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  1. What Are the Fundamentals of National Socialism?
  2. Potential Allies on the Left?
  3. Colin Jordan - National Socialism: A Philosophical Appraisal
  4. The Ideal State and its Implementation
  5. National Socialism and Christianity
  6. Your Opinion on National Bolshevism?
  7. Social Part of NS: Enviromentalism/ Green
  8. The Right of a People
  9. Aryan Self-Sacrifice in 'Mein Kampf'
  10. The Future Reich: National-Socialism, Order and The Triumph of Individual Will
  11. Your Views Regarding Communism?
  12. National Socialism or Fascism?
  13. National-Socialism: The Biological World View
  14. Racism or Racialism
  15. Jews, Gentiles and Power
  16. The nature of the Jew
  17. Diversity/ Racism and Aristocracy
  18. Stalinist Russia: Aryan Paradise
  19. Walther Darre's 'Blut und Boden' (Blood & Soil) Movement
  20. Marxism vs White Nationalism
  21. Race, Nation, or Subrace?
  22. Subracialism
  23. Social-Nationalism & the Strasser Brothers
  24. Your Opinion on Democracy?
  25. Is National Socialism 'Racist'?
  26. Louis Beam: Leaderless Resistance
  27. Julius Evola/ Those Who Hate "Modernity"
  28. Different Political & Economic Forms of Socialism/ German Socialism
  29. Racialism & Socialism
  30. Your Ideal Society/Civilisation
  31. Realism, Sanity and Hope (by Kevin Alfred Strom)
  32. The "14 Words"
  33. America, the reason for the White race's decline
  34. Oswald Spengler: The Decline of the West
  35. Western Civilization = Greek creativity, Roman discipline and Gothic Will to Power
  36. Your Opinion on Jean Thiriart?
  37. Political Compass/Philosophy Tests
  38. Anarcho-Capitalism
  39. Anarcho-Syndicalism
  40. Anarcho-Communism
  41. Anti-collectivist Trends in political Thought
  42. Authoritarianism or Libertarianism?
  43. Library of NS and Racialist Documents
  44. The Trouble with Globalism
  45. What is National-Anarchism?
  46. My Selected Works - A Viewpoint for European Nationalism
  47. Groupthink
  48. On Falangism
  49. Meritocracy: The Authority of the Elite [Troy Southgate]
  50. Transnational Progressivism
  51. Francis Parker Yockey Quote on Pan-Europeanism
  52. Inspiring the Will
  53. Redefining the Concept of Citizenship
  54. The Meaning of "Aryan" and How it Applies to National Socialism
  55. De Benoist/ Ibn Khaldun/ Dugin
  56. Maybe they were right... (on social breakdown)
  57. Ideas on The Occident
  58. Oswald Mosley: British Politician and Philosopher
  59. What Would Your Society Look Like?
  60. Which Political Philosophy Characterizes You Best?/ Quiz
  61. Is there anyone here who believes in vehemently free market/capitalism?
  62. The Nationalist Catechism
  63. Gramsci's Ideas in 'Selections from the Prison Notebooks'
  64. Yockey's Perception of Race in 'Imperium'
  65. Islamic Extremism May Save Western Civilization
  66. European Islam: the Answer?
  67. For a Racial Capitalism
  68. Get Yourself a Constitution!
  69. Carl Schmitt (ᛉ1888 - ᛣ1985) and Apolitical Democracy
  70. What Is Americanism? (Julius Streicher)
  71. How Much Power to the State?
  72. The Principles of National-Socialist Law (David Myatt)
  73. National Communism
  74. Masonry: The Struggle for the Soul of Europe
  75. Capitalism and Culture/ Multiculturalism
  76. Libertarianism and its cousin individualism
  77. National Socialism and National Anarchism
  78. Racemixing: Worse Than Murder
  79. The White Man's Burden
  80. Norman Lowell - Imperium Europa/ Radical Racialist
  81. Is Multiculturalism a Grand Conspiracy?
  82. United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (1963)
  83. Monarchy!
  84. Necessary Domination: The Dominant 5%
