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  1. Does Extraterrestrial Life Exist?
  2. Do You Believe In Ghosts, Spirits or Other Supernatural Beings?
  3. Nordic Aliens & Other Known Types of Alien Races
  4. The Poltergeist/Demon/Ghost Thread
  5. Alternative Physics Theories
  6. Bigfoot / Sasquatch / Yeti
  7. Libyan Green Desert Glass and Tutankhamun
  8. Have You Ever Encountered Anything Out of the Ordinary (Supernatural)?
  9. Fasting fakir flummoxes physicians
  10. Time Travel
  11. Alien Photos!
  12. Any Fans of Viktor Schauberger?
  13. Above Top Secret
  14. The Loch Ness Monster
  15. The Search for Alien/Extraterrestrial Life
  16. Quantum Physics and the Affect of Consciousness on the Observation
  17. Quantum Universe: The Revolution in 21st-Century Physics
  18. Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)
  19. Fortean Picture Library
  20. Area 51 Weird Science
  21. Alien Abduction
  22. Fairies in Photographs
  23. Crop Circles
  24. Wanted for theft: Nostradamus
  25. Jade Bear-Dragons Corroborate Yellow Emperor Legend
  26. Scalar Weapons (Scalar Electromagnetics)
  27. Dr. Peter Lindemann - The World of Free Energy
  28. John Spear's 'God Machine'
  29. Study into Pterosaur Sightings
  30. In Which of the Following Paranormal/Supernatural/Alternative Phenomena Do You Believe?
  31. Hans Hoerbiger's Cosmic Ice Theory (Welteislehre)
  32. Preexistence / Past Lives / Reincarnation
  33. Telekinesis
  34. Dreamland Mafia
  35. 2011... The year of dramatic change for humanity
  36. Lucid Dreaming / Astral Projection / Out of Body Experience
  37. Archimedes' Manuscript: The Book that could have changed the world
  38. Extrasensory Perception / Telepathy / Remote Viewing / Sixth Sense
  39. The Prophecies of Nostradamus
  40. The Polar Shift Theory
  41. Dr Michael Werner Claims to 'Lives on Sunlight'
  42. Giant figures in Peru Desert pre-date Nazca lines
  43. A Case of Lycanthropy
  44. Quantum Physics, Depth Psychology, and Beyond
  45. Mysterious Texas Lights Draw Crowds
  46. Secrets of the Antarctic Reich: Britain's Secret War in Antarctica
  47. e-Book: Enemies From Outer Space
  48. Little Graphic Horror Movies
  49. Strange secrets: Real Government Files on the Unknown
  50. Apocalypse in 2012?
  51. Premonition / Clairvoyance / Future Prediction / Visions
  52. Ouija/Nonnein Boards
  53. The 'Hollow Earth' Theory
  54. Kuchisake Onna
  55. Kirlian Photography (Parapsychology)
  56. Philip Coppens and the Ancient Astronauts Hypothesis
  57. The Man Who Invented Flying Saucers
  58. Heim Quantum Theory for Space Propulsion Physics
  59. The Highgate Vampire
  60. The Highgate Vampire
  61. The Owlman of Mawnan
  62. Sleep Paralysis
  63. Montague Summers' Guide to Vampires
  64. Real Vampires
  65. The Superstition Behind Friday the 13th
  66. Soul Merging and Splitting (Esoteric Mysticism)
  67. The Devil's FootPrints
  68. Higher Education Fuels Stronger Belief in Ghosts
  69. Perth's 'Hovering Car'
  70. 'Mysterious People': Tales of Paranormal Experiences
  71. Black-Eyed Children
  72. Vampyres and Ghouls
  73. A fantastic journey from ancient Mu to the Inner Earth
  74. Satanism Scares and Vampirism
  75. Russian Flying Saucers Coming to USA
  76. The Secret Nazi UFO Program
  77. Shadow People
  78. Alternate Reality / Parallel Universes / The Multiverse Theory
  79. Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)
