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  1. Margaret Thatcher's Daughter Under Fire for Racism
  2. The Schools Where NO Pupils Speak English As a First Language
  3. Brown the One Eyed Scottish Idiot
  4. Pagan Couple Move Prehistoric Stone Circle into Suburban Home
  5. Pakistan Rallying Against BNP
  6. Good Schools Will Be Forced to Take in Excluded Black Pupils Under New Government Law
  7. UK Bans Dutch MP
  8. St.George's Day Parade to Be Axed
  9. Brief News Segment On Genetics: The English Are Basically Germans
  10. Declining IQ Levels in Britain Shock Observers
  11. Bristol Police Release 'Most Wanted' List
  12. The Union
  13. The EU is Illegal by UK Law
  14. British Traitors Aka "Hard Working Immigrants"
  15. Britain Is Being Colonised: In Excess of 20% of All Residents Are of Foreign Origin
  16. Foreigners 'Commit Fifth of Crime in London'
  17. Minority Groups to Get Extra Government Help to Protect Them from the Recession
  18. Army Prepared For Economic Riots On UK Streets
  19. Britons Swap Cake For Curry As Our Traditions Die Out
  20. Harry Potter the 'Proud' 'Englishman'
  21. How to Deal with Illegal Immigrants? Give Them Citizenship!
  22. 'Too White' Towns Are Labelled Unhealthy
  23. Britain Will Have a Moslem Prime Minister in 30 Years, Claims Labour MP
  24. New 'Autonomous Nationalist' Groups Up North
  25. Romanian Doctor Suspended for Calling Paki Colleagues 'Orang-Utans'
  26. UK Jews Protest Far-right Party
  27. English Without Norman
  28. BBC Reinvent Fat Balding Friar Tuck As Black Martial Arts Expert for New Series of Robin Hood
  29. Britain 'Needs National Identity' to Get Through Recession, Says Gordon Brown
  30. Only Five of England's 44 Bishops Want the Bells to Ring Out on St George's Day
  31. Hate Preacher: I Want "Sharia" Law In Britain
  32. BNP to Launch Advertising Campaign Featuring Jesus Christ
  33. 'Ethnic' Fire Uniforms Launched
  34. English Language and Its Rivals in British Parliament
  35. Polish Migrant Workers Leave Britain in Droves
  36. A Third of All British Whites Claim Anti-White Discrimination
  37. Teacher 1: Watches Porn During School Time. Teacher 2: Looks at BNP Web Site. Who Gets Sacked?
  38. ‘Diversity’ Is Turning Britain Into East Germany—A Nation of Sneaks
  39. Save an Ancient Wood from Oil Drilling!
  40. Ancient Medieval Buildings Found Beneath Cathedral Square (UK)
  41. Christina: A Medieval Life
  42. Each Illegal Immigrant Costs Us £1m, Says Study As Government Faces Calls for Amnesty
  43. Sikh Policemen to Get Bulletproof Turbans So They Can Join Firearms Units
  44. Police State Study Ranks UK 5th & US 6th Worst In The World
  45. BNP Could Be at Heart of Far-Right EU Group
  46. BNP 'to Attend Palace Garden Party'
  47. Mass Exodus From UK
  48. Blondes Banned from Museum's Viking Exhibition
  49. Are The British Finally FED UP With Islam?
  50. Don't Call Me Schweinhund! Man Faces Charge for Insulting His German Neighbour in Her Own Language
  51. Now Even Police Can't Object to Gipsy Camp in Picturesque Village... Because It's Racist
  52. Burford Among Most Idyllic Towns in Europe
