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  1. The British National Party
  2. Islam is peace adverts on London buses
  3. Digging up the Christian English for Muslims!
  4. Islam in England
  5. English extract own teeth, says study
  6. UK Population Explosion
  7. Multiculturalism threatens democracy
  8. Immigrants - The Inconvient Truth
  9. US Football Star: They Speak English In London?
  10. The Failure of British Nationalism Explained
  11. Half of new jobs go to migrants
  12. Tories discover immigration again
  13. Christmas should be 'downgraded' to help race relations says Labour think tank
  14. Local Taxes increased by Immigration
  15. German mag’s sick Maddie joke
  16. Protecting Our People's "Green Belt" Open Land
  17. Tory candidate criticised for race warning
  18. UK's Romanian Control Appear Useless!
  19. Migrants can enter Britain in 73 ways!
  20. The "Enoch was Right" Question!
  21. British Moslem woman convicted of penning poems about beheadings
  22. "Britain should adopt Moslem Ways..."
  23. Britain is losing the arguments in Europe
  24. The Union of England & Scotland Is Over
  25. Lost White Boys
  26. Flag for an Independent England - Which Would You Like?
  27. Immigration out-paces British exodus
  28. Veterans: From the heat of battle to cold indifference at home
  29. Met Police forced to spend £15,000 on new mascot - because old one is 'too male and w
  30. Irving again! - wanting to speak!
  31. Arranged Marriages For The British
  32. Labour cannot be trusted with ID Database!
  33. Nick Griffin and David Irving to speak at Oxford
  34. Moslem Trend: Women get 'virginity fix' NHS operations
  35. Muslims More British Than Rest of Population, Survey Finds
  36. UK: Massive 'illegal' loans to the Labour Party?
  37. German Christmas Markets in England?
  38. Morrissey 'refuses to live in the UK because of immigration explosion'
  39. UK: Labour government receiving foreign Money?
  40. Man sentenced for calling Welsh woman English
  41. Ban on imitation Samurai swords (not a joke)
  42. Joss Stone new Flake girl
  43. UK growth 'helped by immigration'
  44. State Archbishop calls Nativity 'a legend'
  45. Omar Bakri calls for 'ban' on Christmas
  46. Jeremy Clarkson - Do you like him?
  47. It's official: England is the most crowded country in Europe
  48. Jobless must work for benefits
  49. 4.5 million moved out of Southeastern England in last 10 years
  50. Sitz! British Bobbies Learn German to Bark Orders at Alsatian Police Dogs
  51. England: "I Feel Like an Alien in My Home Town"
  52. Moslem Loudspeakers over Oxford ?
  53. Ken Livingstone’s aides ‘in secret Marxist cell’
  54. Government Renames Islamic Terrorism as 'Anti-Islamic Activity' to Woo Moslems
  55. Man hides unapproved house behind hay bales
  56. Afro-Children for sale: UK's slave trade
  57. Brown Banishes 300-year-old Tradition by Removing Britannia from Our 50p Coin
  58. Neyland Located at West Wales?
  59. Britain paying for explosion of immigrant births
  60. Man 'beaten and Stabbed to Death in Row with Neighbours Over Son's Football'
  61. Is the BNP Too Crude for Power?
  62. Bishop Who Warned of No-go Areas Under Police Protection
  63. UK: Moslem Husbands with More Than One Wife to Get Extra Benefits
  64. UK Terror Fund Cell Live on HANDOUTS
  65. 23% of Britons say Churchill didn't Exist.
  66. British Government Wants to Mandate Fluoridation
  67. Call for British Children to Learn Polish
  68. Adoption of Islamic Sharia Law in Britain is 'Unavoidable'
  69. ‘Don’t Teach Children Patriotism’
