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  1. Whites Settlers of Japan
  2. Aryans: Culture Bearers to China - New Evidence of Ancient European Migration to the Orient
  3. What is the Racio-Biological Identity of the Slavs?
  4. North African Amphoras in England
  5. How close are the Celts to Aryans ?
  6. Varg Vikernes: "Aryan tribes all have a common origin, Atlantis"
  7. Out of Africa vs. Multi-Regionalism
  8. First Paleo-Americans were Europeans?
  9. Conquest of Russia by the Mongols
  10. Scientists Start Study of Kennewick Man
  11. Are Basques Linked to Celts? (Genetic Evidence)
  12. "Danubian culture-Bearers" of the Neolithic
  13. Who were the Bell Beaker people?
  14. The Races of Ireland - My Theory
  15. Alternative model for the origins of Europeans
  16. Kostenki Remains from the Epipaleolithic and Mesolithic Periods
  17. The Rössen Complex in Sachsen
  18. Anglo-Saxon Origins: The Reality of the Myth
  19. The Danubian Culture Bearers
  20. Michelsberg Culture
  21. The Cardial Ceramic Culture (or Impressed Ceramics Culture)
  22. Neolithic Transition in Europe
  23. "Racial Origin and earliest Racial History of the Hebrews", by Eugen Fischer
  24. A question regarding origins of CW/BA culture
  25. An Overview of Mesolithic Belgium
  26. Serbs and Croats are of Sarmatian Origin
  27. Pit graves, artificial skull deformation, Sarmatians, Northern Bactria
  28. Tocharians: The Mysterious Europoid Mummies of China
  29. Baltic Prehistory and Early Baltic Cultures
  30. Homo Sapiens / Neanderthal Hybridization: A New Bone Study
  31. Among the pure-blooded Aryans
  32. Corded Ware Culture in Estonia
  33. Sarakatsani: The Most Ancient People in Europe
  34. Gebeliya Bedouins
  35. Premodern Homo sapiens
  36. The Neolithic Invasion of Europe
  37. Refuting the Racial Myths of Europe
  38. The Sumerians, according to Carleton S. Coon
  39. What are the French Considered to be?
  40. Vucedol Culture: Oldest European Calendar deciphered
  41. How did the first Aryans look like?
  42. Romanians & Gypsies (split from "Classify this please")
  43. Russian & Tartar historical intermixture
  44. Khazars...redhead Turkics who adopted Judaism?
  45. Who are/were the inhabitants of Pomerania?
  46. Neolithic Culture of the Danubian Region
  47. The White Huns
  48. Belarusian Ethnogenesis
  49. Longevity & health in ancient Paleolithic vs. Neolithic peoples
  50. Origins of Armenians and the Armenoid Race
  51. Question about Slavs
  52. Ethnolinguistic Groups in China
  53. It's All Downhill Since Cro-Magnon
  54. Who were the Windische ? ( Veneti, Wenden, Winden)
  55. Between Sapiens and Neanderthalensis and Erectus
  56. Adam of Govrlevo old seven millenia
  57. Aunjetitz Culture (Early Bronze Age)
  58. Neanderthals and diversity and relationships of modern races
  59. The Gael Meta-Ethnicity
  60. Teeth unravel Anglo-Saxon legacy
  61. Teeth Unravel Anglo-Saxon Legacy
  62. Were the Pelazgians Black?
  63. The Archaic Tribes of Europe
  64. Early Agriculturalist Population Diasporas
  65. Nationalism and Archaeology: On the Constructions of Nations and the Reconstructions of the Remote Past
  66. Ethnogenesis of the Germanic People - The Toponymical View
  67. Origins of the Gypsies/European Roma
  68. What is a Species?
  69. Early Eurpoean Upper Paleolithic Tool Industry Map
  70. Reconstruction of Prehistoric Farming
  71. Species and Fertility
  72. The Nature of Hungarians
  73. The (re-)Population of Northern France Between 13,000 and 8000 BP
  74. Myths of South America - Evidence of a Migration related to Siberians and East Asians?
  75. Late surviving Lower Paleolithic in Central Asia
  76. A Geomorghological Study of the Vészt″o-Bikeri Paleochannel
  77. Celts have been a breed apart for 10,000 years
  78. Old World Sources of the First New World Inhabitants: A Comparative Craniofacial View