  53. Bill Will Ban 'White-Only' BNP
  54. The Law Lords Make Britain Unsafe Yet Again
  55. Green Leader Speaks Out Against Islamophobia
  56. England: The Peasants Are Revolting
  57. BNP Leader Rejects ‘Politically Correct’ Sniping from ‘British Legion’
  58. British Police Detain White People `To Balance Racial Statistics’
  59. Dark Family Secrets Of BNP Leader Nick Griffin
  60. Britain: From Parliament to Police State
  61. Number of Births to Foreign Mothers in UK Soars by 65% in Just Six Years
  62. "No, Madam, It's You Who Have Offended MY Values"
  63. UK's National Archives Under Threat From 'Dumbing Down', Warns Researcher
  64. Prince Charles: Henry VIII Was An Environmentalist
  65. Mounting Concern Over Neo-Nazi Terror
  66. Danelaw Thing Mound Rediscovered in Thynghowe (Sherwood Forest)
  67. Anger As Government Sends Out 2,000 Bogus Job Applications to Unmask 'Racist' Companies
  68. Cave Record of Britain's Pioneers
  69. Last British WWI Soldier Dead
  70. Bristol: Female Cops Must Wear 'Head Coverings' So They Don't Offend Moslems
  71. Britain is No Longer a Christian Nation, Claims Church of England Bishop
  72. Thousands of Moslems Gather in London to Demand a Caliphate
  73. Sutton Hoo, Suffolk: On the Trail of the Anglo-Saxons
  74. They Shall Not Pass: At Former RAF Base, Locals Form a Human Shield to Halt an Invasion of Travellers
  75. 'How Taunts of a Racist Bully Nearly Destroyed Me,' Reveals Schoolgirl Driven to the Brink of Suicide
  76. Top Gear's WWII Ad Upsets Poles
  77. Musicians Fight to Keep Politics Out of Folk
  78. Outrage As BNP Councillor Drives in Car with Number Plate That Resembles 'Nazi'
  79. George VI 'Relieved' When WW2 Broke Out
  80. Ideological Judges - Replacing our Culture with Islam
  81. The British Quarterstaff Association
  82. Swimmers Are Told to Wear Burkinis
  83. British Police Forbidden to Arrest Muslims During Ramadan
  84. "Angel-Faced Racist Aged 12": Girl Burns Golly at BNP Fun Day
  85. UK Pensioners Forced to Cut Heating Expenditure As Government Hands Out Free Schooling in Bangladesh
  86. EDL (English Defence League)
  87. Mayor of London: "Fast During Ramadan to Understand Muslims"
  88. Britain Warns of Rise in Far-Right Violence
  89. We’ll STILL Reach the UK, Insist Migrants Evicted from Jungle
  90. What Does the Term "British" Mean to You?
  91. In Britain, Pupils Allegedly Spend `Too Little Time on Holocaust'
  92. Britain and England: A Case Of Split Identity
  93. Paki Rape Gang Answered Mother`s Call
  94. One British Passport Handed Out to Immigrant Every Two Minutes
  95. Good News for Once, Free Speech Wins Out
  96. Islamic Colonisation & Dessecration
  97. Goliwogs?
  98. £12 Million “Aid” to Whites in Britain — but £61 Million to Zimbabwe
  99. UK Government Prepares to Indoctrinate White Areas
  100. Richard Branson, Space Man?
  101. Multiple Wives Will Mean Multiple Benefits - but Only for Muslims
  102. Our Followers ‘Must Live in Peace Until Strong Enough to Wage Jihad’
  103. What a Night! (Question Time)
  104. Odin's Glow in Odinsberg
  105. "Debating" With Jews - Is This Possible?