  70. Paki In-Breeding Fears...
  71. English Town Wants to Become Scottish
  72. Twilight Over England: Democracy is the Road to Oblivion
  73. Tide Turns As Poles End Great Migration
  74. The "Sport" of Attacking Firefighters in England
  75. An Open Question to My British Friends?
  76. Britain Considers Axing Ancestry Visas
  77. Midnight Earthquake!
  78. Black Ancestry in The Royals?
  79. Myths of British Ancestry
  80. BBC's Forthcoming 'White' Season
  81. It's Us Who Pay
  82. Asians Assault Anglican Priest in Hate Incident
  83. Tobaccophobe England
  84. Iraq Disaster; the Bright Side
  85. Betrayal of the Gurkhas: Soldiers Denied the Right to Live in UK Hand Medals Back
  86. Put Young Children on DNA List, Urge Police
  87. Petition to Erect a Life Size Statue of Enoch Powell
  88. Britain's Rightful King is German & Catholic
  89. Would the Jutes Be Danish?
  90. Father and Son Banned from Council Swimming Pool for Not Being Muslims
  91. The Real Good Life: An Entire Village Turns Against Supermarkets and Grows Its Own Food
  92. 'Anti-English' Presenter Race Row
  93. Solar Panels Fitted Last Year: Germany: 130,000; Britain: 300
  94. EU Plan to Split Britain Along Ancient Ethnic Lines
  95. Anglo Saxon Invaders May Not Have Ruled by Apartheid
  96. Britain AD
  97. MAYEVE : Prepare Fires Once Again!!
  98. A Cuisine Query
  99. UK Local Elections Punish Labour !
  100. In the Shadow of the Swastika
  101. London - a City Expecting Changes ?
  102. The Vicar Who Had the Gestapo to Stay and Labelled Winston Churchill 'vile Drug Addict'
  103. London's New Mayor Appoints 'Tough' Black
  104. Blacks Ousting Greys and Reds
  105. City-Sized Swathe of Green Belt 'Concreted Over'
  106. England : A Great White Horse for Kent
  107. UK Queen Wears Headscarf at Turkish Mosque
  108. Offences by Girls Are Up by 25% As Crimes by Boys Fall Slightly
  109. England: "Self-Important and Irritating"
  110. UK: Labour Party Near Bankruptcy !!
  111. Nature Chief Questions Benefit of Green Belt Land - and Says It's Time to Find Better Uses for It
  112. 1/4 of Births in Britain Are to Immigrant Families
  113. Foreigner Sinks to a New Low in Gloucester
  114. Gay Iranian Granted Asylum
  115. IVF Babies Don't Need Fathers
  116. Police Concern Over 'Ethnic' Violence
  117. Jobless UK Youths To Be Put Into Camps
  118. Are You 100% English?
  119. Do Foreigners Appreciate Our Countryside More Than We Do?
  120. Life in Britain More Dangerous Than the Balkans
  121. Archer Claims That UK Indians Are the 'New Jews'
  122. 'Racist' BBC Picks on Poles Rather Than ......
  123. Briton Wins Compensation After Holiday 'Surrounded by Germans'
  124. Thousands of Chinese Criminals Cannot Be Deported
  125. Israel's Ambassador: UK - a 'Hotbed' of Anti-Israeli Feeling!
  126. Hip-Hop Hoodies to Represent British 'National Identity' in Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony
  127. Don't Listen to the Liberals - Right-Wingers Really Are Nicer People, Latest Research Shows
  128. England to Squeeze in 10 Million More Immigrants and Children Within 25 Years
  129. "I'm Not Racist. I Just Hate Islam"
  130. London Mayor, Boris, for Prison ??
  131. Race Problems in Met Police Leadership!
  132. Britain Isn't British Anymore
  133. London : Another Teenage White Murdered!
  134. Border Police Plan to Be Unveiled by Tories
  135. Viking Blood Still Flowing
  136. Yet More from "PC" Britain!
  137. Curfews for England ??
  138. The Night My Daughter Was Stabbed - and My Liberal Instincts Died
  139. Illegal Immigrants to be Granted Bail Privileges
  140. Britain: A Failed State?
  141. Englishwoman Starts on 14th Child
  142. So, Where in the UK Are You?
  143. Will Labour Ever Rule England Again After 2010?
  144. Myths of the Raven of the London Tower
  145. Decapitated Body of British Girl, 17, Found Hacked to Pieces in Suitcase in Brazil
  146. Muhammed The Workshy Scrounger
  147. Is This the Perfect English Village?
  148. "Neighbourhood Has Become a Hell-Hole"
  149. Brown Gets His Own TV Channel and Guess What: YOU Pay for It
  150. Bromley: Man Held Over Alleged Sheep Sex
  151. What's in a Name? Britain's Rudest Places
  152. Traditional Names Are 'Dying Out'
  153. UK Immigration and 'Our' "Changing" !
  154. Poles Are the Fall Guys of the Immigration Debate
  155. Black History to Be Compulsory in 'English' Schools
  156. Moslem Sentenced to 8 Years for Murdering BNP Activist
  157. UK Chancellor: "Electorate "Pissed Off" with Labour!!"
  158. English Expressions
  159. UK: Tory Cameron Rejects 'Neo-Conservative' Foreign Policy
  160. The Overpopulated Britain: Fears of Sociocultural Disintegration
  161. Do You Agree That the English Are Anti-Intellectual?
  162. Call for Black Schools in News
  163. Locally Owned Co-Operatives Replace Supermarkets
  164. I Submit a Special Legal Question
  165. UK : Funny "Immigration" Story!
  166. UK: New Migrant Worker Rules Outlined
  167. Britain is Second Most Popular Destination for Migrants
  168. The Seven Sins Of England
  169. We Will Spill British Blood, Warns Sheikh Ahmad Fartusi
  170. U.K - Number of Pensioners in Poverty Rises to 2.5 Million
  171. Moslem Leader Announces Plan to Take Over UK by Having More Children
  172. Sharia Courts Operating in Britain
  173. 'Have More Babies and Muslims Can Take Over the UK' Hate Fanatic Says, As Warning Comes That 'Next 9/11 Will Be in UK'
