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  1. 'Good Nazi of Nanjing' Sparks Debate
  2. Indian-Style Version of "Snow White" Fairytale Promoting Tolerance and Acceptance
  3. Beautiful Germanic Women of Film and Television
  4. Can Patriots Compete with Hollywood? One Independent Producer Says ‘Yes’
  5. Disney to Feature Its First Black Princess... but Critics Complain As She Falls in Love with a WHITE Prince
  6. Should a Historical Themed Movie Be Accurate in Detail?
  7. Relentless "Germans Are Bad, Zionists Good" Film and TV Propaganda
  8. Indoctrinate U: A Documentary on ideological conformism and political correctness in American higher education
  9. Why We Fight - The Nazis Strike
  10. The Danish Poet
  11. The Hunt for Gollum
  12. Three Short Films to Cannes
  13. Lonely Hearts Find Comfort in TV Characters
  14. Video: The Cult of the Suicide Bomber
  15. Forest As Volk: 'Ewiger Wald' and the Religion of Nature in the Third Reich
  16. The Travel Film Archive
  17. "Hunting Nazis": The New Holocaust Film
  18. 2081: Everyone Will Finally Be Equal
  19. Home by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (HD)
  20. TV Series About South Africa (Wild at Heart, Life is Wild)
  21. Has anyone watched the Zeitgeist films?
  22. A Family at War with Apartheid in "Skin"
  23. Walt Disney and the Art of WWII Propaganda
  24. Are Performers in the Entertainment Industry Overpaid?
  25. Fictional Interracial Couples
  26. Holocaust Films Keep Coming
  27. District 9: South Africa and Apartheid Come to the Movies
  28. "Dresden: An Inferno" (German TV Drama)
  29. Film: Glaube Und Schönheit
  30. "Die Flucht" ("March of Millions")
  31. Axis Video Propaganda Archive
  32. What 80's Cartoons Did You Watch?
  33. 2012
  34. Jud Süss - a Really Great Movie
  35. "Lords Of Chaos" Movie on Varg Vikernes
  36. Earth (2009)
  37. Come and See (1985) - Russian Film
  38. The First Videos Aired on MTV!
  39. Anti-Racism Groups Slam 'Black Like Me' Film
  40. Food, Inc
  41. 'Ho White and the Seven Dwarves' Beer Advert Angers Disney
  42. Thor - The Movie
  43. Iron Sky: Nazis on the Moon
  44. “Swastika” - 1970s Film on Private Hitler Rediscovered
  45. How Hitler Lost The War - Video Documentary
  46. Reality Television
  47. To Be "Image Affirmed" - Disney Trend Toward Diversity
  48. Out of South Africa: 'Invictus'
  49. " 'An Education' Proves Jew Hatred Alive and Well in Hollywood..."
  50. Blacks Fret About Film Stereotypes
  51. 'Avatar' "Corniest Movie Ever About White Man’s Need to Lose His Identity"
