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  1. Egalitarianism and Equal Rights
  2. Arete... Virtue Ethics v Rule Ethics
  3. The National Socialist Justice System
  4. Turning people into Diamonds?
  5. The German Justice System: A Case Study by Claus Jordan
  6. What/Who Are You Loyal To?
  7. Why are Nazi symbols censored and not the Communists ones?
  8. The Morality Of Hatred
  9. Utilitarianism
  10. Which principle would you stick to even to the death?
  11. Abortion in the Third Reich
  12. To Clone or not to Clone?
  13. Are You in Favour of the Death Penalty/Capital Punishment?
  14. How to lie: The optimal philosophical outlook for deception
  15. Paradox of Free Will
  16. Is there any point to sexual morality?
  17. Lucifer as Liberator/ Some More Thoughts
  18. What's the Point of "Racial Pride"?
  19. Might Is Right?
  20. 1924 US Immigration Law: Temporary Triumph of White America
  21. Hedonism
  22. Test your hidden biases!
  23. Rejection of Punishment
  24. Isn't Chivalry Dead?!
  25. Equality Before the Law
  26. Evolution and Ethics [Sir A Keith]
  27. Philosophical Discussion of David Lane's Precepts
  28. Laws Don't Mean Anything
  29. Egoism; how Stirneresque are We?
  30. The Moral Sense
  31. The Liberal Arts and Sexual Morality
  32. "NS" Judgments of Austria
  33. Aristotle's Good?
  34. German Law and Legislation (1938)
  35. Ideas for Productive Sentences
  36. The 10 Commandments from Exodus VS the 10 Commandments of Solon: Which Ones Would You Follow?
  37. U.S. is safer: American vs. European Crime Rates
  38. Chinese Exclusion Act-1882
  39. The Avalon Project: Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
  40. What makes an individual admirable?
  41. Moral Relativism vs. Absolutism
  42. The Ethical View of the Universe
  43. The Biological Basis of Morality
  44. History and Decline of Honour
  45. The Laws in Other Countries?
  46. Reich Editorial Law
  47. Euthanasia, Where Do You Stand?
  48. The Myth of Nazi Gun Control [1928-1945]
  49. Why Morality?
  50. Western Laws Too Lax?
  51. What is a "good person"?
  52. Honourable professions
  53. The Uses of Corruption
  54. Death Penalty-The Lighthouse of Humanism
  55. Things That Should Be Illegal
  56. Law, Justice, Freedom
  57. Moral Politics Test
  58. Truth is violated by falsehood; but is outraged by silence/ Guide To Life
  59. Should Women Have the Right to Vote?
  60. Do You Consider the Collecting of Antiquities To Be An Unethical Pursuit?
  61. Death Penalty: Which execution method is preferable?
  62. Have You Ever Been Arrested/Been to Prison/Jail?
  63. View of obedience
  64. Atlas Shrugged [Rand]
  65. Brutus on the Evils of Standing Armies
  66. Doctors See Way to Cut Suffering in Executions
  67. Absurdistan
  68. "Don't Speak Ill of the Dead"
  69. Is Religion Needed For Morality? Are Secular Morality and Ethics Possible?
  70. Snorting Alcohol Being Banned
  71. A Government's right to torture?
  72. Crime - what to do?
  73. Is the Enemy of Our Enemy Our Friend?
  74. Doctors: Let Us Kill Disabled Babies
  75. Is Human Miscegenation Unnatural?
  76. Ethics by Aristotle [Nichomachean and Eudemian]
  77. Is Anti-Semitism Unacceptable?
  78. Holding Families Responsible for Shaping Individuals?
  79. 200 Years in Prison for Possessing Child Pornography?
  80. Drinking Age in your country?
  81. 'Could you live outside of the law?
