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  1. Ministers Plan Huge Sell-off of Britain's Forests
  2. EDL Will March if Councils Change the Name of Christmas
  3. Bloody History of the 1641 Rebellion is Published Online
  4. "Operation Clean-Up" in Germanic Lands
  5. 6 Million Moslems In The UK?
  6. London Riots Re. Student Tuition Fees
  7. Sense Of Humour Failure?
  8. BNP Members to Be Barred From Teaching
  9. Get Britain Out Of Europe!
  10. London’s Black Knife Crime Plague Now “as Bad As South Africa”
  11. UK Imposes New Permanent Immigration Quota
  12. British Girl, 15, Arrested Over Alleged Koran Burning
  13. Student Riots In London
  14. White Ethnics: the Key to Solving Our Mass Immigration Problem
  15. Where to Send Them?
  16. New Troy Southgate Book
  17. The BNP Won Legal Recognition of the English As an Ethnic Group in the High Court This Morning!
  18. The Queen’s Speech
  19. BNP By-Election: Oldham East & Saddleworth, 13th January
  20. Woden and Beyond: The Geneaolgy of the Saxon Kings of England
  21. Britain Wants Turkey In The EU
  22. White Girls Treated As "Easy Meat"
  23. Easiest Way To Get British Citizenship?
  24. Do You Vote for BNP or is There Any Other Party You Like?
  25. Sudden Oak Death Now Threatens More of Britain's Trees
  26. Polish Girl Murdered by Non White Boyfriend
  27. British Children Not Welcome at Playgroup
  28. The British Hippy Who Became an Imam
  29. BBC Apologises for Japanese Atomic Bomb Jokes on QI
  30. £1million Accountant Who Blames Racism for Limiting His Pay
  31. Another One of Our Girls Lost to Us
  32. Lord Taylor Of Warwick - The Latest "Expenses Fiddler"
  33. African Slave Found 300 AD in England
  34. Britain's Trillion Pound National Debt Crisis
  35. Physical Extermination of British People Speeding Up
  36. Number of "British" Hajis Will Double to 5.5m in 20 Years
  37. Boom in Immigration Helped Cause the Economic Crisis, Says David Cameron
  38. Colour Film of London in 1927
  39. BNP By-Election - Barnsley Central
  40. Black Teacher Sacked for Making Primary School Pupils Wear Picture of a Hanged Child As Punishment
  41. Census: 1911 V 2011
  42. Top Gear Presenters in Legal Firing Line Over Anti-Mexican Comments
  43. BBC ‘East Enders’ Lies. Cultural Marxism and Black / White Sexual Relations
  44. Cameron - Multiculturalism Has Failed
  45. John Tyndall (NF/BNP)
  46. Four Family Members Found Dead in Leicestershire
  47. Police in the UK Have Told Residents to Stop Putting Wire Mesh on Their Garden Shed Windows – "Because They Could Be Sued if a Burglar is Injured".
  48. Political Correctness Insanity in Harlow, UK
  49. Assange Released Info on 10,000 BNP Members
  50. Anarcho Capitalism Comes to the UK - Time to Rejoice
  51. Muslims Attack (White) Teacher
  52. (Indian) Head Hits At ‘Racist Parents'
  53. Lack of Political Freedom in Britain
  54. Sexual Grooming of British Young Girls by Pakis
  55. £500,000 Survey to Ask Prisoners if They Like Their Life Behind Bars
  56. 50% of Britain Would Vote for Far-Right Parties
  57. Duchess of York Admits Accepting £15k from Paedophile Jeffrey Epstein
  58. The Way We Were: 100 Years of the British Census
  59. 100 Schools Where Not One Pupil Studied GCSE History
  60. Prince Charles Has Warned That the British Countryside Risks Being Ruined by Monoculturalism.
  61. Polish Women in the UK Are Having Babies at a Faster Rate Than Those in Poland
  62. Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch Welcome Their First Child into the World
