115. BRAINWASHING: English Schools Will Teach Kids That Africans Were There First
  116. Call For Action To Tackle Growing Ethnic Segregation Across UK
  117. 'Native Brits Are So Bloody Stupid, Need Injection of Intelligent Migrants'
  118. 'Really British' Shop Owner Branded RACIST for Selling UK-themed Gifts
  119. Richard III, the Last Plantagenet King of England, Face Reconstructed with Blue Eyes and Blond Hair
  120. Henry VIII's Lost Palace of Nonsuch - V&A Acquires a Painting That Shows Us What It Looked Like
  121. Incredibly Rare Anglo Saxon Carved Wooden Coffins Uncovered with Their Skeletons Intact
  122. Petition: Donald Trump Should Make a State Visit to the United Kingdom.
  123. May to Discuss How to Boost US-UK Migration with Trump, Say Sources
  124. New Political Party for the Forest of Dean Launched
  125. Terrorist Attack in Manchester, Arianda Grande Concert
  126. Yes, The British ARE An Indigenous People!
  127. British PM Wants 'Orwellian Internet Regulation'
  128. The British Government Has Sentenced a Baby to Death
  129. Muslim Gang Rampaged Through Liverpool Attacking Strangers Because They Were White "Non-Muslims"
  130. Violence Erupts in London Over Black Man’s Death During Arrest
  131. What Counties Are My Fellow Englishmen From?
  132. The British Empire is 'Something to Be Proud Of,' Say Most Britons
  133. London Police Can't Use "Stop And Search" - Because They Will Be "Racist"
  134. London Christian Girl, 5, Forced into Care with Devout Muslims
  135. British-born Joiner with UK Parents and Grandparents Ordered to LEAVE Country by Home Office - or Face Prison
  136. "I Am an Englishman"
  137. Paganism is 'Second Most Popular' Faith in South-West England
  138. Labour MP: White Children Raped by Muslims "Need to Shut Their Mouths. For the Good of Diversity."
  139. White Cliffs of Dover Could Be Sold to Developer if National Trust Cannot Raise £1 Million in 3 Weeks
  140. White British Lord Sentenced To 3 Months In Prison For Mocking Colored Guyanese Woman
  141. UK: Mere Thoughtcrime Can Soon Get You in Jail
  142. British Police Force Uses ‘Positive Action’ to Ban White Men from Recruitment Workshops
  143. 'Infiltrating the BNP Devastated My Life'
  144. Britons Still Live in Anglo-Saxon Tribal Kingdoms, Oxford University Finds
  145. Congratulations Britons & Other Commonwealth Subjects!
  146. Are Ethnic Brits Treated As Second Class Citizens?
  147. "British" National Health Service In Chaos As It Becomes Increasingly Third World
  148. UK: Whites Blamed for Nonwhite “Youth” Crime Wave
  149. Study: Increased Ethnic Diversity Making Brits Miserable
  150. White Female British Diplomat Raped and Killed in Lebanon by Muslim Uber Driver
  151. British Army Drops Historic Motto Over PC Concerns
  152. Which Traditional Britain?
  153. Jo Marney
  154. "How Multiculturalism And Mass Immigration Ruined My Native Birmingham And Turned Me Into A British Nationalist"
  155. Like UKIP, the British National Party Exposed as Another Zionist Controlled Party
  156. On the Referendum #24: Global Conspiracies and a Scooby Doo Ending?
  157. Britain's Soviet Style Hate Crime Laws
  158. Royal Family Is Becoming "Black African-American" Family...
  159. New Royal Baby Born Today on St. George's Day
  160. UK Government Humiliates The English With “Stephen Lawrence Memorial Day”
  161. UK: Woman Posts Rap Lyrics, Is Charged With Hate Crime
  162. The New For Britain Party
  163. UK: Sharing ‘Hate Posts’ Online Could Lead to Six Months In Jail Under Newly Proposed Rules
  164. "London Cyclists Too White, Male and Middle Class"
