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  1. The Indo-European and Possibly Germanic Origins of the Picts
  2. The First Aryans ("Indo-Europeans")
  3. North Western Europe Celtic/Germanic settlement ?
  4. Slavs are Aryans
  5. Major Work: 'Indo-European Origins: The Anthropological Evidence' - J. V. Day (2001)
  6. The Origins of Aryan People
  7. The Elusive Origins of the Indo-Europeans
  8. Dutch/Flemish Ethnohistory
  9. World's oldest chariot found in near Krakow! (3500 BC)
  10. The Most Germanic Among Germanics - The 'B.B.M.H. Pocket'
  11. Celtic Migrations and the Celtic Identity
  12. English, Dutch, German : more Celtic than Germanic
  13. The Sintashta Culture - Indo-European & Kurgan Origins
  14. Germanics, Mass Movements, & Structured Organizations
  15. Are the Ostdeutsch 'Germanic?'
  16. The Ancient Germanni Tribe - Teutonic or Celtic?
  17. Our Ancient Cousins The Berbers
  18. Our Ancestors the Steppe Aryans
  19. Celts, Germans, and Romans in Cen. Europe, 200BC-14AD
  20. Map of Migration of the Germanic Tribes (Teuton-Cimbri-Ambrone Invasion Route)
  21. Anthropological Significance of Phenylketonuria: 'Celtic' Slaves Were Assimilated by Viking Norwegian Population
  22. Germanics = Cromagnons Uralo-Altaic Speakers + Indo-Europeans ( Hallstatt Nordics?)
  23. 'The Celtic Empire, the First Millenium of Celtic History 1000 BC - 51 AD' by Peter Berresford Ellis
  24. Death of the Aryan Invasion Theory?
  25. Who were the Original Spaniards?
  26. What Are Your Favorite (Meta-)Ethnicities?
  27. Harappan Horse Myths and the Sciences
  28. The Origin of the Goths (F. Kortlandt)
  29. Tacitus - Germania
  30. The Anglo-Saxon Invasions
  31. Laws of the Salian Franks
  32. Origins of the Indo-Europeans: Genetic Evidence
  33. Croats ARE true Aryans (Iranian origins)
  34. Celts in Kyiv: The Breath of the Spirit from the North
  35. 'The Coming of the Germans'