  63. English Accents/Dialects: Can You Understand Yours?
  64. BBC: Is It Ok for Dramas to Be All-White?
  65. Afghan Asylum Seeker Who Lived in £1.2million House Faces Jail Over £30,000 Benefit Fraud
  66. The Child Poverty Capital of Europe: London Worst for Deprived Towns
  67. British Detectives Smash Global Paedophile Ring
  68. Tanzanian Woman Trafficked into London As Domestic 'Slave' by Pakistani Doctor
  69. Attack on Libya – Nick Griffin Slams "Puppet" Cameron
  70. English History (According to "Woden's Folk")
  71. Enoch Powell: British Hero
  72. Moslem "Shariah" March in London
  73. Whites Barred From Internships at Whitehall and Police
  74. Louise Ellman MP Flees to Israel, As Son Caught Dealing Drugs
  75. Which English Counties Are in Mercia?
  76. Should England Have an Official National Dress?
  77. BNP Man 'videoed Burning Koran in Garage' Arrested and Charged
  78. PM on Black Student Numbers at Oxford
  79. Britain's First BNP Mayor
  80. Britain's First BNP Mayor Elected
  81. Almost One in Eight in UK Are Foreign Born
  82. Briton 'Beaten to Death' in a Dubai Police Cell After Being Arrested for Swearing
  83. Baroness Warsi Uses Taxpayer-funded Official Visit to Pakistan to Slip Off for Family Wedding
  84. 'Wear a Headscarf or We Will Kill You': How the 'London Taliban' is Targeting Women and Gays in Bid to Impose Sharia Law
  85. Moslems Threaten To Turn Royal Wedding Into “National Nightmare"
  86. Massacre at the Hillfort: Mass Grave That is Challenging Our Beliefs About Iron Age Britain
  87. Uninsured Motorists Face Home Clamping
  88. Cameron Breaks with Tradition... Again
  89. Girl Hit in Face with Brick
  90. Combat 84 (Skinhead Band) Documentary
  91. St. George's Day
  92. British Girls 'biggest Teenage Binge Drinkers in Western World'
  93. Family of 12 Asylum Seekers Land in UK - and Are Handed a £6,000-a-month Home Paid for by You
  94. Surnames of White People Are Being Lost and Becoming Endangered
  95. British Teacher Arrested for Allowing Her Pupils to Name a Teddy Bear 'Muhhammad'
  96. So... the Pedophiles Are the Real Victims???
  97. Arrested for Singing 'Kung Fu Fighting'
  98. 14-Year-Old Schoolgirl Arrested for a Racist Offense After Refusing to Work with a Group of Foreigners Who Didn't Speak English
  99. Royal Wedding
  100. Moslem Shop Owners Sell Chocolate Cake with Human Feces!
  101. BNP Suffers Election Meltdown
  102. Old English
  103. If There Was a Miss White England....
  104. England & Wales Population: 1 in 6 is Now an Invader
  105. Study on Black Attractiveness Fuels Outrage
  106. State Terrorism
  107. Four Moslems Who Battered Man for Teaching RE to Girls Jailed
  108. Who Do You Vote For?
  109. A Tale of Two English Models
  110. In Search of the English
  111. The War on the English: A Case Study in the Culture of Critique
  112. What Do You Think of Chavs?
  113. Celebs Call for Decriminalisation of Drugs - Most Convictions Are "Young, Black and Poor"
  114. The Black UK Couple That Had a White Baby
  115. Gypsies in the UK What Ethnicity?
  116. Obama Administration Sides with Argentina
  117. Tens of Thousands of Migrants Will Be Barred from Settling in the UK
  118. Europe Tells Britain Not to Ask for Help in a Crisis
  119. Cameron Pledges £814m Towards Vaccinating the World's Poorest Children
  120. One in a Hundred Slovakians Has Come to Live in Britain
  121. Pakistani Doctor Who Sent Dying Four-year-old Home
  122. For Two Years at My Sixth Form College in North Oxford, I Was a “Wop”.
  123. Slavery is As Much of a Problem in the UK Today As when It Was Abolished
  124. Middlesex and Greater London
  125. They All Despise the British
  126. 'Intolerant' Christians Are More Militant Than Moslems, Says "Equality" Chief