  82. The 'Concept of "Natural Right''
  83. Morality and Free Will
  84. Do You Believe in Universal Human Rights?
  85. The Althings - Past, Present and Future
  86. 'Dumb Laws': Largest Collection of Stupid Laws
  87. Unequal and Morganatic Marriages in German Law
  88. On Morality and Fear
  89. Deafness, Genetics and Dysgenics
  90. Freedom of Religion?
  91. Should Drugs Be Legalized?
  92. Question on 'Codex Juris Bavarici Criminalis' (1751)
  93. The Morality of Ethnic Advocacy
  94. What is your Opinion on Cloning?
  95. What do you believe welfare policies should be like?
  96. For, or Against Censorship?
  97. Should Animal Have Rights?
  98. Are "Hate Crimes" Beneficial or Unethical?
  99. Ban Smoking in Public?
  100. Good & Bad, Subjective or Objective?
  101. What Should Be the Punishment for Animal Cruelty?
  102. Do You Believe In Absolute Morality?
  103. 'Anti-Discrimination' Laws
  104. Do You Believe In The Concept of Sin?
  105. Harassment
  106. Honour & Dishonour
  107. Differences Between US and French/German Law (Insight to Cultural Differences)
  108. What Morals/Values Are Important to You?
  109. Should Prisoners Be Allowed to Vote?
  110. Lower the Voting Age?
  111. Nazi Hunting and Judging Elderly for Crimes
  112. The Nuremberg Laws on the Protection of the Blood (1935)
  113. Residency and Visitation Rights for Foreigners
  114. Miscegenation Laws and Punishment
  115. On Suicide (See Question at Bottom)
  116. Should Prostitution be Legal?
  117. Secularism: Positive or Negative?
  118. Should News Be Regulated?
  119. U.S. Alone in Sentencing Life Without Parole for Minors
  120. The ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms)
  121. Medical Policy Regarding Eugenics and Disability?
  122. Anti-Humanism - Yes or No?
  123. Which Would Gain You More Honour?
  124. Human Experimentation and Animal Experimentation
  125. What to do with Repeat Offenders?
  126. HIV/AIDS and the Right to Privacy
  127. Is Religion Strictly a Personal Matter? Should It Be?
  128. Chimpanzees: Not Human, But Are They People?
  129. Is Political Violence Ever Justified? / Is Violence a Legitimate Means of Changing Society?
  130. Should Adultery Be Treated As a Crime?
  131. Political Asylum
  132. Insanity Defense
  133. Discrimination and Anti-Discrimination Laws
  134. "Don't Do to Others What You Don't Like Done to Yourself"
  135. Apologizing: A Sign of Weakness?
  136. Should There Be Laws Against the Denial of Communist Crimes?
  137. A Minimum Price for Alcoholic Beverages?
  138. Raise the Voting Age?
  139. The Ineffectivity of Megan's Law
  140. Revenge - Honourable or Petty?
  141. Tobacco Should Be Outlawed
  142. Should Non-Voters Be Fined? Should Voting Be Compulsory?
  143. Your View on War Reparations
  144. Outlawry As Legal Punishment
  145. Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Resocialization of Criminals
  146. Should Alcohol Consumption Be Banned in Public Places?
  147. Should Linking Be Illegal?
  148. America, Where You Can Be A Federal Criminal And Not Even Know It
  149. Should Low-IQ People Be Allowed to Vote?
  150. Using Data from Nazi Medical Experiments
  151. What Do You Consider Flag Desecration?
  152. Criminalizing Everyone
  153. Ban on Alcohol?
  154. Should There Be Church Tax?
  155. Business Law: The Legal Basis of Discrimination
  156. Is Facial Recognition Software Discriminatory?
  157. "Practice What You Preach"
  158. My Daughter Was Murdered in Scotland - Please Sign the E-Petition!
  159. Responsibility of a Perfect Society
  160. Does Ethnoculturalism Lead To Ethical Relativism?
  161. Ethic: Truth Vs Loyalty
  162. My Ethical Dilemma
  163. Do You Like the Police? Do You Trust the Police and Military of Your Country?
  164. It Should Be Against the Law To.....What....???
  165. Morality & The State
  166. Google: Internet Freedom is Declining
  167. Your Last Will and Testament - Just Don't Make It About Race.
  168. How Do You Feel About Hunting?
  169. Legality of Religious Symbols at Work
  170. Are Germanics Just Supposed to Be The Caretakers of Humanity?
  171. We Don't Need Freedom of Religion
  172. Universal Health Care?
  173. Morality-Based Segregation
  174. The Contradictions of the Acceptance of Social Inequality
  175. Meet Daniel Woolverton, an Army Lawyer Busted with 30k Images and 1k Videos of Child Pornography, Including a Video of Himself Raping a Toddler
  176. Moral Dilemma With Father's Estate
  177. Indiana Supreme Court Attacks Common Law and the Right to Resist Unlawful Arrest
  178. Psychiatry is a Harmful and Barbaric Human Rights Violation
  179. Do Whites Get Higher Sentences?
  180. Do You Try to See the Good Character in Everyone, That There is Something Good About Everyone (Morally)?
  181. Tell Me How You Feel About This Verdict:
  182. Lawyer on retainer type deal?
  183. Thoughts on Suicide?
  184. What the American courts favor when looking at custody hearings?
  185. Criminal Code Is Overgrown, Legal Experts Tell Panel
  186. Order Through the Threat of Death and Violence
  187. The Spiritual Nature of Family and Property
  188. If Push Came to Shove: How Far Would You Go?
  189. On the Legendary German Morality
  190. Why Are Our Elites Traitorous?
  191. Arbitration Everywhere, Stacking the Deck of Justice
  192. Humanism Vs Universalism
  193. Employers Face Compensation Claims from Bullied Brexiters, Warn Lawyers
  194. Free Speech and the Divergence of Law and Custom
  195. History and Nature (Strauss)
  196. Lagerordnung - KZ Disciplinary and Penal Code
  197. Have You or Has Someone You Know Been Charged with "Hate Speech"?
  198. What Kind of Lives Did Actual Barbarians Live? (Article on Women's Status Among Barbarians Vs Civilized People)
  199. Middle Class and Upper Class People Should Be Paid to Have Kids
  200. White Offenders Receive Higher Sentences Than Other Races, Study Says
  201. The Negative Ramifications of Hate Crime Legislation: Its Time to Reevaluate Whether Hate Crime Laws Are Beneficial to Society
  202. Licence to Breed?
  203. When & Which Western Nation Will Be the First to Restrict the Right to Procreate?
  204. Holocaust Survivors Sue Polish Publisher Over pro-Nazi Propaganda Books
  205. The Police
  206. Study shows unselfish people have more children and earn more money
  207. Admiralty Law
  208. Gun Law Controversy: Wuotans Krieger vs. the U.S.A. (Thread split)
  209. Muslim Migration and Rape Statistics in Europe
  210. 10 Youngest Kids Who Were Sentenced To Prison
  211. Police Use of Deception is Legal
  212. Is Morality Nothing More than an Evolutionary Strategy?
  214. European Court of Justice / ECJ
  215. A New Standard for Innocence: Prove You Did Not Commit a Crime