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  1. Your Dimension Sucks: Surfing Alternate History
  2. Mermaids Uncovered
  3. Snowman Skeleton Found in Urals?
  4. Vladamir Putin Sights Yeti Family
  5. Film Clip of Living Mammoth from WW2
  6. If Bigfoot Were Real
  7. Sinkholes Explained As Electric Universe Theory
  8. Aerial Phenomena Enquiry Network (APEN) - Uncovered?
  9. How Do UFOs Operate?
  10. Happy Cross in Wiltshire!
  11. Five Weird Theories of What Lies Outside the Universe
  12. Weird ETI Emails
  13. What Would Happen to Earth if Humans Disappeared? Video Shows How the Terrifying Sequence of Doomsday Events Would Unfold
  14. Maize and Turkeys in Europe Before Columbus
  15. A Man is About to Launch Himself in His Homemade Rocket to Prove the Earth is Flat
  16. The Karl Schappeller Device
  17. 'Alien Skulls' and Nazi Briefcase Found in Remote Mountain Woods
  18. Life Under a Black Sun
  19. Did Earth Have Technology in the Past Greater Than Ours Today?
  20. The "Mandela Effect"
  21. Astrology
  22. The 1968 End Time Norwegian "Valdres Prophecy" is Almost Fullfilled
  23. Vril and Occult Free Energy
  24. Unearthed By Melting Ice In Antarctica: A Strange Two Kilometer Long Strip of Structures
  25. German Secret Societies Hid Ancient Super Weapons from Nazis
  26. Do these Hollow Earth Maps of the Third Reich Reveal Actual Details of an Inner Earth?
  27. Evil Books That Are Too Cursed to Read
  28. Malta Caves and Tunnels: Giants, Secret History and Strange Locations
  29. Am I a Clairvoyant?
  30. Etymology of the Word Alcohol: 'Body Eating Spirit'
  31. Billy Corgan: ‘Shapeshifting Reptilians’ Run The ‘Satanic’ Music Industry
  32. Definite Evidence of Reincarnation
  33. Brain As Antenna Theory
  34. Reviving Runic Alphabet
  35. Eyes Are Brain Tissue