  36. The Spreading of the Ancient Germans before the Völkerwanderung (Maps)
  37. What Do You Think of the Aryan Invasion Theory?
  38. The Rise of the Franks, 330-751
  39. Anglo-Saxon Law
  40. Did the Phoenicians introduce the Idea of Interest to Greece and Italy?
  41. Atlantis, Lemuria, Hyperborea and Ultima Thule (with reference to Julius Evola)
  42. Indo-European Chronology - Countries and Peoples
  43. Societal Structure of the Proto-Indo-Europeans
  44. Busts of ancient Teutons - Germanic People portrayed by Roman Sculptors
  45. Uralic Hunters and Gatherers in the Ethnohistory of the Early Germanic Area
  46. Early Middle-Age Settlement Areas (Siedlungsraum) in Central Europe
  47. The Franks and the French and German Ethnogenesis (Split thread)
  48. Ancient Teuton/Celt Crossbreeding
  49. The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity
  50. The 7 Unwritten Laws of German Evolution
  51. Scythian - Saxon/Jute connection?
  52. Primal Germanic Territories
  53. The Baltic as Common Frontier of Eastern and Western Europe
  54. The Life-Histories of Megalithic Monuments in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany)
  55. Normannii Thiud & Reik: A Cultural, Religious, and Martial Organization
  56. Origins of Germanic Tribes & Scandinavia
  57. Greatest Germanic Kings of Old?
  58. Miscegenation and the Indo-European Peoples
  59. More On Indo-European Specialization: An Evolutionary Timeline of the Indo-European Languages
  60. Update on the Aryan Invasion Debate [Koenraad Elst]
  61. Völkische Altnordistik: The Politics of Nordic Studies in the German-Speaking Countries, 1926-45
  62. New Light on the Aryans: DNA Studies Confirm "Aryan Theory" of History
  63. The Quest for the Origins of Vedic Culture - The Indo-Aryan Migration Debate
  64. Ancestry-Constrained Phylogenetic Analysis Supports the Indo-European Steppe Hypothesis
  65. Kurgans, Indoeuropeans and Other 'Contrary' Anthropology and Prehistory
  66. The Kelts and Hair Bleaching
  67. Hunt on for vanished Anglo-Saxon Witham Bowl
  68. Penda, the Heathen King of Mercia
  69. The Germanic Peoples (by Carleton Coon)
  70. Alföld and Transdanubian Linear Pottery Culture
  71. Goseck: Rebuilding Germany's Temple of the Sun
  72. Hnefatafl: The Ancient Germanic Strategy Game
  73. Europe's Eastern German Cradle?
  74. Beowulf and the Wills : Traces of Totemism?
  75. óðal Properties of the Ancient Germanic Nobility
  76. The Longhouse: A Central Element in Bronze Age Life
  77. The Religion of the Teutons: Tribes And Peoples
  78. The Religion of the Teutons: The Prehistoric Period
  79. Germanic non IE substrate
  80. The Religion of the Teutons: The Anglo-Saxons
  81. Country Culturals
  82. "Berserks": Indo-European Mad Warriors
  83. Law and Order in Anglo-Saxon England
  84. The Celts in Bavaria
  85. Local Things of the European Migration Period (400-600 AD)
  86. Dark-haired Germanic Nobility?
  87. Ancient Germanic Astronomy: the Sangerhausen Stardisk
  88. Genetic, Linguistic and Cultural Affinities of Germanic Peoples
  89. The Golden Horns of Gallehus (Germanic Iron Age)
  90. Trundholm Sun Chariot
  91. Which Nation is Most Similar to the Original Indo-Europeans?
  92. Representations of Social Space in South Caucasian and Indo-European Ideology
  93. The Culture Of The Teutons (By Vilhelm Grönbech)
  94. Boudicca, Wife of Prasutagus (Iceni Tribe)
  95. The Norse Settlements in Greenland
  96. The Saxon tribe
  97. The Germanic Status of the Pre-Celtic British Isles
  98. The Tribe of the Batavians
  99. Scandinavian Daymarks: Telling Time Without a Clock
  100. Pictish Nation
  101. Barbarian Migrations in Late Antiquity
  102. The Celts and Saxons: A Barbarian Conspiracy
  103. The Saxon Advent
  104. In Quest of Our Linguistic Ancestors: The Elusive Origins of the Indo-Europeans
  105. The Oera Linda Book
  106. The Origins and Settlements of Ancient Germanendom according to Guido von List
  107. The Belgae: Celticized Germans, or Germanicized Kelts?
  108. Which peoples used to have feathered helmets?
  109. Cnut the Great - Emperor of the North
  110. The Rise and Fall of the Hirth
  111. Kurgans, Ritual Sites and Settlements: Eurasian Bronze and Iron Age
  112. Reasons and Prelude to the Viking Age: The Arrival of the Svear
  113. The Ancient Germanic Law System
  114. Early German Clans
  115. Comparing German(ic)s And Celts
  116. Operations in the Rhine Area conducted by Germanicus, Son of Nero Drusus Germanicus
  117. The Drinks of the Early Germans
  118. Germanics in Britain
  119. Who is Germanic? The Evolutionary Distinctiveness of Modern Germanics
  120. The German Neighbours of the Roman Empire
  121. Charlemagne and the Saxons
  122. The Nature of Germanic Kingship
  123. The Early Germans: Scandinavia
  124. The Prehistory of Germanic Europe [Herbert Schutz]: Celtic Migration in Central Germany
  125. Scandinavian Changeling Legends
  126. The Prehistory of Germanic Europe [Herbert Schutz]: 'Venus' Figurines
  127. The Prehistory of Germanic Europe [Herbert Schutz]: Menhirs
  128. The Prehistory of Germanic Europe [Herbert Schutz]: Götterstein
  129. Atlantis Possible Source of Cro-Magnon Invasions
  130. The Prehistory of Germanic Europe [Herbert Schutz]: Cultic Figurines
  131. The Spread of The Indo-Europeans
  132. Æthelberht's Law
  133. The First Written Laws of The Anglo-Saxons
  134. Old Norse Law (Gulathinglaw and Frostathinglaw)
  135. My Yggdrasil Leadlight Window
  136. Culture of Pre-IE Neolithic Scandinavia and British Isles
  137. Celtic Assimilation Into Germanic Culture
