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  1. What about David Cameron ?
  2. The Voyage of Ohthere and Wulfstan
  3. van Meteren's opinion of the English.
  4. The Devil of Croyden Hill
  5. Caractacus Cartoon for Kids
  6. England's Most Haunted City
  7. English emblems and symbols
  8. The Story of Mann
  9. English Monarchs: 802AD-present
  10. Muted welcome for UK migrants plan
  11. Political Correctness: No more "Baa baa, black sheep"
  12. UK extends airport iris scan scheme
  13. For us English
  14. Newcastle labled 'Hideously White'
  15. Flags and Heraldry of English Kingdoms
  16. Awesome Germanic Sculpture in Britain
  17. Wigan's Shades
  18. E-book: Traditions of Lancashire
  19. St. George: The Man, The Legend, The Day.
  20. Good name for a British Skadi
  21. Frestonia
  22. Kibbo Kift
  23. Proportion of Danes killed in St Brice's Day Massacre
  24. Nice to see a healthy Danish community in East Anglia..
  25. Sleipnir overlooking the town of Wednesbury
  26. Clothing and Appearance of the Pagan Anglo-Saxons
  27. The dilemmas of British fascism
  28. "A nation blessed by a golden sovereign"
  29. Question about the settlers of the Falkland islands
  30. Do you know what you're saying?
  31. English Propoganda
  32. Old English Riddles
  33. 'Chav' names feared by teachers
  34. Attention: Ancient White Horse Stone is Under Attack!!
  35. Hajis Threaten Death to Britain
  36. "Lest we forget"
  37. Nelson: The Hero and the Man
  38. The Balloon Girl
  39. Is Prince Philip, A Vanuatu God?
  40. Final fight to save 1066 battlefield
  41. Road plans put Stonehenge status at risk
  42. Road plans put Stonehenge status at risk
  43. Robin Hood's 'house found' - in Sheffield
  44. Robin Hood's 'house found' - in Sheffield
  45. Fears over historic wall erosion
  46. The "Moslems-Only" Day
  47. Saxon Cornwall?
  48. De Obsessione Dunelmi
  49. Independence support 'growing'
  50. Haunting secrets of Rollright Stones are revealed
  51. England is Genetically Largely Germanic
  52. Where In England Are You From?
  53. Death, Identity And The Body In Neolithic Britain
  54. Sex, Sand and Sugar Mummies in a Caribbean Beach Fantasy
  55. Man Barred From British Royal Palace Job For Being White
  56. The White Dragon - An Universal Anglo-Saxon Symbol
  57. North and South: A Linguistic Divide?
  58. U.K. schools no longer required teaching children about Britain’s cultural heritage
  59. 'Disliking Foreigners' now Illegal in Britain
  60. Saxonia on British TV
  61. Retaking the Homeland
  62. New British Laws to Criminalise Political Dissent
  63. 1066: What if?
  64. Britain 'worse than 20 years ago'
  65. Poor old Albion
  66. UK's most 'English' town named in immigration study
  67. Englisizing America
  68. Anti-White Racism in the UK Police
  69. The Celtic Element in England
  70. Jutes in Hampshire and Isle of Wight
  71. UK: Murder victim's widow asked by officer to apologize to non-white killer
  72. Edict of Expulsion of the Jews still valid in Britain
  73. Britain's Melting Pot A "Rich Mix of Cultures and Religion"
  74. Armed Forces...a last hope?
  75. The BNP: Unbelievable
  76. Man rapes six-year old.
  77. From today's Skadi Bugle, er Daily Mail.
  78. Labour set to close the door on Third World migrants
  79. English denied drug available in Scotland.
  80. Rural 'tranquillity' map unveiled
  81. Racial murders: nearly half the victims are white
  82. 'Yes, we are biased on religion and politics, admit BBC executives'