  106. Labour Wanted Mass Immigration to Make UK More Multicultural, Says Former Adviser
  107. Muslims Want to Destroy the BNP from Within
  108. BNP Campaigner to Apply for a Grant to Celebrate 'White History Month'
  109. BNP Website Rockets to Highest Ever Usage Figures After Question Time
  110. British Pakistanis Creating “No-Go” Areas for White People
  111. George Cross Holder Says Celebrities Get More Respect Than Dead Soldiers
  112. Conservatives Rule Out Treaty Referendum
  113. British Queen Will Be Forced to Wear Burkha
  114. Cromwell's Legacy Damages Tomb of Black Prince
  115. Girl, 6, 'Labelled Racist' for 'Chocolate on Your Face' Comment
  116. Spot The White Man-Immigration Invasion-Peckham-London
  117. 'Nazis Would Have Gassed You' Judge Tells Criminal Wearing Swastika
  118. BNP Steal Obama's Design
  119. Operation Brace: How the Government Ordered Officials to Ignore Suspect Immigrant Applications
  120. Cornish Street Signs to Be Translated
  121. Why Are Scots So Attracted to the Labour Party?
  122. Britain Apologizes to Orphans Shipped Overseas
  123. 92% of Gang Rapists in London Are Non-White
  124. Britain and the EU
  125. Negro Couple in London Furious Over Being Called "Black Couple"
  126. BNP Signs Its First Non-White Member... but He's Only Joined Because He Hates Muslims
  127. "This Isn't the Britain We Fought For"
  128. British Army 'No Longer Necessary' in Germany
  129. Free England Party Consider Adopting Ethno-Nationalism
  130. Immigrants Who Don’t Understand English Have Been Able to Buy Language Certificates That Give Them the Right to Settle in Britain
  131. Would You Pull the Trigger?
  132. The Man Who Smuggled Himself into Auschwitz - They Just Keep Getting Better!
  133. Bratwurst and Gluhwein? It Must Be Christmas
  134. Anti-BNP Singer Booed Off Munich Stage after Singing Das Deutschlandlied
  135. 75% Londoners Support Calls to Ban Minarets in Capital
  136. How English Are You?
  137. Woman Kidnapped from Bristol Street at 4pm and Gang-raped, Court Told
  138. Student's Dream of Flying an RAF Jet Shattered by Thugs Who Kicked Him So Hard His Right Eye Popped Out
  139. British Court Declares Judaism "Racist"
  140. Supermarket Labels for Israeli Food
  141. Millions of Britons Unable to Cope with Modern Life, Says Study
  142. Israeli Fury at UK Attempt to Arrest Tzipi Livni
  143. UK Muslims Wish to Turn Buckingham Palace into a Mosque
  144. Druids, Pagans Celebrate Winter Solstice at Stonehenge
  145. Why Do the Media Use White Models in Articles Dealing with Third World Crime?
  146. The BNP, Part of the System...?
  147. 68 Per Cent of UK Regards Itself As "Working Class"
  148. V-Weapons Over Britain
  149. 1066-2066
  150. BNP Crisis As Nick Griffin Faces Jail Over Whites-Only Policy
  151. Class Has Replaced Race As the Main Cause of Discrimination in Britain, Claims Labour
  152. Nick Griffin Criticised for Haiti Earthquake Remarks
  153. BNP Given Last Chance to Make Equality Change to Constitution
  154. Taxi Drivers Accused of Racism for Displaying Sign Saying They Are ‘English Speaking’
  155. British Official : Immigrants Import 'Barbaric And Medieval' Views About Women
  156. Pictures Of British Soldiers From WWI
  157. BNP Votes to Change Race Rules
  158. Hereward the Wake and the Norman Conquest
  159. UK Immigration Ministers Admits That His Children Suffered from Immigration
  160. 'Racist' Bus Drivers 'Driving Past Schoolgirls Wearing Moslem Headscarves'
  161. How Britain is Using Classical Music As a Form of Social Control
  162. "Ban BNP From Posting Leaflets" Says Peace Protester
  163. "The English As a Race Are Not Worth Saving!" - Jack Straw, Minister of Justice
  164. Short Video: Nick Griffin Predicts Race Riots
  165. Racism on the Rise in Britain
  166. Halal Meat Now On School Menu!
  167. Moslem "Asian" Businessman Bid to Join BNP
  168. Norman Descendants
  169. Ethnically Cleansing the English
  170. Moslem Gangs Imposing Sharia Law in British Prisons
  171. White Actresses Told to Leave Bollywood
  172. Briton is Recognised As World's First Officially Genderless Person
  173. BNP General Election Broadcast
  174. England's Lost Wildlife: 500 Tyoes of Flora and Fauna Completely Lost
  175. The “Conservative” Plan to Reduce Racial Inequality in UK
  176. 6,000 Trees Axed Along Major Highway-Now Ask "Why?"
