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  1. Christians; Vow Support For Hymie
  2. Will Jesus Christ Return?
  3. Passages from the Old Testament
  4. Christianity and Women
  5. Bible question
  6. Why is God so different in the Old Testament and in the New Testament?
  7. Interesting Quotes from the Bible
  8. The KKK and the Bible
  9. Is Christ the Sun?
  10. UFO's and Alien Abductions in the bible?
  11. Is Christian Identity "White Power Judaism"?
  12. Pilates Report of a White Jesus
  13. In Defence of a European Christianity
  14. Church Exorcism Kills Boy
  15. Destroying Christians Through Sin
  16. The Confession of St Patrick
  17. Sex, the Bible and the real world
  18. Who Was Jesus?
  19. John 8 - Jesus and the Jews
  20. F.W. Nietzsche on the Christian Superstition
  21. What does the Bible say about interracial marriages?
  22. St Michin's Church (Ireland)
  23. Is Christianity Harmful to the White Race? Four authors debate this timely question
  24. A Christmas Meditation: St. Augustine on the National Question
  25. A Christian Renaissance for Europe
  26. Russians Fume as Mormons 'Buy Souls'
  27. Christmas in Germany vs. America
  28. Jesus Was Not a Jew!
  29. In Defense of Christianity
  30. Christians: God Incarnate?
  31. The Stigmata of the Mystics
  32. When will Jesus return!
  33. Christianity and the Lord of the Rings
  34. The Christian Doctrine of Nations
  35. The Church's Real Teaching About the Jews
  36. "Jesus instructed me"