  83. British pensioner despatches 4 muggers in a German town
  84. Scots' plan for England as radioactive dustbin
  85. The Future of Germanic England
  86. 44% of Brits have no intention of getting internet access
  87. Leaving Britain...
  88. North-South Divide in England; Danelaw vs Anglo-Saxons?
  89. British Officials Don't Want White "Racist" Immigrants
  90. Are Chavs the new untermensch..?
  91. Islamic teaching could resolve world problems -- Prince Charles
  92. As more immigrants arrive in the UK, native Britons emigrate
  93. Britain's teenagers 'among worst behaved in Europe'
  94. TV show set to prove "No such thing as English"
  95. BNP and leader 'no longer racist'
  96. The face of terror: Britons need to know about the fanaticism that threatens them
  97. The Percy lion is set to roar again
  98. Hate Crime - Check This Link Before It Vanishes
  99. British Security Crisis?
  100. Shedding of English identity
  101. BNP leader cleared of race hate
  102. English Patriotism : a short, hard-hitting piece
  103. English National Identity : by Robert Henderson
  104. Ban organised religion: Sir Elton John
  105. The Hidden White Victims of Racism
  106. What Is the Future for British Nationalism?
  107. Churches should expel Racists
  108. Britons, Angles, ethnicity and material culture
  109. Is the BNP Being Circumcised?
  110. Former Russian Spy Poisoned in London?
  111. Bird Loving on Sunday Menu
  112. English man jailed for 15 months for spitting and offensive remark
  113. Is this the last generation of British Jews?
  114. Should the UK Be Broken Up?
  115. Slavery Debate
  116. Britain 'best' for Non Whites!
  117. Another 'brutal' London murder
  118. Gwyneth Paltrow: 'British much more intelligent and civilized than the Americans'
  119. Condescending BBC skit.
  120. EU money pit
  121. Blair: 'Moslem may be PM'
  122. Tick scourge sparks farm warning
  123. Projects of 'national benefit' fast-tracked, from nuclear plants to windfarms
  124. Dr Who fan exterminates students
  125. Bishop incident was 'not mugging'
  126. Immigration sparks white exodus from UK
  127. Skadi British Meetup?
  128. Vote for Independence!
  129. Proposed land train to Stones too 'intrusive'
  130. Israel to Join British Commonwealth?
  131. Policewoman: Another Race Murder!
  132. Blair: Hanukkah & Peace on Earth
  133. Origins of St. George's Cross?
  134. Grauniad Journo Makes BNP Porno!!!
  135. Prossies
  136. The 'Cheeky Girls' Conspiracy...
  137. Borders out of Control says Police Chief !
  138. Smoking in England
  139. Journalist Infiltrates BNP
  140. 'One immigrant a minute enters UK'
  141. American English. Mild white 'ebonics'?
  142. Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) Demand Hunt Ban Enforcement