  127. PM Says We CAN Defend Ourselves Against Burglars Without Being Prosecuted
  128. How Could an African Woman Steal This British Housewife's Identity and Get Away with It for 15 Years?
  129. Nick Griffin Increasingly Isolated, Politics Lecturer Andrew Brons Set to take the BNP into the mainstream
  130. UK Fears Migrant Influx As EU Bids to Break Down Border Controls
  131. Numbers Killed in English Civil War
  132. Jewish Bodies Found in Medieval Well in Norwich
  133. Mohammed Al Fayed Burns the Queen's Coat of Arms
  134. British Summer Time
  135. 'Undesirable and Dangerous' Immigrant Criminals Can Not Be Deported from Britain, Say Euro Judges
  136. UK Man Becomes African Sangoma
  137. Is It Too Late to Save the British People from Extinction?
  138. Jamaicans Say They Would Be Better Off Ruled from London
  139. EDL, Another Jewish Tool
  140. UK Pledges to Feed 1.3 Million Starving People in Drought Hit Ethiopia
  141. Almost 2,000 Children Are Reported for 'hate Crimes'
  142. English Nationalism is the Way Forward Now
  143. News Of The World
  144. Moslems to Establish Three Independent States Within the UK
  145. English or Brit(ish)? What is the Difference?
  146. EDL Officially Announce Ties to Israel
  147. Celts in England Never Existed
  148. Nigerian Forced Girls to Drink Blood and Eat Hearts in London
  149. Europe’s Tallest Building a “symbol of Islamic Finance”
  150. Racial Types of the English
  151. Inspiration
  152. Marxism 2011 Festival in Central London
  153. 'Those Who Talk of Ensuring the BNP Remains an Ethno-ationalist Party Condemn It to Failure'
  154. Anglicanism, the Bible and Its Application
  155. Five-star Hotel Claridge's 'threw Us Out for Being White and English'
  156. Cornwall & South-East Scotland - Losing Their English Identity?!
  157. 4 Blacks Have Sex with 2 White 12 Year Olds, Therefore No Jailtime
  158. The Beckhams Are Setting a Bad Example
  159. Beautiful, Historical, Interesting and Inspiring Places in England
  160. Two Germans Arrested on Terror Charges in Dover
  161. Scientist Now Admit People from the Northern Lands Have Bigger Brains.
  162. Moslems: "It’s Britain, Don’t Tell Us How to Live" - London Borough 'Put Under Sharia Law'
  163. Britain Must Take More Migrants
  164. Riots in Tottenham (North London)
  165. The Norman Yoke (& Multiculturalism?)
  166. Blacks Riot in London
  167. Hypothetical Occupation of Britain in WWII
  168. Increased Sentences for Rapists Who Poured Caustic Acid Over Their 16-year-old Victim
  169. Split: British riots blame game
  170. Race, the Media and the 2011 London Riots
  171. Rioter's Family Evicted From Coucil Housing
  172. Outrage As Historian Starkey Says: Enoch Powell Was Right!
  173. Where England Died
  174. Jersey Stabbings (6 Killed)
  175. Jobless Somali Refugee in a £2m Home Funded by the Taxpayer
  176. The Gewisse
  177. Bournemouth Air Festival 2011
  178. UK's First Tribunal Involving Indian Caste Discrimination
  179. Migrant Jobs Boom: We're in Last Chance Saloon, Claims Iain Duncan Smith
  180. 'A' Level Pass Rates Rise (Again!)
