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  1. "Other Losses", by James Bacque
  2. Adolt Hitler's Mein Kampf ("My Struggle")
  3. Anyone know who created this poem?
  4. Hunter / The Turner Diaries
  5. Le Marquis de Sade, in a letter to his wife
  6. What Is the Last Real Good Book You Read?
  7. "Take your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization" by Theodore G. Bilbo
  8. Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening on the Jewish Question
  9. St. Crispian's Day Speech
  10. De Sade: Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Man (1782)
  11. W.B.Yeats, Adam's Curse
  12. Quotes, Poems and Different Statements
  13. Book Review: ''Homeland: Into a World of Hate''
  14. Pro-White Racial Novels
  15. A Poem I Wrote...
  16. "Three Fishermen - A Transhumanist Parable" by Sean Hastings
  17. Most Talented Authors?
  18. 'Jews in Twentieth-Century Ireland' (1998)
  19. German Students' War Letters
  20. Alfred Lord Tennyson
  21. Your Favorite Books?
  22. What are your favorite poets/poems?
  23. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Poems
  24. Friedrich Schiller's Poems
  25. Robert Frost: Fire and Ice
  26. Novalis: Hymns to the Night
  27. Sophocles: Power of Love
  28. Aeschylus: The Battle of Salamis
  29. Wilfred Owen: Arms and the Boy
  30. Siegfried Sassoon: Atrocities (1919)
  31. Heinrich Heine: Loreley
  32. James O'Kane : Dungiven
  33. Theodor Fontane: John Maynard
  34. Rainer Maria Rilke: Poems
  35. Hermann Hesse: In the Fog (Im Nebel)
  36. Christian Morgenstern: The Impossible Fact (Die unmögliche Tatsache)
  37. Thomas Moore : Untitled
  38. Nobel Winners in Literature
  39. Currently Reading
  40. German Students’ War Letters
  41. Edgar Guest: The Things That Make a Soldier Great
  42. Rudyard Kipling Poem
  43. Wilhelm Tell
  44. Wilhelm Hauff: Morgenrot (1824)
  45. Heinrich von Kleist: The Beggar Woman of Locarno
  46. The 'Jewish Threat': Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army (Reviewed by Kevin MacDonald)
  47. Brendan Behan
  48. Michael Moorcock
  49. Charles Baudelaire: Poems
  50. 'A Woman in Berlin': Fury after German war diary writer's identity is revealed
  51. Anglo-Saxon Literature
  52. Pearse : ''Mother''
  53. Jörg Friedrich - 'Der Brand' (The Fire)
  54. The German Cult of Michael Moore
  55. Michael Radford's 1984
  56. "Races of Middle Earth"
