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  1. Scotland's First Settlers: The Mesolithic Seascape of the Inner Sound, Skye and its Contribution to the Early Prehistory of Scotland
  2. The Process of Neolithization in the Dutch Delta
  3. How the races first appeared?
  4. Ethnogenesis of the Kurds
  5. Early North America: Humans Wiped Out Wild Horses
  6. Ethnogenesis of the Ancient Thracians
  7. European Settlements in Ice Age America
  8. Demography of the Đerdap Mesolithic–Neolithic Transition
  9. A Review of the Early Late Neolithic Period in Denmark: Practice, Identity and Connectivity
  10. Pre-Amerinds in the Americas
  11. The Human Wave: People May Have Evolved Fluidly, With Lots of Interbreeding
  12. Agricultural Revolution' Began in Israel up to 12,500 Years Ago
  13. The Genesis and Evolution of the Neolithic Population of the Eastern Baltic Lands
  14. 11,000-Year-Old Grain Shakes up Beliefs on Beginnings of Agriculture
  15. The Native Ethnic of Ireland (Not the Celtics!)
  16. Ancient beads show earlier signs of human culture
  17. Prehistoric Glaciation and Isolation of Human Ancestors
  18. Are the Caucasians European?
  19. "Company, researchers to crack Neanderthal DNA code"
  20. The Nature of Paleolithic: Looking for Biological Meaning in Cave Art
  21. The Proto-Bulgarians in the East-European steppes North and West of the Black Sea
  22. Finno-Ugrians originally purely European in Race?
  23. Some people of European ancestry carry genes that emerged in Europe more than 300,000 years ago — far before our main ancestors left Africa
  24. Origins of Angle and Saxon tribes
  25. Study: Hobbit Humans 'Impossible'
  26. Are you part Neanderthal?
  27. Nordic Tribes in Ancient China
  28. The Mandan Indians: Remnants of the Viking Explorers?
  29. 2,500 Y-Old Scythian Warrior Found in Mongolia - Racial Implications
  30. Climate change rocked cradles of civilization
  31. Ancient Human Occupation of Britain Revealed
  32. Modern humans, not Neandertals, may be evolution's 'odd man out'
  33. Neanderthals' 'last rock refuge'
  34. Celtic Settlements in Balkans and Asia Minor
  35. "Celts" in Xinjiang, China - Controversy
  36. The Kalash people, a last Aryan tribe or a Greek descent folk in the heart of Asia
  37. Horse Domestication News from Kazakhstan
  38. Solutrean Palaeolithic Peoples and Native Americans
  39. Gonur-Depe: Central Asia's Lost Civilization
  40. Modern Humans, Neanderthals May Have Interbred
  41. More Human-Neandertal Mixing Evidence Uncovered
  42. The 10 Lost Tribes of Israel
  43. Neanderthal: 99.5% Human
  44. Maritime pioneer colonization at the origins of farming
  45. Maritime Pioneer colonization at the Origins of Farming in West Mediterranean Europe
  46. 27,000 Years-Old Babies "Buried with Love"