  85. Race Denial: The Power of a Delusion. 'Science' in the Service of Politics
  86. Republican/Democrat Difference?
  87. Communism & Socialism: The Economic System - Pros & Cons
  88. European Unity: The History of an Idea
  89. Otto Weininger on Judaism (in 'Sex and CHaracter')
  90. Why We Must Return to the Land [Myatt]
  91. Is Terrorism is an acceptable Method to achieve a political goal/make a political statement?
  92. Communist Manifesto
  93. Alexis de Tocqueville: Democracy in America
  94. Why Preserving Race Is The Human Thing To Do [David Myatt]
  95. Texts by Corneliu Codreanu
  96. Hitler’s Secret Book on the Nordic race in both Europe and America
  97. Why Libertarians Are a Joke
  98. The Sickness That Ails Us
  99. Better Red Than Dead
  100. Manifesto of the European Liberation Front
  101. Marxism And National-Bolshevism
  102. Racial Revolutionaries: The Clear Night Manifesto
  103. Third Positionism?
  104. The Works of Arnold Spencer Leese (1878-1956)
  105. Revolution: Our Moral Duty
  106. Most Important Consideration When looking at a Political Theory?
  107. Pan-Eurasian Nationalism
  108. The Other Prussia [by Constantin von Hoffmeister]
  109. Writings of Michael Kuhnen?
  110. The Faye-Benoist Debate: Has the European New Right abandoned biological Racialism?
  111. Masses Need Lust: The Impact of the French Mutiny
  112. Monarchy: Hobbes/Absolutism vs Locke/checks and balances
  113. Where does Sovereignty Reside?
  114. What Makes a State 'Organic'?
  115. Why communism doesn't work?
  116. Dream of Empires
  117. "Social Equality" -- A Communist Tool
  118. Communism is anti-homo!
  119. Jean Raspail: The Fatherland Betrayed by The Republic
  120. Pan-Europeanism - Our Fundamental Concept
  121. Carl Schmitt and the Grossraum of the Reich. A Revival of the Idea of Empire
  122. How Compatible are White Nationalism and National Socialism?
  123. F.P. Yockey: The Nature of Politics
  124. Would There have Been National Socialism Without Hitler?
  125. Why Anarchism?
  126. What Is Your Ideal Form of Government?
  127. National Socialism and Nordicism
  128. David Myatt and Islam: An Unusual Story
  129. Hitler on "Great Russia" (from ch. XI of Hitlers Zweites Buch)
  130. Eurasia-Islam: The Future Reich?
  131. Socialism and Capitalism: Siamese Twins
  132. The Eurasist Vision: Basic Principles of the Eurasist Doctrinal Platform
  133. Split from: For which foreign countries would you volunteer in the case of war?
  134. Why are WPs anti-communism?
  135. Why are SO FEW WP's pro-communist?
  136. Official Homophobia in the Soviet Union
  137. The Program of the NSDAP and its Philosophical Foundations [Gottfried Feder]
  138. On "Jewish" Bolshevism
  139. Pyramid of Capitalist System
  140. Walter Ulbricht in Stalingrad [Constantin von Hoffmeister]
  141. Dietrich Eckart - An Introduction For the English-Speaking Student
  142. The Nature and the Fall of America
  143. German Freedom & Neo-Paganism in the German Working-Class
  144. Radical Traditionalism and Nihilism
  145. Discussing Race in a Global World
  146. Pipe Dreams of the "Reich": Romanticizing Nationalism in Germany
  147. Why I stopped being a Communist & Why I became a Commie again
  148. National Bolshevism: How to solve the problem of parasites?
  149. Marx, Darwin and the Scientific Ideology
  150. Bourgeois anti-heroism [Ian Buruma]
  151. Bearers of the Throne of Absolute
  152. What is Europe?
  153. A Sociological View of the Decay of Modern Society, by A. de Benoist
  154. The Perfect Communist
  155. North Korea - A Communist Nation?
  156. National-Revolutionary Groups
  157. The European Manifesto
  158. ϟϟ Leadership Guide: Loyalty [by Alfred Kotz]
