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  1. Commentary on Wilhelm Marr's "The Victory of Judaism Over Germanism"
  2. Books on Norse Mythology?
  3. Alternate Reality: Mussolini Books
  4. Uganda Genocide Book
  5. The Satanic Verses
  6. New Evidence That Shakespeare May Not Have Written 'His' Plays
  7. Representations of Anglo-Saxon England in Children’s Literature
  8. Which Historical Figure Does Aragorn Best Embody?
  9. Which Figure Does Turin Embodies?
  10. Making Political Writing Into An Art: George Orwell
  11. 'Germany Speaks - By 21 leading members of Party and State' (1938)
  12. Violent Movie Declares War on Arizona for Immigration Law
  13. Childrens Author Admits Cocaine Addiction
  14. The Hyborian Age Thread -- What Would You Be?
  15. Germelshausen
  16. I Am Thinking About Writing a Fictional Story About Vikings
  17. Adolf Hitler's "Secret Book" (Zweites Buch)
  18. Best Asatru Authors Suggestions?
  19. The Racial View of HP Lovecraft
  20. Der Stürmer - Jahren 1935-1944 [pdfs downloads]
  21. "An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races"
  22. Book Review: "The Cattell Controversy: Race, Science, and Ideology"
  23. Need Help Finding Book by Arthur C. Clarke
  24. 'Burke, Edmund - Reflections on the Revolution of France' (1790)Sarrazin quotes
  25. "Heilige Runenmacht" (Sacred Rune Might) by Siegfried Adolf Kummer
  26. Selling Some Books and Assorted Items
  27. War and Beer
  28. 'Operación Patagonia', by Jeff Kristenssen: Fiction by a SS Man
  29. List the Most Evil Devices/Items in Literature
  30. Recommended Books for 2010
  31. Neuordnung Unseres Denkens (R. Walther Darré)
  32. Could you Recommend a Biography of Werner Von Braun?
  33. In Defense of the West
  34. German Boy
  35. What Nationalist Literature Do You Read?
  36. Best Zombie / Survival Book I Have Ever Read
  37. 'Mein Kampf' on Ebay
  38. "Soldiers of Destruction": The 3rd ϟϟ-Panzerdivision 'Totenkopf'
  39. In Need of Advice Regarding Unusual Books
  40. It's a Wonderful Race, After All
  41. Recommend Me a Book On....
  42. What's the Best Book You've Ever Read?
  43. Which of the Brontë Sisters is Your Favorite?
  44. 'Pawns In the Game', by Willliam Guy Carr (1958) [A Must Read]
  45. What Do You Think of the Legends of Arthur? Is It Too Celtic?
  46. Which Publisher Should I Consider?
  47. Can Anyone Help Me Find English Versions of These Books?
  48. Book | Lincoln Sought to Deport Freed Slaves
  49. 7 Tips for Effective Writing
  50. How Many Books Have You Read in Your Life?
  51. The Last Ring-Bearer: LotR Rewritten From a Mordor Perspective
  52. Last Bought Book
  53. Hermann Göring - 'Germany reborn'
  54. Prey World I - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 (Novel by Alexander Merow)
  55. Classical Rhetoric 101: The Five Canons of Rhetoric-Style
  56. Classical Rhetoric 101: The Five Canons of Rhetoric- Arrangement
  57. Classical Rhetoric 101: A Brief History
  58. Classical Rhetoric 101: The Five Canons of Rhetoric – Invention
  59. Classical Rhetoric 101: The Three Means of Persuasion
  60. Classical Rhetoric: An Introduction
  61. Science Fiction/Fantasy Recommendations?
  62. My Poems
  63. Poetry by Voltzen
  64. See Jane Run
  65. What Types of Books Do You Read Most/Enjoy Reading Most?
  66. "The Paladin of Winter"