  47. Is "Scyth" the Origin of "Saxon"?
  48. Neanderthal Hybridization Responsible for Higher IQ?
  49. Startling Discovery: The First Human Ritual
  50. Gendered division of labor gave modern humans advantage over Neanderthals
  51. Cattle Domestication at Catalhöyük Revisited
  52. Gendered Division of Labor Gave Modern Humans Advantage Over Neanderthals
  53. Europeans Have Not Retained Their African Past
  54. Tropical Forest Biochemistry, the Driving Force in Human Evolution
  55. The Ancient Adriatic Veneti Race
  56. Humans Migrated Out of Africa, Then Some Went Back, Study Says
  57. Interactive Map of Human Migratory Patterns
  58. The First Settlers in Britain
  59. Influence of the Frankish People, Language and Culture on the Rest of Europe
  60. Saami History and Culture
  61. Traces of Europe's Earliest Modern Humans Discovered in Russia
  62. Welsh DNA: Britons are Basque?
  63. Agricultural Adoption in Northwest Europe since the Neolithic
  64. The Liqian in North-West China: Descendants of the Romans?
  65. On the Origin of the Etruscan Civilisation
  66. Freeze 'Condemned Neanderthals'
  67. The Balts, by Marija Gimbutas
  68. Europeans Were Lactose Intolerant
  69. "Most Ancient Europeans Could Not Digest Milk"
  70. The Stone Age Sophia Loren
  71. A Recent Split of Humans and Chimps?
  72. Short-legged forebears were good fighters
  73. Epic of Human Migration Is Carved in Parasites’ DNA
  74. Pig Study Forces Rethink of Pacific Colonisation
  75. The origin of the Hungarians and their language
  76. Diamonds tell tale of comet that killed off the cavemen
  77. Supernaturalizing Social Life: Religion and the Evolution of Human Cooperation
  78. "Human Origin Impossible to Pinpoint"
  79. Early European Hominids?
  80. Study points to larger role of Asian ancestors in evolution
  81. Hominids Evolved Independently in Many Different Parts of the World
  82. Is there such a thing as a Celt anyway?
  83. The Ever-Evolving Picture of Human Evolution
  84. Evidence of Very Recent Human Adaptation: Up To 10% Of Human Genome May Have Changed
  85. Recent Human Evolution in Northwestern Africa
  86. Oldest Human Footprint Discovered (2 Million Years!)
  87. Kennewick Man: Who He Is and Why He Matters
  88. Does Skull prove that the first Americans came from Europe?
  89. Possible Clue to Origin of Native Americans?
  90. Neanderthals trekked all the way into Siberia
  91. Neanderthals Were 'Flame-Haired'
  92. Some Neanderthals had Red Hair and Fair Skin
  93. Gauls: A Celtic-Germanic Mix destroyed by Roman Culture
  94. Worst Mistake in History of Humans
  95. Ancient Giants and Megaliths
  96. 'Map of Predominant Ethnic Groups in Europe'
