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  1. The Hildebrandslied
  2. Mano y Mano
  3. "Edifying Thoughts of a Pipe Smoker," by Johann Sebastian Bach
  4. LOTR: Tolkien's Source Materials
  5. 'The Plumed Serpent' (1926) - Völkisch Organicism and the Use of Primitivism
  6. 'The Celts in Ancient History' by T W Rolleston
  7. The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe (book excerpt)
  8. After 2,600 years, the world gains a fourth poem by Sappho
  9. Corpus of Electronic Texts Online (CELT)
  10. e-book: Friedrich Nietzsche - Thus Spake Zarathustra
  11. e-book: Friedrich Nietzsche - The Birth of Tragedy
  12. e-book: Friedrich Nietzsche - The Antichrist
  13. e-book: John Milton - Paradise Lost
  14. e-book: Theodor Storm Bibliographie (German)
  15. e-book: Saxo Grammaticus, The Danish History, Books I-IX
  16. The Cenotaph
  17. 'Nature's Magic' by Allan J. Stover [full text]
  18. e-books: Road to Hel and Culture of the Teutons
  19. Unbelievably Bad Racist Fiction!
  20. Favourite Tolkien Character?
  21. The Lay of Apollo
  22. Book Review: From Helping to Hand Grenades: Setting the Bar for Altruism
  23. The Sci-Fi Novel Written by Uncle Adolf: "Lord of the Swastika"
  24. A Message for the Hajis, from Kipling
  25. John Wyndham... is it worth it?
  26. The Political Gnosis of Philip K. Dick
  27. The War in the Orchard, By Edward Limonov (The Exile)
  28. The UK Sci-Fi TV Book Guide
  29. The Books That Changed Your Life
  30. e-Book: Suspiria De Profundis (Thomas de Quincey)
  31. Book Review: Jean Ray's Malpertuis
  32. "On the Origin of Objects": Antidote to Jewish Linear Thought
  33. The Watch-Tower [by Lord Dunsany]
  34. Sven Hassel: A New Vision on the WWII German Soldier
  35. Guy Sajer: The Forgotten Soldier.
  36. 'The Slave State: Heinrich Himmler's Master Plan for SS Supremacy' [Albert Speer]
  37. Julius Evola - The Doctrine of Awakening
  38. Poem: The Savior
  39. Discworld
  40. Hanns Heinz Ewers - NSDAP Satanist
  41. Es schläft ein stiller Garten (Carl Hauptmann)
  42. Schlummerlied (Friedrich Benz)
  43. AudioBooksForFree.com
  44. Shakespeare & the ‘Old Religion’
  45. 'The Law of Freedom in a Platform' (Gerrard Winstanley - 1652)