  177. One of Britain's Biggest Mephedrone Dealers is the Son of a Prominent Jewish Labour MP
  178. “Long Tentacles of Israel” Trying to Buy the General Election Say Labour MPs
  179. Special Relationship Between UK and US is Over, MPs Say
  180. Mark Collett Arrested for Threatening Nick Griffin
  181. Political Correctness Kills!
  182. Nick Griffin on the Lib/Lab/Con/UKIP Warmongers
  183. Negress Goes AWOL From Army And Gets 100K !!!
  184. Brits Believe Mixed-Race People Are the 'Most Attractive and Successful'
  185. Number of Moslem MPs Could Double
  186. England Branded Least Patriotic Nation in Europe As Citizens Are Too Scared to Fly the Flag
  187. Attacked Pupil 'Was Disruptive'
  188. How The Lib-Dems Perceive Britain
  189. 1.1 Million Illegal Immigrants Have Invaded Britain, New Report Reveals
  190. Save Our Anglo-Saxon Stone!
  191. Bob Bailey for PM
  192. Pop Reigns Over Rock in UK Charts
  193. A Hung Parliament for Britain
  194. Labour Has Common Bond with Muslims, Says PM
  195. Jihadists or Jokers?
  196. How Many People Live in the UK?
  197. English is Not the First Language for ONE MILLION Schoolchildren
  198. New UK Cabinet Criticized for Lack of Diversity
  199. It's Us Who Pay
  200. More Britons Consider Emigrating
  201. Things to Thank England for
  202. BNP To Change Leader In 2013
  203. Hollyoaks: Pushing the Adulteration of Our Blood
  204. The £18,000 Council Job You Can't Apply for if You Are White
  205. Ashley Cole
  206. Britain Takes First Step in Cutting Non-EU Immigration
  207. What Subrace Are the Residents of York Of?
  208. The British Are at Most 13th Cousins from Each Other
  209. 2021 UK Census Scrapped!
  210. Arthur's Round Table Found?
  211. Calls Grow for Burka Ban in Britain As French Outlaw Islamic 'walking
  212. Twenty Babies in Britain Named Adolf
  213. John Tyndall (14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005)
  214. Religion in England
  215. 60% Of New Babies In UK Of Immigrant Origin
  216. That's How the Brits Are Sold
  217. How Long Does the Process Take for a German Citizen to Be Able to Legally Work & Go to School in the UK?
  218. Are You Celebrating Yorkshire Day?
  219. Teen Filmed Himself Torturing Girls in Attack
  220. Nazis In Bournemouth!
  221. BNP: Europe Is Being Ethnically Cleansed - Andrew Brons MEP
  222. Massive Problem of Moslems and White British Child Sex Slaves
  223. Young Urban Englishmen and Women
  224. English Defence League Targets Bradford March As the 'Big One'
  225. What Are You Watching on TV?
  226. Werner Sombart: The English Are Infected with the Jewish Spirit
  227. Islamic Extremism
  228. Sex, Manipulation, Lies and Subversion — Real Life Studies of Anti-Nationalist Dirty Tricks
  229. Yes, BBC Was Biased: Director General Mark Thompson Admits a 'Massive' Lean to Left
  230. Tibetan Plight Highlights Westminster MPs’ Hypocrisy
  231. Boxer Claims "Fight Will Be As Easy As Gang Rape"
  232. English Unity Committee
  233. Nobody Wants to Adopt 'Super-Diverse' Orphans
  234. Black and White Twins Set for First Day at School
  235. English Surrogate Mother Miscarries Bin Laden's Grandchildren
  236. Wake Up Britain
  237. Pope Visits Britain and Kisses Polish Baby
  238. British People on Here...
  239. Millions Being Secretly Served With Halal Meat
  240. 3-Year-Olds Accused of "Racism" in UK Schools
  241. Six arrested in Gateshead over "Quran" burning
  242. Nick Griffin Interviewed on the Political Cesspool Radio
  243. EDL Defies March Ban and Vows to March Through Leicester
  244. Israeli Geostrategist Spells Out “Demographics Is Destiny” Argument
  245. Winston Churchill Blamed for 1m Deaths in India Famine
  246. England's Commonwealth Shame
  247. Nigel Farage (UKIP) Strikes Again!
  248. Yorkshire's Rural North Set for Surge in Ethnic Minorities
  249. England 'Overtakes' Holland As Most Densely Populated EU Land
  250. Tony Blair's Sister-in-Law Converts to Islam