  97. New World Settlers Took 20,000-Year Pit Stop
  98. New "Hobbit" Race in Micronesia?
  99. Homo Erectus Facial Reconstructions (from Dmanisi, Georgia)
  100. Devil's Advocate: Ethnicity? Huh?
  101. The Kalash Tribe of NW Pakistan - Descended from Alexander the Great?
  102. Neolithic Men from Talheim 'Fought for Women'
  103. The Men of the North
  104. Doggerland and Ancient Europid Movements in Northwestern Europe
  105. Archaelogists Urged to Put Ethnic Sensitivity Before Truth
  106. Swabian History
  107. What Ethnic Group Do the Sami People Belong To?
  108. Gradual Decrease of the Brain Size after the Perigord-Aurgnacian Subphase
  109. Innovation, Not Climate Change- Linked to Human Migration Out of Africa
  110. Erectus Walks Amongst Us: The Evolution of Modern Humans
  111. Legendary White-Skinned Cloud People of Peru
  112. Earliest Cave Dwellers in South Africa
  113. The Transfer to Farming
  114. Distribution of Ethnicities in Europe
  115. The True Meaning of 'Race'
  116. Are Lithuanians Baltics or Slavs?
  117. The Cornish: Germanic or Britons?
  118. A Question About Human Evolution
  119. Bloody Stone Age: War in the Neolithic
  120. Cultural and Racial Influence of the Kurgan Invasion of Europe?
  121. Everything You Know About British and Irish Ancestry is Wrong
  122. Signs of Earliest Scots Unearthed
  123. DNA test to prove Bronze Age link
  124. Horses Domesticated More than 5,000 Years Ago
  125. The Slavic Ethnogenesis: Origins of the Slavs
  126. Scientists Unveil Missing Link In Evolution
  127. Ancient Europeans Can't Have Been More Advanced
  128. Party Animals: Early Human Culture Thrived in Crowds
  129. Kleinenkneter Steine 2
  130. First Europeans Were Cannibals with Taste for Children
  131. Stone Age Man Used Fire to Make Tools - 50,000 Years Earlier than Scientists Thought
  132. White Europeans Evolved Only ‘5,500 Years Ago’
  133. The Peopling of Europe
  134. Chinese Challenge to 'Out of Africa' Theory
  135. Discovery: Legendary Lost Persian Army Found in Sahara; Pictures
  136. Human Ancestors Were Homemakers
  137. Newly Discovered Human Species-X-Woman
  138. Early Ancestors Are Pictured Together for the First Time
  139. Dairy Farming is Key Factor in European Nutrition, Study Argues, with Roman Empire a Net Loss
  140. Faster Evolution Means More Ethnic Differences
  141. Early Britons 16,000 Years Ago Were Cannibals
  142. The Basters of South Africa
  143. First Humans Arrived in Britain 250,000 Years Earlier Than Thought
  144. Tut Anghk Amun Was Western European
  145. The Great “Native-Americans Were Here First” Hoax
  146. Human Origins and the Complication of DNA - 'Ancient Aliens'
  147. Blacks, Whites and Asians Have Different Ancestors – and Did Not Come from Africa, Claims Scientist
  148. Stonehenge Boy Came From Mediterranean?
  149. Disprove of Out-of-Africa Theory Slowy Seeps into the MSM
  150. Stone Age Humans Needed More Brain Power to Make Big Leap in Tool Design
  151. "You are part Neanderthal"
  152. Farmers Slowed Down by Hunter-Gatherers: Our Ancestors' Fight for Space
  153. Neanderthals Fashioned Earliest Tool Made From Human Bone
  154. "Ancient Humans Interbred with Our Species"
  155. 100,000 Years of Human Migration
  156. Do You Believe in Bigfoot/Sasquatch?
  157. Roman and Germanic Europe: Different Types of Cattle?
  158. Humans 'Left Africa Much Earlier'
  159. Multi Regional Hypothesis On Human Migration
  160. Why the Switch from Foraging to Farming?
  161. Early Europeans Unwarmed by Fire
  162. Skulls with More Than One Set of Adult Teeth
  163. The so-called Clovis culture does not represent America's original immigrants - Details of the 15,500-year-old finds
  164. Study: Men and Women Look More Alike Today
  165. Are Balts and Kelts Linked?
  166. Evidence Grows N. America’s First Colonizers Were European
  167. The Birth of Religion
  168. Ethnic Origins of the Welsh?
  169. First Human May Have Been European
  170. First Modern Humans Protected Themselves Against Disease After Leaving Africa by 'Interbreeding with Neanderthals'
  171. Do Semites have more Neanderthal DNA than other Populations?
  172. Exactly How German Are the French?
  173. 'X-Woman' Coexisted With Neanderthals, Modern Humans
  174. Neanderthals Finally Solved... They Were Overrun by Modern Humans
  175. Did Man Walk Much Earlier Than Thought?
  176. Geneticists Prove That the Ruling Class of Ancient Egypt Was Aryan
  177. DNA Study Deals Blow to Theory of European Origins
  178. Homo Erectus Travelled the High Seas
  179. Neanderthal Sex Boosted Immunity in Modern Humans
  180. Africans Aren’t Pure Humans
  181. Search for Orang Pendek - "Short Man", Sumatra's Cryptid Ape/hominid?
  182. Valuev Leads Search for 'Russian Yeti'
  183. Nevada’s Mysterious Cave of the Red-Haired Giants
  184. Neanderthals Vs Humans?
  185. Gog and Magog
  186. DNA Study Suggests Asia Was Settled in Multiple Waves of Migration
  187. At Least 75K Years Divergence Separate Australian Aboriginals from Eurasians - Lock of Aboriginal Man's Hair Unlocks Secrets of Human Migration