  57. Hermann Muthesius: "Stilarchitektur und Baukunst" (1902)
  58. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Poems
  59. The Battle of Brunanburh Revisited
  60. What's your favourite Novel?
  61. Spectrum -- A Poem
  62. Medieval Irish poetry
  63. Táin Bó Cualinge - my idea of compulsory reading
  64. Book Review: The Riddled Chain
  65. Jan van Helsing - Books on Conspiracy?
  66. My favorite Vonnegut quotes
  67. Poems of Alexander Pushkin
  68. Sadeq Hedayat
  69. Books vs Internet?
  70. SciFi-Author Selector
  71. The Sanctum of Clark Ashton Smith
  72. Free PDF eBooks
  73. Borderland
  74. L. Ron Hubbard's Science Fiction Library
  75. Rubaiyat
  76. The Poetry of W. H. Auden
  77. "Triumph and Tragedy" by Florentine S. Rost Van Tonningen
  78. The Da Vinci Code
  79. Frigyes Karinthy
  80. Morrigan Rising No 8 Available!
  81. Friedrich Hölderlin [Link & Poems]
  82. Constantin von Hoffmeister: Poems
  83. Aristotle: History of Animals (350 BC) [Full Text]
  84. The Song of the White Men, by Rudyard Kipling (1899)
  85. Tyr, Vol.II ?
  86. Commando Extraordinary: The Life Story of ϟϟ-Standartenführer Otto Skorzeny
  87. Alfred Rosenberg - The Myth of the Twentieth Century
  88. The Textbook of the Universe - The Genetic Ascent to God
  89. Book: "Hold Back This Day"
  90. A Survey of English Literature in its Historical Context
  91. The Strange Tale of Anatoliy Golitsyn
  92. The Anti-christian Song of Laughter
  93. Life Is Beautiful [by Meister Eckhart]
  94. 'Storms of Steel' (In Stahlgewittern) - by Ernst Jünger
  95. 'Northern Farm', by Henry Beston
  96. Franz Kafka:The Metamorphosis
  97. Konstantinos Kavafis:My Favourite Poems
  98. Céline, Smasher of Every Known Taboo
  99. Literary Reading Is Declining Faster Than Before
  100. A Lamentation - For the Death of Sir Maurice Fitzgerald, Knight of Kerry
  101. "The Warwolf" (Der Wehrwolf) - Hermann Löns
  102. Occult and Esoteric Books Library
  103. Tanith Lee
  104. Céline on Race and Jews
  105. 8 Surprising Fictions in the Da Vinci Code
  106. Poems by Hendrik Marsman
  107. James Douglas Morrison: Poems
  108. Via crucis, via lucis
  109. Meghan Brunner
  110. Poems by J.C.Bloem
  111. Henry Williamson: "Nature's Visionary"
  112. Poems by Adriaan Roland Holst
  113. The Works of H.P. Lovecraft
  114. The Carson McCullers Project
  115. Hippocampus Press Newsletter
  116. 'The Jewish Maiden', by Hans Christian Andersen (1856)
  117. The Tales of Jean Froissart
  118. Candide, by Voltaire
  119. Lucrezia Borgia - The Life and Loves of a She-Devil
  120. Best Beginners' Books on the Jewish Question
  121. Birthday Address for Ernst Jünger, by François Mitterand
  122. Beowulf
  123. Which of Homer's Works Do You Prefer?
  124. German World War I Poetry
  125. Philip Kindred Dick (1928-1982)
  126. Dr, Pierce's National Socialist World" (1968) for Sale!!!
  127. A Face by the Window
  128. "Der Arbeiter" Translation? (Ernst Jünger)
  129. Tuistos Herz
  130. "The Invisible Enemy": A 1992 Biography of Alexander the Great by John Maxwell O`Brien
  131. "Trust No Fox on his Green Heath and No Jew on his Oath" - Stürmer Verlag
  132. Book: Blacks in the Ancient Greek and Roman World
  133. The Hyborian Age of Conan the Cimmerian
  134. Beautiful quote
  135. Pollard Willows (English, Dutch, Afrikaans)
  136. Justice League Vs. Mighty Thor
  137. Some poems by Li Po
  138. "Philosemitism: Admiration and Support in the English–Speaking World for Jews"
  139. Kathmandu Blues [by Constantin von Hoffmeister]
  140. Extracts from 'Der Pimpf' [Hitlerjugend Magazine]
  141. 'The Absent-Minded Imperialists: Empire, Society and Culture in Britain'