  46. With Hitler on the Road to Power [SS-Ogruf. Otto Dietrich] (1934)
  47. Perry Rhodan
  48. Heloïse and Abélard
  49. Varg Vikernes: "Perþ"
  50. Your Favourite or Own Poem(s)
  51. Bond and Free
  52. e-book: The Romance of Natural History
  53. Raymond E. Feist: Best Fantasy Author
  54. The Valaquenta (Account of the Valar) - Second Book in the 'Silmarillion'
  55. "The European", by Hermann Hesse
  56. Nordland - A Knut Hamsun Resource Page
  57. Reorienting Hamsun
  58. The Oswald Spengler Collection
  59. Valhalla - The Comic Books
  60. The Myth of Thule - Poem
  61. Le Spleen de Paris (Ch. Baudelaire)
  62. The Libraries of the Future Will Contain Fewer Books
  63. William Dudley Pelley bio
  64. The Game: A Poem by Thulean Inquisitor
  65. E-texts: Abraham Merritt
  66. Wotansreich - A Poem by Thulean Inquisitor
  67. English translation of 'Death of a Critic'
  68. Characteristics of the Byronic Hero
  69. Live and die for the new man - A poem by Thulean Inquisitor
  70. Book Review: A History of Violence
  71. Book Review: Adam's Curse: A Future without Men
  72. e-Text: The Revenger's Tragedy
  73. Bleak
  74. Knife of Dreams - Robert Jordan
  75. Lulu.com: Excellent Site for Self-Publishing!
  76. e-book: The Life of Charlemagne
  77. Scottish Women Poets of the Romantic Period
  78. Things We Were Not Meant to Know: H.P. Lovecraft and Cosmic Horror
  79. Orwell's "1984"
  80. The Sea of Trolls
  81. Anyone read "The Conquest of a Continent"?
  82. Bede's "Ecclasiastical history of the English Nation"
  83. Favourite Fantasy Authors
  84. Old Germanic Poetry
  85. The Songlines
  86. Libertarians
  87. Johannes V. Jensen, Nobel Prize in Literature 1944
  88. The Germanic Warrior 236-568 AD: Weapons, Armour, Tactics (1996)
  89. Carrie: Donated Works Under Copyright
  90. Amleth, Prince of Denmark by Saxo Grammaticus
  91. Greatest poem ever made? [From Calydon in Atalanta, second chorus; by Swinburne]
  92. Desolation & The Demon,...
  93. »Fast Faust«
  94. Witchcraft, Folklore, and Reality in Shirley Jackson’s stories
  95. Sonnet After Baudelaire
  96. A Fallen Master of the Macabre
  97. I am looking for writings of Freud and Bernays
  98. Hope under layers of decay
  99. David Irving's Third Reich History Books (free)
  100. Bernd Heinrich's 'The Mind of the Raven': Investigations and Adventures with Wolf-Birds
  101. "Earth" by John Hall Wheelock
  102. Poems by John Hall Wheelock
  103. Manifesto against the dilution of arts
  104. Which Germanic People Has Had the Best Poets Overall?
  105. Curtain up for Rings stage show
  106. The Domination
  107. The Alan Moore Interview
  108. "God Against The Gods" by Jonathan Kirsch
  109. Gateway: Alternative Worlds
  110. Uchronia: The Alternate History List (3200 Novels!)
  111. Translation for 'Mein Kampf' Dedication?
  112. My Poems
  113. Theodor Storm and His World
  114. The History of a Hobgoblin
  115. Essential 19th Century English Literature
  116. The image of Swedes in the Belarusian literature
  117. The Complete Works: William Shakespeare
  118. A last defense against the dark
  119. The Uncanny in Theodor Storm's Der Schimmelreiter
  120. The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe
  121. Motifs in the Arabian Nights and in Ancient and Medieval European literature
  122. Why You Should Worship A Librarian
  123. Robert Brasillach: Challenging Mind
  124. Witness To History By Michael Walsh
  125. If You Wrote a Book, What Would It Be About?
  126. Edgar Alan Poe - The Raven
  127. The Hostage [Friedrich Schiller]
  128. Oscar Wilde - The Ballad of Reading Gaol
  129. Greatest Russian Novelist of the 20th Century
  130. 'Imagined Germany: Richard Wagner's National Utopia'
  131. Robert Browning - The Pied Piper of Hamelin: A Child's Story
  132. e-Texts: Bliss & other Stories
  133. The Heart of Whiteness: Confronting Race, Racism and White Privilege
  134. The Baltic Origins of Homer`s Epic Tales
  135. Hermann Löns - The Easter Fire
  136. The Power Of Israel In The United States
  137. Underground: Tales of Hacking, Madness and Obsession on the Electronic Frontier [Full Text]
  138. Musings on Excellence (L.E. Modesitt Jr. quote)
  139. New Book: "Why Interracial People are Healthier and More Attractive"
  140. Imperium by Robert Harris
  141. Pinocchio and friends converted to Islam
  142. Any offers of German-Greek or Scandinavian-Greek dictionaries??
  143. Unfinished Tolkien Book: The Children of Hurin
  144. Book Review: Pagan Resurrection, by Richard Rudgley
  145. Book Review: 'The Rothschilds and Their Collections of Illuminated Manuscripts' (2005)
  146. Ernest Renan - Poetry of the Celtic Races (1896)
  147. Charles Fort and Astounding Science Fiction
  148. "White Power,White Pride" - How accurate is this book?
  149. Katherine Mansfield - Bliss and other stories
  150. From beyond
  151. Xenophon's Retreat: Greece, Persia and the End of the Golden Age (by Robin Waterfield_
  152. What do you think of Vine Deloria Jr.'s writing ?
  153. The First Cargo
  154. The Forgotten 11th Chapter of H.G. Wells' The Time Machine
  155. Lord of the Rings: Racist?
  156. [pdf] The Case for Germany [A study of modern Germany] (1939)
  157. What is Your Favorite SF Book or Author?
  158. Why the "Literati" Hate Tolkien So Much
  159. Hellblazer
  160. Holland's Influence on English Language and Literature
  161. Scrooge 'was a victim of brain disease'
  162. Repossessing the body
  163. Yukio Mishima Interview
  164. Alone
  165. Excellent Video of the 1,000-years Old Poem "The Ruin"
  166. "Mad" Elves and "Elusive Beauty": Some Celtic Strands of Tolkien's Mythology
