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  1. World War II US 'Democracy' Cartoon Propaganda
  2. 'Your Job in Germany': World War II US Propaganda Film
  3. Hollywood Propaganda: 'Hitler Lives'
  4. Plays and Films With German Themes
  5. "Whale Wars: Viking Shores" and the Faroe Islands.
  6. Brave
  7. Your Favourite Cute Nazi Themed Pop Songs
  8. Belgium Film on Street Harassment Strikes a Chord Across Europe
  9. SpongeBob-'Leif Erikson!' ;)
  10. "Modder En Bloed" - Rugby and Nationalism?
  11. Jack Abramoff and the Story of Red Scorpion.
  12. Is the Popularity of Back-to-nature/survivalist Shows a Sign of Something?
  13. AVGN is Right, Feminists Are Wrong About New Ghostbusters
  14. Hollywood's Agenda, and the Power Behind It
  15. A WAR Official Trailer
  16. Anger As Churchill's Home Turned into Hitler HQ for Transformers 5
  17. New 'Birth of a Nation' Film Could Incite Racial Attacks Against Whites
  18. "American Gods" and Racial Quotas
  19. Anti-White Hate Film "Birth of a Nation" Flops
  20. Alison Chabloz - Too Fringe for The Fringe
  21. Prussian Day in the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz
  22. Old-School Animation
  23. In Britain, Awards Only for Films That Promote 'Diversity'
  24. Why Not A Movie About Jack Crenshaw?
  25. Black Sails
  26. Best Slasher Movie Antagonist? ;)
  27. 'Metropolis' [Full Movie] (Fritz Lang, 1927)
  28. Gilmore Girls: An American Tragedy
  29. Here's Exactly Why Watching TV Has Gotten So Annoying
  30. Did Hollywood Collaborate with the Nazis?
  31. Favorite Germanic Movie Scenes
  32. The New Germans: Aljazeera Documentary
  33. Knightfall - Upcoming Series About the Fall of Templars
  34. Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk
  35. Chappaquiddick
  36. New TV Series "Confederate" Will Be Used To Browbeat And Humiliate Southern Whites
  37. ABC to Air Sitcom About Illegal Immigrant Family
  38. German TV Movie: Europeans Flee to Africa from Far-right Regimes in Europe
  39. German Film About Neo-Nazi Murderers Wins Awards and Acclaim
  40. Highest Number of Movie Theatre Viewings
  41. Black Panther Movie
  42. Hollywood Rediscovers America’s Love for Christian Films
  43. NBC Comedy "Champions": ‘All White Guys Insensitive,’ ‘Brainwashed by White-Run Media’
  44. Podcast Recommendations
  45. Video: Writing Europeans Out of Their Own History
  46. Roseanne Cancelled !
  47. The Darkest Hour Just Got Darker: Race-Mixing Propaganda Even In WW2
  48. Who Still Takes BBC News Seriously?
  49. Large White European Families: Movies to Suggest to Your Friends
  50. Germanic-Themed YouTube Channels
  51. ‘Era of TV with White Men Imparting Knowledge Is Over’
  52. Don’t Believe The Historical Revisionism That Hollywood Inserts Into World War Ii Movies
  53. Does The Hollywood Elite Use Rituals And Sexual Blackmail To Keep Its Stars In Line?
  54. Disney Forced To Redraw Its First Black Princess After Campaigners Claimed Her Skin Had Been ‘Whitened’
  55. TV Dads Are Pussies
  56. European Train Rides
  57. Christian Films and TV Shows
  58. Attack of the Bugmen! Heinlein & Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers
  59. Jodorowsky’s Dune: Greatest Movie ever made?
  60. AUTOMATICA - Robots Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford
  61. Negroes Re-Enforcing Negative Stereotypes in Film When Trying to Come Across as Victims
  62. Cat Simulator ... you need this game!
  63. The Troubadours
  64. The Vampire Diaries (on Netflix)
  65. John Wayne was alright
  66. In this Chinese sci-fi blockbuster set in 2050, the US is an irrelevant space power
  67. The War Against Whites in Advertising
  68. Afro-Saxon Britain: All is True
  69. New Horror Film ‘Midsommar’ Demonizes European Heathens
  70. Smiling Character On CBS Drama Promotes Punching 'Nazis' As 'Enforcement' — Since 'Some Speech Is Not Equal'
  71. Petition Demands Captain Marvel Be Played By Gay Woman of Color – Not Brie Larson
  72. Blake's 7 ... .going to re-watch them all
  73. Doris Day 1922-2019
  74. Mel Gibson’s Rep Insists Rothchild Is Not About the Rothschilds
  75. BBC: No More “White Blokes” Shows Like Monty Python Allowed
  76. Queen Victoria on Her Final Trip to Ireland Long-Lost Film Footage Has Been Rediscovered
  77. Tolkien, A Review
  78. Clown World: "Should HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ have had more actors of color?"
  79. Netflix Promotes Pedophilia With Drag Queen Indoctrination Series
  80. Train Trip Franfurt to Köln
  81. Movies We Didn't "Get"