  174. Another Moslem Tests the Sympathetic System
  175. The BNP´s New Initiative - Racism Cuts Both Ways
  176. The Sunday Telegraph Continues to Employ a Man Who Cannot Tell the Difference Between Summer and Winter.
  177. Multicultural Ideal 'Terrible' for UK !!
  178. Even the Mice in England Are Germanic
  179. Words That Aren't Supposed To Rhyme
  180. Patron Saint of England.....St.Edmund?
  181. Teeth Unravel Anglo-Saxon Legacy
  182. Family Flees From Nazi Terror
  183. Conversion of Churches-to-Mosques In England
  184. It’s This Bad
  185. Rare Film Shows 1904 London Life
  186. Migration Row MP Hit with Pie
  187. English Heroes of Agincourt? They Are Just War Criminals (say the French).
  188. Ross, Brand and the BBC's Gutter Culture
  189. UK -- Dial 123 Now for a "TimeCheck" Laugh!!
  190. £3m Anti-Knife/Gun Advertising Campaign - Thanks Democracy!
  191. Grand Prix Racial Abuse
  192. Number of Pagan Prisoners Has Doubled Over Four Years
  193. How Would One Pronounce the Surname, "Knevet"?
  194. Report Identifies UK Terrorist Enclaves
  195. British Troops 'Cannot Bear Brunt of Barack Obama's Afghanistan Surge'
  196. UK: Evil Young Women & Others!
  197. Brown Risks a Currency Run Against the Pound!
  198. The Recession Map Of England
  199. Council Ranks Term 'British' with 'Negroes' and Bans It in Case It Upsets Scots, Welsh and Minorities
  200. BNP Membership List Leaked Online
  201. Moslem "Lord" Kills European Man Whilst 'Driving'
  202. The Polish - Biting The Hand That Feeds
  203. Muslims to Be Offered "Sharia"-Compliant Pensions
  204. Why is Anglo-Saxon of No Significance in England?
  205. Is It Time for a New Nationalist Party?
  206. BNP Deputy Leader Works from London City Hall Office
  207. Democracy UK: Secret Terror Police Arrest TOP Tory!!
  208. Russell Brand's 'Nazi Boy'
  209. 'Economic Benefits of Mass Immigration Are Close to Zero', Lords Told
  210. Is the BNP Nazi? No, It’s Worse: It Isn’t.
  211. Moslem Gangs 'Are Taking Control of Prisons'
  212. Primary School Cancels Nativity Play Because It Interferes with Moslem Festival of "Eid"
  213. Obama Doesn't Like Us
  214. Queen's Speech: Firms Free to Favour Female and Black Job Applicants
  215. Words Associated with Christianity and British History Taken Out of Children’s Dictionary
  216. Searching for Heathen Place Names in Eangland
  217. UK: Government's 'Flawed' Borrowing Policy Putting Economy at Risk
  218. Regionalist Movements of Britain
  219. Germans Ridicule Brown's Debt-Ridden Claptrap!
  220. Are English Kings and Queens Racially Mixed?
  221. Rapid Rise in Number of Mixed Race Britons
  222. Warning: Sterling Slide is Worst Since 1931...
  223. Jerusalem
  224. Olde English Woodcuts
  225. British Most Promiscuous?
  226. Chaos As Boxing Day Sales Begin
  227. Girl Punched in Face by Black Footballer for Turning Him Down
  228. Staffordshire: White Mother in Love with Black Killer Serving Life in US Jail
  229. King Alfred Statue in Wantage Vandalised for Second Time in a Year
  230. Blears Concern for 'Ignored Poor'
  231. Rare Honesty in a Rural Yorkshire Town
  232. BBC in Race Row Over Doll That's 'Too White'
  233. What is Wrong with Urban Living?
  234. "What's Wrong with White Guys, by the Way?"
  235. Huge Areas of Britain Have Become Foreign Colonies
  236. Bank of England Cuts Interest Rates to Lowest Since 1694
  237. British Court Convicts Two Men of `Race Hate’ Crimes
  238. How Well Will the BNP Do in June 2009?
  239. "I'd Rather Have a Debauched Pound Than a Dysfunctional Euro"
  240. A Trail Around UK Standing Stones And Burial Chambers
  241. Revealed: the Rise of Mixed-Race Britain
  242. Men Jailed for Caustic Soda Rape
  243. 'UK Monarchy is Racist'
  244. British Gun Ban Backfires
  245. Schoolgirls Banned from Lessons by Headmaster for Being 'Too Blonde'
  246. Say "No" to the TV Licence!
  247. The Members of the BNP
  248. ‘British Jobs for British Workers’ Strikes Across the UK
  249. Just How English is South-West England Really?
  250. Cricket Team Told It Can't Call Itself 'The Crusaders'