  79. Detecting Traces of Prehistoric Human Migrations by Maps of Polyomavirus
  80. Introducing Brymbo Man
  81. Hunter-Gatherer Adaptations to the Terminal Pleistocene and Early Holocene Environments of Northeastern North America
  82. The Neolithic Mosaic on the North European Plain
  83. The Adamites: from 35,000 B.C
  84. Development of Pastoralism in the Central Zagros Mountains
  85. Basque-Berber and Basque-Caucasus Connections
  86. The Celts in Iberia
  87. Overview of the West European Mesolithics
  88. Genera of the Human Lineage
  89. Rice and its cultivation, in pre-Chinese Taiwan and in Japan
  90. Volcanic Disruption and Differentiation of Modern Humans
  91. History of the Central Danubian Population
  92. Final Paleolithic and Mesolithic Research in Reunified Germany
  93. Dravidian Languages vs Finno-Ugrian
  94. Iron Age tool marks move to steel
  95. Paleolithic and Mesolithic Latvia and neighbouring countries
  96. The Neolithic in Portugal
  97. The Chinese Neolithic (Shaanxi)
  98. Local Human Impact of early Mesolithic Hunters and Gatherers in the Middle Lahn Valley (Hessen)
  99. Ehtnogenese of Balkan and Iberian Peninsulas. Comparative Analysis
  100. Coevolution of Neocortical Size, Group Size and Language in Humans
  101. Foraging Systems and Original Affluence
  102. Pictures of Gypsies and Homeless People in Romania
  103. Origin and Migration of the Alpine Iceman
  104. Pre-Christian Rituals at Nazareth - An 8,000 Years-old Major Cult Center
  105. The Gaels in Gallaecia (Galicia)
  106. The Circassians, Oldest Indigenous People of North Caucasus
  107. The Bible of Aryan Invasions [AI]
  108. The Aryan Invasion Theory
  109. Prehistoric Human Colonization of India
  110. The Archaeology of Black Britain: North African soldiers at Burgh-by-Sands
  111. Iron Age chariots and medieval texts: a step too far in "breaking down boundaries"?
  112. The Neanderthal Peace
  113. European Elements in Ancient China
  114. Does the Mere Existance of Europe Insure the Survival of the European Phenotype?
  115. Humans made their first tentative steps towards farming 23,000 years ago, much earlier than previously thought
  116. Foreign Elites from the Oxus Civilization? - Physical Anthropology Perspectives
  117. Neolithic Warfare
  118. Human Nakedness: Adaptation Against Ectoparasites?
  119. The White Migration and Lost Settlement in Asia
  120. "Aryans" in Europe since the Paleolithic !?!
  121. Hungary: The Prehistory of the Region
  122. Battle Over the Remains of the Kennewick Man
  123. Paleolithic Continuity Theory (PCT)
  124. Anthropological findings on agricultural origin and dispersals into Europe
  125. Slavic Settlement of Latvia [V.V. Sedov]
  126. The Disc of Nebra - Bronze Age Sky Disc Deciphered
  127. Oldest Evidence for the Processing of Wild Cereals
  128. Anglo-Saxon 'princess' shows face
  129. The Celts as a Proto-Historic People
  130. Between Foragers and Farmers in the Iron Gates Gorge
  131. Why Only Some Became Farmers: A Global View
  132. Pattern of Evolution in Pleistocene Human Brain Size
  133. Aryan Kings of Ancient Persia
  134. The Greek Tribes
  135. Neanderthal life no tougher than that of Inuits
  136. And then came clothing and speech (Mark Roberts)
  137. Can we define Slavic?
  138. Was the Megalithic Society the Mother Culture?
  139. Mesolithic-Neolithic Population Relationships in Portugal
  140. Berbers and The Nordish Megalithic Culture
  141. Αncient Macedonians
  142. Norm and Difference - Stone Age Dietary Practice in the Baltic Region
  143. Racial Evolution in the Middle East
  144. Is the whole World Turkic?
  145. History of Khazaria
  146. Hobbit-Sized Human Found in Southeast Asia
  147. The Archeology of the Flores Site
  148. "We are not Celts at all but Galicians"