  80. Understanding Dark Matter and Light Energy
  81. The Face on Mars
  82. Experimental Anti Gravity Resources
  83. The Lost Inventions of Nikola Tesla
  84. Parapsychology: The Princeton Global Consciousness Project
  85. 'Forbidden Archaeology' by Cremo and Thompson
  86. Hearing Voices?
  87. Count Dracula and the Folkloric Vampire
  88. The Flat Earth Society
  89. Visions while in the Sauna?
  90. Mummified at the Moment of Death
  91. Dreams - The Intelligent Universe
  92. Bioarcheological and Biocultural Evidence for the New England Vampire
  93. Satanism Scares and Vampirism
  94. Demonic Possession
  95. Swiss Tazelwurm Legend or Real Dragon?
  96. EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena
  97. Anti-Gravity - Holy Grail of the 21st century
  98. Astrology
  99. Big, Unknown Machines Parked in Earth Orbit??
  100. What Do You Think of the Bermuda Triangle?
  101. Source of Mysterious Antimatter Found
  102. Aliens and the Ancient Sumerian Culture
  103. Spontaneous Combustion
  104. Davelis Cave in Athens
  105. Mermaids
  106. RIP Jolene
  107. Your Greatest Fear ?
  108. Gnome Appearing in A Village
  109. Drilling to Hell
  110. The Henricus Martellus Map (1489): 'Someone' Explored and Mapped South America Before Columbus
  111. Where/What Would You Haunt?
  112. The Winchester Story
  113. The Mystery Spot
  114. Paranormalnews.com: Your Source for UFO and Paranormal Related Information
  115. Scientists Assess DNA Hair Sample from Human Being Apparently Not from Earth
  116. Mass Disappearances
  117. The Hairy Hands
  118. Paranormal Database for Britain
  119. Something to Think About
  120. Doppelgangers
  121. Mystery of the ‘Land of Twins’: Something in the Water?
  122. Do German Ghosts Speak English?
  123. What Is Dark Energy?
  124. Norse Mythology Was Based on Real Locations
  125. Australia's OSETI Detects Unknown Signal
  126. Thought Experiment: Germanic Exodus to the Unknown
  127. FEMA Prepares for UFO Attack
  128. School of Witchcraft Opens in Taiwan
  129. UFO Shape Cloud Appears Over Moscow!
  130. The Truth That You Are Not Supposed to Know
  131. Weird Picture of the Surface of Mercury
  132. ''In His House at R'lyeh, Dead Cthulhu Waits Dreaming''
  133. Ancient Computers? The Lost Technology of the Ancient World!
  134. Freeman
  135. ‘The Ugly One’ Monster Mystery
  136. Hudson Valley, NY Celtic Mystery
  137. Bizarre Egyptian Pictures
  138. Nostradamus: The Hitler Prophecy
  139. 911 Truth
  140. The Merlin Prophecies
  141. ORME (Orbitally Monatomic Elements)
  142. 'Devil' Fear Sparks French Defenestration
  143. Show Me Something Paranormal Or Supernatural
  144. Directed Energy Technology
  145. Chemtrails, Flouride & Depopulation
  146. Thousands of Birds and Fish in Arkansas Die Inexplicably
  147. Mystery As Greenish-Yellow Goo Falls from the Sky in New York
  148. Astronauts Spot Mysterious Ice Circles in World’s Deepest Lake
  149. Nasa Finds Evidence of Over 1,200 MORE Planets and 54 of Them May Be Able to Support Life
  150. Ancient Aliens
  151. Ancient New Zealand As Thule
  152. Himmler's Crystal Skull Found in Germany
  153. WWII German Pegasus Project
  154. Mabus - Nostradamus' Third Anti-Christ
  155. Books and Sources Investigating Scientific Investigations of Children's Memories of Previous Lives
  156. Psychic Attacks on the Germanic People?
  157. Your Thoughts on Necromancy?
  158. Dreaming Daily Nightmares
  159. Da Vinci, Mona Lisa, SHROUD OF TURIN
  160. Some Genetic Lines More Capable of Psycho-Kinetic Ability?
  161. Nikola Tesla Research
  162. Energy from the Vacuum
  163. Spirits Work in Mysterious Ways..
  164. Were Six Deaths Attributed to the 'Curse of Tutankhamun' Actually Murders by Arch-satanist Aleister Crowley?
  165. Mysterious Planet-Sized Object Spotted Near Mercury
  166. Inbred Mountain Men in the US
  167. Bizarre and Disturbing Occurrences, Quotes and Anecdotes
  168. Paranormal Photo?
  169. Mythical Icelandic Monster Captured on Film?
  170. Creepy Pasta Thread
  171. What Would It Mean to You if Aliens Created Life on Earth???
  172. Reptilians / Lizard People
  173. Olympic Games, 2012: A Strange Prophecy
  174. Shape-Shifting and Double Beings in Central and Eastern Europe
  175. Evil Eye in Hungary
  176. Never Say Nevers: A Historical Cluster of Spontaneous Human Combustion
  177. Your Dimension Sucks: Surfing Alternate History
  178. Film Clip of Living Mammoth from WW2
  179. Sinkholes Explained As Electric Universe Theory
  180. Aerial Phenomena Enquiry Network (APEN) - Uncovered?
  181. Happy Cross in Wiltshire!
  182. Five Weird Theories of What Lies Outside the Universe
  183. Weird ETI Emails
  184. What Would Happen to Earth if Humans Disappeared? Video Shows How the Terrifying Sequence of Doomsday Events Would Unfold
  185. Maize and Turkeys in Europe Before Columbus
  186. A Man is About to Launch Himself in His Homemade Rocket to Prove the Earth is Flat
  187. The Karl Schappeller Device
  188. 'Alien Skulls' and Nazi Briefcase Found in Remote Mountain Woods
  189. Life Under a Black Sun
  190. Did Earth Have Technology in the Past Greater Than Ours Today?
  191. The "Mandela Effect"
  192. The 1968 End Time Norwegian "Valdres Prophecy" is Almost Fullfilled
  193. Unearthed By Melting Ice In Antarctica: A Strange Two Kilometer Long Strip of Structures
  194. German Secret Societies Hid Ancient Super Weapons from Nazis
  195. Evil Books That Are Too Cursed to Read
  196. Malta Caves and Tunnels: Giants, Secret History and Strange Locations
  197. Etymology of the Word Alcohol: 'Body Eating Spirit'
  198. Brain As Antenna Theory
  199. Reviving Runic Alphabet
  200. Eyes Are Brain Tissue
  201. Important Lesson From 83,000 Brain Scans
  202. Supernatural Superstitions of Christmas Eve
  203. Nachzehrers: The Shroud Eating Vampires of Germanic Folklore
  204. This Revealing Science Explains Why People See Ghosts
  205. Hidden in the COVID Relief Bill is an Order for the Pentagon to Disclose Its UFO Files Within 180 Days