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  1. Was the Funnelbeaker Culture Indo-European?
  2. Did Ancient Nordics Have Democracy?
  3. The Germanic Tribes in Persia (mentioned by Herodotus)
  4. Is It True That Racial Mixing Even Hapened During the Pagan Ages?
  5. How Much Celtic and Romanic Influence Is There in Germany?
  6. The Sons of Aryas
  7. The Huguenot Tribe
  8. 2,600-Year-old Celtic Tomb discovered at Heuneburg, Germany
  9. Franglo-Saxons?
  10. The Anglo-Frisians: Ancient English of the Ice Age
  11. 4,000-Year-Old Aryan City Discovered in Russia
  12. Are Germanics a Sub-Race of the Celts?
  13. Very Early Germans (for the Technically Inclined)
  14. In Support of My Thesis That Europeans, Not Phoenicians, Invented the Alphabet
  15. Aryan Origins: Aryans did NOT originate in India
  16. What Germanic Tribes Are the Modern Dutch Descended From?
  17. Germanic Identity & Tribe Names
  18. Discovery of New Celtic Grave in Germany
  19. What Were Some Major Cultural Similarities/Differences Between the Indo-European-Speaking European Tribes?
  20. Rhinelanders and Franconians
  21. Subracial Composition of the Celts?
  22. The Norse Caste System
  23. Are Nordic People More Warlike and Tough?
  24. Origin of the Icelanders: Bar­i Gu­mundssons Heruli Theory
  25. How Germanic is England?
  26. 10 Lesser-Known Germanic Tribes
  27. Are Nordic People Really the Purest?
  28. Ancient Kelefeld Battlefield Changes History Books
  29. Celtic Graves in Western Germany
  30. The Huns
  31. Difference Between Saxons and Teutons?
  32. Artifacts Show Sophistication of Ancient Nomads
  33. Germanic or Gaulish?
  34. Aryans & Germanics
  35. Germanic Tribe(s) of Norway
  36. Human Sacrifices in Germany in the Bronze and Iron Ages
  37. The Ice Maiden from the Altai
  38. The Influence of Roman/Greek Culture on Germanics and Its Value
  39. Rus Sea Raids
  40. 3,250 Year Old Battlefield In Northern Germany Found Frozen In Time
  41. Inbreeding Amongst Germanic Tribes
  42. On Britishness
  43. Colossal Bronze Age Battle in Northern Germany
  44. Scandinavians Were Earliest Europeans
  45. Bronze Age Inferno Preserved an Extraordinary View of Life in the United Kingdom 3000 Years Ago
  46. The Last Nordic Invasion?
  47. Distribution Map of Germanic Territory During the Bronze Age (Hans Reinerth 1945)
  48. Literary and Cultural Evidence of Indo-European Pastoralism
  49. Rethinking the History of the Aryan Paradigm
  50. Possible Indo-Germanic Origin of the Amorites
  51. Massive Migration from the Steppe is a Source for Indo-European Languages in Europe
  52. Medieval Germanic Kindreds and the Ditmarsians
  53. Kinship in Anglo-Saxon Society
  54. What Happened to European Tribes?
  55. The Making of the Scandinavian Languages
  56. Proto-Germanic Formation and the Corded Ware Culture (Kristiansen Et Al 2017)
  57. The Roman Empire and Southern Scandinavia - a Northern Connection!
  58. Germanic Affinity
  59. The Iceni, a Germanic Tribe?
  60. The Germani: Germanic Peoples Origins and History
  61. Who Were the Suebi?
  62. Aryans: White Trash Cucks
  63. Celto-Germanic Hill Forts
  64. The Development of Danish Pronunciation
  65. Who Were the Ten Greatest Germanic People?
  66. Indo-Germanic Influences in Ancient Greece
  67. The Getians or the Dacians, the origin of Scandinavians and also the oldest European civilization that had writing
  68. Before the Vikings // Evolution of the Viking Longship (10,000 BC-750 AD)
  69. The Indo-European and Possibly Germanic Origins of the Picts
  70. 'Zamolxis, the first lawgiver of the Getae' by Carolus Lundius
  71. Jew vs. Israelite. What, You Mean There Is a Distinction?