  52. Mel Gibson Making Film About Vikings and Viking Culture
  53. Ancient Greece: "Clash of the Titans" Movie Trailer Released
  54. Tarantino Writing 'Inglourious Basterds' Prequel
  55. TV Clips Reveal Racist Body Language, Study Finds
  56. Tea Party: The Documentary Film
  57. Robin Hood
  58. Third Reich Era Movies
  59. More PC: James Cameron's Next Project About Hiroshima
  60. "The Last Stand": Mugabe and the White African
  61. The 4th Reich (2010)
  62. The Runaways 2010
  63. What Are Good Documentaries About Germanics ?
  64. Defamation - What is Anti-Semitism Today?
  65. Very Good Martin Bormann Documentary
  66. Call of Cthulhu
  67. The 50 Most Racist Movies You Didn’t Think Were Racist
  68. Vikings (Documentary)
  69. Centurion Trailer
  70. Documentary: When The Darkness Falls
  71. Anti-Capitalist Movie Avatar Partners With McDonalds for Corporate Marketing Push
  72. Favorite Movie Scenes
  73. Jews Invented Hollywood
  74. Favorite Star Wars Character
  75. Don't Tread On Me the Movie
  76. Favorite X-Files Character
  77. If Hollywood Had Made The Lord of the Rings!
  78. Great Barbarian Shows to Invoke Our Spirit!
  79. South Park clip - Not My Waterpark (Minorities)
  80. Mugabe and the White African
  81. Television Advertisements That You Like or Dislike
  82. Anyone Got Some Links to German WWII Propaganda Films?
  83. The Latest Work of Faroese Filmmaking - The Messenger
  84. Has There Ever Been a Movie Made About Arminius or Hermann?
  85. Your Favorite LOTR Character
  86. Movie: The House Of Rothschild (Unbelievable)
  87. Casting For the Hobbit
  88. Cameron Makes 3D Amazon Tribe Doco
  89. New and Old Heathen Movies?
  90. Wilders, the Movie
  91. Hercules Film
  92. "Hollywood Needs More Minorities"
  93. Emma Stone
  94. Outrage Over Remake of Nazi Movie
  95. The Most Beautiful Frenchwoman of Them All, Brigitte Bardot
  96. The Case of Rick Sanchez
  97. Racially Incorrect Commercials, Advertisements, Movies, and Television Shows
  98. Favourite Decumentaries
  99. Ugly Betty...
  100. BBC Accused of Neglecting Christianity As It Devotes Air Time to Pagan Festival
  101. Favorite Old Long Dead Or Off Air Television Shows
  102. Your Favorite Old Movies
  103. Sign This Petition (Stop Dr. Uwe Boll)
  104. Favorite Cartoons Growing Up
  105. "Braveheart" by YGGDRASIL
  106. New Movies Coming Out
  107. Documentary on Racial Relations. Thoughts on This?
  108. Germany Season on BBC4 (Highbrow Channel)
  109. Winter Magic - Self-Made Videos of My Home Region
  110. DocuWatch
  111. Boycott-Thor.com
  112. New German Film Broaches Taboo Topic of Post-War Expulsions
  113. Anime and Manga
  114. Jane Eyre (2011)
  115. Ashton Kutcher is in Hard Training for the Apocalypse
  116. Misappropriated Movies
  117. Psywar Documentary (2010) : All About How Corporate America and Government Use Propaganda Against Us. Extremely Informative and Very Good
  118. Recommendation: Find Some Time, Make a Playlist of Your Favourite Chill Music and Watch This: Filmed by Norwegian Public Broadcaster NRK
  119. Great Doc About American Accents and Dialects
  120. Norwegian Movie Nymph Gets U.S. Attention
  121. Pyramids of Waste (2010)
  122. Greatest Tank Battles
  123. Opinions on Burlesque and Belly Dancing
  124. Movie Event of 2011
  125. TALOS The Movie
  126. BBC Blue Planet - Deep Ocean Creatures
  127. BBC Horizon - What Is Reality
  128. The Joy of Stats
  129. "Fear of the Unknown" - HP Lovecraft Documentary
  130. Edward Scissorshand
  131. Donnie Darko
  132. Documentary: Starsuckers
  133. Another Film Hijacked: Will Smith's Daughter Willow Will Star in 'Annie' Remake
  134. Another Film Hijacked: Conan The Barbarian 2011 Aug
  135. Random Rantings by Kai Murros
  136. Oprah Winfrey is a Racist
  137. The Sagan Series
  138. 2010 Oscars a Little Too White???
  139. The King's Nazi Links Wreck Firth's Oscar Dreams?
  140. The Saga Of Biorn
  141. Is Charlie Sheen the Next Mel Gibson?
  142. Channon Christian, Chris Newsom Story Featured On Investigation Discovery Channel (ID)
  143. Red Riding Hood (2011)
  144. Louis Theroux, African Hunting
  145. Inside Job
  146. TV Chief is Suspended for Keeping Ethnic Minorities Out of Midsomer Murders
  147. Hollywood Tries to Stay on China's Good Side
  148. Earth 2100
  149. The Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl (1993)
  150. Anime for Germanics
  151. Germany Just Before the Start of WWII
  152. "The Lumberjack Song" In English &! Deutsch!
  153. 3D World War II Footage to Be Shown on TV
  154. Great Resource for Old German Films.
  155. Amazing HD Footage of WWII Era Bombers in Flight
  156. Television Affect On Human
  157. "Spin" - a Documentary Assembled Entirely from Unauthorized Satellite Footage