  142. T.S. Eliot - La Figlia che Piange/Gerontion
  143. Homer's... Runes?
  144. Biology, Culture, and Persistent Literary Dystopias
  145. The Angel of the Odd, by Edgar Allen Poe
  146. Kurt Eggers - National Socialist Poet, Writer, Philosopher and Warrior
  147. "Southern Ships and Settlers, 1606-1732"
  148. Borges: We are the time. We are the famous
  149. The Jack London Collection
  150. The Yellow Peril, by Jack London
  151. The Legend Of The One-Eyed Man
  152. [pdf] Rudel Hans Ulrich - Stuka Pilot (1957)
  153. The City Of Dreadful Night
  154. Poems by Gerrit Achterberg
  155. 'Survival of the Species' - A White Nationalist Novel
  156. Poems by Pierre Louÿs
  157. The Songs of Bilitis
  158. Give Me Your Lips
  159. A Guide to Classic Literature
  160. Remoteness
  161. The Short Stories of H. P. Lovecraft
  162. A Farewell to False Love
  163. The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson
  164. Carillon
  165. Sorrow Anew
  166. Strange Meeting, by Wilfred Owen
  167. Mock on, Mock on, Voltaire, Rousseau
  168. A collection of the poems of Robert Louis Stevenson
  169. Spleen
  170. Byron: Poems
  171. The Weakling
  172. Always Comes Evening [RE Howard]
  173. Book Review: Storm of Steel - German Heroism and Valour in WWI, by Ernst Junger
  174. Classic horror and fantasy links
  175. Palme
  176. What is literature good for? It is not mere recital of facts, says W.G. Sebald
  177. I was trying to find you like this, it's true
  178. We are the time. We are the famous
  179. Poems of Friedrich Hölderlin
  180. Encounter
  181. Poems by J.C.Bloem
  182. Wanted: "The Auschwitz Myth", by Dr. Wilhelm Stäglich
  183. The Circular Ruins [JL Borges]
  184. Internetaleph
  185. January, 1795
  186. Albertina Soepboer; Poems
  187. Under the World
  188. Park [Monika Rinck]
  189. Elegy [Maurice Gillams]
  190. Winter in the South [Mirian van Hee]
  191. The Dispossessed Majority, by Wilmot Robertson
  192. For tomorrow's day
  193. So I believe that also you are
  194. To Love a Woman...
  195. Guns, Germs, and Steel (Jared Diamond)
  196. Poetry of James Thomson
  197. Richard Wilbur
  198. Fire and Ice
  199. Moonlight, Ode and Nightfall
  200. A Defence of Poetry
  201. Bond and free [Frost]
  202. German Fairytales: 'The Story of Hyacinth and Roseblossom'
  203. Anthology of Medieval German Literature
  204. C.S. Lewis
  205. "Peter Stuyvesant" [1592 - 1682], by Rosemary and Stephen Vincent Benet
  206. Falsehood
  207. everypoet.com
  208. A Ballade of Suicide [GK Chesterton]
  209. Dennis Wheatley
  210. The Brothers Grimm
  211. Leaving
  212. What Can We Do? [Bukowski]
  213. The German Shakespeare
  214. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, by Edward Gibbon
  215. "The International Jew" by Henry Ford
  216. Riders on the Storm - John Densmore
  217. Swift,Eliot and the Anti-Pastoral
  218. The Redneck Manifesto
  219. 'In Defence of the Realm: The Place of Nations in Classical Liberalism'
  220. The Encyklopedia of Arda
  221. Do you believe in "magic moments"
  222. John Norman's 'World of Gor' and the Gorean Series?
  223. Hyperdictionary
  224. Edgar Lee Masters (1868–1950). Spoon River Anthology. 1916.
  225. Hollandia: A Hungarian Account, 1620
  226. Favourite 3 Fantastic-Narrative Authors
  227. SS-Rassenkunde (with English Translation)
  228. Stalin's Secret Hitler Biography to be Published!
  229. Authors take on Herculean task of retelling myths
  230. Strike For Freedom: "Atlas Shrugged", by Ayn Rand
  231. Might is Right by ragnar redbeard
  232. Best Book of the 20th Century?
  233. 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail', by Michael Baigent
  234. Show Off Your Rare Books Here!
  235. Books on Pagan/Heathenism?
  236. Test Your Knowledge of Tolkien Lore Here
  237. how to be a great writer - Ch. Bukowski
  238. Bleeding Germany Dry: The Aftermath of World War II from the German Perspective (Dr. Claus Nordbruch)
  239. Book Review: The Prehistory of Sex - Four Million Years of Sexual Culture
  240. Lucifer in Starlight
  241. Gutenberg-Projekt
  242. Gates Of Fire
  243. NASA science uncovers texts of Trojan Wars, early gospel
  244. The New Shadow by J.R.R. Tolkien
  245. H.L. Mencken Quotes
  246. Harrison Bergeron, by Kurt Vonnegut (1961)
  247. 'The Robot's Rebellion: Finding Meaning in the Age of Darwin' (2004)
  248. The Tale of Wade
  249. Skaldic Praise Poetry and Macrologia: Some Observations on Óláfr Thórdarson’s Use of his Sources
  250. Julius Evola book reviews