  159. Your Favourite Books on the Principle of Nationality?
  160. Nazism and Fascism are Non-Nordish and Anti-Nordish
  161. Kai Murros - The Revolution
  162. How to Deal with the Underclass?
  163. Motherhood and Warriorhood [by Gregor Strasser]
  164. White Nationalism is a Stupid Phrase, Period!
  165. Copies of European Constitutions?
  166. Defensive Racism [Edgar Steele]
  167. National Socialist Racial Policy (from 'Rassenpolitik', ϟϟ-Hauptamt, 1943)
  168. Stalin's intellect
  169. Public Power in the Age of Empire
  170. Hakim Bey: Nationalism/Multiculturalism/Nietzsche/Pirates
  171. Green Hair, Purple Skin... Why the Emphasis on "Preservation"?
  172. The Revolution of Everyday Life: Masters without Slaves (by Raoul Vaneigem)
  173. What Would You Choose? National Socialism or National Anarchism?
  174. The Philosophic Basis of Fascism
  175. Introduction To National-Anarchism
  176. Proudhon's Libertarian Thought and the Anarchist Movement
  177. Why Russia Must Succeed!
  178. Panarchy - Max Nettlau
  179. The Philosophic Basis of Fascism
  180. Limonov vs Dugin
  181. Conceptions of the State: Fascism vs National Socialism
  182. Research on Counterrevolution
  183. The Military Programme of the Proletarian Revolution
  184. National Socialism: An Eclectic View
  185. More Morality, Less Moralism [Dr. Joseph Goebbels]
  186. Introduction to National Socialism
  187. The Barents Cooperation: A Vision for a Better Europe.
  188. White Nationalism is Racial Egalitarianism
  189. In political ideology, Hitler, Stalin were blood brothers
  190. On the destructive nature of capitalism
  191. The Educational Principles of the New Germany: What Schools and Parents Need to Know About the Goals of National Socialist Education
  192. George Orwell's Political Development: Socialist, Anarchist Or What...?
  193. "England: Your Enemy is the Jew, not Germany" by Ezra Pound
  194. October 1917-October 2004: Reflection by an East European
  195. The Truth about the 'Movement'
  196. Black & Green Network
  197. Green Anarchism
  198. American Right-Wing think tanks/John Birch Society
  199. Fiddling While Rome Burns
  200. "Revolution is Carried Out by the Masses"
  201. "Plain Truth"
  202. Men Among the Compost
  203. Hilaire Belloc: Jacobite and Jacobin
  204. Discussions into Progressive Reform of the Orthodox NS Concept
  205. What is White Nationalism? A Definition
  206. The European Technate
  207. The Order of Ansuzgard - Our Doctrine
  208. Our Destiny, by Norman Lowell
  209. Beauty, Art, and Race [by Kevin Alfred Strom]
  210. National AND Socialist?
  211. What is Aryan? and "Race as a Builder of Leaders"
  212. Stalin: A Perspective from the Summit of Realpolitik
  213. Three Days Down, 362 to Go [Iraq]
  214. In Praise of Democracy
  215. Quality vs Quantity in Political Movements
  216. National Syndicalism, short texts by Primo de Rivera
  217. American Nationalism
  218. The essential Marx
  219. Race: The Essence of Our Struggle and Ourselves
  220. "Since we wise moderns view the Nazi regime as ignorance, we are blind to what that means"
  221. William Morris
  222. Conservative Revolutionaries
  223. A call to arms
  224. 'New Nation': New National Futurist Site
  225. The Failure of Conservatism
  226. Disraeli, Inventor of Conservatism/Conservatism Passing Its Orbit [Vijay Prozak]
  227. Rise and Fall of Elites
  228. Racism or Ethnoculture?
  229. Robert Michels and the Iron Law of Oligarchy
  230. Situationism/Society of the Spectacle
  231. The Fourteen Theses of the German Revolution [by Otto Strasser]
  232. Gustave Le Bon
  233. Active and Passive Approaches to Environmentalism
  234. Indo-European Cultural Revival
  235. Multiculturalists are the new Nazis
  236. Emmanuel Mounier and Personalism
  237. Those Who Hate the Modern World
  238. Patriotism or Nationalism?
  239. Amish Power, or A Conservative Anarchist's Call for Shunning
  240. Lysander Spooner
  241. How Marx turned Moslem - Islamist militants have Western roots
  242. What System of Government Do You Prefer?
  243. "Political Propaganda as a Moral Duty" (By Dr. Josef Wells)
  244. Lack of Direction
  245. Dissecting Leftism
  246. Our Cause, by Dr. William Pierce
  247. Hitler and Socialism
  248. Communitarianism
  249. Corporatism
  250. The Death of Society [Polanyi]