  181. Turk Murders Mother of British Girlfriend
  182. Mme Tussaud, Adolf and the Jews
  183. Moslems Demand Sharia Student Loans Because Paying Interest Goes Against Islamic Law
  184. Witnessing the Live Birth of Gangland
  185. 'Englands Green and Prejudiced Land' - David Smith
  186. Is the BBC the Most Subversive Force in the UK?
  187. Britain Enacts Blanket Ban on Protests
  188. London is No Longer an English City
  189. The Eden That is England's Countryside - Roy Strong
  190. UK: Children Could Be Removed from Their Family for Beeing Fat
  191. Black England Soccer Stars Suffer Nazi Salutes and Vile Monkey Noises from Racist Bulgarian Fans
  192. Woman Charged with Hate Crime for Golliwog in Window
  193. Girl, 15, 'Raped at Music Festival'
  194. 'Racists' Aged THREE Accused of Hate Crimes
  195. "Travellers" Modern Day Slave Owners
  196. Iraqi Asylum Seeker, 17, Took Part in Gang Rape Just Four Months After Arriving in Britain
  197. UK Changes Law Allowing Israeli Officials to Be Prosecuted
  198. Baroness Flather: Polygamy, Welfare Benefits and an Insidious Silence
  199. Thugs Looted Every Store on the Street Except the Bookstore
  200. 'We Want to Be Less Male and Pale'
  201. Strategic Discrimination in the British Film Industry
  202. England Soccer Team to Remember Holocaust at 2012 Euro Cup
  203. UK Immigration & Mode-4 GATS
  204. The UK's Worst Prime Minister?
  205. Time Capsule Cottage - 15th Century Property Untouched for Decades
  206. English Apples Are the Superfood of the Gods
  207. UK incomes among highest in Europe - so why is our quality of life below Poland?
  208. Jews Get Special Treatment at the Cost of Motorists.
  209. The Gurkhas In Aldershot
  210. London 'being Turned into Apartheid-era Johannesburg',
  211. South-West
  212. 10,000 Children Being Exploited by Paki Sex Gangs
  213. DNA Ancestry Services in England
  214. 88-Year Old White Woman Facing Deportation to Zimbabwe
  215. TNB: Lord Boateng's Son is Jailed for Sex Assault on Sleeping Stranger
  216. Negroes Make Up 4 in 10 of Youth Jail Population‎
  217. Girls Equal in British Throne Succession
  218. Disabled Negro Gangster Had His Carer Murdered - Now, His Family Sue the NHS
  219. The Most Selfish Generation in History
  220. Sign the Migration Watch Petition
  221. Star Wars Fanatic Choked His Thai Bride to Death
  222. 'Took Bribes to Allow Nigerians into Britain'
  223. 3/4 of Britons Who Become Moslems Are Female
  224. Serial Killer 'Becomes Moslem for Better Meals and a Cushier Life'
  225. BNP is Not Ethno-Nationalist, Confirms London Mayor Candidate
  226. Benefits Cheat Who Built £500,000 Property Portfolio on Fraudulent Claims is Jailed
  227. The Two Minute Silence
  228. A 'Liberal' Society?
  229. Which UK Politician Do You Dislike The Most?
  230. Two-thirds of Britons Cannot Say Anything in a Foreign Language
  231. The End of the Pound?
  232. Nigel Farage Doesn't Like a "German-Dominated Europe"
  233. England One of Most Crowded Countries in the World!
  234. Map of Safe Zones to Live?
  235. Government Plan to Slash School Milk Budget
  236. Failing Schools Are 'forcing UK Firms to Choose Foreign Workers
  237. Labour Lord Plays Race Card Over Ban on Three Expenses Peers Who Claimed Nearly £200,000
  238. Just One in Four Teenage Muggers is Locked Up As Vast Majority of Youth Criminals Walk Free from Soft Courts
  239. Next Austerity Measure
  240. Campaign to Save Yorkshire "Anthem"
  241. English Woman Vents Her Anger on the Tram
  242. Which Kingdom is Buckinghamshire In?
  243. Free Emma West
  244. Ministers Want to Commit Britain to Billions in Handouts
  245. London No Longer English (Video) - John Cleese
  246. Rogue Capitalists Are Primary Exploiters of Immigrant “Seasonal Workers”
  247. Somalian Moslems Girls Who Kicked Rhea Page in the Head While Yelling 'Kill the White Slag' Freed After Judge Hears 'They Weren't Used to Drinking'
  248. “British Flag Flying in Britain Is Offensive”, Authorities Agree to Fly It Only on Special Days.
  249. Watership Down to Be Concreted-Over
  250. Yet More Liberal Tosh..