  165. Many White British Children Hate Themselves and Their Culture
  166. The World Cup Is Racist
  167. Northerners 'Are Friendlier than Southerners'
  168. Nigel Farage Returns to UKIP?
  169. Donald Trump's UK Visit
  170. Martin Webster (ex-NF) On Race Mixing
  171. UK Net Migration Still 280,000+
  172. Paki Says St George's Cross = 'Far Right'
  173. The Jews v Jeremy Corbyn
  174. Paki mayor blame Middle-Class for increased crime and violence in London
  175. Tommy Robinson Freed From Jail
  176. Nationalist British Army soldier sentenced to 8 years for gas canister
  177. Knife Crime in Londonistan, 2018
  178. British State Needs Complete Online Media Control And Wants To Decide Which News Sites Are ‘Reliable’ – Report
  179. Members of Parliament
  180. Asylum Seeker Who Raped Student In A UK Cemetery Replies ‘Yes, I Did That. Why Not?’
  181. Boris & The Burka
  182. English Freemasonary Becomes A Trans-Inclusive Brotherhood
  183. Shootings At Caribbean Carnival In Manchester
  184. London / UK Terror
  185. Your Opinions on King Arthur?
  186. Christian Doctor Fired In Uk For Saying There Are Only Two Genders, Ending His 26-Year Career
  187. Researchers Doubt A Norwegian-Style EEA Solution Would Work For The UK
  188. Hijab Wearing Muslim Student Reaches Finals Of Miss England Beauty Contest
  189. Adult Muslim Men Gang Rape And Impregnate Vulnerable 14-Year-Old British Girl
  190. Leftist Politician’s Life Became ‘a Nightmare’ After Telling The Truth About Muslim Rape Gangs In The UK
  191. British Police Want You To Report Nasty Words, Even If The Law Isn’t Broken
  192. Jews Are Being Paid Money By The EU To Help Resettle Syrian “Refugees” In Britain
  193. The Meaning of Great Britain
  194. The "Englisc" Nationalist Movement
  195. ‘Whiter Than White’: Senior Cop Who Used Age Old Phrase Could Be Fired For Alleged ‘Racism’
  196. Establishing a Settlement
  197. Family
  198. British Children Are Being Programmed To Love Islam, Objective Analysis Is Seen As ‘Racist’
  199. Benefit Scams
  200. Plane mutiny kept a gang rapist in the UK: Somali man whose deportation from the UK was stopped by plane passengers raped a 16-year-old girl in London
  201. Huddersfield Grooming: Twenty Guilty of Campaign of Rape and Abuse
  202. UK: Generation Identity Reminds the Conservative Party of its Promises on Immigration
  203. The Gunpowder Plot of 1605
  204. 97-Year-Old British War Veteran Is Still Selling Poppies: “I Like To Help Those Who Are Still Suffering Today”
  205. Dog accused of ‘racist hate crime’ for pooing outside someone’s front door
  206. Early Germanic and Indo-European Settlement of Britain and Stonehenge
  207. Germanic Heathenism-Fastest Growing Religion
  208. Cabinet 'Alliance' Working On Secret Plan For 'Super Norway' Brexit Alternative
  209. Church of England Spent £40M of Tax Payers' Money "Without Proper Scrutiny"
  210. BRITISH Cold War scientists nearly blew up a sleepy Yorkshire village with a dozen atom bombs
  211. Brexit and the Gibraltar Problem
  212. Another UKIP Resignation over 'Tommy Robinson'
  213. COMMON PURPOSE Marxist Front Masquerading as Benevolent.
  214. Revealed: the Hidden Global Network Behind 'Tommy Robinson'
  215. The Perilous State of English Nationalism
  216. More Fracking Earthquakes in Lancashire
  217. Judge who Jailed Fracking Protesters Has Family Links to Oil & Gas Firm
  218. Children left in tears after being told 'Santa isn't real' by Christian charity worker
  219. Boys can have periods too, children to be taught in latest victory for transgender campaigners
  220. London in the 1950s
  221. Trans people invited to mark sex change in Church of England
  222. Odinists Demand Church Buildings
  223. 'Tommy Robinson' hints he could run as Ukip MP in speech at Brexit 'betrayal' march
  224. Drones Cause Closure of Gatwick Airport
  225. Good News-'Tommy Robinson's Website Taken Down!
  226. If the government puts soldiers on the streets in a hard Brexit, we must refuse to obey them
  227. British Army Reviews Ban on Beards and Long Hair
  228. The best way to scupper Putin and Trump? Scrap Brexit
  229. The Geographic and Political Differences Between the Terms England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom
  230. UK Foreign Aid - 13.9 Billion in 2016
  231. 134 Murders in London in 2018
  232. Ukip leader Gerard Batten denies reports that he is plotting to install EDL founder Tommy Robinson at head of his party
  233. Join The British Army!
  234. The UK Has Deployed The Royal Navy To Stop Migrant Invasion
  235. A new report exposes the sinister truth behind Armed Forces Day
  236. Fatal Stabbing: Knifeman on the Loose!
  237. Marion Maréchal In Oxford (22/1)
  238. UK NHS involuntary euthanasia for elderly - need the beds
  239. 51% of UK's Jailed Youths Are Non-White
  240. The Oxford Martyrs
  241. Woman ARRESTED For Calling Transgender Woman A Man On Social Media
  242. Jeremy Corbyn
  243. George Orwell Quotes
  244. Shamima Begum has UK citizenship revoked by British government
  245. Gay & trans sex education to be taught to FIVE-YEAR-OLDS in UK & opting out is ILLEGAL
  246. Nick Griffin
  247. Jews are bankrolling the subversion of British politics
  248. UK: Experts Oppose Holocaust Memorial Outside Parliament, Say It Will be “Confusing” to Visitors
  249. Muzzies Remove Kids from LGBT-Promoting School
  250. International Women's Day: Meghan Markle wants baby to be a feminist