  37. Christianity - Religion of the West
  38. There's a Christian Identity Pastor Quite Near Where I Live
  39. A Philosophical Justification for Christianity [Nikolai Berdyaev]
  40. Christianity is Outclassed
  41. The Bible Does Not Condemn Homosexuality
  42. Church tries to cool row over Mel Gibson's film about Christ
  43. The Bible and the Nations
  44. Is Europe the new "Dark Continent"?
  45. St Anselm’s ‘exquisite’ ontological argument for the existence of God
  46. Orthodox View Of Interracial Marriage
  47. The Apostasy of the Jews
  48. A Short Exposition of Orthodox Doctrine
  49. Orthodox Answers an Evangelical
  50. Orthodox Theology Concerning the Jews
  51. Frequently Asked Questions About Icons
  52. Orthodox Christians
  53. Three Proofs that Jesus was ...
  54. Judaism, Christianity, and the question of race
  55. Christians on Nietzsche
  56. Fr, Alexey Masiuk on NWO, coming Antichrist, and Jews
  57. Rules for a Pious Life (by Platon, Archbishop of Kostroma)
  58. Is Christianity Just for Women and Sissies?
  59. I Hereby Declare....
  60. Early Christian Writings
  61. John Scottus Eriugena
  62. Christianity, not a Religion for Europe?
  63. I Believe in Christianity
  64. Dinosaurs and the Bible...
  65. Is Fate a Reality?
  66. All In All Did Christianity Have A Positive Impact on Europe?
  67. Christian Identity
  68. Disgusting Bible Passages!
  69. Christianity and Anti-Semitism
  70. Celtic Christianity and its Ties to the Eastern Christian Heritage
  71. The Cave of John the Baptist Found?
  72. The Bible and Race
  73. From the Scientia Sacra II. by Hamvas Béla
  74. Why did God create Hell?
  75. What Did Jesus Really Say?
  76. Tsar Dushan's Code
  77. Mistakes of Jesus?
  78. Detailed Denominations of Christianity
  79. Christianity - A Modest Defense
  80. Skeptical Views of Christianity and the Bible
  81. Jesus of the East
  82. The SuperSensual Life (Jacob Boehme)
  83. Gospels and Apocrypha
  84. From Merest Shadow to Queen of Heaven
  85. Scientific Errors in the Bible
  86. Baruch Spinoza and Christianity
  87. Gnosticism: Ancient and Modern
  88. British Unitarians
  89. What kind of Christian are you?
  90. Which Bible Hero Are You?
  91. "He Made War on Islam: No Altars for Mark d'Aviano"
  92. Why I believe in Christianity [By G.K. Chesterton]
  93. Why Evangelical Christians Support Israel
  94. The Romanian Uniate Greek-Catholic Archeparchy of Alba-Iulia and Fagaras
  95. What is Preterism?
  96. Schopenhauer on Christianity
  97. Multicultural Jesus
  98. Do You Celebrate Christmas?
  99. Two Overlooked Aspects of Martin Luther
  100. Your Thoughts on Jesus Christ?
  101. What if Gnosticism had prevailed?
  102. Are we living in the End Times?
  103. Pelagius and Celtic Christianity
  104. Jesus Lived in India: His Unknown Life Before and After the Crucifixion
  105. The Bible Code Predictions
  106. The English Reformation and the evidence of folklore
  107. Saint Francis de Sales and the Theology of Hearts: Dynamics of Love
  108. The Sufis and Francis of Assisi
  109. Canticle of Brother Sun (St.Francis of Assisi)
  110. Monks Use Hi-Tech Camera to Read Ancient Texts, Including Pages From Codex Sinaiticus
  111. Danish TV Spreads Christendom to Turkey
  112. Ecclesiastes (Qoheleth): The Strangest Book in the Bible
  113. Religion and Nationalism
  114. Intelligent Design vs. Evolution debate: "Open Letter to Kansas School Board"
  115. What is Anglo-Catholicism?
  116. Thomas More Law Center & Creationism
  117. Religious Decline in Europe?
  118. What do the Orthodox churches think of the book of Revelation to John?
  119. Christianity and Women
  120. 'Goliath' Inscription Supports Bible Story?
  121. Light, Life and Love: Selections from the German Mystics of the Middle Ages
  122. A Darker Ignorance: C. S. Lewis and the Nature of the Fall [Critical Essay]
  123. Paganism and C.S. Lewis: Rethinking Christian Attitudes
  124. Christmas is Racism?
  125. Events of Jesus' life copied from other religions of the time and place
  126. Medical Reflections on the Entombment of Christ
  127. The Esoteric Teachings of Jesus and the Nazarene Essenes
  128. The 'Withering' of Christianity in Europe
  129. How Did Christianity Convert The Germanic Folks
  130. Marcion: Portrait of a Heretic
  131. "Prove Christ exists", Judge orders Priest
  132. Protestantism, Catholicism, Orthodoxy
  133. Cathar Apocalypticism
  134. The Life of Adam and Eve
  135. The Christian Life
  136. Speaking in Tongues
  137. Inspiration From William Blake
  138. Is Interracial Marriage Biblical?
  139. Systematic Theology
  140. On Losing Heart
  141. A Biblical Exegesis on the Atheology of the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”
  142. The Exorcist - A Devil of a Job
  143. jesusneverexisted.com
  144. The Origin of Christianity in the Essenes
  145. What is Womanhood? A Biblical Vision
  146. Going to Church May Extend Life
  147. The English (Anglo-Saxon) Church in Scandinavia
  148. Cygnus' Study - "Debunking the Bible"?
  149. Christianity and War
  150. The Carthusian Order - Die große Stille
  151. One Problem with Modern Christianity
  152. The Question of God
  153. Jakob Boehme - Christian mystic
  154. Christianity Today: Friend or Foe
  155. Why This New Race?: Ethnic Reasoning in Early Christianity
  156. Neo-Monasticism
  157. Why Jesus?
  158. English Folk Christianity
  159. Homosexuality and Christianity...
  160. Turkey Islamists Orders 500-Year-Old Latin Inscription Erased from Knights of St. John Castle
  161. New interest in "Jesus' Grave" in Kashmir
  162. On the Edomites - New Plausibility for a Biblical Tale
  163. Christian archaeology team believes it has found the Ark
  164. "The Expected One": Woman claims to be descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene
  165. Question for All CIers
  166. Church Texts in Anglicised English
  167. Nietzschean Christianity?
  168. Vatican Opens Pope Pius XI Secret Archives
  169. Christianity vs. Science
  170. Evangelicals: "They cry, pray to Bush and wash out the devil"
  171. Did Adolf Hitler Commission A Rewrite of the Bible?
  172. Reformation Day: October 31, 1517
  173. Politically Correct Bible Published In Germany
  174. Christian Spiritual Quotes
  175. "Dark Night of the Soul" by St. John of the Cross
  176. Can't quite figure it out..
  177. How Jewish Mores Became Christianity's Customs
  178. Do you Believe in Angels?
  179. The Work of Loneliness: Solitude, Emptiness, and Compassion
  180. The God That Did Not Fail: How Religion Built and Sustains the West
  181. 250 million Christians face persecution in the Moslem world
  182. Pilgrims of the Absolute
  183. Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith
  184. Believing Scripture but Playing by Science’s Rules
  185. Descendant of Muhammad converts to Christianity
  186. Is Christianity Alien to Germanics?
  187. [split] Christianity: True or False? Proveable? Disproveable?
  188. Tolstoi's "The Kingdom of God is within you"
  189. Christianity and "Multiculturalism": Not Compatible
  190. Do Demons Exist?
  191. For Christians: Some Questions
  192. Christianity and Evolution
  193. Sacred and Profane Extremes in the USA: Apocalyptic Christianity and Neo-Marxist Destruction
  194. Jacob Boehme, the "Teutonic Theosopher"
  195. "An Augustinian Heart"
  196. Ordination of Women
  197. Kierkegaard vs. Nietzsche:. Discerning the Nature of True Christian Faith
  198. Vatican to publish Templar trial papers
  199. Germanic Christianity
  200. Auxentius on Wulfila
  201. Evil video- God hates the world
  202. More UK Catholics than Anglicans go to church
  203. The Plain People
  204. Westboro Baptist Church
  205. The Bible As an Evolutionary Guide
  206. Easter Exodus Underway Norway
  207. The Forged Origins of the New Testament
  208. The Origins of the Anglo-Saxon Church
  209. Christianity - The Best Deal Women Ever Had
  210. "Holy" Inquisition?
  211. Religious Dilemma!
  212. A Biblical Seven Years
  213. Eastern Orthodoxy
  214. Earliest Reference Describes Christ As 'Magician'
  215. Could Obama Be the Antichrist?
  216. What Makes a Christian a Christian?
  217. How To Revitalize The Church?
  218. Your Favorite Bible Translation?
  219. How Semitic is Christianity?
  220. The Negro 'Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ, Inc.'
  221. New Testament - Censored by Baptists - or Jews?
  222. Was Jesus a Red Haired Celt?
  223. Perfectibility of Man
  224. "Turning the Other Cheek" and "Loving Your Enemy"
  225. Do You Follow the Ten Commandments?
  226. How Do You View the Bible?
  227. Christians, Do You Accept Other Christian Denominations from Yours?
  228. Are Protestants and Catholics Getting Along Better These Days?
  229. Is Belief in Evolution Compatible with the Christian Teachings?
  230. How Do You Feel About Jesus's Ethnicity?
  231. Do You Believe in a Literal Adam and Eve?
  232. Your View on the Holy Trinity?
  233. The Spiritual Virtues
  234. Does the Old Testament Foster Corruption?
  235. German Orthodox Church?
  236. Why Has Christianity Demonized Nudity, Sex and Sexuality?
  237. From the Evangelical Right in America
  238. Did Jesus Exist?
  239. God 'Separated' Heaven and Earth
  240. The Basis of Christianity
  241. 10 Reasons Why Modernist Christianity Will Die
  242. The Crusades: A Natural Action of Defense
  243. Do You Consider Mormonism to Be Christian?
  244. And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time...
  245. Cardinal Says Christian Europe is to Blame For Islamisation
  246. A Vision for the Orthodox Churches of Western Europe
  247. Christianity, Superstition and Witch Hunts
  248. Are Protestantism and Catholicism Ethnic Divisions Along a Germanic and Mediterranid Line?
  249. Christianity and the Growing Alliance with Israel
  250. Reply to Drottin, Subject Norse Mythology