  67. The Headhunter
  68. Germanic Cultural Survival List
  69. Best German History Books in English?
  70. Ian Fleming Anti-Semitism and Nazi Sympathizer
  71. "Very Short Introduction To"-series... What is Your Experience
  72. Jack Whyte's Series
  73. The Short Story Thread
  74. White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century
  75. Who Has Read Kevin MacDonald?
  76. Good Books on South Africa
  77. The Wheel of Time
  78. Must Have Books on Ideology/Politics
  79. Bernard Cornwell
  80. Anglo-Saxon Poetry, Prose and Works?
  81. Fantastic Libraries of the World
  82. LibraryThing
  83. Reichsarchiv.com
  84. New Book About William L. Shirer
  85. Do You Use Libraries?
  86. Gods and Detectives
  87. The Land of Painted Caves by Jean M. Auel
  88. EFM, Euro-fairy Mysticism
  89. The Wandering WHO? - Anti-semitic Book Written by a Self-hating Jew
  90. 'Imperium' by Francis Parker Yockey
  91. The Fox's Prophecy
  92. It's Not What You Read, It's Where You Read It!
  93. German to English Translations
  94. Book Search - Help Required!
  95. Similarities Between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and Starwars
  96. Unbiased Books
  97. Grey Wolf: The ESCAPE of Adolf Hitler
  98. Pig-tailed Pippi Longstocking Books Branded 'racist' by German Theologian
  99. Eva Braun: Life with Hitler: Review
  100. Alternate-future Novels Where Germany Won the War(s)?
  101. Has Anyone Read Pat Buchanan's New Book?
  102. Searching for Writings by Kerry Bolton / Walter Grimwald
  103. Are The Goebbels Diaries Forged?
  104. Your Writings Thread
  105. The Politically Incorrect Guide to English And American Literature
  106. Ernst Niekisch - English Translations?
  107. The Hitler/Hess Deception
  108. Literary Reading in US in Sharp Decline
  109. The 6 Most Secretly Racist Classic Children's Books
  110. The Secret King: The Myth and Reality of Nazi Occultism
  111. Best Single-Volume German History Book
  112. What's Your Best Ever Book Find?
  113. 'Der Stürmer' Newspaper
  114. Das Reich - Newspaper
  115. Cody Lundin or David Canturbury
  116. Uproar Over First German Post-War Edition of 'Mein Kampf'
  117. The Creators of the World’s Misfortunes
  118. Charles Dickens Novels 'Too Long for Today's Young'.
  119. Charles Dickens About the Germans
  120. Square Sails and Dragons, by Celia Lund
  121. Faked Literature About NS Germany
  122. Saving the World's Books in a Giant Ark
  123. WTS Mein Kampf 1940 Edition
  124. Pierre Krebs: Fighting for the Essence (EN Translation)
  125. Günter Grass: Was Gesagt Werden Muss
  126. Oxford University and the Vatican Library to Digitize 1.5 Million Pages of Ancient Texts and Images and Make Them Freely Available Online
  127. Steal This Book: Reflections on the Future of Print Publishing
  128. Julius Evola on the Beat Poets
  129. The Nazi Mind - Book Review
  130. Letters from Guenon to Evola
  131. Death to Modernity: Kurtagic Reviews Benoist's & Champetier's Manifesto
  132. Hitler's Own Opinion of His 'Mein Kampf' Book
  133. Why Shakespeare Is Still Relevant
  134. The Myth of German Villainy
  135. Digital Version of Solzhenitsyn's '200 Jahre Zusammen' ('200 Years Together')?
  136. Alex Linder Audiobooks: Nationalist Classics
  137. The Ambras Manuscript [Hans Talhoffer]
  138. Under Pressure, Amazon Stops Selling Holocaust-denial Books
  139. Pick a Favorite Poetry Line and Share with Us?
  140. 'Der Faschistische Stil' by Armin Mohler
  141. Two Hundred Years Together (downloadable Chapters Available)
  142. "What's Up, Dr. Mack?" Martians Go Home and the Ordeal of Civility
  143. Realm of Icelandic Romance: Distinctions and Transgressions
  144. Arthur Adler Books
  145. English: The Language of the Vikings
  146. Long Lost Ancient German Manuscript Makes Terrifying Predictions
  147. The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons to the Dead (Stephan A. Hoeller) [Free Download]
  148. Who Killed the Liberal Arts?
  149. Rudyard Kipling: White Man’s Poet
  150. Favourite Childhood Stories
  151. The Sci-Fi Channel’s Dune & Children of Dune
  152. Book Review: “A Global Coup” by Guillaume Faye
  153. Kolyma - The Artic Death Camps [pdf]
  154. For Your Collection........
  155. Masonic Symbols in The Lord of the Rings
  156. Beowulf The Work Of Single Author, Research Suggests