  143. Unmasked: the Veiled White Moslem Convert
  144. Repentant Soul or Walking Corpse?
  145. Just how harmful is the EU?
  146. UK: Gordon Brown signals Policy Shift!
  147. Report: Britain Could Send Probes to Moon by 2010
  148. UK dustbin of Europe - LGA slams landfill habit
  149. MultiCultured Britain : don't ask questions!
  150. What the EU costs Britain.
  151. UK Trial of Moslem Bombers - survival by luck!
  152. UK Mosques (hidden camera documentary)
  153. UK: Citizenship Classes & the PC State?
  154. Is Nottingham Really Violent?
  155. BIG Fan Of The Old British Empire !
  156. Britain's Future Muslims?
  157. British Prison Toilets Now Moslem Friendly!
  158. This is the face of multi-racial Britain
  159. East of England development plans attacked
  160. Flood Project Restores London's Lost River
  161. Britain Named As One of Europe's Crime Hotspots
  162. WAR ZONE : UK - South London's "Nihilistic Anarchy"
  163. Gladiators fought to the death in Chester
  164. Supermosque for 70,000 'will be blocked'
  165. Common sense from Labour MP
  166. SAS founder's life story to be made into a film
  167. Opponents Unite to Plot Against BNP
  168. The nodding dog!
  169. Russia - future 'menace again' - or hype?
  170. Powell Power - Margaret Hits 80 and Still Loves Life at Wigan Pier
  171. British Burkha Wars : latest news
  172. British children: poorer, at greater risk and more insecure
  173. Blog: Why England Needs A Parliament
  174. Culturally Cleansing the English
  175. No more secrets?
  176. A Modern Scop's Beowulf
  177. What Finnish students are taught about Englishness
  178. Obese British boy will remain in mother's care
  179. Town branded too white and too British
  180. Too,white, Too Stupid!!!
  181. Violence Inevitable?
  182. The night my daughter was stabbed - and my liberal instincts died
  183. Policeman on Trial for punching Woman
  184. One in five of UK home buyers are Polish
  185. Englishmen, and Other Aborigines
  186. Stop the Incinerator
  187. Migration fears to double BNP council seats
  188. Why we don't know the man on the £20 note from Adam
  189. A Forum worth visiting: Engliscan Gesišas Gegaderung
  190. Immigrant Rampage
  191. Three little P.C piggies
  192. Three little P.C piggies
  193. Friendly-fire death was a criminal act
  194. Blair says he is 'sorry' for slavery
  195. How The West Was Won ?
  196. Immigrants boost our economy?
  197. Veils to be banned in schools
  198. Poppycock?
  199. Greenbelt Land Increasingly Destroyed by Real Estate Projects
  200. House-building boom 'will cost billions in infrastructure'
  201. New Super Mosque?
  202. Westminister Slavery protest
  203. Watch out heres the Pervert!!!
  204. Watch out here's the Pervert!
  205. Polski Britain
  206. Immigrant pregnancies stretch NHS
  207. Racist Polish children
  208. Ashamed of British Law
  209. New paedophile law!
  210. The Breakdown of the Community
  211. Immigrations 42% rise
  212. Pervert choirmaster gets 30 months prison!!!!
  213. Baden Powell
  214. Pensioner forced to sleep on hospital car park bench
  215. The British Way of Murder
  216. School power to search for knives
  217. Mum pulls daughter from school in row over 'black' poems
  218. Proposed Road on the Saxon King Burial Site...
  219. A Nordic influence (cumbrian dialect)
  220. Archaeology in the Longmarket (Canterbury)
  221. Plea for Black and Asian Sperm Donors
  222. English Lakes
  223. Wrong kind of White!
  224. What Is England's Attitude on Sex?
  225. 4,000 People a Week Trying to Leave UK
  226. Churchill Worried About 'Coloured' Immigrants
  227. Foreign students 'are better at English than British undergraduates'
  228. Ginger Discrimination?
  229. England's success may be in our genes
  230. A third of Britons believe: "You can't be British AND Moslem"
  231. Ginger Beer!
  232. Livingstone breaks down in tears at slave trade memorial
  233. 25% of babies born to immigrants
  234. Three million crimes 'omitted from statistics'
  235. Miss Slackistan and the Burka Beauties
  236. All UK 'must be on DNA database'
  237. Genetic Background of English
  238. Wouldn’t you feel safer with a gun?
  239. EU gives up on 'metric Britain'
  240. Website: How old is English?
  241. Outlaws and Highwaymen
  242. How do your views compare to the rest of the British population?
  243. A Plague of Political Correctness: Life in Britain has become unbearable
  244. Britain: the World in one Country
  245. Multicultural college faces race row over student's 'English party'
  246. The White Dragon - an Anglo-Saxon symbol
  247. Do You Consider Yourself To Be British & Do You Value The United Kingdom?
  248. The British National Party
  249. Islam is peace adverts on London buses
  250. Digging up the Christian English for Muslims!