  167. Edna St. Vincent Millay
  168. e-book: Carnacki the ghost finder
  169. The Growth of the Soil -Read Knut Hamsun's novel online!
  170. Books about WW2: Your Recommendations?
  171. What Are Your Favourite History Books ?
  172. Affluenza
  173. The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell
  174. "The Invisible Sex: Uncovering the True Roles of Women in History"
  175. National Socialist Archive Project
  176. Brought to Book
  177. The Old and New South: Shakespeare in Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind
  178. Criticism Leads Rabbi's Son to Put a Hold on Book Printing
  179. "Lords Of Chaos"
  180. "Nasjonalsatanisten" - Erlend Erichsen
  181. To my Queen...the Shakespeare poem on the back of an envelope
  182. Stranger at the Gate
  183. The Angliad
  184. Scholars in panic mode over Vatican Library closure
  185. The (Norske Folkeeventyr) Old Norwegian Folktales of Asbjørnsen and Moe
  186. Baudelaire
  187. Nordien
  188. Ezra Pound and the Remaking of American Poetic Tradition
  189. The Best of the Argonauts
  190. Corpus of Old English Poetry
  191. Johann Christian Friedrich Hölderlin Resources
  192. Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse
  193. Gilgamesh - A New English Version [Audiobook]
  194. The I Am Legend Archive
  195. Encyclopaedia Germanica
  196. What Have You Written?
  197. "Hate You, Christ, I Do Not", by Fernando Pessoa
  198. List of Ancient Germanic Literature Works
  199. MIT Opencourseware
  200. Rhyme or No Rhyme?
  201. Old English word order and syntax
  202. Werwolf
  203. The Irish Origins of Civilisation
  204. Joseph Campbell's Monomyth
  205. Lord of the Rings
  206. Where to Get the Complete Goebbels Diaries?
  207. 'Decline of the West' and 'Prussianism and Socialism' by Oswald Spengler
  208. What We Should Read to Our Children: The Wind in the Willows
  209. 'Giants in the Earth' by O.E. Rolvaag - About the Norwegian immigrants to the Dakotas
  210. Leni
  211. The Amish, by Ammon Monroe Aurand, Jr. (1938)
  212. Your Summer Reading?
  213. Eleonora Hummel's “The Fish of Berlin” (About the Russian-Germans)
  214. Summer Legends: A Collection of Folktales by the Thuringian Poet, Rudolph Baumbach
  215. Anyone Read "The Brigade" Yet?
  216. The Geatish Society
  217. Web Sites to Sell/Buy Textbooks Online
  218. What's the Worst Book You've Read?
  219. J.R.R. Tolkien Racist?
  220. How do poems that rhyme in German always translate into poems that rhyme in English?
  221. OpenLibrary.org: Listing Every Book Ever Published!
  222. Tolkien's Version of Norse Legend to Be Published for First Time
  223. Rolf Schilling Poetry
  224. 'Sensitivity' in the Roman Empire (Satire)
  225. Große Heidelberger Liederhandschrift - Codex Manesse
  226. Europe As Middle Earth
  227. My Personal Writings...
  228. Hermann Hesse for Germans
  229. LibriVox: Free Audio Books Library
  230. 60 Years After Orwell Wrote 1984... Almost Reality
  231. Book Review: The Germanic Isle: Nazi Perceptions of Britain
  232. "The Man with the Iron Heart", by Harry Turtledove
  233. £21,000 for Derry man's Mein Kampf
  234. New Mein Kampf Translation Claims to End the Misunderstanding
  235. Has Anyone Read "Germanic Origins"by Francis Gummere Written in 1892?
  236. Comic Book Version of Hitler's `Mein Kampf' is a Hit in Japan
  237. Nationalsocialist Themed Literature
  238. Book Download: The Waffen-ϟϟ
  239. Another Obscure Nobel Prize Literature Winner! Sigh
  240. Germany: Crypt And Drama
  241. White Race Superman
  242. Is Literary Culture Witless and Ungermanic?
  243. National Literary Traditions
  244. Edouard Brasey: Mythology or Heresy ?
  245. What Books Concerning Hitler and The Third Reich Would You Recommend?
  246. NS Reading List
  247. Hagbard & Signy: The Viking Romeo & Juliet
  248. Is "High-Fantasy" Overrated Nowadays?
  249. Dystopian/Utopian Quotes
  250. Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan: Friend or Foe?