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  1. Heracleitus - The Fragments
  2. Meets Jesus
  3. Plato's Philosophy
  4. Epicurus: The Epicurean War Against the Galilean
  5. Who Created Ancient Greece and Rome?
  6. The Emperor-Philosopher: Marcus Aurelius
  7. Overview and Essential Works of Aristotle
  8. How Would You Characterize the Ancient Greek Civilization/Philosophy?
  9. Merely living is neither here nor there: being fulfilled and useful is [Peter Jones]
  10. Excavations Underway to Locate Ancient Greek Temple in Western Iran
  11. V.I.T.R.I.O.L. [Paracelsus]
  12. "A Prudent Man Should Always Follow in the Path Trodden by Great Men"
  13. Plato, The First "Planner"
  14. Has "The Plato Code" Been Cracked?
  15. Aristotle: Europeans Lack Intelligence
  16. Greek Philosophy
  17. Why Socrates Hated Democracy