  158. Watch the Human Animal - BBC TV Series Featuring Desnond Morris
  159. Your Highness
  160. Hollywood, an Empire of Their Own
  161. Superman Renounces US Citizenship
  162. World War II: Behind Closed Doors (Documentary)
  163. Sexy Inc. Our Children Under Influence
  164. H.P. Lovecraft's Whisperer In Darkness
  165. Valkyrien
  166. Examples of Racism Towards Fair Skin in the Media
  167. Pat Condell on Anti-Semitism
  168. Troy Film and Helen of Troy (Miniseries) and the Illiad Book
  169. Making a Movie with Out Hollywood?
  170. Disney Jews Own the Trademark for Snow White
  171. Timothy McVeigh Biography - Documentary
  172. Ruby Ridge: The Truth About the Massacre
  173. The Israeli Lobby
  174. Leftist Actor Sean Penn Defends Fellow Marxist Hugo Chavez
  175. Leonardo DiCaprio to Get All Racist in New Tarantino Flick
  176. Michael Moore: Capitalism - A Love Story
  177. Gran Torino: Kill-the-white-man
  178. WN Merlin Miller - Americana Pictures - Alternative to Hollywood
  179. Next Bond Girl
  180. Book Claims Sesame Street Created for Uneducated Blacks
  181. Black Death: Searing Indictment of Religion
  182. The Norwegian Coast!
  183. Lily Cole Collects a DOUBLE First Class from Cambridge
  184. TV 'turning Teenagers Off Learning Foreign Languages'
  185. The Death of American Democracy
  186. Minnie Wearing the Niqab Causes Outcry in Egypt
  187. Smurfs Accused of Anti-Semitism, Stalinism, and Racism
  188. Off Your Knees Germany (Ernst Zündel 1983-2003) [Full Documentary]
  189. Rose McGowan "Wanted To Kill" Any German Around Her During Her Visit To Auschwitz
  190. Best Portrayal Of Hitler On Film?
  191. A History of Ancient Britain
  192. The Revolution Has Begun In Europe!
  193. Racist Popeye Cartoon
  194. Was Voldemort Right? What Type of World is Harry Potter Fighting to Protect?
  195. Jewish Singer Amy Winehouse Found Dead
  196. Mugabe and the White African
  197. Time Lord "Saves" Hitler
  198. Jews Do Not Control Hollywood!
  199. What Would Walt Say? Disney to Turn Snow White and the Seven Dwarves into Ninja Action Movie
  200. The Battle of Brittain
  201. Saxondale
  202. An Hour of TV Slashes Lifespan by 22 Minutes
  203. Coriolanus
  204. "PWNED: Racist Kid"
  205. The Rise of "Oh Dear"-ism
  206. Holocaust Filmmaker Banned from Stanford Library
  207. The Most Recent Germanic Themed DVD You Have Purchased?
  208. The American Hollywood Portrayal of the German Wehrmacht
  209. Anti-German Film Scenes
  210. Any Opera- or Classical Musicians Here?
  211. Beowulf Only $5 at Wal-Mart
  212. Bono is Banned from TV
  213. Multiculturalism in the Most Recent Disney Movies
  214. V the Visitors - a Parable Against Multiculturalism
  215. Born Dealers on Planet Green
  216. Paul McCartney Attends Yom Kippur Services, Marries Jewess Next Day
  217. The Game of Thrones Thread
  218. Media Urged to Change Portrayal of Blacks
  219. Man Kills Himself After Watching "Schindler's List"
  220. Hollywood Jews to Create Another Race Row Over Akira
  221. Saoirse Ronan Learning Entire Beethoven Piano Sonata in Just 12 Weeks for Film Role
  222. On-Screen Gender Inequality Persists in Hollywood
  223. Was Fagin Black?
  224. Nordic Wild - Series - National Geographic
  225. Televison: The Hidden Agenda
  226. Wuthering Heights
  227. "Modern Family" TV Show Wins Big At Emmys
  228. Is This for Real? BAD ASS Official Movie Trailer
  229. Air Jordan Sale Cause Frenzy
  230. Katy Perry's Dad Faulted for Anti-Semitic Remarks
  231. The Time Machine: The Fantastic Predictions of H. G. Wells
  232. A Nice Video Showing How TV Made Us Think Our Possessions Mean Something
  233. Breivik Play Causes a Stir
  234. The One That Got Away
  235. Film Explores World of Female Neo-Nazis
  236. Marmiteman4 They're Trying to Kill the Internet
  237. The Masters of World Slavery!
  238. "Danube Swabians" Screening Tour
  239. Bad Ass (2012) and Epic Beard Man
  240. ‘Unauthorized Use of Hobbit:’ Hollywood Targets Little Guys
  241. Present Day Japanese Culture Obsessed with the Nordic Race?
  242. You-Tube Videos
  243. Odin Lives Radio Archives?
  244. The History Channel, Where the Truth Is History
  245. New Movie "Surviving Progress"
  246. Web Documentary: How The Internet Changed Heavy Metal
  247. John Travolta: Hollywood Controlled by Gay Jews Who Expect Sexual Favors for Roles
  248. "49th Parallel" (1941) Film - IMDB Trivia Reveals Interesting Facets of Early WW2 History
  249. Ministry of Illusion: Film in the Third Reich.
  250. Dear White People...