  138. Mitra-Varuna: Georges Dumezil and Indo-Europeana
  139. Was it Common for the People from Western and Northern Europe to Have Beards?
  140. The Rus
  141. The Woodharrow Institute for Indo-European Studies
  142. Best Books on the Nordic Bronze Age and Pre-Roman Iron Age?
  143. Which was your Ideal Traditional Indo-European Society?
  144. Tynwald: A Manx Cult-Site and Institution of Pre-Scandinavian Origin?
  145. Origin of the Ancient Bavarian People?
  146. The Time of the Tollund Man: Life in Early Iron Age Germania
  147. Which Tribes Were in Denmark?
  148. What Is Your Favorite European Tribe Beside Germanic?
  149. Männerbund and Wolf-Warriors
  150. A Fourth Indo-European Function?
  151. Rex Wandalorum et Alanorum - Who were the Alans?
  152. Did Ancient Germanics Have Tattoos?
  153. Cognate Gods Names (Ind-Eur)
  154. A Question Regarding Early Germanic Cultures
  155. Were the Normans Danish, Norwegian or Frankish?
  156. Kvens of the past
  157. Aurvangaland: Cradle of Our Folk
  158. The Cimbri of Denmark, the Norse and Danish Vikings, and Y-DNA Haplogroup R-S28 U152
  159. Did Scythians influence the Norse?
  160. Traces of Celts in Southern Germany
  161. The Suebi and the Northern Germanics
  162. Aryans never invaded Scandinavia or Germany
  163. Maps of Germanic expansion
  164. Homosexuality Amongst the Ancient Heruli?
  165. Sumerian Near-Eastern Origin of the Indo-Europeans
  166. Aryan Warrior Mummy from Russian Steppe
  167. The Mythical Origins of the Germanic Peoples
  168. Russia Exhibits Looted German Treasures (Merovingian Artefacts)
  169. Germanic = Thulean?
  170. Were the Teutons really Germanic?
  171. Viking Woman Had Roots Near the Black Sea
  172. The Word "Teutonic"
  173. Call for Primary Sources on Germanic Origins!
  174. Was Having Long Hair Common for Males in Germanic Tribes?
  175. The Lombards: Origin and History
  176. Frankish Empire - Union of the West
  177. Hallstatt site Proto-Celto-Germanic?
  178. A Short History of Thule
  179. 'Heathen' and 'Aryan': Connecting Some of the "Indo-European" Dots
  180. The Proto-IE Lexicon and Proto-Germanic Origins
  181. Which Tribe Was the Most Powerful, Dominant Germanic Tribe in History?
  182. Merovingians by the Svava?
  183. Germanic Tribes Migrating as a Unit
  184. List of Germanic Tribes
  185. Early Etruscan influence on Northern Europe?
  186. What was the Original Germanic Phenotype?
  187. AncientWeb.org: Ancient Germany
  188. On the Heterogenity of Germanic Peoples
  189. Nietzsche on German Origins?
  190. Who Were the Proto-Indo-Europeans?
  191. Germanic Cultural Origins
  192. The Nordwestblock Hypothesis
  193. The Indo-Europeanization
  194. Chronological Timeline of Germanic History
  195. The Aryans, East vs. West
  196. Original Settlement of East Germanic Tribes
  197. The Tribes of the Rhine Delta
  198. Celts and Germanics, Not So Related After All...
  199. Lion Man of Germany is the Oldest Statue in the World
  200. The Christianization of Germanics and Arianism
  201. Do You Believe Germanics Are Superior to Other Europeans?
  202. Who Do You Believe Germania is Describing?
  203. Mass Migrations of Anglo-Saxons
  204. An Inquiry Into A Scandinavian Homeland For The Rus'
  205. The Corded & Bell-Beaker Peoples
  206. Wergeld - Your Opinion?
  207. Are the Brits Germanic or Celtic?
  208. Which Germanic group inhabited the Maastricht/Heerlen Area?
  209. Germanic Cults Among the Roman Army in Pre-English Britannia
  210. Alternative Urheimat for PIE?
  211. Flautasis: the Border Between Dacia and Caucaland
  212. The Egtved Girl (Nordic Bronze Age)
  213. The Orcadian Stones
  214. Is Mediterranean Blood a Foreign Component in the Germanic World?
  215. Were All Indo-European Peoples Nordid/Nordic?
  216. Germanic Migration From Scandinavia to Southern Europe
  217. Are the Bavarians Genetically Celtic? [Split]
  218. The Anglo-Saxon Settlement of Orkney and Shetland
  219. Is There Any White Group You Strongly Dislike?
  220. A Black Sea Doggerland?
  221. Chronicles of the Picts (Germanic or Not)
  222. Tribe of Dan: Were the Vikings Actually Jews?
  223. Herman, Armin, the Cherusci... at Teutoburg
  224. Clear Explanation of Germanic Origins?
  225. Why is There No Medicism, Slavicism, Celticism and the Like?
  226. Mediterranean Migration to Britain?
  227. Transylvanian Saxons Came from Flanders?
  228. Germanic Chronology: Did the ancient Germans have a starting point in their reckoning of years?
  229. ‘Dutch’ Batavians More Roman Than Thought
  230. East Prussians
  231. Ancient Germanic Socialism?
  232. The Germanic Sword In The Tree: Parallel Development Or Diffusion?
  233. Göbekli Tepe And Pre-Germanic Origins
  234. The Celts
  235. What Do You Think About the Greco-Roman People and Culture?
  236. Origin of the Germanics in Jastorf Culture Area?
  237. Three West-Germanic Groups, Three Cults?
  238. Project Woruldhord: Largest Anglo-Saxon Archive
  239. Pre-Christian Germanic Funerary Rites
  240. The Germanic Peoples, Rome and Primitivism
  241. The Most Easterly Indo-European Settlers
  242. The Vedic People: Indo-European Homeland: Steppes North of the Black and Caspian Seas
  243. Much of Germany Was 100% Celtic?
  244. Germanics & the Megaliths
  245. Aryans/Indo-Europeans and Hebrews
  246. Your Feelings Regarding Latins
  247. Stonehenge Was Built by Germanic Beaker Tribes
  248. Mapping Ancient Germania – Berlin Researchers Crack the Ptolemy Code
  249. Was the Funnelbeaker Culture Indo-European?
  250. Did Ancient Nordics Have Democracy?