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  1. Oil Industry Sees China Winning, West Losing from Iran Sanctions
  2. The House of Rothschild - the Money's Prophets
  3. Former Malaysian PM's Message to the West: ''You're Poor Now, So Live Within Your Means''.
  4. Poll: What's the Size of Your Paycheck?
  5. How Companies Learn Your Secrets
  6. China Central Bank Lowers Cuts Bank Reserve Requirements
  7. Poll: Economic/Society Collapse
  8. Post-Peak Oil America: Why I’m Not Afraid
  9. Why the Banks Should Eat Upside-Down Mortgages
  10. The Myth of Japan's Failure
  11. Goldman Sachs
  12. The Bank Of England
  13. Goldman Sachs: 2 Studies
  14. Stock Market Investments - Are These Finished As A Viable Option?
  15. Money, Power, and Wall Street
  16. Why the Euro is Doomed to Fall Apart: It Was an Incredibly Stupid Idea in the First Place
  17. Euro Debacle - Spanish Bailout Coming Soon!
  18. Don't Use PayPal!
  19. The Price of Inequality and the Myth of Opportunity
  20. Viewpoint: Why the Young Should Welcome Austerity
  21. JPMorgan CEO Testifies He Did Not Mislead Shareholders
  22. What Iceland Can Teach Us About Solving a Finacial Crisis Without Bailouts
  23. The Euro Has Not Failed - It is Doing Exactly What Its Progenitor – and the Wealthy 1%-ers Who Adopted It – Predicted and Planned for It to Do.
  24. Do You Feel You're Supporting Your Country/Nation Via Your Job?
  25. Riding the Paper Tiger - The Devaluation of America
  26. Germany's 'AAA' Credit Rating In Danger
  27. Over Half of Germany's Renewable Energy Owned By Citizens & Farmers, Not Utility Companies
  28. Where's the Gold? NY Fed undergoes first-ever audit
  29. The Truth About Imperial Russia
  30. A Medieval Businessman Would Surely Be Impressed by the Successes of His Modern Descendants, but He Would Also Despise Them As Men Without Honor
  31. Belgians Paid Most Tax in 2015, Says OECD
  32. Norwegian Air May Soon Offer $150 Flights to Europe
  33. TTIP-Documents Revealed
  34. How the West (and the Rest) Got Rich
  35. Automated Jobs / Basic Income
  36. Secret of Oz
  37. Central Banks Are Secretly Buying Up The World’s Corporations
  38. Avoid Hidden Fees when Sending Money Overseas
  39. The Death of the Middle Class Is Worse Than You Think
  40. The Sources of Intergenerational Mobility in Denmark and the U.S.
  41. The Collapse of the American Dream - Explained in Animation
  42. World Bank Admits Globalization Leads to Inequality
  43. Euro 'House of Cards' to Collapse, Warns ECB Prophet
  44. Drug War Idiocy – Importing Hemp from China
  45. Stop All Foreign Aid to Islamic Countries
  46. How Chinese Colonization Will Crash the World Economy
  47. How Do You Feel About the Rich?
  48. More International Companies Using Only English
  49. Why the Anti-EU Thing is So Retarded
  50. China's Growing Economy
  51. Employment Opportunities for Germanic Preservationists
  52. Career Advice for Young White Men
  53. 7 Eye-opening Lessons I Learned From Buying Nothing New For 200 Days
  54. Minds.com Steps Up to Become the Next Paypal & Patreon Combined
  55. Hang on to Your Cash. This Dash to Digitise Payments is Dangerous
  56. "Retail Apocalypse" Causing More Than 3,500 Stores to Close: What You’re Not Being Told
  57. 3 Ways To Prepare For The Impending Economic Crash
  58. After 2020, All EU Members Will Have to Adopt the Euro
  59. The Goldilocks Theory of Being Rich
  60. The First Steps Away from Globalist Supermarkets
  61. The Workplace Complaint Thread
  62. The Euro Disaster: Failed Monetary Unions, Past & Present
  63. Spoiler: It's not the rise of populism. What does the elephant chart really tell us?
  64. The Debt-as-Currency Era
  65. Important thoughts, market and economic advice
  66. Nationalism & Economic Policies
  67. We Are Headed for a Massive Financial Crisis
  68. The War on Work
  69. Vacation Money Holiday Extra Urlaubs Geld
  70. Rich People Are Less Likely Than The Poor To Share Their Wealth With Others, Claim Scientists
  71. Why Is Scandinavia So Expensive?
  72. The End Of Facebook?
  73. Europe Sets Stage for “Financial Independence” From US
  74. Cost of Studying in UK vs Europe
  75. US-American Tax Credits
  76. Europe Increases Scrutiny on Chinese Investment
  77. Luxembourg Looks To Dominate Trillion Dollar Asteroid Mining Industry
  78. The Value of Working Hard for Shit Money
  79. ‘Most Evil’ Corporations - World’s Top 5
  80. The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy
  81. Eustace Mullins – The Magical Money Machine
  82. How China is changing the Future of Shopping
  83. Why is Germany Such an Industrial Leader?
  84. Can the €URO surpass the DOLLAR?
  85. The Ultimate Source of Profit and Loss on the Market
  86. Chinese Debt Bomb Closer to Blowing
  87. Switzerland: the Cryptocurrency Capital
  88. Why Bad Economics Makes Such Good Politics
  89. The Untold Story of the US-Saudi Petrodollar Partnership
  90. Edgar J. Steele on the Federal Reserve
  91. Europe's Circular Economy Competitive Advantage
  92. The Circular Economy: Restorative and Regenerative by Design
  93. How Cash Is Becoming A Thing Of The Past
  94. Free Trial Scams: Don't Click That Link!
  95. 15 Jobs That Will Disappear In The Next 20 Years Due To AI
  96. How legalized Hemp may change Life as you know it
  97. Finance capitalism
  98. 'Halal Certification is a Racket and a Scam': Fresh Calls to Scrap Islamic Food
  99. The Money Swindle