  188. Now-Extinct Archaic Hominid Relative Had Sex with Humans Far and Wide
  189. Dig Reveals Human Skulls Mounted on Stakes - Sweden Pre-Indo-Aryan/-European Inhabitants
  190. 'Dumb' Neanderthals Likely Had a Smart Diet
  191. Face to Face with a Mesolithic Boy
  192. Did Mediterranean's Copy Ideas from the Nordic Races?
  193. Culture in Humans and Apes Has the Same Evolutionary Roots: Study
  194. Homo Sapiens Arrived Earlier in Europe Than Previously Known
  195. Out Of Africa Theory-Solid Proof?
  196. 42,000 Year Old Homo Sapiens Remains Found in Northwest Europe
  197. Chimpanzee and Human Ancestors May Have Interbred
  198. Easter Islands, Famous Heads Have Long Been Underestimated
  199. There Are No "Native Americans" (They're all Siberian immigrants)
  200. Not Celtic or Saxon - Majority of the British population descended from the Basques?
  201. Complete Genome of the Tyrolean Iceman
  202. Stone Age Hunters From Europe Discovered America
  203. Radical Theory of First Americans Places Stone Age Europeans in Delmarva 20,000 Years Ago
  204. The 'Out of Australia' Theory
  205. Early Humans Moved Between Europe and Africa Long Before Recorded History.
  206. The Itelmens (Kamchadal) - "Indians" of Russia
  207. Evidence That Human Ancestors Used Fire 1 Million Years Ago
  208. First Humans' African Home Gets New Birth Date
  209. Secrets of the Earliest Britons Could Be Hidden in 5,000-year-old Tomb
  210. Confirmed: Pre-Neolithic Nordic Hunters and Southern Europeans Are NOT the Same People
  211. Mystery of Horse Taming 'Solved' by Gene Study
  212. Out-of-Africa Theory Disproved by Russian Scientists
  213. More Evidence for Asia, Not Africa, As the Source of Earliest Anthropoid Primates
  214. Oldest Dairying in Sweden from Mälardalen (Funnelbeaker)
  215. The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses
  216. Map of the Ur-Germanic (Pre-IE) Homeland (12.000 BC - 1.500 BC) and Haplogroups
  217. Early Europeans Migrated Back to North Africa
  218. Early Farmers from Across Europe Directly Descended from Neolithic Aegeans
  219. Evolution of Long Head Hair in Humans
  220. Carleton Coon on the Scythians
  221. Carleton Coon on Ancient Egyptians
  222. Mongolia and the Altai Mountains: Origins of Genetic Blending Between Europeans and Asians
  223. 'Fourth Strand' of European Ancestry Originated with Hunter-gatherers Isolated by Ice Age
  224. "Ancient North Eurasians'': Europeans Descend from at Least 3, Not 2, Groups of Ancient Humans
  225. Ancient Nomads Spread Earliest Domestic Grains Along Silk Road: Earliest Known East-West Interaction Pushed Back 2,000 Years
  226. Ethno-Racial Maps of Europe (R1b1b2)
  227. The Headless Serpents of Montespan and Tuc D'Audoubert
  228. Remarks on the Presence of Iranian Peoples in Europe and their Asiatic Relations (Scytho-Sarmatians)
  229. Viruses Revealed to Be a Major Driver of Human Evolution
  230. A Dominant Social Comparison Heuristic Unites Alternative Mechanisms for the Evolution of Indirect Reciprocity
  231. Who were the Basal Eurasians?
  232. Earlier 120,000 Year Old Sapiens Migration Out of Africa?
  233. Genomic Insights into the Peopling of the Southwest Pacific
  234. Which Civilization Other Than IE & Egyptian Were White?
  235. Ways Humanity and the Races Could Evolve in the Future
  236. Large Scale Anthropogenic Reduction of Forest Cover in Last Glacial Maximum Europe
  237. Neanderthal DNA Affects Ethnic Differences in Immune Response
  238. Ancient Individuals from the North American Northwest Coast Reveal 10,000 Years of Regional Genetic Continuity
  239. Genome-wide Data from Two Early Neolithic East Asian Individuals Dating to 7700 Years Ago
  240. The Neolithic Transition in the Baltic Was Not Driven by Admixture with Early European Farmers
  241. Ancient-human Genomes Plucked from Cave Dirt
  242. Human Bipedal Instability in Tree Canopy Environments is Reduced by “light Touch” Fingertip Support
  243. Vegetarianism and the Evolution of Light Skin
  244. Europe Was the Birthplace of Mankind, Not Africa, Scientists Find
  245. DNA Shows All Europeans Descended From Belgian Tribe Who Lived 35,000 Years Ago
  246. Altitude and Whiteness: Germanizing the Alps and Alpinizing the Germans, 1875-1935
  247. The Origins of the British People
  248. First Scandinavians Came From North And South
  249. Kortlandt: West Indo-Europeans along the Danube, Germanic and Balto-Slavic share a Corded Ware substrate
  250. All Europeans are Flemish!