  149. Where did the Swedes come from?
  150. Who Are The Circassians?
  151. VG/AH Theory: Introduction to “Hunter In A Farmer’s World” Metaphor
  152. Native American Clovis - Origins in Western Europe?
  153. Slavs in the Early Middle Ages
  154. The Making of the Slavs
  155. Distance Running 'Shaped Human Evolution'
  156. The Japanese, One of the 10 Lost Tribes?
  157. Non-Admixture Between Modern Humans and Neanderthals
  158. Danubian Bassin: the Indo-European Urheimat?
  159. Who Were The Phoenicians?
  160. Are Macedonians and Greeks the Same People?
  161. First Americans May Have Come From Australia
  162. Evidence that Human Brain Evolution was a Special Event
  163. On the Ecological Connection Between Sabre-tooths and Hominids
  164. Who Is a German?
  165. Ochre Use by Hominids: Symbolism and Tool Assemblages
  166. Who first behaved as a modern human?
  167. Interactions Between Hunter-Gatherers and Farmers in Early Neolithic in the North European Plain
  168. Maps of the Tripolje-Cucuteni Culture?
  169. The Hebrew-Celtic Connection
  170. Ethnic Composition of the Cossacks?
  171. The Lost Civilizations of the Stone Age
  172. Discovery could change dates for human arrival on the Great Plains
  173. The European Ethnohistory Database
  174. Are the Poles Descendants of the Vandals?
  175. Are the Kabyles Descendants of the Vandals?
  176. Ethnic Composition of the Tatars
  177. Medieval Croats were Slavic...
  178. From Where did the Anglo-Saxon's Invade Britain?
  179. Ancient Permic Finns were Danubian
  180. China Contests 'Out of Africa' Claims
  181. 'Human Birth: An Evolutionary Perspective' by Wenda R. Trevathan
  182. Was First Human To Speak Male?
  183. First people in Europe 700.000-8.000B.C
  184. Digs in Central Asia: Victor Sariyiannidis has spent his life searching for traces of Greeks
  185. Hunter-Gatherer Adaptations to the Terminal Pleistocene and Early Holocene Environments of Northeastern North America
  186. The Körös Culture
  187. "African Eve/Out of Africa" for Nordics or "Out of Asia"
  188. Prehistory of the North: Human Settlement of the Higher Latitudes
  189. Europe's oldest Civilisation: A Network of Dozens of Temples
  190. Search on for secret of Greek sea battle
  191. The Dolmen Path
  192. Earliest Information About Bashkirs in the Written Sources
  193. Ruins may show Incas beat Maoris to New Zealand?
  194. Did Humans Evolve in Fits and Starts?
  195. Interesting Interactive Map of Modern Human Migrations
  196. Humans developed agriculture due to opiate addiction
  197. Late Neanderthals 'more like us'
  198. Jewish Presence in Ancient (and Modern) China
  199. Maps of Neolithic Cultures
  200. Arkaim: Ancient Aryan civilization in Russia 40 centuries ago
  201. A 9,000-Year-Old Secret: Was Kennewick Man related to Peñon Woman?
  202. The Migration of French Huguenots into Germany
  203. Climate, Comets and Human History
  204. Yamnaya, Corded Ware, Andronovo, Funnelbeaker, Tripolje, Linearbandkeramik
  205. The Legacy of Marija Gimbutas: An Archaeomythological Investigation of the Roots of European Civilization (1999)
  206. Chatelperronian and Aurignacian Cultures Overlap
  207. Spear Led to Era of Early-Human Peace
  208. The Bell-Beaker Culture
  209. Flint remains show Stone Age life
  210. Scholars Paddle Upstream With Theory on Boat
  211. The Interaction Between Early Farmers and Indigenous People in Central Belgium
  212. Stone Age Columbus: "The first migration was 20,000 to 30,000 years ago"
  213. The Intelligence Divide: A Contemplative Survey of Human History
  214. Stone Age Settlement and Economic Processes in the Estonian Coastal Area and Islands
  215. Farmers vs. Herders or the Negative Effects of Farming
  216. Bassou: Man-Ape Hybrid?
  217. The Azilian Question
  218. Capsian Culture: The Berber People and North Africans
  219. The Sea People and the Vogelbarke of Medinet Habu
  220. On the origin of the Greeks
  221. The Earliest Known "Americans"
  222. The Labu: Sea Peoples
  223. Finnland: Ice Recedes — Man Arrives
  224. Tool Find Puts Man in Northern Europe Earlier
  225. Ice Age Footprints Reveal Outback Life 20,000 Years Ago
  226. Hobbits may be Earliest Australians
  227. The Outlines of Hungarian Prehistory (Denis Sinor)
  228. Early Man Was Hunted by Birds
  229. "Gengis Kahn Effect": Irish Male Had More Than 3 Million Descendants!
  230. [The Urantia Book] Who are the Andites and Andonites?
  231. Neandertals Hunted as Well as Humans, Study Says
  232. The Bai People : The Mixed Remnants of a White People in Yunnan (China)
  233. Did Climate Change Trigger Human Evolution?
  234. Blasts from the past could have kick-started life
  235. The Pacific Currents and Nature's Impact on Pre-European and Early European Sailing Routes
  236. Atlas of Human Journey (National Geographic)
  237. Kennewick Man "Deliberately Buried"
  238. Separation of Man and Ape Down to Gene Expression
  239. Ancient Wisdom Teeth Reveal Humans' Changing Diet
  240. The Origin of Homo Sapiens?
  241. The Evolution of Early Neolithic Farming from SW Asian Origins to NW Europeans Limits
  242. Late Glacial Hunter-Gatherer Colonization of Southern Scandinavia
  243. Are Aborigines Homo Sapiens Sapiens?
  244. Are Iranian people Aryan?
  245. Neolithic and Early Bronze Age environments in South-west England
  246. Environmental effects on the spread of the Neolithic
  247. The Mesolithic–Neolithic Transition on the Channel Islands
  248. The Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in the sandy lowlands of Belgium
  249. The Neolithic Transition and European Population History
  250. Scotland's First Settlers: The Mesolithic Seascape of the Inner Sound, Skye and its Contribution to the Early Prehistory of Scotland